Larry Chen: The Thriving JDM Culture in Atlanta Mixed With Its Southern Hospitality: Exploring Koruworks Video

The Thriving JDM Culture in Atlanta Mixed With Its Southern Hospitality: Exploring Koruworks

Posted: 2023-05-31 15:00:36
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

We go [Applause] [Applause] Hey everyone larchen here I’m in Atlanta Georgia at coralworks core works is one of the greatest JDM shops in the US they build amazing cars they support a bunch of formal drift teams but I wanted to give you guys an update on the shop I did a video here before a couple years

Ago and it was time to do an update but uh the founder my buddy Tyler of core Works he’s actually in the hospital he’s sick but he’s gonna get better and we just want to kind of send them like well wishes and also I’m bummed that he’s not here to show us

Around the shop I’m gonna hook up with Greg and we’re going to talk about some of the awesome builds here so Tyler buddy if you’re watching get well soon can’t wait to go drifting can’t wait to see you shred in all of your awesome cars no buzzing no buzzing we’re back

Car Works we’re back baby we’re here yeah it’s been a couple years it has been yeah but it’s good to see you it’s good to see you too we’ve grown a bit since you last saw us um business has been awesome race teams have been awesome Formula Drift has been great to us

Um but yeah we’ve changed a little bit we’ve grown up yeah it’s incredible honestly it’s been super cool to feature some of your cars and then watch you guys compete in Florida drift uh Pro one and pro spec [Applause] You guys really killed it it’s amazing there’s so many carbon fiber trophies can we actually start in the main let’s start in the showroom there’s just so many cool things that you got uh some old FD body panels um from literal up there yeah literal

Was a big fan of losing body panels so we just held on to it but um kind of the central brain Mainframe I would say the heart of core works is back there with the guys and this is definitely a lot of where just every phone call gets answered I don’t know if

You see there’s only one desk here there’s five employees total and then there’s Tyler as well Tyler Clayton the founder and owner of core works so there’s six of us who make up core works I just kind of wanted to get like a core Works Life update you know you guys are

Obviously making a lot more products yeah yeah so core Works um what we want to do is we want to be a parts manufacturer but we quickly found out there’s not enough of us here to maintain as a let’s say a customer service line so what we do is we make

Covers for covers so even as you can see your Wilwood Reservoir cap right here it still is a Wilwood Reservoir cap underneath we just make covers that attach the two Allen heads make sure will wood look a lot better it just dresses up the engine bay a lot better

But you also make a couple other things like radiator or support things and what is this for that’s for SR20 that covers your cranking it’s a cast cover so it’s uh this is so cool it does nothing it’s a black plastic that’s all it does and let’s talk about all of these carbon

Fiber trophies I feel like none of these were here last time I was here actually yeah none of them not many we got uh uh first carbon for windale Nick Novak got a second and since then Novak was an absolute Ripper brought in a lot of carbon for us we

Have Ben Hobson who’s now on a team OT this year as well Blake Blake Olson um absolute Ripper but no we’ve actually been doing uh FD since Dennis marzennis back in the day when it was Art performance of The Genesis incredible that long to get a carbon so we’re very

Proud a couple other cool things you have a Snap-On arcade machine now the guy spent enough money in the shop to where we got a freaking arcade machine yeah it was so cool yeah popcorn machine if you just keep on spending money with Snap-On they’ll keep

Sending you stuff I guess so yeah you just keep on I love this I love this Double Dragon this was one of my favorite video games this one Tyler had delivered uh to the shop as a gift for us I believe it’s our Christmas time we had no idea we came

Into work one day and we got an arcade machine so pretty cool boss to work for when you just come in and he’s got you an arcade machine incredible all right so let’s step into the shop check out some of the cars so this is kind of like your shop

Hangout area you got a Sim here um you have this is super cool you have this VHS uh DVD combo player but it’s a CRT TV I can’t believe it still works beautifully hear the high pitched uh hum miles away amazing I love it that’s cool you got Days of Thunder playing here

