Larry Chen: Z1 Motorsports’ 600HP ZR34 On Stock Internals Video

Z1 Motorsports' 600HP ZR34 On Stock Internals

Posted: 2023-05-22 17:36:52
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign hey guys today we are at Z1 Motorsports and we’re gonna feature what is probably the most powerful newsy you guys probably know it as the 400z what do you guys call the newsie we call it the zr34 zr34 that’s a good way to explain the new Z

Because if I keep saying the new Z some people ask me do you mean the 400z yeah it’s one of those things where like I was all so excited about the new Z coming out and I was one of the ones that was just assuming that it might be

Called the 400z just because of the nomenclature that the Z has followed since the beginning you know when we found out that it was going to be a three liter didn’t make sense for it to go back a number okay so Matthew works at Z1 Motorsport but you’ve been uh Z nerd

Your entire driving life yeah yeah I I was you know the typical car kid that grew up Hot Wheels Matchbox cars and could tell you every car on the road by the time I could read and my first car in high school was a 1993 Nissan Maxima

SE wait wait wait wait wait a 93 93 so ve it was the VG oh so the SE got the 300ZX VG but it was transverse mounted for front-wheel drive and I thought that car was the coolest thing on planet Earth and I detailed it every Friday and it was just my favorite

Thing and that’s what got me into Nissan specifically but we’re such nerds alright so my first car technically my first car that I actually bought was a 94. with the ve three liter five speed uh you know came with a vlsd such a the four-door sports car exactly such a fun

Car but now it’s led us both to this Crossroads where we have two brand new Z’s here at Z1 Motorsports I honestly thought it would be called the 300ZX again because it’s turbo and it’s three liter yeah and there’s clearly some design cues in the car that are 300ZX uh

The two obvious ones are the tail lights um and maybe not the so obvious one is on the 300ZX at least the z32 version halfway down the dash and down was all like Tweed or like carpet and if people have paid attention to that the newsie

Does the same thing it’s got kind of carpet halfway up the dash like the z32 had and I feel like that’s a throwback to that car so these cars specifically mean so much to me you know us being Nissan nerds it’s always cool to see a new fun car

Come out of a manufacturer now 2023 but these specifically mean so much to me because we did the global launch photos for this car so the first time globally anybody ever saw the actual production version of this car was from the content that we shot so it was a big honor

But the thing that I was thinking about the whole time when we were shooting it initially was how the aftermarket would actually modify it and how much they could actually improve on it and you guys pretty much went all out with this this is like your demonstration model this is

What you guys are using to develop all the latest and greatest parts for this chassis I haven’t been at Z1 for very long so this is prior to me being at Z1 but the reason the chassis is called the zr34 is the new Z uses essentially the

Same chassis as the z34 or the 370Z and we actually made a shirt as a joke on the back it has an exploded diagram of the Z and it says chassis so nice they used it twice but you know it’s one of those things where we had some inspiration and some

Idea that the new Z would be using the specific power plant in it the vr30 and so we prior to the Z coming out we did a but we put a vr30 in a 370Z and started developing product with the assumption that that was going to be the case and

So when the new Z came out we already had over 60 products released for the new Ze and and this particular one has been our test mule and we’ve thrown the catalog at it and this is 600 plus horsepower on your Dyno here at Z1 Motorsports so let’s

Just dig into it let’s start with engine bay first so obviously the vr30 is a three liter twin turbo it is direct injected and so a lot of what’s going on here under the hood normally there’s the strut Tower bar here we actually just released a carbon fiber strut Tower I

Saw that you guys are demonstrating it by standing on top of it and trying to break it yeah yeah if you’re going to be using it for track use you’d want to go with our new aluminum one that we’re coming out with the Carbon Fiber One certainly looks very cool definitely

Adds some very nice aesthetic bits to the engine bay we also have our new intakes for the vr30 the gray one over here has the carbon fiber versions these are the regular plastic housing versions this car has our low pressure fuel pump that has our new turbos on it that are

Just we just sold release those for a pre-sale here within the last few weeks what’s unique about the turbos that we have developed for the vr30 is pretty much all the turbos on the market for the vr30 are what are called hybrid turbos and so what they do is they take

A larger compressor wheel and put it in the stock housing of the turbo which gives you more power but ultimately ends up leading to heating issues and and being able to keep the engine cool as you add power it’s not as reliable so so far we are the only ones on the market

