Larry Chen: Visiting Global Auto in Osaka Japan Video

Posted: 2023-09-15 18:18:56
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign This thing is so clean I love it look at the scene oh buddy nice 2.2 liter SR22 so cool our some r33 bits on here including the brakes love it it’s funny because we having a good look at it before and it’s actually got like mishimoto radiator which is States yeah

GTX turbo which is basically new to Japan like Garrett’s starting to really get some momentum but that sort of technology has been really popular overseas for the last three to five years um the same with you know little things like this it’s got some radiant bits and

Pieces yeah it’s got a radium it’s come full circle it’s it’s been like that the development is starting to really be overseas power like powered I suppose you could say so a lot of the new generation sort of development and tuning of these cars is coming out into into Japan now so

Whereas you know 10 years ago it was all everything’s done in Japan and then going overseas yeah it’s pretty interesting the odds so everything in here like this is sold uh one two three four a good like portion of cars are sold some cars will come in on customers

Requests for like vehicle registration shotgun processes and stuff like that or we might uh have a car in after being sold a month ago because the customer wanted to do some different changes to the car so but generally this is our sales Stock Yard so everything that goes up onto our

Website is generally stored here unless it’s something like uh 5 000 kilometer V Specter or something like that and we’ve got the warehouse which I’ll show you later but we’ve got a warehouse which is the no Warehouse um so this is the sign this is the famous famous sign yeah that I’ve seen

Many times before in my buddy Dino’s content um but we’re actually here Global Auto in Osaka what’s the actual City uh we’re in Sakai okay so then Brandon you actually reached out to me on Instagram you’re like hey come check out the place and this is actually a place that I’ve

Wanted to come to for a while uh and Dino’s been telling me about it but I’ve never had a chance to come down here to Osaka area with my own car so this trip came down shot a bunch of content but uh this is such a crazy

Scene it’s like a dealership it is a dealership yeah we’re purely essentially a GTR dealership we might get like a handful of things in like we’ve got the Evo that was a trade-in for someone buying a GTR the 180 uh we just thought it’d be interesting to put onto

The stock so we’re doing a little bit of bits and pieces here some Toyotas there’s a run juice demo car so things that are a little bit outside of our usual cars are either demo cars from shops that we work with or yeah we get people contacting us saying hey I’ve

Got this car are you interested in buying it so can we just take a look at this scene here yeah I just I need to appreciate this right now this is legitimately my first time coming here and I I just literally parked my car and then I started freaking out because of what this is Global Auto all of the all of the skylines so many R32s 33s and 34s

How do you guys not have like a do you guys have like a watchtower here with a sniper um we’ve got these bad boys here which are like motion sensors and then we close the netting at night and then we’ve also got cameras set up in places as well so

These aren’t cheap cars anymore nah I mean these are very very expensive cars and I remember I think the last time Dino visited you guys he he mentioned some of the prices for some of these cars and we already thought they were too much you know now it’s through the roof even more

How many GTRs do you guys actually have in stock 40 six or something like that so there’s probably in stock is probably about six or seven for sale um and then we’ve got storage of cars which we’ve acquired over the years or the bosses acquired over the years for whatever reason if a

Good deal pops up you’ll purchase it put it into storage yeah things like that like if a good car comes up for sale then he’ll bring something out to sell to purchase that car so it’s a bit of a circle motion work and while it is such

A grand scene and the the name itself is is uh synonymous with really amazing GTRs you guys are actually it’s actually a small team yeah yeah and this is something that’s really surprising how many people actually work here uh myself the other sales manager two mechanics and a truck driver plus

The boss is six on a daily basis six guys that’s incredible what you guys are able to accomplish with so few people I think probably one thing that’s a little bit of my son just sort about global we don’t really do tuning we’ll do Outsourcing to people that we work with

Such as like garajita or we’ll take a car up to omori factory on request for the customer so what we do within our facilities is purely just Light maintenance for sale and then after sales stuff so you know registration on the streets for customers so how hard is

It to take that last base if you were here this morning we actually pulled this car out or we swapped this car the whole Center had to be removed so we’ll do about half on the street and then we’ll strategically place other cars to then start maneuvering around and one will come out

One will go in and then it will move back out again it’s it’s pretty stressful what a fun what a fun gig so then it’s funny if somebody unknowingly turned this corner here yeah they would just run into this GTR traffic jam yeah without even realizing what’s going on

Yeah so we gotta time it like perfectly because if we do it about five o’clock or six o’clock in the afternoon uh there’s a couple of warehouses down the road where trucks will come down and they just can’t get down so we’ve got to try and use the space that we don’t

Really have but do have without the police coming on us yeah it’s it’s it’s a task it only takes about 30 40 minutes so to be honest with you so we’ll start all the cars and then shift yeah put what we want where and then keep going

So how is it that you’re able to even keep them clean because last night was like this crazy storm I had actually said it pretty dirty at the moment really they look so clean I look amazing once once every week once a fortnight uh depending on the truck driver’s schedule

If he’s got down time he’ll do a run through the yard and do some cleaning same with myself if I’ve got a quiet afternoon because of you know July 4th yesterday pop out and do some cleaning and stuff like that so it all depends really it’s It’s Hard In Summer with a