Um this might be a bad scene to to listen this is the best drifting movie of all time by anybody best drifting movie ever um fishing we got this uh Speed Racer Japanese slot machine so come into core work spend some money with us and uh if

You get lucky does it take oh yeah or what does it take oh it’s not Yen that would be cooler is Yen coin or is that dollar yeah Yen’s like coin up to five dollars pretty much yeah um all right so we’ll get into the cars

But I wanted to talk a little more about some of the parts that you guys have this actually really blew my mind here you’re learning about them right now this is jewelry oh I’m not allowed to show this no you can this is the best this is the best marketing floor okay so

This is like absolute art I mean it’s jewelry I love the design I love the subtle not so subtle you know it’s even to where we don’t want to see the bolts so we have CNC Billet end cap yeah we want everything to be fully maintained simple pretty mixed match colors if you

Want to you can make it out of three different colors if you want to you just have to buy three of them right got it okay so all these different colors um and then you’re gonna have uh like a like rally style uh Hydro e-brake but also are you guys developing the normal

Like um what is that called pull-up style yeah so I’ll show you in a second our engineer Simon who’s a godsend great guy designed it to where our handbrakes can be pull back push forward always is a simple clipping of one oh got it yep and then of course you

Guys have the shift oh these are new too okay I’m giving up all the good stuff this is super cool I love all the packaging we just started packaging this year we found out that packaging is the second part of manufacturing look at this look at that drawing this is so

Cool I love all the little trinkets I love all the little things that you guys make that um fit on a lot of cars and I think that’s really important yeah okay so come on let’s talk about the boss you got the boss here so cool story about

This car this was actually boss kit number one in the US I think Corey possford had like boss kit number two and we both got them and Corey finished his and we didn’t finish ours but here it is so this is uh yeah we want proper with

It was a 2J car once he got the boss kit we realized it has to have an LS and used to have that American feel to it so we’re doing small things like we did some custom valve covers kept the coil packs underneath there nice and hidden

Uh Kevlar firewall uh this car is pretty simple it’s gonna be a street Cruiser air conditioning it obviously will drift as well that’s what we do here but this is just a highway car really I absolutely love the fact that it’s a Japanese car with an American engine

With a American looking body kit it’s like weird like uh you know I get it you the boss can’t you either love it or you hate it everybody will say it’s like some people just absolutely hate the boss kid I’m not like a massive fan of

It unless you own the basket you have to build the car around this kit you have to know that when you go into this kit you can’t have an Sr car you gotta have to you have to have the right height Done Right the wheel Fitbit has to be on

Point I also love the fact that marathon is building American cars in Japan that look like Japanese cars so it’s like you know opposite world but we’re chasing them yeah yeah exactly all right so let’s take a look at the hako this one is such a big highlight so this is

Tyler’s personal vehicle that’s correct this is Tyler’s baby so Tyler recently got this car he pretty much got rid of all his other project cars just to get this one car it’s been a gold of his at all times and he saw that one was coming

Up about I think he’s had this for about three or four years so just before the influx of pricing it is in non-gtr it came over as a GTR clone Tyler said nae nae that is the worst thing you need to do if you’re not GTR to make it a clone

So he has since taken it back and taken all the GTR stuff off of it uh but is a track car fiberglass roof over fenders the quarters have been cut it’s got racing seats it is modified this car is meant to be abused this is so cool I love this thing so much

Incredible love love love love the plate the plate is so good you’re actually one of the only people that caught the plate yeah right over their head yeah kgc10 that’s the chassis code and then 23 is Nissan in Japanese I love it so much I mean

This is such a perfect example of one of these cars built correctly in Era and also something that will actually be used on track in anger and that definitely looks like the original uh Japanese license plate how the bolts are kind of busted down it probably