That have a turbo that is not a hybrid turbo it’s actually a larger turbo so far we’ve gotten the car with with a stock block a stock stock engine internals we’ve been able to achieve over 600 horsepower to the wheels and it the engine stays cool it provides

Reliable power and then we have some supporting fueling that goes along with that to get to that to those power ratings yeah so what fuel are you running in this one right now it’s tuned on just 93 when we got you know into the mid 600s we were probably at 110 Octane

I don’t think that we’ve done any e stuff on this car yet we have a Q60 that we’ve done some like E30 on that one we got in over 700 horsepower on the vr30 with those same turbos and then cooling wise um what have you guys done to update it

For this much more power we have a updated heat exchanger it’s not released yet but we are also working on an air-to-air front mount intercooler system as well which would allow you to achieve more even more reliably higher horsepower ratings than what we’ve done so far and then so then this actually

Has a nickname this is called a 600R yeah we uh we’ve been calling it The 600R um we actually have officially decided that we’re going to start developing an official program for the 600R so if a customer buys a new Z and they want to bring it to Z1 and have it developed

Into the 600R it’s going to have very cool bits on it like badging 600 are badging we’ll have a serialized plate on the interior that so that people know it’s a legitimate 600R and it’s going to be everything from improved suspension uh it’s going to have improved braking

It’s going to have all of the Power modifications that are on this car from turbos heat exchangers intercooler it’s going to have fueling it’s going to have our Cat-Back exhaust our Z1 touring Cat-Back exhaust and on the brakes in particular the thing the thing that this

Car has we have three levels of brakes that we’ve got two of them have launched one is still soon to be released we have our 4G great performance breaks we have our track brakes and we have our competition brakes this particular car has the competition brakes you’ve got

Your really big 15 inch rotors and six piston calipers and these ones we’ve developed in partnership with power break out of Australia and uh they are you know if you’re going to track your car it’s going to be a dedicated track car our competition brakes are going to

Be the ones that you want these have just recently really been recently released our soon-to-be released ones are on the gray car which are our track brakes and these are essentially the same specifications as GTR so it’s essentially got the GTR spec brakes on this car so it’s a it’s a big

Brake upgrade with the bigger calipers bigger stopping Force this one’s going to be a little bit more streetable than the competition breaks they’re not going to be as noisy and not not quite as grabby but still certainly big enough brakes if you want to go to the track at

The 600R we wanted to take the Z which has kind of become a Grand Touring Car if you get in a new Z and you go drive it in comparison with some other cars it’s very comfortable certainly has a lot of power but it’s not the sharpest

You know responsive car compared to some of of the others that are out there the 600R we kind of wanted to make it that so it’s the ultimate Street version of the of the Z essentially and then why is it called the 600R basically the horsepower figure we know that when this

A car is built to be a 600R it’s going to have in that 600 wheel horsepower range and to me it’s kind of a homage to some of the classic Nissans of the past one of my favorite Nissan’s ever made is the r33 400r you know that’s kind of

Similar nomenclature and we obviously at Z1 were all Nissan fans we love Nissan it’s it’s a brand that we kind of live and breathe so a friend of mine used to joke that the fastest letters in the alphabet are GTR and Z those are the fastest letters in the

Alphabet so if you’re going to have a car that’s built to perform to a very high level it’s got to have one of those letters in the name so the it’s not just the power though it’s the brakes the wheels you guys have your own Z1 Motorsport wheels that you guys

Developed these are our ZM 23 Wheels they were designed in-house or a flow formed wheel you can get them in various different sizes and offsets 18s 19s and they range from I think nine inches wide to 10 and a half inches wide and various offsets for kind of depending on what

You want to do and also suspension you guys and suspension so we have a few different in-house coilovers that we’ve recently released we have our S pro line which is kind of your more for your street car and then we have our R Pro Line which we’ve done in partnership

With feel feel suspension and our R Pro they’re a true style coilover so specifically on the Z is you’ve got that kind of spring bucket you end up eliminating those because you have a true style coil over in the rear they are a very comfortable on the road but

They’re a very tight responsive suspension on the track as well I’ve driven this white car not on the track but I’ve driven it on the street quite a bit it’s so fun to drive like it feels like it’s going to do what you tell it to

Right when you tell it to do it I can’t wait to drive this because this will be the first modified new Z that I’ve ever driven I mean I had a chance to drift the stock one and also just rip around on the track and like you said it is a