Lot of rain they actually get a lot of dust on them but other than that yeah so let’s talk about some of the highlights here probably something that not everybody knows about is the four door 33. yes yes there’s so few of these I love this so much we’ve got this one

And then on the lift as well I’ve got another one so that’s two we did have a third one which is I think it’s kind of ironic because there’s only such I think it’s 244 made or like really really new yeah I don’t I can’t recall might be 400

Something it’s a number it’s got fours in it yeah it’s very low yeah the first time I ever saw this was actually at the Zama collection ah true yeah but um since then I’ve seen two other ones and then this is the third one yeah that

I’ve seen so that is so cool that you guys actually have one of them because this one which has got a modded reset in it just sort of like a sports package uh tuning upgrade and then we’ve got another one that’s Undercovers which has got basically Sports resetting yeah so it’s like

That’s officially what it’s a Nismo Reema on the ECU that is so cool so is this one already sold though no this is still for sale how much is this one mid eights I think mid eights to low nines so they are creeping up in price uh

They’re on the news actually a couple of months ago in Japan because one got sold for an incredible amount and then it come up on the news and then everybody wanted them again so it’s it’s quite interesting to see how like Yahoo news and overseas sales gets brought up in

Japan and then it stars fluctuate prices a little bit here yeah so that equals to about 60 to 65 000 US Dollars yeah yeah and that’s in Japan if you buy it in Japan correct that’s not including actually importing importing it so say the states you’re 2.5 in uh import tax

Five thousand three three to five thousand dollars depending on the months for your shipping fees and stuff like that so I love this though our Tech version how cool is that what a cool car so we’ve got the other one which has got a crazy low number of

Kilometers on it it’s like 14 or 12 000 kilometers so that one is in the six figures then huh possibly yeah it’d be over the 10 million Mark yeah what about all these 34s here what’s this one cream of the crop top pick for you guys right now this is the cream of

The crop this is an S1 omori requested S1 specification so this is on on its way to Australia oh really this is already sold this is sold yes yo no way so full S1 package engine S1 suspension S1 ECU it’s got it so a little bit sad about this one

Because this is probably one of my favorite cars it’s so good it’s beautiful this is like the perfect version of my car it kind of takes it takes all the boxes in regards to like Bayside blue and everything like that so yeah really really nice car just sort of waiting for

A customer to give me the okay to put it in a container and off it goes to Australia is it pretty low kilometers on this uh mid-range I think it was 70 000 kilometers so it’s a car that’s been appreciated I guess you could say um

Some of the cars that we get in with a higher amount of kilometers they’ve been driven as a GTR with you know race seats and 2.8 liters and stuff like that this one’s been I think this has just purely been enjoyed as what it is so

Are you able to say about how much these go for this would go for you’re looking mid 30s to 40s if it was an omori purchased and built S1 you’d be over the five like 50 Milli Mark over five wow so so they’re getting harder and harder to

Get and rarer and rarer obviously but that is an expensive car oh wow so I’m really eager to get it onto the boat so that the customers got it yeah no kidding that is so cool I love that so do you want to keep Chris now that we

Like start we got to the top gone to the top I’ve got a mine’s uh 2.8 liter actually oh really oh this one yeah oh my goodness all right so uh for those of people are wondering so 500 000 yen equals to with today’s exchange rate I guess four hundred thousand dollars around

I don’t know that’s just doing the quick math last I checked actually I checked just a couple days ago it’s a 145 Yen per dollar and I think that’s probably almost the worst it’s been for for a long long long time but um this is super cool because this is uh a Minds

Is this a minds-built car yeah so it’s gonna mine’s built uh 2.8 liter in it oh this is so cool I love this seeing all these cars gives me inspiration for my car I think like the more you did dive into what we’ve got here

Uh some of the cars have more of a story in the sense of they’re either really really low kilometers completely bone stock cars or they are fled in the sense of 2.8 liters um big single turbos twin setups uh this is GT Block B cam

So this is a pretty early car 4 000. yeah this is a 99 99. so is this one sold already nope still oh this is this would be perfect for a US buyer then yep like a pretty early next year or first year uh December this one might be February or June something

Around there yeah so super cool I love it looks great we’ve got heaps of room as well what what an amazing condition love the black seats too yeah the corki interior oh So cool really it really does give me so much inspiration from my car so depending on some of the cars that we get in like we had a late model 34 a couple of months ago that had early model interior on it so we then went and changed it all back to

The late model interior simply because you you know these cars sometimes change owners a few times somebody might have had a set of race seats in there and then put zenky seats in it so then when we get the car we want to make sure that it sits to its proper specification this

One we hummed in heart about do we put it back to zanky or not but we decided just to leave it as because it’s it’s a really nice car with the fact of like all the little mines pieces and stuff like it looks great I love the mines the

Green carbon here yeah super cool so then how long have you been with the company I’ve been here since January so you’re pretty pretty new then uh yes or no I’m to a certain degree an old customer so my previous employment we used to purchase cars from here for our

Customers overseas Facebook did its wonders got an opportunity to come work here and just went on a limb and come in and had a chat to the boss and here I am so yeah and because one of the things that you’re working on you’re actually exporting more cars overseas yeah

Whereas before this was primarily for domestic domestic Japanese market so I mean me stepping in isn’t purely just a push the overseas push the overseas I work a lot with export companies a lot of export companies in Japan are owned by foreigners so they obviously want to

