Masa Loves Cars: Can new 2023 CIVIC TYPE-R FL5 be a good daily in Japan???

Posted: 2022-11-25 17:00:06
Author: Masa Loves Cars
Hey guys its Masa here! In this video I had privilage to drive brand new FL5 Civic Type R from Omoshiro Rental Car HQ to Shogun Auto Sport! I did a small review from daily driver prespective which not too many people do. Enjoy the video!

Special thanks to

Omoshiro Rental Car
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Shogun Auto Sport (@ShogunAutosport )

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Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

So there’s a special car that I could get to drive today I’m going to take this fl5 whoa oh my God oh my God the brakes are amazing whoa it’s home ah what are you gonna do you go grocery shopping Masa doing some groceries check that out all right so we gotta we

Got some groceries and um it’s just a livable car oh no no about no no hey guys another Masa daily Vlog for today yes I’m getting excited right now so the reason why I’m walking right now is so there’s a special car that I could get to drive for today so

Right now I’m walking towards to the designated spot that the person told me to so yeah let’s go and go to that spot and check out the car so this is it guys today I’m at omoshiro rental car and gonna drive a something very special so immediately right after that we see a

Very cool cars right here we have a RX8 cookie and RX8 this looks to be a spirit R yes it is actually a spirit r WRX the VAV WRX STI grb WRX and this is another VAB looks to be a zanky so I think it’s a plod Model A to I believe

It’s c and yeah let’s check out the inside the owner so before we get the keys to that special car right here I want to check out the lot that almost your rental car has we have a e86 r33 r33 R32 RX8 I don’t know what’s happened to that

But this is very interesting this is a DS3 racing this is a previous generation DS3 nowadays it’s more of a what you call a more crossover but back when this generation it’s a very cool hatchback and I drove this one as actually the ride as for French corset known to be

Like very cushy and plush this car was very stiff compared to like the normal DS3 or like a Citron cars in general one two four spider very good car you know you saw the one with um I have a friend who drives this one two four if you guys saw the videos or

I’m gonna produce one let me know right next to that we have a run on again RS looks to be a chassis sport not a chassis cup toward the interior but uh a very good car my uncle owns this particular model and from my point of view it’s a very good car

And we have a very very rare Nissan 350Z or Nissan Fairlane you see version Nismo uh 380 RS so 380r is is very unique because the underneath of this car it has a v vq35 HR but that’s converted by Nismo for 3.8 liter Stroker motor inside so

Basically it’s kind of like a VR 38 but an n a kind of technically it’s not the same but you know 3.8 liter the reason behind that they did it is because for the homologation usage for super attacker Series in Japan so this car is very underrated actually but it’s getting up

There right now so it’s a bit expensive but still for a rare car that’s only produced less than I think about 500 units or something like that very good ER 34 Coupe in Bayside blue so this is the type of car that for you those of

You guys are think that GTR R34 GTR price is just so high maybe this is the car for you to get and Miata and something special today I’m going to take this fl5 new Civic Type R to Shogun Autosport to get the carbon detailed and ceramic coated

And Saito song the owner of almost your rental car graciously gave me the keys to drive this car to Shogun for today so I’m so excited oh my God it’s so cool like this hmm I am super excited dude I’m so excited I’m so excited dude look

At my face man I’m like so hyped right now I told you I told you you’re gonna fall in love with it um what’s the plan what’s the plan so we’re just gonna go um well first of all we’re gonna take it to Shogun that’s our purpose but so

Basically you somehow talk them into letting us take the f05 yeah to bring it to Shogun and actually you know what’s so cool about it it’s because cytosan rental car actually this is I’m the first guy aside from the company people will drive this Beast I’m the first guy so yeah

Um well today I was gonna help me film yeah and we’re gonna do some collaborations together um so what we’re gonna do is before we go to Sugar I want to go and eat because I haven’t done anything first so we’re gonna be like the day in the life of an iPhone 5.

Exactly right it’s it’s like how can you guys live in Japan with this awesome gdm car for today you guys can watch Monster’s video as well this is like the same video from two different sides so we’re going to take this car off for today but so they already gave me the

Keys the keys are inside this time sitting in the car oh my God it’s so good all righty let’s start her up where is the key the Honda key is here and where’s the startup on them right there okay it good nice it’s now in a comfort mode R Plus

Well I’m just gonna start in Comfort first of all tears so nice whoa that is so cool guys I’m gonna hop in with my GoPro and yeah I this is gonna be my first ever drive in fl5 brand spanking new Civic Type R so ready for this and I can’t put my

Seatbelt on properly but uh yeah let’s get going whoa whoa oh my God whoa It’s so wide so right after that I can really tell you one thing guys for comparing my Yaris to fl5 this car is very wrong clutch is easy this is rad okay oh right after that it’s so

Comfortable oh my God the ride is so nice all right now I’m on a comfort mode right uh Comfort mode and it’s so plush actually you know what it’s comfortable than my GRS believe it or not this is such an interesting ride oh my God so right now we just left almost

