Larry Chen: Visiting Sydney’s Top Car Care Facility, Cultura (and Mini Wangan Cruising) Video

Visiting Sydney's Top Car Care Facility, Cultura (and Mini Wangan Cruising)

Posted: 2023-08-04 15:00:07
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

The room of the room for room oh we’re going from the end of your intro to the beginning of my intro okay all right so we’re at Cultura Automotive lifestyle this is the post meat happening I just had a chance to drive the Evo 9 Mr wagon

And of course we parked behind another Evo this thing is so much fun it feels good if the gearing is actually a lot shorter than I expected but it drives really nice it still was able to accelerate in sixth gear on the freeway with the three of us and all our luggage

Feels good it feels really good it feels like it has a lot of power very appropriate emperor uh decal on your Evo sir that’s it yeah but we figured we’d park next to the other Evo nerds here well I think I want I was interested to park here because I

Want to see the difference in the chassis like like they’re just that little roof section honestly I love this thing so much my only complaint for it being like a family wagon and something that you drive daily there’s no cruise control which is a really dumb complaint but if

You’re driving many many hours then it’ll definitely wear on you but uh yeah it looks great I love the play love the way it drives the love the way it looks this is my favorite touch this little insert it really gives the idea that it’s like a wide body that’s

So weird because yeah you look at this right and this Fades out but they couldn’t do that with a wagon great these tail lights on the back of this car I don’t know yeah because then the door isn’t as functional right you would have to do a

Two-piece but I honestly think it would look a lot better if this was just one big red piece and then they had the the white part somewhere else I don’t know or a small part I think it’s cool I like it I also like the bumper It’s like sized for like a

Big European plate it’s quite different than that one it is it would be the same yeah it is very different this one has a diffuser and that one is just like capped off with a lip on it kind of crazy that’s super cool very cool all

Right they didn’t make many of these Mrs so I’m stoked to be able to drive this um all right we’re gonna check out some of the cars inside we have like the H3 red R32 combo breaker here because every single other GTR here is white got the white and one there’s another

White and one these are all white ones a lot of white end ones pretty cool oh nice little um Subaru GC here that I know Lewis would really enjoy very very cool very good looking love it love the fog covers super cool What meeting API regulations so they actually bought RVs from Nissan so he’s got rb30 in it no way yeah from the factory for the factory no way goes uh something like other models had turbo Motors rb30 turbos from Factory what yeah So manual rb30 like it’s actually a different block yeah what are the big JDR shops started out building these back in the day and then and then sometimes I’m assuming they probably take this motor and put it into a GTR yeah so they go into big 30 26

Combos so they’ll use the 30 Block Nitto bottom end Derby 26 head I make a 2630 hybrid normally 3.2 liters and yeah they’re crazy they’ve been building it for years that is so cool yeah you’re learning me about all this stuff I wonder whose car this is because I

Want to look at the motor this is so crazy I I don’t know how I didn’t know about this stuff but then again we don’t really know too much about RVs in the US versus the people here in Australia just because they’ve even I didn’t know this

That you guys actually had a domestic vehicle yep with the RB block yeah yeah I came down to pollution it was crazy amazing so it was only this generation had the RB the generation before and after both had different six cylinder Motors but yeah this came with RV which

Is pretty cool so what year is this around you think uh 86 87. before the that’s even before the like the R32s yeah well we had the r31 got it and so we got those as well with different variations so we had rb20s it makes me wonder why this never got rb26 then

I think it was just over by then they’d already moved on to the next thing huh that’s so weird Okay I want to see this one is in perfect condition look how clean this is see this is one that I would want to drive just to see what it’s like Show us Yanks what this is okay I’m all right this is negative PSI there’s like this is full uh wrinkle full wrinkle this is this is take up the track oh is it I believe there’s a tune in there this thing is just so crazy the shoot oh yeah yeah there’s a parachute

There’s a it’s not a panther it’s a tiger oh there’s a tiger here pink it’s pink dude this thing is so crazy This is pretty far from being able to actually make a pass on the drag strip it’s a ways out but I like the concept I feel like I’ve never really seen that many S2000 drag setups It’s already been so crazy I got here to Cultura and I shot I don’t know four five car features already but I guess I just wanted to talk a little bit about this place they store cars they store customer cars kind of like what Matt Farah has in Los

Angeles but they also work on customer cars and there’s just so many amazing cars here apparently this uh is probably one of if not the quickest Supra in all of Australia uh this is pretty nuts unfortunately the owner is a little camera shy so I am unable to talk with

Him about the build um but there’s just too many cool cars here so many n1s so many GTRs so many r34s this is like R34 row here and then uh one of the things that I was looking at that was crazy is they let me see if I

Can just show it before we roll out they have a black R34 that is just going under the knife right now and these are all the parts for that build but um it’s a bunch of z-tuned parts like look at this under tray z-tune Parts here z-tune side skirt z-tune Hood