Try and purchase cars from Global but they don’t have that ability to liaise 100 so I work with them getting all the information that they need for their customers previous employment I’ve had export experience so going through to the point of shipping so you know me jumping here was a an opportunity to

Change what I was doing as a job as well but at the same time keeping the car industry sir uh super cool can we take a look at the other yeah what do we have here so this is a 2.8 liter 4 Zed that we’ve a customs purchased

From us and then we’re doing the HKS vcam setup on it at the moment so this will go out and get tuned again this was on our stop two months ago and customer come in and I’ll take it so it’s been refinished in R35 GTR gunmetal so it’s actually called Kad

Which is the color which oh manufacturer uses for their CRS builds oh my goodness it looks so good so that it’s it’s pretty hard to really pick it but like if we put it right next to the standard gunmetal it’s a little bit some people say it’s a little bit Bluer

Some people say it’s got a little bit more Sparkle in it oh what a cool car so then uh this is already sold too though yep yep so this is a domestic Sail uh the guy that bought this actually sold the car to us and after two weeks

Gave us a call and was like I missed my Skyline back so he’d come in and purchased this one so so then what’s your thought on that a lot of people like to complain and we will have a lot of complaints on this video about price that all these cars are leaving Japan

Yeah uh what is your thought on that my thought I’ll just tell you my thought real quick yeah this is gonna be good my thought is that the Japanese uh domestic marker and Japanese enthusiasts have been able to enjoy these cars for so long and the reason

Why they’re selling and there’s for sale and they’re leaving is because they’ve had their fun with it yeah you know they’ve had fun they’re fun with these cars that’s totally great for somebody like myself I’ve never been able to enjoy it I think the interesting thing for me actually is with working with

Everybody overseas is understanding the the age bracket which are buying these cars you’re looking at late 20s very rarely but majority are you know mid 30s to early 40s that are buying these sorts of cars overseas the cars that are being sold here are probably from 50 to 60 year old guys

Unfortunately Japan is obviously with the currency at the moment it’s not the greatest economy at the moment so people my sort of age in their mid-30s and and lower we can’t afford these cars on a Japanese salary so it it does come in hand in hand they’re not really going

Overseas it’s not like everybody is deliberately selling them overseas it’s just the natural flow of it but yeah the age bracket these would have been bought by mid-30 year old Japanese guys 20 years ago and enjoyed at that time because they had the salary I would have

Bought these brand new if I saw them in the showroom floor you know and they were pretty affordable compared to what they are now yeah so it’s and it’s the same with like the mo the highly modified ones a lot of people overseas don’t particularly want the highly modified ones they want a

Standard one either to have full faith in the car or to do their own thing to the car so they’ve gone through the ownership process in Japan and to a certain degree they’re going to go through now an ownership process overseas of modifications and updating and being reborn to a certain degree

Adds a car so it’s pretty interesting actually like I’m in a good spot because I can talk to customers in Japan and I can also talk to customers overseas and and sort of really understand what these cars are doing and and how I can find the right cars for the right people and

Things like that so it’s not a matter of like yeah you want a 34 gdr off you go here’s one it’s more of a what do you want out of the car how do you want to achieve it with your budget and things like that so it’s a little bit time consuming but

That is super cool what look at that that is so cool I love that I love nerding out on Little Things yes I love the little HKS so then what is this area here this is like so that’s preparation area so these two cards are just storage because we

Don’t have room for them in our warehouses 33n1 and then the other four-door autech that’s actually on our site for sale okay so how much is that one going for up in the 30s uh I I can’t remember off the top of my head it’s only low kilometers as well so

Beautiful and that’s why that’s there is because it’s not really a car that’ll sell like that it’s basically where the right customer comes the right customer right if you’re a true collector and you know what the N1 is and what it stands for yeah then you would appreciate it

And then this is another or Tech no this is the attack you were talking yeah 12 or 14 000 kilometers it’s even got the rear plastic covers on the seats and everything like that so basically a brand new vehicle yeah amazing so so you guys actually have a bunch of r35s too

Huh yeah it’s pretty surprising we’ve been gonna have many at the moment yeah we have a fair balance of 35s the 35s that we’re getting in now are basically people buying the brand new 35s or they’re just sort of like I’m done with sports cars I’m done so like I sort of

Said before the progression of ownership of these cars some of the 32s the next car that the owner would buy is a 35 or they’ve driven a 33 for 10 years and now I want a 35 for another 10 years so process process process what’s going on with this thing

Uh this will be listed up for sale pretty soon and you guys are just going through it in and out yeah so this is pretty much engine bay is all finished so we’ve got a staff member that will pretty much pull it down to a bare minimum we don’t pull turbos off

But pretty much all piping comes off uh sometimes we’ll pull cases off this one’s an Auto Select built engine so we’re going to leave these casings but you know sometimes cars everywhere so we put nice clean cases on them and we’ve got a rotation process there all new piping we check

All the fluids and things like that so then what about the other people that work here you’re obviously a gardener like myself yeah what about everyone else here are they into cars generally car nerds this 35 gdr here is actually our manager’s old car that is his second

35 and he’s just traded in on the 34th so he’s really really into it he does a little bit of track work in that car it did nisky the guy that does all this he’s my sort of age growing up playing around with cars and doing things in the

