Larry Chen: V8-swapped Widebody Drift Porsche 911 from Sultan FQ Video

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-11 15:00:28
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign Probably one of my favorite builds here it’s just something that’s super non-traditional yeah I absolutely love it plus it’s pink yeah or magenta magenta the Ruby stone or we got the paint for the Ruby star Pink Ruby style red they call it and uh yeah we try to put it together

So uh what was your idea behind building something like this uh honestly we just wanted to do something different we actually found a good deal for a couple of shells and we got them and I had a running car and we do all our Composites in-house so we decided to build the

Whole thing all the bumpers fenders so it didn’t have a motor in it or anything we had it as a bear complete Bear show we did the doors the door’s not original the trunk the roof we just molded off the stock car and then we made our own

Thing wait so this was a 4S so no this was a normal 997 s oh okay yeah as a shelf but it had no subframes nothing we got the subframes uh front rear like from the scrapyard then we did our own control arms hubs axles everything so what motor is this so

So that’s cool that’s still electric it’s still electric because we didn’t want to put a push button uh yes we put the ls and it’s still running the stock Porsche engine mount location there’s these guys in States they’re called Renegade hybrids uh-huh they helped me out with the motor mounts

And I’m actually running stock GM ECU stock Champion so what is this out of like a Corvette yeah it’s a LS3 we just built Pistons connecting rods and we put we built the engine it has Valves and everything and we put in the car we down

Tuned it as much as we can we are at 450 there’s no timing what whatsoever because there’s still a stock gearbox push box because it was too pink we did this light bar these are the brake lights so it’s actually inside the the brakes that’s gone got it and yeah

Similar to what you have on your 86 yeah it’s like this one light bar one light bar inside so then um you were actually unfortunately had some issues with this because of the clutch yes you took it out for a run um but uh you destroyed the clutch yes

So we’re unable to see it run more I can start it but it won’t move because it was my mistake because it’s still running a Porsche box I’m running a GT3 linkage so it must have been gone loose or something and I should have just

Adjusted it I sent it and we fried the clutch but it is that’s a bummer but I’m sure you’ll fix it soon yeah but what’s interesting to me is it’s still plated for UAE yeah it’s not rodrigan we had to pay to put on an airplane because we

Wanted to make a show in Poland and to put on an airplane we have to have plates on it got it got it got it it’s cool though that it still has a UI yeah so tell me about the kit so this is an old New Japan kit I had another car we

Took it off that car that was a stock street car and we put it on this at the same time we made our doors our roofs our trunk so we made the whole thing so what we did we did do the dash I did a mold off of stock Dash and with the

Newer dashes you can put a CNC Stitch Dash color coded to the body color we made a mold off of the door and we made them all the for the hood bumper roof it’s all covered all carbon yep that is so cool so that’s actually what

You guys do what is the company called so it’s store 17 we’re just a bunch of guys that’s my logo it’s not commercial space I do my own cars but we started developing Parts like handbrake the pedal box we’re doing a fuel system these are all prototypes but um that’s

The logo yep that’s the logo oh that is so cool so we’re thinking of one commercial and some of the stuff so you actually created a lot of this stuff just for yourself most of my cars are like that I like the build process so we do everything in-house and then

Lately there’s a lot of interest we might go commercial on them I mean the thing is there’s really not that many Porsche drift cars it’s not all proportions like we got I did the S chassis a lot of guys want the S chassis stuff that’s just the BMW Corvette so I

Might I’m still this is like it’s all initial stages so we’ll see I love it so this was actually a original UAE delivery car that you didn’t import it no no no we found it so we found this one another one we found a few in the scrapyard

Because back home you’re not allowed to sell a full shell after this crop they start chopping them and this wasn’t cut yet I was like oh let me just take the whole thing and I’ll do the rest so that’s how I was lucky it’s not like I

Got a very cheap as a bare bear shot it’s really really clean like the the one that I think of when I think of Porsche drift cars is what what Tyler McCrory drove way back when in uh 993 GT2 yeah the haircut that it was super cool to see compete in Formula Drift

Yeah so this kind of gives me a little bit of that Vibe I honestly that that’s like uh it’s a hero card to be honest and I don’t know how we we had to add a lot of weight in the front yeah and can we take a look at that

This is all carbon yeah this whole thing so it’s so light yeah yeah this is so it’s a mix so this is pure carbon this is fiberglass some pieces we did some like this is pure you can see it’s vacuum and everything yeah but this is

Not this is just for the Finish we did the hood as a normal fiberglass oh so it’s interesting this is normally the front area yeah yeah yeah um you actually put the cooling system yeah and it works there’s and I didn’t have to cut anything let’s just talk