Hasn’t been removed from it for a long time but this is so cool I love this cannot wait to see this on the road gotta do a full feature on that one definitely definitely Tyler loves driving it except he hates smelling like gas after he drives it that’s pretty

Much every old Nissan yeah beat the boys the Bros the Bros dude good to see everybody this is yeah this is what makes car work so core Works has a bunch of cool cars little TVs great stuff but this is what makes up Court works is these things right here well

It’s awesome because just for the past uh couple years it’s been awesome to be able to see you guys at the track as well um I can’t come to the shop all the time even though I want to I just want to like can I just live upstairs [Laughter]

This one’s cool this one I love this so much oh my God the wheels these guys drift Wheels on the rear this car does drift it has a couple drift vents already under its belt so it actually has a couple wall tabs d-lam tires another paint job

Um Tyler uses and abuses this car this is his Coop it started off as an a coup uh worked its way up to this beautiful HKS internal engine um yeah Cinco manifold plasma man top half like this car is sick and it has air conditioning is this still a two

Liter this is still a two liter that’s correct yeah um we may have to go to two it just depends how much more power Tyler actually wants I love that it still has air conditioning I think that’s great that’s some Flex when Tyler builds a car

He builds it right so even this air filters for an n a car and he retrofitted to fit his his car because he really wanted to Arc um yeah I’ve had that air filter on there so he has it made it to an HKS adapter which also applies uh I need to

Run I have oh there’s your cover yeah I need to get I need to get one from you guys for YSR done I need to I need it it’s orange bang needs one of those things because it’s so cool I did have a chance to check this out before we started rolling and you pointed out some really interesting things about this one that’s really special oh including that’s great late 80s 90s sound sometimes perfect yeah um small things just like the turbo timer OEM overlay you can see that’s one piece it’s

Actually made for this yeah I can’t believe that exists you want to make every s chassis owner jealous and look at this Factory cup holders they do exist so my cup holder was this that’s the traditional so like or or if there’s nothing there whatever you stick the

Drink yeah 7-Eleven Big Goal then yeah right there exactly yep but the fact that this is perfect for like a boss can or like a seven select can you know so it’s double usable I think Nissan was a bunch of dummies for not putting that in every single one of their cars yeah

Here we are at the time I feel like Japanese people they didn’t really drink in their car they just smoked a lot so you get one ashtray yeah no cup holder no no couple what a day to be alive geez this is so good I love it it’s got

All the stuff it has the stuff you know it has the stuff to the car you can enjoy driving to the track you track it and you come on back home you still enjoy it uh Tyler doesn’t grow tired of his cars how he built them

Which is kind of a cool thing I build my cars I drive them to the track and I can’t wait to get out of it can we take a look at it with the hood down it just is such a good build oh my goodness that’s how core Works Hilton yep that’s

Little Elton right there lens yep for the headlights in a retro set of Bricks now that’s gnarly also he did it not to a set of projectors but he ruined a set of bricks to do that which is like a big No-No nowadays can you turn the lights

On so I can see this so this is really cool um this is like an actual thing that you could get in Japan just a light up license plate I think that oh my God oh wow that is oh my God I almost died this thing is so pretty

It’s um what a pretty car it really is it’s it’s something else again this card means something um it’s the most recent one that Tyler’s built and most recently built up today’s expectations and it shows so on top of that you guys have some seriously fancy tool boxes the tool

Boxes are uh something that Snap-on Snap-on should have never gave me uh once that purples greens pinks oranges uh this is yeah Tyler saw this color combo had to have it built and honestly it’s breathtaking it’s so good I love it the paint’s better than most cars yeah

Because this is not a wrap this is a real this is all paint and this is probably all anodized huh amazing amazing couple other body pieces here but let’s check out uh some of the other cars that you have here come on bud you’re too stroker it’s got a brand new

Gear turbo on it so it’s about to go get Dino um smashing wired it up it’s all nil spec wired it’s motec um it’s definitely kind of almost over built uh for like a coupe and it’s perfect in every single way I I love that you guys are still embracing the SR