Mountains and stuff like that yeah it’s where all the a team of car people so you you kind of have to love these things right too not too much otherwise you don’t want to sell them I guess that’s a good point but yeah I mean it’s it’s one of those things where if

You’re buying a car overseas you want to feel like you’re getting it from someone you know that’s in that industry because they like being in that industry so it’s yeah I mean I’ve always been in the automotive industry so I love cars in and out so that’s why I live here as

Well but yeah because of the scene right here yeah it’s just a sea of incredible what is it like for you guys on a daily basis do you have people just walking off the streets and just freaking out yep on like what Americans crack me up I’m sorry but Americans crack me up

Because I’ve obviously never seen these cars before they’re not in America at in numbers like here so they’ll get to the vending machine and they’ll like stop and sort of hesitate about coming in and it’s like yeah come in have a poke around and they they’re speechless they

Don’t know what to say so I love that I mean and also what about like Japanese people do Japanese people come into yeah 100 younger guys actually we’ve got two school boys like sort of high school kids that live around the corner they’ll come weekly and because I mean obviously

We change cards a fair amount so they’ll come in with that they’ll be like oh wow this is a new car and they’ll take photos and and things like that so it’s cool because while you know a lot of of these are leaving the country and the the generation has enjoyed them there’s

So many new people in the car culture community that actually haven’t been able to experience them and yeah I think it’s cool like even me driving my car around I get people pointing taking pictures all the time around and I feel like this is the land of the GTRs you

Know yeah and you you came from the adopted like the second land of yeah you came from Australia which is you know they’ve really taken on their own to basically take the platform just and just go run with it you know the quickest as we know the

Quickest GTRs in the world are on Australia so it’s just kind of cool to see the different cultures yeah how they enjoyed them and how they like it I always like like when we do car shows or we’re traveling up to Fuji for car shows

And we stop at a parking area for food we got a lot of old people coming up to us and saying like I used to have this car or you know like young kids will go oh like my grandfather used to drive a car and it’s like I bet you wish you

Still had it now but you know like the stories behind all of these cars are really really interesting so and I think at one point a lot of people in Japan had some sort of sports car to a certain degree so yeah can we talk about this and how much is

This right now this is so cool yeah obviously being a bit of a Sylvia nut myself are you kidding me what uncracked Dash yeah look at the back seat it looks like nobody’s ever sat in that is this open I’ll grab oh well yeah it is

Can I take a look at this yeah this is so cool so it does look like the driver’s seat has been changed so this yeah this was an original silver car and the previous owner changed it to White it’s a genuine Type X Oh this is bad for me to see these cars man this is really bad heartbreaking for me because when I first moved here I bought a 180 Type X for 150 000 yen and that was my drift cut for five years three you bought one for 150 000.

Basically somebody paid you yeah get rid of it so can we take a look at the engine bay ah yeah sure this is so cool so this I had a white 240 in in the US so you know these with this front end not the type X front end but well this

Is this is off the market Arrow so oh okay I’m in I’m in two sides as to whether you know working with the boss and going full 180 like Corky arrow on it or just leaving it as is and and hitting an affordable sales price right because the

The genuine type X’s they’re creeping up in prices now and yeah obviously being a GTR dealer we want to try and keep the circulation going so yeah just to get rid of it so it’s a balance well it’s not like yeah we’ve got to get rid of it but it’s a balance

Of you know what cars we do hold on for a certain amount of time compared to what cars we do you know progressively sell so about how much would this go for then I’m thinking it’ll probably be about mid to a million so that’s you know USD yeah just under

Twenty thousand dollars so that’s really good yeah I mean you don’t you don’t want to be unreasonable yeah you can’t be unreasonable I mean you could buy five six seven of these just for R34 I know right maybe more so this 35 just sits right what a good looking car oh my goodness

So nice choice of Wheels huge breaks love it this is it right here a Japanese Supercar it’s funny because like this is how it manages all car and the 35s are at that point which the 34s were at probably 10 years ago where they started to Peak in price and they’re

Falling off a little bit so being a little bit nervous about putting kilometers on it can dramatically change the price of it at the same time probably now is the right time to buy 34 so the manager that we had a 34 in he liked it and went yeah I want it so

Trade it in moving on to the 34 so I think it was the second 35 and he’d never had a 34 as well so it was like well I want to live it I mean this is it’s not even the same animal at all you

Know the 34 for me it’s not about the performance at all it’s about the look the driving feel the aura that’s around it you know yeah if you want to go fast you definitely just drive this um oh the right 2.8 liter R34 will do

Its work but there’s a lot of that’s a lot of money into that car though so then we have a there’s another facility that we should check out too so we’ll check that out okay I’m already blown away so Brandon just opened this this door to this non-descript location

On I’m about to cry yeah you know what I mean these are all this is what 20 years of buying and selling GTRs looks like essentially all of the pots in here aren’t for sale or some stuff will get put up for sale depending on what it is

But like we’re getting cars in in all sorts of condition I mean they’re 20 25 year car like year old cars I mean for the 34s 33 32s they’re going over 30 years so when we get cars in things like crack tail lamps and cracked you know

Like washer bottles and stuff like that we have stock here so that we can make sure that the cars that we are selling are in top condition yeah like I said before with the zincy and Corky seats with Interiors like there’s a handful of things like that floating

