Larry Chen: Touring the Greatest Nissan Z Car Tuning Shop in The South: Z1 Motorsports In All Its Glory Video

Touring the Greatest Nissan Z Car Tuning Shop in The South: Z1 Motorsports In All Its Glory

Posted: 2023-06-07 15:00:49
Author: Larry Chen
Many thanks to @Z1Motorsports23 for the hospitality!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Or the performance Street and then yeah the sprung sorry I’m just interrupting somebody’s work here at Z1 Motorsports in Georgia we are doing a really big meet today with Type S it’s a Formula Drift pre-meet But I decided to come early so we can actually check out the facility

Check out some of the cars that they have we have Spencer here he’s going to walk us around what Z1 Motorsport is and some of the most interesting cars that you guys have this one is really interesting this one’s a project car that you guys actually built yeah

Um so Russell bought this car brand new I think it was back09 so first see we could get our hands on and immediately it went to testing so many of our tried and true products today from the n a and intake exhaust drivetrain Parts all really were developed on this chassis

This is a vr30 silver sport engine those had a really small very tiny uh exhaust housing and small rotating set turbos so super torquey in fact when we were first testing and building this out on our queue we made like 600 torque on stock turbos and things were just a beast but

In a Z car that rev range just didn’t really sit with us so we upgraded everything we could to fight temps it’s got a huge radiator big heat exchanger bigger tank and we’ve just been battling that on the track for years testing all kind of things and then eventually it

Got to the first round of our turbos for testing all right so now we’re in the main showroom area you have a really really nice z32 here well this thing is beautiful uh we get to hear it run oh this thing is incredible I love it I love that plate too z1z

Very appropriate the VIP news I love this thing this is so cool so this one is full twins design feature car so it’s got p-spec facial lip Ducks Hood Ducks full side skirts with the lips the rear bumper with diffuser roof spoiler spoiler they have such amazing talent to make the right

Fitting parts for z32 it looks incredible yeah it looks so good what else do we have in the showroom two more Newsies so this is our shop auto car for Auto Parts testing and it currently has many things in development and then I got Russell’s predo spec

What’s going on uh so 350 uh many parts and development also features a lot of twins design Parts with the lip the side rear treatments on spoiler and mud guards and diffuser we use these cars to show but also to test and develop parts so this one’s working on forced induction under the

Hood and um really kind of coming into its own as well this display is so cool this is like a front end of a 32 huh right yeah I did this years ago I thought what a such a cool way to kind of showcase the engine bay that so many people

Are not in love with yeah this is one of the hardest Japanese cars to work on of all time yeah you got to want to do it man yeah right this thing is incredible what a cool display though showcases all your parts this is actually a store like you can

Actually walk in here if you’re in the Atlanta area absolutely right in fact if you come in uh and there’s a customer here local for pickup they’ll get priorities I’ll just inject in the line in front of everybody else to pick up parts very cool can we

Take a look at the main shop area yeah absolutely so this is the lab is where all the magic happens whoa uh guys in here split their time about half serving customer work and the other half supports engineering team the only car today that’s got stuff off is all-wheel

Drive turbo setup fitting for the Q50 and how many customers is it typically kind of flowing through here through service yeah probably varies so yeah I mean it’s um all that the team can do service and maintenance work they don’t spend most of their time doing that uh oftentimes

We find ourselves suited with big project installs or sometimes builds the nice thing about cars coming here is you get guys this is all they do and we have everything on hand for the most part so unlike most garages or dealers that are gonna have to call out for parts I mean

Our stock and inventory levels are ridiculous so most things can be ready as needed because that’s 14. RV power what do we have here this uh this is uh Russell’s vert this was definitely even when I joined on already kind of the the exercise and and work that we would do

Work we could do at Z1 uh it’s been through a number of different turbo kits through the years and um yeah it’s been a while but even I’ve got it’s pretty cool it’s like of era oh yeah absolutely correct that’s the old wide body on it

Um so then how long has Z1 been around so Russell started at about 2000 right they were about 15 minutes from here and uh all passion wanted to see car wanted to get in the game had some parts left over ended up selling some stuff off

That led to Kenya install it can you make it go faster I think that was the beginning of the end for sure so so it looks like all of the employee cars are being pulled in yeah this one is crazy yeah Mark’s uh see he’s got a lot of Hardware uh in the

Trophy case from this one and uh it’s fast there’s all sorts of craziness going on with this one Lamborghini inspired Wheels is even Lambo is what they call this one Z1 Lambo Z1 Lambo what a shop where’d you get that sign somebody dropped in one day I think it was like

Hey I got this sign do you guys want to buy it it was a deal uh it works and everything we didn’t have to fix any lighting just wire it up this was probably like an old dealership or something what the yeah that is so cool some of the turbo prototype Parts there

Oh this is super cool so it’s a bunch of 3D printed turbos huh yeah we print a lot of different ways like a fdm with different materials we also do PTU so if we have a hose or something right oh what yeah that is awesome

And then they do SLA prints as well so we can do this uh in high temp materials I want to bolt something onto an engine and run air through it like on a plum or something or this engine bracket to bolt up uh resolution on these is super high

And this is just a lot of range yeah we’ve got a new printer not long ago it’s like it’s big our big boy it did the spoilers first and then now we’ve got real hard Parts in didn’t even realize I had a raft that is so cool

Yeah coolers forged arms this is awesome yes that’s two-piece print wow so this is for like a tundra or a frontier or something like that I can’t believe you said Tundra to me I’m sorry sorry this is the supercharger kit that we had a chance to take a look at

