Larry Chen: Visiting the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan for the first time! Video

Posted: 2023-09-19 15:00:41
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign Hey guys Larry Chen here today I’m going to do something a little bit different we’re actually in Nagoya at the Toyota Museum the thing about it being the Toyota museum is that it’s not all Toyotas it’s so many other cars we have like this 300 SL Gold Wing behind us we have this

Awesome Porsche 356 here the point is it’s all about Automotive culture so this actually kind of reminds me of the Henry Ford Museum that is in Michigan it’s not just Fords it’s like everything it’s basically like the American Museum they have cars of course but they have

So many other things I’m going to kind of take you guys along of course uh this is kind of just like a little taste of what’s here realistically the best thing for you guys to do is to come here to Nagoya if you have a chance to check out this Museum foreign This is kind of one of the fun things that I always like to talk about the fact that I’ve actually never seen a stock Model A oh and this is a Japan made one that’s so cool that it was made in a plant in Yokohama but like

I’ve seen so many modified Ford Model A’s but the fact that this is what it looks like stock you really can’t tell if it’s like super modded it’s like a rat rod or drag car or whatever it’s really hard to tell what it is because so much of the metal has been

Taken out but um the fact that there’s a stock version of it here is super cool Toyo Da Model AA this is before it was Toyota as a with a t modeled after Us cars of its time the three headlight Tantra model 87 I have a kind of a funny story about these

So I was on Jay Leno’s CNBC show where you basically it’s called stunt the car nerd and then basically I had to guess what car I was riding in Jay would blindfold me and he would take me around in different cars this one stumped me pretty bad because I

Was feeling around it and I felt the two headlights really close together so I felt like it was like a like a bug-eyed Sprite or something where the headlights were super close together turns out I had three headlights I had no idea until I actually lifted the

Blindfold but I’ve never even heard of the tatcha before that show this is I guess the first generation Toyota Crown we just got the Toyota Crown again in the US but it’s cool to kind of see where it started from looks pretty luxurious inside love the suicide

Doors in the back but the thing that I thought was funny is that it actually has like this badge in the back that says Overdrive it’s um interesting to see that it’s not only in the U.S where there was an ERA where you would just kind of put features like ABS or

The badges on the car Cadillac Eldorado I couldn’t imagine driving this around Japan can you can you imagine just driving this land yeah in the U.S let alone in Japan look how crazy this thing is pink Cadillac absolutely massive looks like a spaceship look at the interior though oh my goodness

One mile per gallon jeez what a car this is so cool what a great example of a fj25l 1957. so cool love the Toyota Land Cruiser So simple look at this thing this thing looks like it has bicycle wheels 1955. it’s so lightweight I love this car so much we have one of these at the Peterson Museum in LA look at that two-seat offset one sitting board one sitting kind of in the back one piece

Like like a bathtub or something seems like we’re coming up on the area where it’s probably my favorite part of the museum so far we have a lot of these cars that now I can picture myself driving like I would totally drive this uh Honda n360 1969. how cool is that thing

It just plus this looks like a brand new vehicle it is so pristine inside and out the seats all of it looks brand new the glass amazing that’s um sitting next to this Datsun Fair Lady so cool 1.5 liter of the L it was I wonder if that’s a l engine but anyways

L15 who knows combining a bluebird chassis with a Cedric 1.5 liter how cool is that this is in such good condition too like a brand new car like Encore restoration whoa this third seed is crazy look at this what an interesting way to have another passenger that is so cool

Third Street our third C is just sideways like that in the back amazing I didn’t realize uh s 500 was even a thing I know there’s a S600 and S 800 the s800 is what I actually saw with my buddy Daniel Wu but now I know there’s a s 500

And I guess that comes from comes with a 531 cc motor revs out to 8 000 RPM at 44 horsepower Oh I had no idea First passenger car made by Honda want great condition too I bet this would be so much fun to drive I thoroughly enjoyed driving Daniel was s800 the shifter actually looks pretty similar so cool Honda S500 who would have known I had no idea all right it’s too easy to say that this is