Around so how do you know where anything is it’s organized chaos organize chaos pretty much it goes 32 33 34 and then it’s like interior exterior and things like that this Warehouse is kind of all organized by nishki the guy that does all the prep for the cars so

When he’s working on the cars and he discovers something he comes down here and he’s back in five minutes because he knows where it is like he’s putting the stuff in and pulling it out so is he the one that’s also replenishing this stock yeah yeah so what depending on what’s

Being removed we do get stuff repaired so engine covers for example like if we get a car and it’s got scratched up engine covers and stuff like that we’ll send them out and we’ll get them freshly powder coated or redone and candy red if it’s a noazanki and stuff like that and

Then they get stored so we’ve got a system where we’ve got repaired parts or good quality Parts which we can put onto cars and make sure that the cars are in good condition and then depending on the condition they’ll come back in or go out to fix and then come back in so

There is a method to this madness yeah yeah I would have loved to have been here when Dino came because I can imagine like Dino is a massive GTR like nut yeah he would have like hit hit the floor and I think the time that he was here this was Global’s only storage

Warehouse at that time so you mean you have more stuff yeah we’ve got one well we’ve got two more storage facilities so just for parts or for cars uh both that smile what a Sinister smile so this is how many millions of dollars this is Nurse

Um all of them every one of them yes uh the back two of v-specs one on the right the silver one is 14 000 kilometers and then yeah this one may be a late model standard base this is actually Global’s demo car for our diffusers okay but

Ignore the demo car or the diffusers whoa the boss is kind of throwing the Nismo catalog at it yeah so I mean these get people always wanting to try and get the carbon intakes and stuff like that now and unfortunately they’re discontinued but um beautiful car yeah this has actually

Got pretty high kilometers and it’s been refreshed so depending on the events if it’s close enough someone will drive it depending on what we’re taking to the event oh my goodness so it’s so good so yeah that’s this one this is a Jing’s built car 2.8 liter that’s a nice engine bay

This one which one’s the one that has 14 kilometers this is 14 000. so then why are all these here are these here because of the most expensive vehicles yeah yeah so are all these listed or also for sale so these days these two aren’t for sale

Uh this one’s not for sale the two demo cars aren’t for sale uh this one’s not this one’s on our site the one at the front customers purchased hmm and the middle one as well is for sale so why is it that some of these are not

For sorry just waiting for them to go up in price more not intentionally I think this car’s been with global for like five or six years it comes down to what’s available for us to purchase and sell and what stock we have at the moment so

You if you gone like last month I we listed 3.99s all at once and we’ve sold two of them we’ve still got one but it was too many options for people to buy a car if they get in touch with me they’re like I want to buy 99.

So okay would you want a silver one do you want a blue one do you want a green one do you want to you know you start going through it and it’s it’s really hard to get that right car for the customer so long story short essentially we we hold

Some cars because we don’t know what we might get in the future got it and then yeah 14 000 kilometers on a 34 gdr how often does that come up so it’s it’s one of those things where it’s like hold on to it purely because the boss is a bit of a 34

GD I’m not as well so then this one’s listed on the website right now how much is this one listed for this is mid to late 20 million yen so a little bit up there a little bit up there it’s it’s difficult though because the only Market

That this is appealing to is Japan and UK England New Zealand Australia wow oh because it’s late model so um so it’s a 2002. yep yep God so what I’m I’m kind of predicting right is majority of the 99 V specs and stuff that are going to go into the states

They’ll probably stay with their owners for about 12 months and then those guys probably will then resell them and then start going to V2s or nerds once they start getting close I have a that’s kind of my prediction of what’s going to happen with the way in

Which the cars have been built based on their models and what’s going to be entering the country so the crazy thing to me is like the full potential of something like this hasn’t even been unlocked because of the fact that the entirety of the US is unable to legally drive this

Yep you know so once we get closer they’ll probably then go into I mean the last year or two years of the export trade in Japan has been if you can store cars for your customers you’re going to be able to get a customer base and that’s going to start dying off with

These 99s yeah but I think come late next year once majority of the 99s events the country because they’re legal people will start changing hands and people will then probably go look I’m going to put another car in storage in Japan because I can get myself a v200 or

Something like that so do you guys have a lot of waiting to export right now I think I’ve got five or six cars waiting to go at the moment so that’s that’s me working since the start of year essentially right I’ve pushed the boss to say hey we really need to get a

Storage facility yeah because obviously we’re full yeah so we’ve gone and got another storage shed about the same size which has got a handful of Japanese customers cars in there and then also yeah the the cars which are waiting to go overseas this is incredible though so many seats

I don’t know how you get something out of the back yeah well so those are all hoods yep so and like if you kind of have a look on the side of them they’ll have what model car they’re from so there are a fair few V2 ner uh bonnets up there and

Then there’ll be a fair few v-spec stuff as well as with like the fenders up the top there bumpers as well I mean you probably know yourself when you buy a car from Japan it might come with a z-trim bumper but it doesn’t have the fenders yeah or it might come with the

Z2 fenders and a standard front bumper so we depending on the card will match it yeah and make it all sort of not period correct but model correct so you know some of the some of the cars you know we’ll we’ll list and get it all paint matched and corrected and stuff

Like that so that it’s you know proper z-tune front end or V2 nerves and stuff like that so I can’t remember which one this one is oh this is mines as well this is N1 block N1 blocks 24u so that like Nismo GT and then it’s had Midori Sabi yeah