Sills we opened it up and all the air goes in from underneath so traditionally with this kit the stock radiators could still work on the side but the problem is unlock you’re gonna hit them especially with the amount of Caster I think the bumper is off for oh it’s

Bolted here but the weights are right here you can see some of it’s dumbbells um yeah it’s literal how much weight did you have to put up 70 kilos which is around 150 pounds everything had to go after the wheel because we do have weight before it but it was it wasn’t

Having it we have to put stickers because just in case the X-ray for the airplane right there’s literally bags of bags of lead in the chassis it’s like 60 40 almost now it works but it’s not I mean when we first at 70 30 we couldn’t

See it we couldn’t even take out the jacket so how does this drive compared to the 86 as it is in my opinion it drives like a stock z350. it drives like a z that’s all I can see so then how did you get the angle out of the front how

Is it possible that it can have so much angle yeah we did our own hubs we started off with a because it’s a McPherson stock uh and we got a McPherson Help From My Stop which is steel we chopped the whole thing and made the whole thing work again it’s running GT3 arms

Um I’m running 370Z axles on it and that’s why we modified the rear hubs I see a lot of a lot of guys abuse these axles and they work so running 370Z axles and we modified both hubs and it looks so good I love it so much I

Appreciate it I can’t wait to see it running hope I hope maybe towards the end of food like because there’s traffic I can’t drive it in and out if we do you have to jump in it’s it’s because you’re pivoting in the middle you get the experience is weird yeah Jimmy song with

Some of the guys when we were out drifting we’re going on door it was so much fun that’s so cool I love it now let’s check out your race car your a86 let’s go foreign This is built by my good friend Darren McNamara yeah AKA Vanilla Ice yeah Darren and I go way back even my FC we flew him down Abu Dhabi back in the day 10 years ago or so and he built me an s13 so I know Darren since FDA so we had

This pre-covered plan to do a full season of something in Europe either BDC when they were still around or Irish just Championship something that was right before covet covet happened and we never got the chance to do it the plan was I drove this for the sr-20 fell in

Love and uh Isaac Darren we need to put another LS dog box quick change back home I built a simple LS2 because I didn’t think it needed that much power because I wanted to keep the 15s it’s running on what you call the NASCAR NG Mouse hold on

He’s running this is an interesting way I’ve done so many lessons I’ve never done the 4-12s into a dash 16 kind of thing but surprisingly it works and you know Darren is all about the function he did those Ducks straight into the spark plug area yeah this is a notorious for them

Um and it’s it’s running uh a McPherson I think s13 rack on it yeah it is a 13 rack and the rear end is um they switched it to an IRS and it’s out of also Sylvia so the thing drives it drives like a dream to be

Honest if we go in the back let’s see yeah yeah now you can actually adjust oh there’s so much yes and that’s why so much grip on the wet and the dryer and the thing Boogie the only thing when I use building there I was like then I

Want a three-quarter window a window so the way he designed it he left this so when we Pop the trunk could service all the radiator all the fluids and everything or on the other side you see why he has the uh yeah it’s a very cool

Trick he did to to like to power the batteries oh because those come off on and off and then you can just charge your batteries with the car is dead this is such a good looking car I love it and the funny thing to me is this

Could not be any more different than your Porsche like this is your competition car yeah um it’s just so cool so then I noticed both of them are left-hand drives was this a left-hand drive vehicle so the only reason was there was a a left-hand Drive scrap car in Ireland so we took

Everything off from that one no one wants the pedals or anything so they took everything off that car and they put it on this one it was original right hand they switched it to left and that’s how they got the dashboard to make a mold out of it so I was lucky I

I’m just switched knock knock who’s there uh I know you gotta get to competition just wanted to thank you that guy’s crazy I know you need to get to competition no so thank you so much for showing me this thank you for your time and thank you

For coming here finally I’m at Advent I got to say thank you for chasing us not me everyone because we see a lot of the stuff online I want to thank you for coming here and actually giving us some of the experience that we see only on

YouTube or Instagram thank you Larry for coming and for me it’s like it’s fun for me to play like Monster Energy driver Bingo like I want to be able to photograph all of us yeah that’s amazing yes that’s amazing there’s I mean there’s not that many of you but it’s

It’s just cool for all different countries and you guys are representing this brand that I’ve been photographing for so long you know so it’s really cool and plus man this thing is just so good looking thank you so much I’m so glad that you didn’t go off hit any tires

It’s such a nice vehicle one more but I think Kevin Quinn is a bit rough so we’re gonna I think we’re gonna I’m gonna send it back with some white paint I think we’ll see how it goes hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I

Print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall oh Foreign [Applause]