Larry Chen: Walking through Daikoku PA on 7’s Day Video

Walking through Daikoku PA on 7's Day

Posted: 2023-09-18 15:00:39
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

I do now Hello Larry we’re back I’m sweaty man daikoku I’m late like hours dude this morning I drove from Osaka all the way to here I made a stop at the Toyota Museum yeah it was super cool but now we’re here and uh look at this this is packed

I couldn’t even find a place to park I’m parked like I hope legally yeah a little exit area but uh I’m gonna walk around maybe with Dino and then we’ll check out some cool cars we’ve already seen some really insane cars here it’s a it’s a good night so this is kind

Of like a Revenge after the Kobe years where it was kind of small this is seventh day though this is seventh day today’s Friday 7th of July 7 7 RX7 but then again it’s an excuse for people to meet right it’s not just rx7s it’s a bit of everything because Eunice roadsters

Rx8s I’ve seen like Mazda blueches Cosmos everything yeah just the highways are like lit they are crazy right now just driving here I was getting passed by the craziest cars all right yeah Porsches uh crazy Mercedes everything so uh I think this is a good time to just take a little walk

Oh nice red FD so sack pretty stock no problem let’s go look at the modified stuff yeah yeah I can’t wait here we go sorry for the pink one here so oh sorry so if you guys are coming to Japan to be a car tourist I would suggest renting a car because

It’s really hard to come here by taxi because you potentially could get stranded um if you end up coming in a taxi and then you have to beg somebody for a ride because good luck trying to call for a taxi to come pick you up I missed this somehow I don’t know how

I’m running I’m running I’m running this is so cool oh my God look at this scene okay he’s stopping for a second he’s stopping thank goodness gotta take my cell phone picture yes yes this is so cool look at this scene here this is what I love about daikoku there’s just so many

Different kind of builds so many different level of builds this guy this guy legit trailered his RX7 here just to show it off for Seven’s day How cool is that oh my goodness it just never ends Oh cool I love that got a lot of nice rx7s but that that white r33 is super nice too Thank you what a scene yeah so if you guys want to come down here when you’re uh when you’re actually traveling to Japan I highly suggest renting a car it’s actually really really cheap very affordable it’s way better than trying to bum a ride here or trying to take public transportation here

Damn this is where it’s at right here it’s popping What is going on here oh Bro of course you’re here on the side of the pond what what is going on here this is crazy man probably one of the best days I’ve never been here I don’t usually come during the summer time I usually come during the winter time so I never really get to experience this this

Is wild so this will get shut down and maybe like another 30 minutes and then everyone moved to um we’ll be there we’ll be there yeah cool Foreign I just love how casual Sam it is in terms of like yeah it’ll just get shut down and then they just move somewhere else the police here are so polite they’re just like yep you’re shut down not gonna arrest anybody but you gotta you can’t party here basically Oh roll out so sick oh my God so sick Oh don’t get ran over So cool this has some like kind of underground me Vibes look look at how many people are here this is so crazy you see so I don’t actually have my whole team here that’s why I’m unable to shoot Stills but I wish I could shoot Stills right now I’m just shooting video

I’m just kind of capturing what’s going on here let’s see though oh my goodness This is so cool this is exactly what I needed this is exactly what I come to Japan for like just this beautiful scene of Just Pure Car culture happening amazing amazing oh my God look at this look what’s Happening Here Join Seven’s day right here this guy yeah got this R35 here with this crazy paint job or wrap or whatever how many people can you fit in a FD quite a bit apparently you can fit four people in there maybe that needs to be my next car it’s a good family car oh

There’s just nothing like taco at night man while I wish I came here earlier I’m glad that it’s this crowded right now oh no what do we have here Oh my God every one of these builds how is that possible that every one of these builds was so good Is I want to check out this Supra hold on I’m sorry this is super cool Yes I love these It’s nice everywhere I turn look at this nice little uh Daihatsu got a dope yellow FD here just kind of wanted to show you guys a little bit of the vibe oh back to that Supra park next to gt3rs nice GT3 RS really really really cool love love Sylvia’s love s13s

S15 parked here what else oh Got a 86. Sounds like they’re shutting it down already What else we got here thank you by 32. it’s endless so many cool cars here sorry if I’m rushing I just wanted to get as many cars or at least I wanted to see as much as I could before um they kick us out nice NSX here look at this insight cool whoa This is the only place I can think of where I’m shooting one car and then another car that is just as cool or cooler drives and blocks your frame like look at this look at this DeLorean somebody brought a DeLorean to this meet this is cool I like this a lot Whoa yeah bud that’s Rowdy This is just too much fun I hope you guys are enjoying this video this is the first time I’m doing anything like this I’m literally walking around with my 1535 on my R3 I’m just trying to get pretty much what I’m seeing as I’m seeing it cars that are pulling up

Oh geez that sounds so good Jeez love that slime nose this guy again with his Land Cruiser super cool Okay uh I think maybe I need to chase this guy right now hold on Oh my God this is so cool I’m following it right now taking pictures of it with my phone jeez ridiculous look at this scene nice uh silver R34 parked here next to this uh FC this is cool I like this love this so much oh my God Damn this is the Overland crew here look at these awesome Overland vehicles I love that see somebody brought their Taxi someone’s gonna be stuck here all night trying to get out oh look at these nice Lancers or so that is so cool love this oh look at this scene guys