I mean this was such a bastard child motor for so long and it was so cheap guess who I mean at one point they were just so cheap who called it a bastard I mean it was just a throwaway motor before but now I mean I don’t know there was just an

Era of that remember when all the s13 uh front Clips would come in from Japan they would just throw everything away with the firewall yeah they just it was uh an interesting time and now these things are so expensive they really are they really are and it’s it’s come down

To the point now where you’re right it wasn’t a throwaway engine but if we did pop one on a track weekend or something it was almost more of just like let’s get a press engine in there the biggest headache of it all now it’s not even the

Price it’s it’s tiny it’s it’s we don’t really have like a shot down the road that stocks much SRS anymore or a homie that’s got a slew of them in this garage yeah so that’s those days are done yeah down number two amazing such a cool

Play such a cool play all right so we have some interesting builds going on here this truck are we even allowed to talk about this truck totally you wanna you wanna push this one out and pull it down the ground well maybe we should talk about this one first then so this

Is Subs what’s going on here yeah sure sure you can hold if you want to look cool yeah yeah yeah there you go you had your Skyline which I love so much and that was actually my pick of the show a couple years back it was uh really cool

To see you shred in it and it was just you’ve driven grid life in that too right yeah um but what made you want to build this really it’s because we all hear work doing formula D so getting to work on like and building professional more like

Wild cars just kind of like dug into me a little bit more so then I started to get more of an itch to build a car that was like crazier more competitive wise This is the thing that I was like oh I’m gonna try to do something that all myself which is what I always do kind of so like I wanted a roll cage car and I’d never done a roll cage so I built a roller cage myself it’s not that good

But it’s like the first thing yeah but you’re learning yeah right so that was the whole point like behind it to try to get my skills to be better and then also okay Series so this thing had an SR20 in it and it made 500 horsepower and it

Blew up and that’s why my R32 now is apart because I actually stole the engine from the r13 to put in this got it and then I was trying to figure out what I could make relatively the same horsepower for not too much money and it’s Jay-Z or LS really is all you

Can really try to do to be able to be 500 horsepower reliable or um K series I guess we’re gonna see if that works in terms of like the the way the Market’s going and in terms of like customer builds is this something that’s just been way more popular for you guys

It has been just because we’ve had people we actually have another one back there and I’m gonna say a little bit but then at the same time no um if anything this shows that we can do wild things and then other people want a little more simple things than this and

Pop it probably has a lot to do with your customer base too like the Atlanta area customer base they’re really focused on pure JDM builds and I mean we it’s like we have a split here where like we said we have peers or like very old school populars and then

We have a lot of new kids too so there’s like a lot of regular just LS swaps daisies like I guess you can say sequence cards nowadays um but and tell me tell me about the paint did you do all of this yourself too yeah I like painting it’s being artistic I

Guess is really fun so one of the things that came from R32 was the low rider it looks so good started like I did my roof on that car and in this car I wanted to do the whole entire car to be able to like float into just like most

Low riders are actually like a whole one solid team color with like a roof and stuff where it like Blends into the car and I I don’t know I just want it back on that was honestly my favorite part of your Skyline yeah I just thought it was

Just so unique and so cool and I thought it was interesting that it’s a drift car that has this kind of look to it you know yeah yeah I’m gonna say it’s just because of the era that I started cars it was like mini trucks and low riders and stuff like

That I was like and then nope he came about and everything was so wild like this and um I just wanted to recreate like childhood dream cars and like I’m So Into drifting now they’re like I’m not just gonna go build a mini truck so like why not put

It all together blend it in and so the way this sits how much power is this motor making right now it only makes 300 horsepower really 300 horsepower is 6 PSI so it’s got like a surprise it’s a base tune so it has um it’s stock engine too it’s literally

A completely stock engine um it’s a thing that I originally did I guess the first tune session was just to make sure the car worked so like it’s got a sequential transmission it’s dry summed electric water pump electric power steering so like so many little electric throttle

Um so many little things that I just kind of wanted to make sure it worked I love that and then so after this I’m gonna actually now try like a bit more power it should make about 500 horsepower sure I had like you know 20 psi because that’s six pounds 300.