And this is close to how it’ll come for an installer so already loaded um you’ll spec your pulley and then the rest is just bolt on the VG turbos some different variant Parts there for 300 not quite the engine line up here so this is cool that’s there’s a like a

3D printed part here so one thing I noticed and I actually had a chance to check out last time um the art design or the just the design surrounding Z1 it’s all like Star Wars inspired like this is so cool all right so rapid prototyping amazing see like look at this

You got a TIE fighter thing going on I love that you have just printing just going on running what was that hollowing it amazing oh this is really cool uh this one the 3D printed the whole header so this is something like well can you

Tell what this is off of is this a HR or so this is a d e it’s got the short flange so um but on those platforms I mean you can interchange if you do this set all the way back to the cat uh typically at least left-hand drive

Vehicles we’re able to take a Z1 header which is the flanged and put it onto HR or vhr application yeah this is the intake yep that was the first intake runner this is the second version of that so they probably did this to rough it out first get close

Confirm they think they’re there and then they’ll go into an SLA print and rails and everything so cool amazing and full on air boxes yep really intercoolers so cool this thing’s really strong I think there’s a picture of Kyle likes you could stand on this thing

But uh yeah this is how you guys are developing parts super fast and then once they get to the point where the check right the fit is okay then they’ll go to machine and you know he’ll cut he’ll cut brackets and kits right here on the machine um

And do whatever they need when it’s not doing that it’s porting plenums or or doing other work most days amazing so diff build room so we actually feel like this is almost a lost art if building like people don’t people don’t build differentials anymore and we

Do well I don’t know they’ll probably do 150 this year at least maybe more than that there’s just so many different types of diffs and gearing that come on all of these different Nissans I mean it’s whether it’s automatic it has LSD no LSD this that another so cool

In terms of artwork like look at this yeah command Tower let’s get scheduled or booked appointments show up there you go to a little star destroyer there that is so cool this this is so cool that’s the main main conference room and to think three three years ago we didn’t

Even have a conference room did you guys just yell at each other every day still do that and this isn’t also this is a small conference room so I’ll Place beta oh yeah this is my office for the day and I didn’t realize it was a atat

Walker here this is the most impressive part of Z1 to me is just how far and wide you guys have reached I guess to to get all of these OEM parts to keep these cars on the road amazing I mean this is this is a dream Parts Warehouse stream like we’re

Spoiled I don’t even know what all of this stuff is but it’s like anything you need to to keep these cars on the road you can get from you guys want to go z32 you guys have new Wheels bought one bought one and took it apart okay that may have happened a couple

Times maybe like 100 times oh oh you you you buy cars to strip them for the parts well we used to do a lot of that so this is like all z32 parts up here like used parts pretty well separated um a lot of it is on the site we’re

Working to bring this back into like an inventory status and get it to where we can just have it facing hey you got some Lamborghini Diablo yeah man those are tough um then some of the late modest 350 370 um down these and a lot of this isn’t

Like we’ve grabbed cars to do Through The Years we’ll just I just make changes on cars and you somehow end up I have anxiety for from looking at all of this like I don’t know how you guys you guys obviously know where the parts are look

At all those air boxes and drive shafts oh my God you should see uh and simple at the bar and they still have a chicken coop that’s like uh I mean the organization is phenomenal when you walk it and just be racks of cylinder heads or Springs or certain components here

It’s Consolidated so we’re trying to get to where we’re positioned have the right amount of just in time kind of on site and then crazy then more you know more you know period correct tape deck there oh yeah their Buzz unit yeah got it if you want to restore your car

Correctly then you’re gonna have to get all this stuff look at all these clusters oh that is so funny to me it’s just this is so cool I love it this is my favorite part of Z1 right because I mean somebody somewhere will need these parts and that’s why that they’re

Here you know that’s why you guys have them in the first place now if you couldn’t tell we are in your Dino room what’s what’s up with this artwork this is really cool they had a local artist kilimari come out and do this uh gave

Him some things we were like hey can you give it some of us in there but do you and uh what is this character called that you guys created zyna yeah so I know yeah that happened you know order comments are a thing people can write

Stuff in years ago somebody said hey can you draw a dinosaur in my box uh Russell’s wife Shanna got the note they brought the Box up there she sketched a dinosaur sent it out I don’t know a few days later went up online and it just kind of that just

Turned you got the thing and then we were like hey let’s just go with it we don’t really have anything cooking Zina was born that’s cool so you guys actually develop and Dino test all of your parts here that way you don’t have to Street two and everything I’m sure

You do a lot of Street miles foreign last car I wanted to talk about out here before we actually have to get ready for the meat is this um really awesome convertible z32 this thing this actually makes a lot of power huh uh yeah they made a 689 wheel on

This on 104 octane with uh only 740 CC injectors one of our staffers cars Paul so he’s done a great job uh with it and he’s on standard size piping he’s got dual intake with our our dual intake uh controller for two maps so the Disco box that’s something new that’s coming out

Uh Phil kind of avoid in the space and then he’s got full three inch exhaust uh Z1 clutch and flywheel I think he’s tuned on this tune and it’s pretty Rowdy this is so cool I love these but yeah so we’re actually setting up for tonight it’s going to be a pretty

Big meet we’re actually going to do a video on the me and on the cars that actually show up to the beach we have the typest booth here we have Mike power who actually brought his actual formula drift car and also on top of that we have Von getting Junior’s actual formula

Drift car this is the one that he’s actually going to be competing this weekend so 1300 horsepowers long getting Junior this weekend back at Formula Drift much excited so thanks for watching see you guys in the next video hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need [Applause]