Comfortable car it is a GT car and you can push it to a certain limit but it you know it wasn’t really built for that yeah this is built for that this is modified for that but you actually have this gray car because this is a giveaway car this is something that

Z1 fans can actually win and this is going to be a pretty much like a copy of the white car so the white car because it’s a test mule we’re testing things we’re pushing this car to its limit we’re trying to break it you know we’re

Trying to get to the point where we know what it can take and what how we need to build it throughout the process we’ve been as things get vetted out we’re putting these things on this car so this car’s got our track brakes it’s got our Wheels it’s got all of our traction

Camber toe front upper control arms which are all adjustable so if we were to get this car up off the ground as you can see underneath that we’ve got our our front upper control arms on it that are just new camber arms traction arms tow arms also that you can really

Depending on what right eye you want to put this car at you can dial it in just how you want it if you want to scan this just pause the video and scan this so you guys can enter so cool amazing yeah looking forward to seeing this one done but I’m actually

Looking forward to driving this this is going to be cool to test the thing to know about this car when you’re driving it is it’s going to be a little bit more laggy than it will be when it’s all dialed in um it does have our new turbos on it but

The vr30 in the queue is a little bit different than the vr30 and the Z and the new Z needs it has it has speed sensors in the turbo housings that allowed the ECU to know what RPM the turbos are spinning at the cues do not

Have it the Z does and so we had to develop an additional different housing for the new Z which were were still working out and don’t have them here yet so this car actually has the Q version of the turbos on so we have some things

Kind of turned off on it so this car you’re going to feel a little bit more lag than it will when it’s the final version because it doesn’t have the turbos but it it is we have been kind of fine-tuning it throughout the process and it’s uh it’s still very like it’s

Very impressive even despite the fact that it has a little bit of lag so but that it’s cool that you guys develop all this stuff and design it in-house yeah and it’s I mean in terms of like the brands you guys just work with Nissan vehicles but very specific Nissan

Vehicles right so it’s like z um some off-road stuff the trucks some GTR things we are expanding into the Infinities like we do a ton with the G obviously because it’s basically a z yeah um we’ve we do a lot with the Q50 and the Q60

Um and we we we want to expand more into even like the M’s and the big cues and and uh you know as far as Nissan goes part of it is that so many parts are interchangeable because the motors right like the vks you know were used across

The board for so many years and this that and the other yeah um but it’s just really really cool that you guys are building these parts not only for these new vehicles but all the old Vehicles all you know my 350Z I just recently did a video uh like a shop tour going

Through all my cars but when I got to my Z it’s like all right this is basically the Z1 Motorsports catalog 350Z but it’s the drift version right it’s just incredible to have that support from aftermarket company like Z1 Motorsport and when Spencer gives you the tour of the building you’ll see some

Of the stuff that’s going on from the engineering perspective and that that is one of the very cool things that that attracted me to Z1 is that all of the things on this car that we’ve developed we developed in-house like you mentioned and like our exhaust system that the

Exhaust space is very competitive there’s a a ton of people that make exhausts but I would say that the exhaust or the Z’s like we developed it to maximize the Z specifically like we took a lot of the the positive benefits from a lot of the competition that’s out there that

Are trying to fit so many different applications and we made it specific to what works well for the Z and uh it’s just got the right tone it fits well it bolts right up you don’t have to like cut and modify things it’s very high quality it looks nice

Um and it’s just you can tell it was made for this car specifically with no other cars in mind so uh let’s check this thing out so a lot of things that I just noticed right away we haven’t moved uh maybe 500 feet but the clutch

What a what a difference from yeah so this has our this has our Z1 um performance clutch kit in it it’s gonna it’s got a an unsprung uh I think this has an unsprung full face disc it’s not even a crazy like a six puck or anything like that it’s a full

Face disc um it’s got It’s gonna have a lighter flywheel I believe this one has our Z1 short shifter in it yeah this feels really good feels really tight um definitely not like the stock one but also the diff in here is really aggressive and this is a Nismo disc it’s

A rear diff in it um the the 600rs are not going to happen as aggressive disc because or a diff because we want it to be Street driven not that you can’t drive this on the street but you know as you go around corners and stuff you can feel and grabbing and

Clutches in there you know doing things and uh we uh oh that sound yeah sounds good suspension makes such a big car does go to the track a lot so it’s probably dialed in to be a little bit more on the stiff side right now but

Even be that as it may I still feel like this is a very compliant ride um yeah no this is going to be going over some kind of Ruddy Ruddy road right now and it’s not beating you up at all oh my God this is so much power wow

