Masa Loves Cars: Checking out Japan’s underrated Autoshow -Automobile Council 2023-

Posted: 2023-05-12 15:00:10
Author: Masa Loves Cars
We checked out Automobile Council with my girlfriend!!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Let’s go down Foreign GT3 RS one of the most infamous crack cake bubble street car and you can tell it’s a Japan car right there on the right hand drive and really soon all right it’s a very expensive car for sure cool actually you can go come a little bit close but

If you could see the the hood emblem is actually a sticker and whole entire front end is actually a duck so it goes air through here and shoots air from those two vents so very well aerodynamic all right the power deliveries and to pass Japanese satisfaction they

Added this offender mod right here so that it has this Japanese card uh Japanese uh shotgun inspection 335 30 21 inch Center locks quite massive also you can adjust the dampening of the suspension through steering wheel over there and uh that’s a very cool functional Arrow right there

All of them is adaptive so it’s in a very aggressive active area I like new emblem new or logo for the gt3rs it’s very unique and different different actually from fact there right now the engine apart and they’re showcasing how to overhaul a flat sex portion check this out here

Probably a Million Dollar Plus gorilla GT University models Very aggressive looking car and the infamous 959 and 1973 Corolla RS that’s the original Godfather of the current GT3 RS I think that’s a 99 11. I think it’s 50 Corolla s911s Foreign Was invited to the event at the A110 Premiere an album went for a ride in this thing I’m so jealous but this is a very cool this is the essentially the gr event version of RP everywhere here is more aggressive basically it’s a beefed up version which is on the right right here

I came with the right hand drive configuration the GT luxurious luxurious version over there that’s the original of being A110 check out real quick Actually kind of a bit aside but these cars were gonna be uh won’t be available soon to the public so if you have chance to get one you should because it’s a very not one of the massive pieces So this is another Japan Premier car it’s Maserati mc20 but basically it’s a open top version of a Maserati mc20 I love this finish with this very nice whitish bluish pearlish color with very nice saddle tan interior it’s a very very expensive car well I like it I wish I could drive this

Thing one that’s a Ghibli spider spider I mean this these are very nice Maseratis not ghiblis and quadrupord it is the current give me but these are nice but let’s check out some JDM Cars over there at the next perfect inside the z32 Nissan 300 ZX nice 300ZX z32 two-seater

And right next to that one of the pike cars from Nissan and actually there’s a little bit of fun fact about Powell it’s based out of Kate and March but the roof the canvas stop possible it’s actually electrical electrical camera stop um the interior we’ve got all these quirky stuff inside

Oh yeah that audio system right there that’s an optional audio assistant and it’s everything is very simple like these windows are open manually also this is the Triangular Windows to get the wind blow inside canvas doll the electrical camera stuff which is so interesting So this is the infamous fully restored Nissan restored y31 SEMA it’s it’s one of the most time pieces right there the parts are configuration very cool no big dealer it’s all full open the all the Fabrics are being restored by Nissan and they really did pretty insane job restoring this car too it’s

This level and this is owned by a very well-known actress named Ito who she been bought this brand new almost 30 years ago it’s kept only until this day and took it to Nissan and if he’s under the full restoration to this car now she handed the keys to Nissan so

That they can present their work and craftsmanship to public like this kind of shows actually a little bit of fun fact about Nissan this is a cornering wrap so this is like a very quirky Japanese timepiece right there you don’t see that kind of cornering web current in a

Current cars but yeah that’s a very quirky feature right there The old school Hopper not a GTR GTX very clean and one of the most insane Masterpiece right there another fun fact so the Nissan’s GT emblem has each of the um when you look at the GTM I’m in this one right here you can tell it’s blue but this is meant

For a normal like I guess a not a racing model skylines if like for instance the GTR the GTR cars came with the white with red template this is a GTX or gt so it’s white and blue gtex came with white and gold that’s how you can tell if it’s a real

GTR or not which one of them is that emblem so this is another world premiere car right here this is a nx30e Sky Active Rev so this is a very interesting car because now Mazda is making a rotary again but this time the rotor is not powering the

Axle axle it’s actually powering the the battery it’s basically a generator but it’s a rotary powered engine a rotary again yeah So still pre-production stage if you look at on the left it’s a hydrogen power RX8 re Mazda Cosmo AP limited rotary and Mazda’s classic car it is it’s basically familiar mx81 and you can sit in it let’s go I want to sit in it Thank you this is based out of mass of family but look at it oh my God it’s so tiny in here let’s so this is actually a steering wheel and all these are climate controls and set deck this is a 1981 concept card so oh everything in here is such a unique piece

You could tell it’s a still a prototype right here with some part basically it’s a navigation and everything in a mass effect display oh my God foreign Okay Boys Um foreign Dino and yep wow that’s a very cool cars one of the icons right here the mon icons the infamous Porsche 917 um wow two alarm cars and you can’t go come close to it that’s another Is a one of the most I think one of the biggest Auto collectors slash car dealerships in Japan and they own two and also like you can tell this is um mostly this is a car show so you have a lot of cars here but we have a lot of

Cool merchandise here like for instance like to use like these Brands where they sell like fancy jackets and like pictures and car care products oh g-technic I have g-technic in my um it’s been applied to my car yeah basically this automobile council is more more fancier and more chill type of the

Partial compared to let’s say like Auto Salon and Tokyo motor show where they showcasing brand new cars or they showcase like their tuning in front and actually are for sale so you could buy it in like all these booths right here are run by dealers or like used car dealers like top range

To buy cars from here and before we go I would like to showcase the super Fuji carpet Cute offer available but this one this is a automobile almost 200 Delta fully restored car it’s a fully resto-motted launcher Delta integral it’s a very expensive build this is 50 million tops super bougie car and we have a Delta S4 the group feed Infamous groupie so basically launcher Delta s for sure

Dollars it’s launcher Delta uh was basically this car is a group b car which means it’s a road going car so launcher Delta is a front engine power wheel drive car but this is converted into real engine midship rear wheel drive yeah basically this is a launcher Delta but it’s not a Delta

So final finally we get to be here on this pizza Ferraris starting from and so this is a very unique Masterpiece right here this is the Ferrari G50 celebrate 50 years of also 125th anniversary of Enzo the Ferrari Speciale car only made 10 out of 10 in Japan and in Japan and only available to Japanese person a very high status Mom’s an eskimer this is basically the DHC model but more expensive the AC model I mean you cannot take this card to date that’s for sure Look at all they and additional right there one of my favorite Ferraris the 288 GTO Oh my God the line of this one is come on this is basically the Ferrari trying to be getting to the group lyrics and based out of this one a 40. the infamous ridiculous car the fs60 which is your favorite My personal opinion j50 is my favorite