Larry Chen: Top Secret’s 800hp 3SGTE-Swapped Supra, D1GP-Winning S15, and R33 GT-R Video

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-18 15:00:24
Author: Larry Chen
Thanks to @jdmsupreme for showing me this amazing collection of GOOOOOOOOLLLDDDD!!!!!!!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

[Applause] It’s JDM Supreme time once again it was what a year ago yes exactly one one year ago but this time you’re showing us up we brought some dude yeah we brought some some heavy iron today what the heck is going on yes it’s different it’s your not typical run-ofthe-mill

This is like where where the industries the foundations were built upon it’s the guys that were just doing like the backyard builds and then they started a company and then companies turned into aftermarket parts so three top Seeker cars three explain each of them this is the 04 d1gp championship winner S15

Built by top secret Smokey and RI ruji Miki if I pronounce his name correctly corly yeah Mickey he drove this yes he won the championship in 2004 and it went on to do a ton of promotional stuff V option videos and and best motoring and then ultimately became a Forza

Motorsport unicorn car so if you could find it and you had the credits you could unlock this very car it’s so crazy to me that a D1 gr Frey Pro Car you look at it and it’s so simple so street car it’s still a street car I mean this

Would be considered a street car today outside of not having AC everything else Works in it so then these this is the actual real car this is not a trivia car this is the legit champ winner yeah when did they what’s the history like do they

Hold on to it for a little bit and then they eventually let it to a little bit and then um it was couple things I’m not sure might have to be off record it was imported by bulletproof cuz they had a state side collaboration with top secret

That’s how top secret was able to break the ice in the states and it was brought in for promotional purposes through Forza and Microsoft and top secret so yeah that’s that’s how it came in it’s always it’s always been it’s been here since I want to say the early oh I see

Bulletproof Automotive so it’s interesting I actually did have a chance to see it at bulletproof but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of it yes for that reason exactly because it was so under the radar and you know we’re talking you know 10 plus years ago when

You even mentioned uh S15 State side and it was a problem like where did you hear about that car and and how did they get it in and that was that whole motorx issue and it was just like you know further away from that the better and

The guys over at bulletproof are are awesome people this is a D1 Grand Prix championship winning car with a stocky braak stocky break yes stock e break and stock Transmissions were a thing for a long time so I own a few other highly competitive early D1 GP cars knobs S5

The first ever champ car has a Nismo six-speed transmission in it Factory e BR and it is just a very primitive street car with some sick body cladding it’s got some big U the for the brake bias so you can adjust your factory style looking e bra so there are

Stealthy mods yeah all there’s still glass here oh yeah there’s still glass plexiglass oh I just can’t believe how basic this thing is but of course as you know drifting has come such a long way you guys run a Formula Drift team now and it doesn’t even have like any

Resemblance to what this is none I mean we get a pro car and you you take you remove more of what was originally there than you would this like this is just a utilization of what came from the factory and Stitch welding the chassis like you can see on the their firewalls

The engine Bays a lot of the new cars don’t require to use stitchweld the frames and the old cars this was this was regulation so that’s how you can tell a real d1gp Pro car is that it’ll have a stitched engine bag so then what was the condition like when you actually

Got this was it a running driving car running driving car yeah had some fuel issues I mean a lot of them have like corroded fuel lines you have to shy away from the original engine management system this ran an HKS fcon which are very hard to find tuners to have the

Keys for them and allow you access to the ECU so that’s that’s also another major hurdle that a lot of people that are importing these cars are facing with now just an easy exit strategy from the from the ecus that we’re use to tune this car it’s interesting because back

In the 2010s I was thinking like maybe one day these historic drift cars would be worth something as you know some of these went for pennies on the dollar like nobody cared about them and in fact when you sold one like this you would turn it into something else you would

Take off the liery you would do whatever and you know especially because you’ve had to restore quite a few of them now that that unfortunately were completely stripped well the parts were always worth more than the car they didn’t want the chassis and the engine was all beat

Up and it was easily replaced so there are some there are a lot of high highly how can I say highly important vehicles that were used d1gp HKS those Vehicles just went on as parts vehicles for something else no utilization of the original champ components again it was like you know

They they threw half it away they were able to utilize the rest and the parts that they utilized were worth more than the car so which actually came first this is 95 96 r33 generation and then you have 2200 1 S15 and they the Supra so it would have gone Supra r33

S15 exactly in this lineup and then so what’s the story with this how did you get this this was one of Smokey’s a build that he did collaboratively with a with a client ended up holding on to the car for quite some time personally and

It was a a vehicle that was originally a vspec car and he had done it for more like a street build and he drove it almost as often as any of the other daily drivers he at that time this was a almost like a split Recreation of his

His drag car so he had two r33s one was a base model that was a full drag car that ran 9 seconds and a/4 mile it was a fusion r car and then he had the vspec which was more of a street strip track focused on handling still has AC AC

Works it’s an N1 engine in there now can we take a look at the engine yeah it’s not too much to look at it’s got a set of HKS upgraded turbos cams very clean stealth N1 engine and he drove it it was reliable so Factory AC some of the cars

That were like the full drag car would have had a gold engine bay this was like you’d say 3/4 gold spec so he had the engine he had some suspension but it wasn’t considered a full-blown race car so we left the engine bay white so you