You know what they say they built head on it now this one actually isn’t a v-tuner it’s a V2 you know the quashion plate rule no what’s that so like V2 nerds always come out with the Jade engine covers yeah but it was pretty popular for people to

Paint them if they’re doing an engine but if they’ve got a gold badge it’s hard to tell that they are a v-tuner legitimately got it versus blue God blue is the zankies and then the silvers is the corkies or the late models yeah hot in here yeah it’s very warm wow

Um I don’t I mean I I don’t know how you’re gonna top this this is crazy I am so blown away can I just walk in here real quick and just look at the 35 room we call it that is this is all our 35 Parts yep

It’s uh you are definitely out of space yeah uh everything in here is used parts oh so no new parts here new parts of somewhere else that’s at the next Warehouse wow oh so unbelievable it’s yeah what’s the owner’s name yeah see yasu-san it’s a very very shy person he likes to

Sort of do this um he doesn’t like doing camera stuff well it’s a good thing you’re here then why did he realize this was gonna happen like did he predict that this was gonna happen no it’s funny because like when I started here I I tried to sort of learn

As much about the business as possible because I’m I’m gonna face these sorts of questions you know through selling cars he actually originally was going to do Ferraris and Porsches 20 years ago and he didn’t know much about them himself personally because he drove 34 gdrs so he decided to do 34

Gdrs at the start and obviously now it’s it’s a good business to be in but he stuck to what he knew so that he had the confidence to be able to sell his customers the right cars and and you know deliver the right car essentially so

That’s essentially what he said to me is you know late mid I think he said early 30s he started global so I wish I did that oh my God so this is this is all Personal Collection this is the second one I’ve ever seen other than umoris at the or

Did you see the Sydney one no I didn’t see the Sydney one I saw uh Mr moroy The vantech Collection right yep yeah I’ve seen his um but his was kind of like taken apart um because uh he was actually shipping it to Omari sure but this these are the

Two this is it right here the two ends rare the crazy thing about it is the boss used to have a what was the HKS built R32 zero R oh yeah yeah yeah he had one he sold it yeah before he got these two cars he had one

Of them and about six months later I think he said he got the 400r and then he instantly regretted it instantly regretted it and he got these a while back then huh um obviously because it I remember what dates he told me he’s had he’s had them a fair while a fair while

So yo does he drive this um not other than on to the the truck for events so it was really funny the last event that we did at Fuji it everybody was trying to pack up together and it was absolute chaos with trucks coming into Fuji and stuff like

That so we we all ended up jumping into these two and driving down to the truck and everybody was just sort of like looking at us have to say are they driving them home because they’ve got registration so yeah um technically you could but the 400r’s got

1 800 kilometers or something on it so you don’t want to put kilometers on is this one of the lowest mile ones or is this one of the lowest kilometer ones I would probably say so yeah I would probably say so yeah so it is pretty public knowledge that he

Has one of these it’s yeah unfortunately yes because I mean we use them on display right so they’re a massive sort of you know it’s like a drama commodity to the company wow um so there we every now and then there’ll be an influx of two or three peoples

That are saying how much is it how much is it and it’s it’s one of the pride and joys right so meanwhile is it open it’s open oh that’s not supposed to happen it’s like a brand new vehicle uh I can’t remember I think it’s only got about 20 or 30 000 kilometers

And that’s not because because the these were refreshed yeah right so do they start at zero again yeah because I put a new you may put a new uh a odometer and stuff right right right I can’t speak how has he planned this out here what I can’t believe it that is actually

Unbelievable don’t correct like don’t hold me to my numbers but I have a feeling it was like 30 was supposed to be produced and 22 actually got made of the 400s and it’s the similar situation with these um and what he bought x amount of vehicles produced x amount because I had

Them ordered and they stopped because they didn’t meet what they thought they were going to meet yeah but now if they made it yeah I mean you you couldn’t it’s one of those things where it’s like everybody wants what they can’t have so if it was available do you think it

Would still be as desirable I mean I would I could see people whining them yeah so the kind of cool thing about these is they’re built built in 2005 and this is number two ever made who is number one good question so this one of these hasn’t changed hands

In so long that nobody knows how much this is potentially worth you know yeah who knows there’s just no way to know until one changes hands everything can be reproduced to make it look like a zedune except for this except for the carbon uh the the over

Pieces yeah there’s no way you can reproduce this I mean you watch I probably wouldn’t be surprised if somebody that has and that knows a guy that knows a guy that can produce carbon fiber may end up doing them right but like this though I mean yeah yeah I don’t know you want

To be out of like perfected and match it exactly there’s no way same with the engines the Z2 Z2 engines you will never get a hand on them oh this is really an early one like you said 2900 yeah 2931. so then and then the engine itself

2.8 liter 2.8 liter but you couldn’t you can’t buy those engines anymore the crazy thing is there’s just so many more crazy GTRs in the world but for this to basically change the game yeah like all of this stuff everybody’s like oh I got Z2 and this Z2

That well this that’s off of this like it started here you know it’s a little differences such as uh these don’t run rear diffusers oh um it actually might be worth sticking the camera on the ground and having a look under it yeah why is it that they don’t have a diffuser so