Yeah and again without without the speed sensors once you get the speed sensors on the on with the updated housings this will have even it’ll come on even please that’s what I was thinking I was like well what’s the aftermarket going to do with this uh

In terms of styling you know it was a given a lot of people are going to cut it But um yeah that’s actually because it comes more seduction already it’s just so much easier to make way more power yeah right like now you guys are really digging into making power with the previous generation Z’s yeah finally after all these years and I think a Z1 has grown and evolved

Like we have way more engineering prowess than we did you know 10 10 years ago even and so not only can we add a bunch of power to this car but we can we can we can develop all of the supporting parts of it to make the car handle and stop and

Drive the way we want it to and you know you mentioned Arrow too we’re gonna have this one of the things that the 600R will have that will make it unique outside of the badging and all the upgrades it’s uh carbon fiber arrow on it as

One of those fiber air side skirts kind of the front lip and a rear spoiler makes it a six at 600 so then it’s not something where you would actually sell the full car somebody actually do you remember the the still in smz or yeah of course yeah so I don’t think he

I don’t think he did it through the dealerships with the gtz that was like the early version but in 95 Steve millin had the the yes I remember um and you could buy that from a dealership right um what we’re going to do is if a

Customer buys a new Z and wants to ship it to us we’ll build it into a 600 R4 of them with all of the paperwork and the badging and the serial numbers but at the dealership like a franchise dealership wanted to send us one and have built and then sell it through

Their showroom you can do that too are you limiting the amount that you’re building uh I don’t think we’re going to limit the amount um I think we’ll just kind of see how many people so it’ll be kind of like the I always really liked the Subaru WRX STI

ESX the Easy Street one they I think they started doing those and they had planned to make a certain amount but I think I only ended up doing like 23. and so I don’t think we’ll limit it to how many people can do it but uh

Certainly when you know at some point in time when the car’s no longer the new car and and there’s something else out there um and we’re not doing any more there we’ll we’ll have a registry of how many there ended up being and uh so that’ll kind of

Add to the Allure of owning a 600R will be the Rarity of it too to a degree you know you know some of the other supporting things that go into this car outside of the power also is that we have our Z1 sway bars on it front rear Yes it’s actually pretty quiet when you’re not yeah on it but as soon as you get on it you know you get a nice our touring exhaust that we have out for all the Z’s right now they’re I like that about them there but you get the

Night you get the sound and the tone out of the one you want it but it’s not overly intrusive I feel like the Z community over the years especially those who grew up with 350s and 370s so that Crown is starting to mature a little bit and not everybody

Wants the crazy lab exhaust that’s going to be allowed all the time did you guys figure out pricing yet uh we’re still working on the pricing but it’ll have a there’s obviously gonna be a labor component of that of having stalled but all in I think

The package is going to be you know something that I think most people for the performance that you can uh combine with what the car was originally when you bought it ‘d be reasonable to give compared to what other options are out there it also depends on what the base car was

You started with this car was a sport model and then the performance ones you know they already come with a limited slip differential three they’ve got the various different things so you can get automatic you can get manual and this car has a more aggressive rear differential than what we would put in

The 600R because we we do this this car often is being test our products we do a lot of torture testing on the track with our stuff so cool when we had Z Nationals last year this car pretty much was on the track all day probably for eight hours giving people

Ride-alongs going full Off full out on the at Atlanta Motorsports Park yeah because you can’t really uh test the parts unless you push them push it to the Limit right can I try to do a donut I tried all right so we are in the Z1 Motorsports 600 R this is their 600 horsepower newsy or they call it the zr34 this thing is so legit it is everything that you would want from this car just really turned up to the max the fact

That it makes 600 horsepower and it has full interior and yeah it’s it’s awesome it has a Nismo diff it has their big brake kit their suspension their control arms so much the cooling has been improved so we’re gonna do a launch here I tried to do some donuts right now but

Unfortunately because of the turbo speed sensor is not actually in it it’s pretty hard to modulate throttle and they didn’t want me to bounce off the road runner so I don’t want to break it but we are able to do some launches so you guys ready here we go foreign It is a lot of Technology you know and that’s kind of the thing is they’re like massaging it to get it to perform the way they want it to perform um I mean they’re fighting the good fight this has so many track miles on it I just can’t wait to see what they’re

Gonna do next with this vehicle it’s uh it’s gonna be something else hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh Foreign [Applause]