Not bad well thanks for showing us your build we’re gonna check out some more cars who’s next well yeah I mean it looks like a GT86 but yeah this is just a 2013 FRS um kind of a cool story behind this car um this was Rutledge Woods car that he

Actually dude I photographed this car before yeah right you photographed it at Long Beach right yes so this is an actual Toyota race car this is an actual Toyota race car this was one of the cars they pulled off the production line and Toyota will look on the inside but

Toyota actually put in uh this roll cage so all the cage work right here is from Toyota I’m gonna go on this side so I can see this this this raced in the Toyota uh Long Beach Grand Prix Pro celebrity Race Pro celebrity race and it was Rutledge and who else drove this

Rutledge and from from the research that I could find Adam Carolla might have driven this car as well it’s hard because the celebrities would have a different car every year there were there would be celebrities that would drive consistently through the years but they would get different cars this car

Is number 24 and they have a little sticker here and then on the keys all of them had this little number key tag right here that is so cool so this is the this is the 24 car but this is this is awesome so this is all stuff that

Toyota did before you even had a chance to break into this thing all right so Toyota did the cage and they did this amazing like headliner right here that’s all wrapped what yeah so this is all molded this is like a molded piece I could not imagine trying to do another one

Um and then Toyota already had the fire suppression in here and they already had that kill switch over there um just for you know the safety uh requirements to put celebrities in a bunch of race cars and let them let them go nice I love that so then you’ve

Turned it into a full-on drift car I yeah I turned this into a full-on drift car I had a 1JZ s13 for a few years and drove that around and then just because I was traveling with Formula Drift so much I didn’t really have time to keep

Going with that car and that was because that was the first car I put together I really wanted to there were so many little things that I wanted to fix and update and redo based on the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout those years um this is just so special because it’s

So clean like full interior full cage it’s a good representation of what the car like the streetcar was yeah but they they still wanted it to be a full-on race car right and that’s what I wanted to keep when I turned this car and put in a lesson and everything I wanted to

Keep a full interior wait are those the brakes that came on the car yeah so these oh they’re so cool yeah these brakes are actually pretty wild so a lot of times you’ll see the so this is a two-piece design right so you have an

Aluminum hat and you have a a you know a regular iron rotor ring but the difference with these is that there’s semi-floating like what you see on like M cars and stuff like that these are full floating so these rotor Rings actually move and what it’s designed to

Do is so that when you apply pressure to the brakes wherever the pads are going to hold on to it lets it grab the most contact uh on the actual rotor ring so the rotor ring is free to move and wherever the brake grabs is just the most contact patch constantly as the

Wheel spinning interesting so that’s a real special piece I couldn’t imagine trying to hunt those down um but this is not making 200 horsepower anymore this is not making 200 anymore so this is um a GM performance LS3 um it’s pretty standard it’s got a different intake manifold you know it

Has different fuel rails BTR um but uh it’s got some head work done headers uh and it makes 500 and 400. this is such a neat packaging I don’t know how else to explain it it just looks so neat and the fact that everything is all wrap nice and black

And then like the k n intake is like sits perfectly it just looks really really good you did a such a good job thank you I really appreciate it yeah this was just like the culmination after so many years of working on and you know wreath you know refreshing and

Building you know FD level drift cars I wanted to take everything that I had learned and put it all into this car because this is a special car and I didn’t want to feel at the end of it like I had ruined it you know but more

Just changed it I guess and so I mean this engine is fully motor plated all these lines right here it’s dry sump uh dry sump pumps over here and it’s just running the alternator it’s electric water pump and I’ll show you like where the dry sump tank is yeah I saw it was