Am I correct in saying it’s got no yeah yeah maybe it’s a thing where it’s like so oh because oh look at your camera and I’ll yeah maybe it’s the coolers yeah that so they have a full cooling set up in the rear end of them underneath yeah which sets them apart

That exhausts too exhaust so the suspension is different the LMS on it as well instead of being plus 15 which is usually the pro the the offset for all the LMS these are plus five oh so they’re specific to this car and that’s because the fenders are 15 mil wider

Than the standard fenders so got it uh brakes are different it’s crazy because it just passes shotgun with this being wider have we got spaces on it too sometimes we put spaces on anything yeah I think a little bit tiny little bit like two mil but huge Brembo brakes

The one thing that I would love to know about these these Tunes is the Interiors obviously they’ve been redone in alcatara with the steering wheel in the center of the seats obviously ours is black and red I’m real curious as to whether there was another option whether

You could get black and gray or full black and stuff like that it’s really hard to get information on these cars what’s also weird is the wheel I’ve never seen I I think they probably had to use that wheel for it being a 2005 car yeah you know

Because the that doesn’t look like the original 99 wheel at all the centipod’s a little bit different isn’t it the center pad is a Nissan hamburger veg versus the GTR slightly updated that’s so interesting it’s cool to be able to see one and just like spend time and just like look at it

And kind of enjoy Martin Gore yeah admire it for what it is so there is one in Sydney I have a feeling there’s about five or six in Japan still where one there possibly is another private owned one don’t hold my word to this but possibly another private owned one and

Then all the others are Amore Factory so possibly the other well the other one I’ve seen is Mr maroy has it I’ll turn the camera off later okay where he is because I know where one is right right so then maybe it’s three three possibly on ones yeah that’s the

Thing nobody knows right they’re they’re very very kept quiet and fair enough because it could be a five million dollar car it could be a four million car it could be a two million dollar car they’re not being sold so there’s no understanding what they’re really worth I mean there’s obviously

People out there that are putting offers out you know the craziest thing to me is last time I was here in Japan I went to Dakota and somebody just pulled up in there you know 400 and 400 hour and just went to get coffee and and we’re like

Hold up bro do you know how much this car is worth yeah and legitimately he was like 350 through 300 yeah and we’re like no no it was on the news a couple of months ago about uh one going through and the value that it did go through and then a couple of

Weeks after that another car come through can we take a look at this though sure so this may be the lowest mile one possibly yeah possibly yeah so there was there’s been three through the auctions this year what was the one that sold for the most that was the auction breaker as

Everybody calls it where the auction bidding figure stopped and people were still bidding and but they couldn’t put the bid down because the counting system couldn’t take the number whoa so it wasn’t the system was the system goes up to 99 million yen which is a night yeah Q’s saying

Is 99 million yen it stops there because that’s how many zero is left whoever would have thought that in Japanese ichioku which is a million dollars U.S yeah a car was going to go through the auctions at that yeah yeah yeah you know an auction

I mean I I think correct me if I’m wrong the the 2000 GT was probably yep the one that possibly could have longest record for most expensive car from Japan but obviously it’s blown away by this car but it isn’t amazing like this was the dong to this car

Simply because it was I mean 33s in general yeah everyone’s 32 right 34. right or 33s they’re the boats as everybody sort of jokes about yeah geez trying to sort of strategically place the covers this thing is just so clean I was a bit of a joke bad event that we

Did a couple of months ago when we were driving down to the truck I was like I’m the only person in this company that’s hit third gear in this car shut up this is super cool so this is 22 possibly the last possibly the last one ever both are significant this one’s number

Two and this one’s number two 22. I it makes me wonder if if Nissan has one 400 ah no The Zed yeah it have to it have to this might be the this might be the the this first one in public hands yeah this thing is so cool I’ve been

Lucky to be able to drive one the one that top rank actually sold what an incredible car like they they’re just so cool in every way look at that RBX GT2 2.8 liter amazing just so cool what blows me away is how clean the interior is on this yeah

Still has the plastic wrapping yep or I don’t know if you guys put that on afterwards that’s probably most likely us so that we don’t scuff it up when we are load it onto the truck but but the seats are so clean look at these next to each other like wow 400r

So do you guys display these together then when they go to shows yep so Nismo fests and our Festival these always go and we did an event a couple of months ago and like it’s pretty funny we had a I’m guessing a YouTuber of some sort of guy who’s

Cruising along with his partner lived like based in Japan and he’s like cruising on he’s just going oh Global Auto in the 400 and said tune again it just kept cruising and I was like what else do you do you display like you you know you can’t get better than that

And he went oh like oops oh they’re really cool so so cool they’re very very stressful you put them on the back of the truck you’re constantly worried about yeah what other cars are kicking up Stones what other cars are you know possibly going to run

A red light yeah because you don’t have really enclosed trailers not for two cars no so it’d be nice to be able to get something like that are you able to cover them or that’s is that not legal our truck’s all open you can’t cover the monster on the

Truck yeah 100 yeah but because they’re two loader yeah the top one are just the covered get ripped off into a heartbeat so can we take a look at the N1 here we can get in to get it this is literally just completely bog stock oh yeah but this is the this is

The desirable one if you were to buy a N1 so N1 has the full carbon yeah and the uh rear um windscreen wiper delete Yeah Yeah from the factory I don’t think I can get in together that’s okay that’s okay I just want to look at the nose