I have to stop to take a cell phone picture I feel like I feel like if you don’t spend a lot of time walking through every aisle you’re just gonna miss some of the best cars you’re gonna miss some awesome action but I’m trying man I’m trying my best I’ve never even seen that before what is that Mazda cappella it’s a Toyota

This is Celica Celica Supra Celica old school Celica this is cool you gotta pick God I got a picture of this oh my God oh I love this so much yeah this is so cool this is the same car though that uh Jeremy Clarkson just did that Euro special and so cool Built off of a S14 chassis looks so ridiculous what an awesome car could you imagine if somebody turned this into a drift car I think that’d be kind of cool honestly look at this So ridiculous more awesome Land Cruisers I I don’t I’m having a hard enough time driving my R34 around because it’s so big how the heck do you drive that around this is ridiculous it’s so much the streets of Tokyo are so narrow oh my God I love this one so much I love

The Hawaiian license plate too I think that’s super cool oh some of my favorite cars here without a doubt without a doubt damn you gotta have some money to have a grand wagon here here nice little uh little Subaru GC four-door super cool love these so much

Love the way they look they love the way they drive oh this guy well the good thing is my R34 is still here hasn’t gotten towed yet so that’s a good that’s a plus I gotta keep checking on it because I’m worried about it what the heck is this I

Don’t even know what this is this is so cool Alpha oh super cool glow is that what it’s called Alpha glow um I I’m in the shadow here I don’t know what it is but it’s cool oh you can pop pop the hood pop the hood oh what Wow it’s probably one of the best sounding v6s huh sounds good so sick I love that nice little uh S15 here this is the problem I could never live in Japan because I would just I would just go crazy cars to have and too many beautiful things to own

Oh no don’t do this to me look at this 70 series it’s funny because this is such a utility vehicle and honestly nobody really cares about it outside of the US but to me this is so cool I’ll say this is so cool look at this this one is the 30th

Anniversary one huh Keep going before I miss something here last thing I want to do is Miss some cool cars nice FC I think it’s time to roll out Look at all these nice fds and that’s Seven’s day for You So the plan is we’re actually gonna go follow them they’re going to the next location it’s somewhere that we’ve actually been for it’s in the middle of the ocean so we’re gonna follow them and see how the rest

Of the night goes dang look at this one super cool love that Yeah bud fds rx7s as far as I can see Nice Nice well side kit super cool love that oh somebody else somebody else brought up Bayside blue This is pretty uh pretty standard spec Wheels respect tuner oh my goodness oh my goodness that’s so cool what a nice looking car hey what’s up how are you yeah yeah good to see you man please enjoy yeah I will yeah nice beautiful good to see it again such a cool car yeah

Oh so cool Bayside blue another another Skyline R34 too just just driving out getting in line everything is okay I do have some remember well I made it uh it seems like a lot of people also came over here but let’s check out some of the scene here

Oh dude that thing it passed both of us it past both of us really good wait where’s your car this thing this this is the thing that had Type S lights on it and everything yeah dude I was wondering who was being obnoxious and making all that cool noise and I got a

Video of it without knowing it was you think he is so sick I love that so sick Bro check out how clean this Evo is I love these so much I love the way it looks so good It’s 33. Hey what’s up it’s 34. so if you’re wondering we’re at this parking area that is it’s in the middle of the ocean and um you actually take a 10 kilometer long tunnel to get here What the hell this is so cool I want this I don’t really know what this is but I want this is this Starlet this is so cool Jeez what a great scene I’m so glad I came seventh day man look at this scene so ridiculous got a real rwb here this thing blew the doors off of us coming here oh look at those Wheels that was quick oh here’s Dino Dino they shut it down already they shut this down yeah and everybody’s going to arrival apparently apparently well but but the whole Gathering outside is done is that why there’s a police car yeah yeah dang it that was so quick I should have pulled into the main parking lot but uh the

Cops came and kicked everybody out already so I guess that’s a bust but I hope you guys like that kind of video of me literally just running around with like a chicken with its head cut off um because I don’t have any of my guys here to shoot videos so I’m just

Shooting video and uh I’m just just trying to tell the story as it goes I love this color look at this thing look at those Wheels this is super cool Awesome all right Dana I made it but there’s no more cars left there’s so many when I pulled up I made the mistake of going up to the parking garage instead of staying down here but I mean at least a three quality FC’s but apparently they’ve all moved down to

Uh odaiba right ah I basically have to drive through odaiba but I doubt there by the time I get there I’m sure they’re going to be kicked out look how cool this scene is though this is why I love Japan and because you are here [Laughter] look at this

Where’s the glitch coaster which one I’ve seen oh okay all right I’m gonna take a look at the gauge cluster That’s super cool thank you thing is awesome what up what a cool car Oh some serious serious heat here on Seven’s day hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need Foreign [Applause]