In the passenger area yeah and it’s so neat too it’s not like too intrusive yeah so I wanted to keep all that like as compact as it could be still serviceable um but but just you know not too not too busy it looks so good I mean honestly it’s something where

Um it looks very I wouldn’t say Factory but it’s like kind of has that OEM plus look that’s to it that’s what I like about cars in general um and anytime something is swapped I like it to be as neat as it can be you know but I think the intake is honestly

My favorite part yeah how did it fit so perfect so we can actually pull we can actually pull this off real quick wait so and you you cut this you did this yeah so uh so our design guy he actually he actually uh does fiberglass

Work and he took a Urus triple duct and cut it out and then molded it into uh the bumper itself that is so cool I love it love it love it so much and it keeps that you know the iats down and you know it’s it’s actually beneficial for the

Car so I have to I see it says chassis 24 too on the door yeah yeah I wanted to leave that there there’s even a like a factory knee pad here yeah yeah Toyota put that in um I guess we’re just a little bit more covered there’s one on the door and then

There’s one uh right on the back I absolutely love it did it come with this steering wheel or did you guys do all that stuff no it came out of my 13. that’s like a one piece like yeah whoa oh yeah so we really just like cut the

Factory bar and then notched it plated it to try to keep the rigidity of it and then yeah put a quarter of that velcro on there it’s just so cool what a cool drift car it’s so clean thank you I mean that’s what I wanted though I mean after

My 13 and after taking a step back from FD and wanting to get back into driving myself you know I just wanted something that works so cool awesome thanks for showing it to us now we’re gonna check out the truck oh oh this is a really really special

Vehicle this is a really special build that I’m excited to do a full shoot on what are we looking at here this is our homies your friend Rutledge Woods truck that we are building for Toyota as you said he just wanted to have this like drift truck built off this hard body I

Think he found it in the woods and if you didn’t found it in the woods it was pretty close to the woods but now it’s something Rowdy this is incredible I feel like this is something that needs to happen more like really clean well done drift trucks

So you’re gonna put vintage air in it um you just cut it all off what so you cut it off and you see right where it went right here right where the old frame came in and there’s an S14 suffering back here of course that’s us 14 something that’s what we had

It’s what you guys know we got this S14 subframe you want to do it you said absolutely so then you could still Mount the bed on here it’s going to look like the chassis didn’t really change that much yeah yeah it’s still a pickup truck

Bed right still want to be able to throw stuff back there and use it so it will be a rhino lined truck bed just like normal but uh you have a little fuel cell here and so then the radiator is going to be here because there’s no room

Because this was the inline four there was room but Rutledge said I needed air conditioning oh I gotta have air conditioner wild right his brain is wild got it got it got it now it actually helps out because it does put that weight that we needed over the rear axle

Um and it is almost identical to an S14 wheelbase base as well we got rid of the old power steering setup uh the mount runs a Ford Mustang front rack uh setup um so yeah it’s it’s Ford Mustang from here uh fortunately I hooked up with some custom coilovers but these

Coilovers I believe they’re rear Corvettes the Corvette off of the the rear of the car and then so what do you do for the front subframe front subframe State Factory oh really yeah so then how are you gonna modify it for an angle so we got these custom cool lower control

Arms that helped out a little bit submitters outers from this guy named stat path the cool thing about drifting is um it’s not the same as 10 years ago there’s people who make like ankle kits now for your Toyota pickup truck because people make angle kits for Crown Vic

There’s people that just cater to almost any vehicle out this rear wheel drive now so the cool thing is a lot of people already took some of the homework out of it or we’re just able to kind of fabricate what we had you can see right here this is where we

We try to hide this condenser as best as possible so there’s this AC system so it just goes right behind the intercooler that’s correct right if you’ve got it so rut is going to be driving around in Atlanta to the track to the drift track and you know yeah got

It stay cool awesome I love that you said why don’t you build me a cool car but all right last car fast car up on the lift this thing’s beautiful isn’t it white on white on white I’m white Skyline r33 it’s got an impul body kit