There’s you you shot a 32 or 33 and a 34 inside yeah yeah that’s so cool well it was actually 32 33 34. plus another 34. yeah and two more 32s I think yeah but it was it was crazy it was a lot so yeah it was the biggest N1 collection probably yeah

In the world probably probably so I just didn’t really understand the the significance of them until now now I know how special it is and how cool it is but um what a lineup right here I always forget about this car honestly like you come in and you know like 400 and then

You know for whatever whoever’s here with us they’ll be like so what’s this one oh that’s actually an N1 like what you kind of Zone in on those two but my favorite car is this one right I’ll show you that in a second let’s take a look

At this have a look at it yeah we’ll just pull this cutlet maybe um the 33n1 is not the most recent nerd that he’s purchased is not for sale this is an M spec Nur which it has 14 000 kilometers wow and we’re sort of like

What do we do with it do we do we sell it do we keep it because it’s a car that you’ll never ever see again so wow I love this car this car is this is this is a GTR yeah this is a GT so out of all these you

Would probably drive this one every day huh if I could I would this is really cool so that’s a Kansai service built 2.8 liter no way 40 000 kilometer body I think eight or five five or eight thousand kilometer after build can I move this sure the paint is perfect

It is so good just so cool in this car hmm the boss was like oh yeah what have you got and Kansai service 2.8 liter rrv cam the boss got straight on straight on the train straight to this guy so wow Facebook tuner Millennium Jade it was on bronze Ray’s re-30s and it

Looked amazing because it was 18 by 10 and a half’s with like a chunky sticky Tire on them and it just looked like a car that was to go driving like yeah I love that it’s this is just so cool really cool car so this one’s not for sale nope

This is the boss’s personal play toy does he get to drive his cars that often I try to get him to you have to get him too I try to get into ah um not really not as much as probably he used to that’s too bad yeah

So next time I come down I can help him drive his truck if he wants let’s do a night shooting nanko with all the shipping containers that would be amazing I’m done it’s a date so cool can I take a look at the Haka sure

Let’s leave this off so I can get a shot I’m gonna have to try and remember what we’ve opened and closed and stuff like that I’ll help you remember don’t worry this is so cool what a great example of one of these look at that it is refurbished are you kidding me

It’s been refurbished look at this thing it has air conditioning yep that’s crazy what a nice car I just can’t believe this it’s too bad the owner is camera shy camera shy and yeah probably because he just doesn’t like talking he’s done a couple of like option videos and stuff like that um

Oh yeah he’s he’s pretty pretty shy to learn we’ve got a couple of sets of lmgt4s a couple of sets of brand new t-37s uh bumpers fenders seats seats so we’re running pretty low at the moment to be honest with you but these are all brand new Nismo carbon fiber hoods yep

So that’s that’s the only ones we’ve got left amazing so that’s for customers that buy a 34 gdr and if they turn around and say hey look I want the Bonnet yeah we’ve got it ready to go and we’ll either paint match it or go with

The the clear coat for the engine with Hollinger gearbox carbon fiber doors roof Bonnet fenders trunk it has gnarly suspension gnarly brakes oh this one is for sale this is not online for sale but it’s for sale if somebody does contact us it’s a hard card to sell

Yeah it’s a very very special car in the sense of you know like we’re sort of saying like everybody in Japan had a chance to appreciate these cars a shop has gone and built one of the rarest GTRs into a race car um so that was seven that’s eight nine ten

They’re a um oh kind of like a knockoff of not a knockoff but like a glorified r32gb yeah it has the centers yeah they’re kind of cool right that’s super cool it’s like you look at it you can’t quite put your finger on it but it I never

Understood what that meant we produced with Spartan air I I still have no idea what it means they’re really really bizarre all right look at that it’s amazing what happened in the early 2000s and cars that were built so cockpit demo car it’s super cool this is my what series is it R1

Engine awesome it’s such a Berserker I think I think the guys took this to Nismo Festival last year or I was meeting one of the ones I took this car and put a big for sale board on it yeah a lot of people when they’re buying gdrs they want to buy

It’s just a bizarre car look at that steering oil if you know the right people you can get it done even has lexan Windows so carbon doors like sand Windows still has the the tall Highway tall reader Etc card reader full-on race car full cage ridiculous a refurbished 2.6 liter

That is so cool so that one is for sale on our site everybody goes straight to the fact that oh it’s m spec and it’s not an m-spec nurse so it’s not eligible for import now so it’s later later model car 2001 or two how much is this one

Um this is is low 20s I think around the 22 Mark so not too bad so good that’s a good deal but it’s a Lee model late model yeah all right Nismo fine spec engine and then not absurd kilometers so it’s really funny we had another 34 in

Earlier this year with the same engine it had 250 000 kilometers on the body had an omori refreshed engine and suspension package done to it so it’s essentially a brand new chassis and because I had 250 000 kilometers everybody just went oh Bayside blue Nismo engine 250 000 columns see you

Later they didn’t want anything to do with the car so yeah couldn’t sell it it was a while and then we ended up finding someone did you know show interest in it and it was somebody that wanted to drive a car like they were buying a 34 GTR they wanted to drive it

So they were like you know what it’s in pristine condition there’s not a lick of rust on it it’s perfect yeah it’s what I want to do so hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift Aura is the perfect piece of art for your wall Thank you [Applause]