Masa Loves Cars: I got ride in a 900HP R31 Skyline!! Here’s what happened…

I got ride in a 900HP R31 Skyline!! Here's what happened...

Posted: 2022-09-16 17:00:05
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this episode I got a chanse to rode in a legendary R31 Skyline GTS-R courtesy of Jake Parsons from Shogun Auto Sport. 900hp from RB27 was seriously insane!!

Shogun Auto Sport

Jake Parsons

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

So this is Jake Parsons what is the story behind this card oh my God what the hell let’s go Foreign Good morning today is Master’s Vlog is live right now I’m at Shogun Autosport yeah that’s my heirs because as you guys can see my Yaris is filthy right now so I wanted to get car washed so that’s why I came to Shogun Autosport located in shinkiba in Tokyo yeah

Let’s go say hi to the boys shall we so this is Jake Parsons co-owner of the Shogun Auto Sport Auto Sport Auto Sport yeah the gtsr here today yeah so what is the story behind this card we’re doing a video tonight on it oh I’m not spoil any details yet oh 22

Tonight well can I release it tomorrow morning well whenever the video is out oh so you’re gonna do them so in uh diet coffee tonight with elbow and Maya so it’s already those car like Max Cerrito’s car originally so I bought it from him and then uh yeah obviously

Maya’s daughter so she’s gonna come and join us and we’ll chat about the car and I’m still like not very familiar with it myself it’s like two weeks ago gonna take for a spin and yeah have a chat if you’d like awesome yeah just started start off the car for us

Well no well you can just start it out all right yeah show us how the the monster machine has got so inside it’s a thousand horsepower rb26 right yeah it’s a 2.7 liter 2.7 liter choker why did you decide to buy this thing uh

I can’t say too much you know a lot of the secrets gonna be revealed if I say that oh okay well I’ll let you know yeah you can tell me off camera but but yeah this sounds amazing alrighty then let’s go by the way this car does this car have AC

It does yeah right now it doesn’t feel like it’s on yeah it sounds a lot of things happening on the back no seats so these three switches here it’s uh-huh one’s a few okay alrighty then let’s fasten the seat belt let’s go oh my God what the hell Are you seriously All righty then oh my gosh we have I have the screen but here we go let’s go this thing scares me every time oh my golly Oh [Applause] foreign