It’s one of the few impulse body kits I know of um it was just sprayed white it needs to go over wet sand and buff and kind of get it all ready but pretty much a cruiser this is the car that you take out when you just want to

Go get dinner and uh lock it up hope it does get stolen and head on back home what motor does it have rb25 bolt-on it’s got like a plasma band set up on it um rework turbo nothing nothing crazy though again just Cruiser Georgia Air Conditioning everything’s kind of built

Around air conditioning are you see that yeah amazing um so we’ll do the stomp on toolbox and then there’s one more vehicle outside uh that I wanted to check out real quick um let’s uh what’s going on here this is very pink I don’t know I mean so the

Water Black Box yeah this is a watermelon it’s a big giant watermelon this is so cool I don’t know what Ryan Ryan woke up that day and said I’m going pink and here he is yeah snap I said you want pink you you could have pink that’s fine yeah and

They uh they built him a watermelon box which is like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen oh yeah and it just gets better too watermelon yeah pink all Snap-on stuff all of it yeah this is so organized she’s uh all the guys here are actually really really clean thank

Goodness this is what you do to build cars this is what you need yep I didn’t even realize like I didn’t even realize these existed it’s a bit did he do that what the heck I don’t know this is awesome I am so blown away right now yeah the

Boys clean you could just keep on going any of these drawers yep look at this guy what where it needs to be how long does it take to get organized after that like look even just like the body yeah or the interior frying stuff the picks everything has its spot all the clutch

Tools everything all together [Laughter] it’s like a problem of course they are this I love these drawers they’re great they are that’s so cool amazing I am fully blown away right now I’ve got one of these don’t you uh mine’s not well so I I have this part

And then that shelf I don’t have an extra thing but I’m actually blown away at this light I need to get this light for mine this is you gotta get a hutch it turns out it’s so cool yeah just in case you need something to sleep yeah yeah

I love it all right so uh s13 outside we gotta check that out real quick and then I think we’ll call it deal I think that’s a shop chart yeah let’s go out front another player has entered I love the pink wheels you have the pink

Theme gone oh thanks yeah I did it uh well I had pink wheels back in 09 I had a coupe before with rb25 and I had work wheels on it and I kind of did a similar theme when I was back in college again

Dude this thing is so clean I love it so do you drift this uh rarely on occasion when I have time I help out a lot with events organizing more and then so this is your S3 car now yes I love it did you import this or uh the

Car actually was already imported it was uh by a company called AP inputs at the time the only reason I bought the car is because I found the gentleman that I built in Japan uh it already had all the body panels on it the suspension uh was

Already boxed and welded at a Skyline partner brakes and everything but the engine and the ECU and everything was all closed up can we take a look at that Jimmy yeah so when I got it the engine was all stuck so we did all the engine work to it so

It’s kind of like a blank canvas I like a lot of the early 2000s Style so it’s very simple and kind of just drive it around all the time not to really worry about working on it this is so cool yeah it’s about you guys paint

This oh Sebastian sub did it all right that’s it of course it’s a hybrid cover I did that because it breathes a little bit better yeah Blow by did a 350Z coil packs pretty visual on there 2071 turbo it looks stock built with S15 price injectors only puts out like a modest

300 Tire it’s funny because before we started rolling uh someone asked how is it that you’re able to drive this and it’s solo around Atlanta your response was so good it was like perfect and it was instant what did you say I memorized all the bumps in the road and take the

Right correct path every night how do you remember the bumps I mean I just there’s so many of them yeah there’s always a lot of bottles if you’re ever in Atlanta stay away from 285 don’t go on it okay just don’t so then let’s check out the interior you

Have your logo in here huh yes I used to the trash racing uh really hooked it up and I excuse the mess in there too I put my logo on the seats which is really nice of him to do that These are nice too huh these are really nice seats