Without a doubt my favorite part of the Museum oh my God I see a 240Z there but um without a doubt the 2000 GT is definitely the Highlight I feel like they’re just they’re just not many of them in existence and it’s just so cool that there’s just one sitting here in

Pristine condition next to the s-800 which I’ve only seen a couple of these I’ve seen this might be the third one I’ve ever seen 790 CC’s 45 horsepower 1965. this thing is so cool oh you know this is going to be sacrilege but maybe if somebody makes a replica of the s800 and also the 2000 GT I think it would be so cool to see one modified just see what it would look like on nice Wheels slam to the ground

But a replica not actually ruining a a real one but I would love to see like a standstill version I think it would be kind of cool modified 2000 GT foreign ridiculous Amazing Four three two four valves three carburetors two cams amazing in really good condition too who knows how much this thing’s worth Real four three two um I’m so happy to be able to see this here in the Toyota Museum definitely can’t Overlook the cosmo uh Leno has a very very clean example that runs and drives fine and then of course the original Nissan Silvia I love this color so much

I’ve seen this is my third one that I’ve seen I’ve seen one that uh a buddy of marathon has one that’s actually a little modified he actually made a uh like a FRP hood for it and the other one I’ve seen at the Zama collection and

Then this is the third third one I’ve seen at the Toyota Museum okay well the old school JDM section is super cool I think this might actually be my favorite section there’s so many really cool cars here including this 1981 Toyota solar I love it love the color combo the seats

Are absolutely incredible they actually look super comfortable I love these so much 2.8 liter Toyota Sora there are so many other cool cars here like this um Toyota Hilux with the with the camper set up on it oh so cool love the love the simple Livery on it the Toyota

Previa or they call it the estima this is really this is really awesome I love these in the US they had a supercharged version of that that’s next to LS400 it’s the car that gets beat up in uh Street Fighter this is really cool this is uh the LFA I

Can’t believe I had a chance to drive one of these in White in Singapore Such an iconic vehicle so cool to see one in here in this condition a lot of 80s and 90s like the row over here is all really really important and cool cars of course the Miata you know there’s a R32 here of course this one looks like it’s in

Pretty perfect condition this one’s a 1989 model really really clean paint is immaculate um it looks brand new that’s uh park next to those 190e love these so much love the color and of course there’s a 86 here you can’t have a Toyota Museum without having an a86 or

Um this one is uh has 11 front end 1983. so so so cool just look at those seats They look like recliners they they look like you could just fall asleep in them but this is so cool because this is a car that is such a pedestrian car like who had the foresight to save this car this thing is in such good condition I’m assuming it was probably restored but um

The way it sits here I mean I would drive this every day there’s so many cars that I would just take pluck from the museum and just drive including this 1981 Audi Quattro love it in white what a beautiful vehicle love those Wheels I just like seeing these in its

Original form it’s also insane to me how big this vehicle is um that’s parked next to this uh I think in the US they call it a three two three but um they have they call it a Familia here this is awesome too this Renault Renault 5. a cool car

And then let’s park next to this Ferrari 512 b b it’s a huge vehicle 1979. what else they have here they got this Um the Honda Civic cvcc another car I would drive every single day so cool looking can’t forget about the NSX na1 without a doubt my favorite NSX no power steering less sound detonating feels so much more fun to drive even though it’s five speed and it’s less power than the na2

This area the museum is something I can really appreciate the original Gran Turismo they got the Hornet Jr my first rc car was a Super Hornet but look at this game boy Mario Kart DS Nintendo Super famicon first uh original PlayStation how cool is this look at that F1 model

What this uh area of the museum is dedicated to car culture and like Trinkets and look at this this is such good photography original RX7 advertisements CRX well I hope you guys enjoyed that tour we’ll end on the DeLorean here this place is so cool there’s just so much to

See you can spend pretty much a whole day here you have a cafe they have a nice gift shop I’m actually going to rummage through it right now to see if there’s anything I want I’ll see you guys in the next video hey thanks for watching if you want to

Support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Thank you we need To me [Applause]