See a lot of like the later cars that that had the the white engine base you know automatically that it wasn’t like a a full spec build but definitely so was this a N1 chassis to begin with this was no this is a vspec uh a vspec chassis

But All N1 components so it was like you know trying to trying to ball on a budget if you will still made 600 horsepower 620 to all four tires and all-wheel drive very capable the gold is just unmistakable amazing car to drive too like when I mean dialed in it is the

Power is always there the handling the brakes do you know what kit is on here so you know that’s a good question because he does run top secret proprietary front bumper and I believe top secret s skirts and the rear fishion extensions top secret had their own uh

Library their own catalog of aftermarket exterior parts that a lot of people don’t know about which is pretty cool this is probably one of the most famous top secret cars tell me about this this was his top speed car this was the first one that he built out of the three gold

Supras so he had the the 3sgte the 4 cylinder that made over 800 horsepower the tire then he had a RB 26 that made roughly the same amount of horsepower also a top uh top speed car more of like a highway run car and then there was

That V12 that everyone hears and it’s kind of like oh my God it’s a smokey V12 this was the one that really cracked the ice for Smokey and also the one that looked more like a Supra than the others outside I believe the RB car still had some exterior like uh body comp

Components that kept it looking like a Supra but as far as like the iconic look it’s it’s very jgd jgtc look so this is all TRD widebody and at that time the Castro Supra was beating up on competition so Smokey was like this is the way that this car is going to run

It’s going to it’s going to do handling well it’s going to do track time attacks and top speed so at that time you’d build one car to do everything just like just like the signal Auto R34 GTR that I have that you know about um that was

Underground Wang Gang C drag racing 8 seconds and quar mile time attack and also D1 Formula Drift so yeah this was this was R&D research development works I can’t believe how wide it is this thing is an animal still is like it we were going around the track just like

Trailing throttle and it was just it was hanging flame a good 2 feet off the back of the the exhaust can we take a look at the engine bay yeah that exhaust exit top secret 2001 this is a work in progress most people are going to be

Like oh my God it’s a four-cylinder hard to hate to ruin it for you guys but 3s GTE HKS 2.3 l uh 2.2 L stroker there wasn’t there’s there’s not much that this can’t handle we Di it and it made just about 800 to the tire and there

There’s there’s no way right now currently of seeing how much more it can take cuz I haven’t been in the bottom end yet we did everything else so the fuel system and went through the ignition and it it completely just gave us 780 or 800 to the tire and it was

Going 10,000 uh 10,000 RPMs 90 9900 or so 10,000 and and we’re all you know Anderson over our fuel Tech like how much more do you want to go it’s not showing us it’s not giving us any warning signs like it’s just going and he’s like I can push it a

Little harder but I don’t want to send it back to you in a box of Parts yeah and I was like just stop it there we’ve got to go through the rest of the wiring and so you see a lot of new components and then you also see a lot of the

Original school stuff that I have to clean up I want to like preserve the the patine on it cuz it meant a lot like this Hood like I would hate to like completely repaint and do everything like the flame around the the heat shield there is just so that’s that’s

Memories right there so so then besides restoring it and you know making sure it runs good and getting it kind of to its former glory and like you said keeping some of the patina what do you do with these vehicles do you just proudly display them I would love to have the

Driver i’ love to have Mickey come down to the states at one point maybe run just like a promo promotional event post FD you know one of the events maybe like Long Beach or something and then at some point in time when I finish the rest of

This when I know it’s mechanically sound enough I’d love to give Smokey a call and be like hey yo let’s take this thing to the soft flats and and do 200 plus or whatever you whatever record that he had set at that time you know

It’s only right that you kind of get him back in the seat and take another swing at it you know it almost feels it almost feels like like you know I’m not big enough to fill those shoes temporarily but he’s the guy no well don’t take it

To the Salt cuz you’ll ruin it but maybe take it to well or or you take it to Nevada you know on I forgot what highway they close down Silver State right they they they close down the road and then you could just flat out or or I don’t know do some

Um Texas 2K or half mile or whatever like to do like official like you know almost have like a Chase card or a certain point I’m not quite sure how many places would allow that and actually get it on record you know be June when they first came to the country

They were building all those top those top speed to 300 zxs and Smokey was ju doing this in like New Zealand and on the streets so you know when Juden was getting on Ricker officially Smokey was not so official but he was still everyone knew that he was breaking

Records just doing fat burnouts yes really fat burnouts fat burnouts crazy mile an hour wang gang runs getting arrested in in the UK yeah he’s he’s again they built the foundation for this unfortunately I mean that’s that’s how it was built you know they didn’t have anywhere other place to test and tune

These parts but on the street well thank you so much for showing us these they’re so cool as always I saw you guys drive around the track and I was just so stoked to see them on the track at lime rock all together how crazy is that dude it’s like it’s hum

You know like to see them all together and on the track you’re like you know again it’s it’s surreal it’s hard it’s hard to replicate you really get put in your place we’re we’re at circuit Legends this is a good life event these are circuit Legends and Street Legends

Industry Legends yeah and street street Legends Street Legends circuit and Street Legends corrected was good seeing you again and uh I guess we’re going to next year next year what don’t wait till next year no no yeah well I see you at FD so it’s okay I’ll take it I’ll take

All right I’ll see you later see you later hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to Larry Chen I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your Wall [Applause] Is