The driver’s seat is called the thrash racing beta and the passenger seat is an alpha the understeer King I don’t know if that’s a really good thing to be known for well in the early days of us drifting especially in the internet forums people would have names that

Really weren’t realistic like drift king or drift God yeah I was a kid at the time I didn’t really know how to drive so that was realistic understood king and the name kind of stuff yeah that’s hilarious I love that so cool you can’t take yourself too seriously you really

Can’t yeah awesome the arrow kit on the car is it’s so wild yeah this is crazy there’s like so many there’s so much going on Yeah the more you look the more interesting to get look there’s an intake here for some reason if you uh it was actually modeled after

The R35 GT3 car but there’s only like more things in America they still make them they’re major order it’s so cool it’s just so interesting looking yeah it’s very wide and uh it’s also the headlights too oh what they’re fixed so it’s not a pop-up anymore yeah it’s permanent uh sleeping ah

Very interesting kit very interesting look at everybody but um I saw the car stuck out to me and what really sealed the deal again was I found the guy that built it in Japan yeah I really assured and again the engine was stock so I did

All that and it was really kind of the most affordable way to build wait so you found this in Japan or you found the guy who built it how did that car was already imported and no one was buying the car for some reason so it is some

History because I do a lot of archiving and old Japanese magazines and things like that and I tracked down where the car was built because you speak Japanese fluently oh yes where did you learn how to speak Japanese my mom is an esol teacher English the second language and

Here in Georgia we have a lot of Japanese immigrants and a lot of them when they come here temporary work visas you know they go to school on Saturdays so they would send their kids to school to learn English so I would go with my

Mom and I had to make friends and that’s how I learned I was about six or seven years old at the time that is so cool I lived over there for two years at mitsunomi when I graduated high school I am so jealous like I want to learn how

To speak Japanese like that it helps to get around and do cool car things when you’re in Japan it’s definitely opened a lot of doors and made things really easy making ships and bonds with people that is awesome so what does your shirt actually say oh uh exciting car club yes

Exciting car club exciting car parts that is cool well thank you so much for having me at coreworks man it’s it’s always a good time it’s always a good uh it’s always just really cool to see what you guys are building what you guys are doing I just wish something like our works

Existed in La man I have a lot of killer shots out there though yeah but she looks like that yeah but it’s you know part of it is the friends that I’ve made you know and uh I just love the style love what you guys do we appreciate you

Larry thank you very it means a lot seriously cool awesome make sure you warm it up before you send it hey make sure you warm it up I love the horn button we just going back in trouble yeah let’s go with the blaze baby oh my goodness

What the heck yeah boys yo 90s forever this is not how Cornwall smells cars just how Greg builds cars so 90s forever dude 30 and a 40 equals 80. let’s go I’m just I’m so blown away right you know what’s cool to your FD card Saran this chassis ran

FD yeah I was kind of curious about that so you guys added this because this was this was on here uh maybe a windshield ago or two um because this FD was actually on TV before yep yeah on G4 and you put this here actually there’s another FD car here so

That’s is that public knowledge that’s yeah okay that’s Killer Mike from run the jewels that’s his car this is my buddy Andy Sapp’s um E46 this is a FD car also a street drift car way back line it still has the original Tech stickers 2007 Formula Drift But also a 2005

Formula Drift SCC Pro Race back in their streetcars before back when there were street cars and before they had their own um Tech I guess they were scca before but uh that’s Sebastian’s R32 that we had a chance to shoot last time uh that’s that’s Greg’s what 1000

Horsepower uh STI 1000 horsepower Subaru STI which is insane and then uh so it’s not Greg Tyler sorry brain fart hey I mean you could drive it and and yeah I’ll drive burnouts I get to do my first burnout with Larry Chen no yeah oh yeah retirement come back okay here we go

[Applause] That was kind of cool trap boys did she Flames was it cool that was cool hell yeah boys forget it hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the

Perfect piece of art for your wall foreign [Applause]