So cool and then they have this here Holden some sort of small block it is a holdup sorry um but yeah this is super cool they got a couple bikes here sorry I’m doing this tour really quick because um everybody’s actually waiting on me they’re um they’re going on a cruise but um

Just kind of wanted to show all the cool stuff they have here they got some bikes bikes this is the workshop area um this is the disassembled R34 it’s essentially going under the knife to become a brand new vehicle so I look at all those featured Parts intake oh this is crazy

Okay it’s a brand new vehicle underneath it’s really not involved in Russia everything so this is going to be a brand new R34 GTR you guys just take it to the next level and then beyond that I love that I love it so much this is uh r33 N1 built into

A 400r with as many 400r parts as possible we’re talking about the rarest things some things you can’t actually get including the hood unless you have a 400r VIN number in your possession so the owner and the Builder of this was able to get one off of Yahoo auctions out of all places

But this is one of the ones that got released at GTR Festival it’s just so so clean in every way it’s just so good I’ll go ahead and pop the hood real quick just to show you guys how nice this build is because the 400 400r is pretty much

Unobtainable at this point and it’s so expensive he took it upon himself to build his own 400 art and starting with the N1 obviously is going to be the best because the N1 comes with a Better Block comes with no wrench rear rear windshield wiper um it comes with no AC or stereo

And uh yeah that’s the actual hood this piece alone just the stretch hour bar is 400r era and that alone is fifteen thousand dollars apparently a couple other cool cars here they got this awesome four-door uh WRX STI looking thing here they got the Civic I have no idea what

Engine it’s running but super cool old school Civic and then I think one of the craziest cars here I did a little bit of a b-roll package earlier of this drag Supra our Supra drag S2000 setup um really cool but we’re actually gonna go on you get to film now you’re a

Driver oh we’re just driving uh my bike Charlie’s driving he’s a GTR guy okay are you a night from both films okay all right cool exciting I’d say keep an eye out for my car but you can’t see it okay bad joke all right Thank you thank you Well that was fun my hair is Thoroughly just like very very messy yeah that was that felt like we were back in Japan I know right after Fuji yeah that was that was fun especially because you know every car is right hand driving out here and uh they

Have a lot of tunnels and we’re just going through all these tunnels that was fun I definitely wish I could have been driving I really wanted to drive but uh maybe next time I’ll be able to drive it then uh Nate can film over here my wish has been granted

I get to drive I get to drive uh N1 a real N1 R34 absolutely GTR and this one is not standard at all huh oh the clutch is upgraded that’s for sure All right where are we going this is beautiful here yeah man were you saying this is all reclaimed yeah so barangaroo was half a shipping Port here with all sorts of storage and it was wasted land so they decided where can we build an insane casino right in the middle of darling Harbor

And not have billions of dollars of evictions kicking people out and some bright spark decided to reclaim the rest of the land here and make this complete artificial Wharf over the middle of the most expensive Harbor in the world just about and they made a kick-ass casino right here this is so cool

It’s so pretty what a great way to to cap off this uh epic trip yeah man and uh going on a boat trip as well yeah this one is this one going on about yeah absolutely she goes with me everywhere you’re just too cute oh Andrew how romantic you shouldn’t have

Come on man it’s a romantic Cartwright Sunset we go from the most earth-shattering GTRs in the world to just like this nice romantic Sunset Cruise it’s all about balance Larry it’s all about balance one day you’re cuddling with Herman from PRP in a nice romantic sunset on a beautiful

Boat out in the harbor we’ll go to dinner like you know what let’s get back in jail I’m done with this oh what are you doing on my boat that’s my boat you won’t go down you don’t like it I was thinking of staying back and shooting more GTRs but

I’m kind of glad I came I’ll be honest I wasn’t excited about going on the boat either but this is an exception for sure well first of all the boat is amazing but look at the scenery man I know unreal so this is like part of our culture right being able to experience

Other things so Mickey and I loving cars all this time and Mickey started before I did uh has pretty much taken us all over the world yeah for sure you know and and that’s what’s cool about it I’ve been to Bangkok Japan Shanghai UK you’ve been to even some places I

Haven’t been yeah now now I’m coming on 50 countries 50 countries from from uh taking pictures of cars which is just unreal so you’ve got way more travel under your belt than I do then yeah so I still have one continent left though I still have to go to Antarctica okay

Yeah have you been to every one of the 50 United States no I have not neither of us I’m missing a couple of them including Alaska we we travel around the world I think we forget how fortunate we are living in the United States of America because

There are quite a few beautiful places to see like Utah Colorado I want to go to every race track or like at least most of the road race tracks I think that’d be kind of cool it would be cool so how romantic I need a glass of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries

Though I won’t be feeding them too though what hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need foreign [Applause]