Your rental car and we’re in this neighborhood right now and I can tell you one thing it’s so freaking massive oh my God so right now what we’re just driving through this normal City and actually this car is pretty pretty wide for Japanese roads if you’re guys in the

States you guys don’t care but for like Japanese rules like this this is why I was so scared like I wasn’t really keen on iPhone 5 in Japan because of this like look how narrow it is man but this is not one way it’s actually both ways

So cars can come in and I’m like to be honest that’s why like I did hold on see see here you go guys and now I have to go on a little bit less oh actually they’re letting us go so yeah let’s go but yeah these are the reasons why I I

Think the fl5 is just too big for Japan mode right now let’s give it some pull shall we oh all right all right yeah oh my God this car is so nice light right this car is so amazing man it gets up and goes so well well God and the steering wheel

So good too oh my God oh my God oh my God the brakes are amazing whoa and I miss I’m missing oh my God I have break holes it’s ah it’s missing the handbrake oh oh my left hand my left hand is missing something ah oh my God this is

It’s good it’s very good my initial impression for this car even though it’s wide but think because of this nice visibility all around the cabin it’s a not really difficult drive in streets unless you go to certain areas that are super super narrow so for Japan I think

You’re gonna be a little bit cautious whenever you go to Um some places but aside from that if you’re the guys that live in state by the stick it’s so good right right it’s a very good car if you if you have no issues driving in the streets narrow streets of Japan this is a car for you man 100

And it’s more practical than gr Yaris oh my Oh my and it smells like Honda too smell really does smell like my Civic Type R that I used to own and this car really it does remind me of Civic Type R turned right jfd2 in a lot of ways for sure we’ll be back to you guys once we go to

First destination which is my house so ignore my crooked parking but actually we’re at my go-to grocery shop which is literally right next to my house and we’re gonna do some grocery shopping because if you’re a single guy like me Mr Lonely driver this is the only car

For you because I’m not that rich what are you gonna do you go grocery shopping is it the car really livable yes this is yes no yes we’re gonna find out we’re gonna find a fine of course Liverpool on a daily basis it’s a Civic

Stuff so that’s why I want to take this car for grocery shopping which is it a livable or not no Masa it’s not livable yeah there’s no way I think this is gonna be a very compelling video okay ignore this disguide this this this YouTuber let’s

Go see how many pegas you can find a shut up okay but yeah let’s go inside and find out because we’re just both too excited all right so what are you gonna get Masa so I’m gonna get a Cheetos okay Cheetos salads oh salads All right so you got your goods yeah I’ve got my goods you forgot the Tango shut up there’s gotta be some one here somewhere should I go find it no okay okay so I was saying like this car is quite wide right so just give me a quick two second

Thoughts about that yeah too wide to our American people fit for like Japanese parkings yeah and also like the narrow streets of Japan especially freaking Shinjuku you’re gonna be so crazy yeah yeah so check that out all right Masa so we gotta we got some groceries and um is

This a livable car hell yeah livable daily driver so now let’s compare my car to dfl far right now and look how like my car is actually smaller than the fl5 and even though my car is like wider but the fl5 is just much bigger so that

Means for USA people who are big and chubby they’re very good but for yard who you see people in Yaris it’s fine too bit tight it’s a bit tight yeah a bit tight yeah album media just fell in love with this car so much you guys know I bought

This car right yeah not this one but I have a red one coming so excited yeah go ahead and ask the Jitsu know Jeff before hit up right yep if you want this lovely Forester STI but yeah so cool okay but guys I’m glad I have to drop off my groceries so let’s

Go so dude this thing insane I have an individual mode that you can adjust every single thing by yourself so I did uh my favorite is engine R sing wheel and R suspicion in Comfort engine and R engine sound and R red match on and engage the most important gauge is on

Our nice got the gauges got the gauges okay give it a bit of gas let’s see what this thing sounds like oh it’s got a nice it’s got a nice sound to it who the who the f do people say discount sounds like a normal car sounds

Good right sounds amazing I love the steering wheel oh yeah so good in your hands man all right let’s go you ready let’s go so guys let me give you guys some quick final thoughts about fl5 Civic Type R and I think it’s a terrific car man this

Car is such a capable car that I was just so amazed and this car is what it can be a good grocery getter which you guys saw in the videos but also this car it can be haul ass Toge it also on streets and this is a all-around car and what better

Car can ask for than this Civic type oh even though the car is smart for Japanese streets in my opinion this is a very good car to buy and if I are in the position where I have only one card to buy and if I didn’t own a gr yrs which I

Think for my situation is gir suits better I will definitely get this time and yeah so thank huge thanks to almost your rental car for letting me take the keys to drive into Shogun to my boys man I cannot think enough to them and yeah this car will be available soon through

Omoshiro rental car so stay tuned guys and yeah thank you very much for watching please comment share and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video peace out jaw Matana