Larry Chen: The Most Insanely Built S2000 Racecar In The US: Evasive Motorsport’s S2000RS Video

Posted: 2023-09-08 15:00:04
Author: Larry Chen
Thanks to @EvasiveMotorsports for showing me their latest creation.

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Thank you [Applause] thank you umbrella is cool yeah umbrella is good you’re your own umbrella guys yeah that’s too hot yeah so we’re back we’re back at Pikes Peak yeah we are back this time you guys don’t have an electric vehicle no we’re back to a gas car

But this is something true to your heart yeah it’s something that you love yeah it’s uh it’s a representation of evasive this is the car we uh started with so then uh last time we were together we had a chance to feature your s2000r which is something that you guys at

Evasive Motorsports you guys actually want to build yeah um and you want to make it available to the public now what we’re looking at here I would essentially say is the race version because this says s2000rs yep so this is even just taking it to the next level even yeah

This is like the most extreme version in our mind of the S2000 so yeah this is purely race nothing on this car is really left untouched so no I’m surprised because has there ever been another S2000 run up Pikes Peak do you remember uh yeah the project emporer they render S2000 maybe

Last year yeah so and then now there’s two there’s two yeah and they’re both orange that’s cool yeah all right so then you guys have the ultimate wheel man our mutual friend driving this yep he he drove the Tesla and before that he drove the FRS yeah yeah the 86 and then uh

This will be his fifth year I think he’s pretty comfortable behind the wheel of S2000 because he’s actually driven a version of this in time attack yeah yeah so he drove this car last year at button Willow he was able to set a pretty fast time since then till now the car has

Gotten even easier and better to drive so I think he’s he’s pretty confident yeah so what have you guys done to update this for Pikes Peak what did you guys change so from the outside we have uh Adam Moore downforce so the rear wing uh before is a single element now it’s a

Dual element for more downforce made by voltex made by voltex Japan the car has gone through I can’t really see it but a little bit of a diet so we cut away a lot of the non-structural parts in the car but then we added all the way back

With for a and other stuff for Pikes Peak so the car now uses a uh a paddle shift system sequential oh cool yeah so he’s able to keep both his his hands on the steering wheel and I think that’s pretty critical for something like Pike’s Peak where a lot of shifting

Is involved yeah all right so then Arrow wise uh besides the wing is there anything else that you guys updated for Pikes Peak um not really actually most of it is the same as last year all of this stuff yeah this is the same we we do have a optional front Wing that

We have not installed it’s not needed at this at this moment but uh other than that it’s pretty similar to last year except for for the more downforce growing let’s talk about what’s carbon and um just tell me about the kit in general sales the kit is made by voltex

It’s called the version 3 circuit version for the S2000 you can see the whole under side of the kit is all carbon fiber and the whole belly is actually flat and there’s actually a tunnel underneath with a connection rear diffuser is actually develop in the Wind Tunnel

By voltex so it comes with the you know obviously the the under the splitter the red diffuser the hood the hood is carbon too this is all this is this is Vortex as well you guys didn’t actually add any of this stuff no no no this is all a

Whole package and then obviously the white y fenders the side skirts uh the rear little spoiler you see this is crazy this design is insane yeah yeah so then I’m surprised that they if they made this kit I’m assuming this is all dry carbon yeah yeah yeah like

How is it that there’s enough of a market for this you’d be surprised I mean we we actually sold like maybe six of these kits and they retail for 30 000 per kit so it’s not not the cheapest kit yeah but it’s functional totally 100 yeah

This is so crazy and so this is part of the kit too this whole Thunder yeah the fender this is voltex as well the wing I love this little shelf yeah so cool so then how much wider is it versus stock I think the front is about 50 mil wider

Each side and the rear is about 60 mil wider so pretty wide and then you know we’re we’re we have 18 by 11s on this car all around with some pretty good sized slicks too so so then what how wide are the Slicks the it’s 280 in the

Front and 300 in the back oh okay pretty big huh yeah can we take a look under the hood yeah I love this design element so much so is the front bumper a Vortex bumper too yup everything’s voltaics yeah Oh be careful yeah I don’t want this to run away I’m holding it all right so what what are we looking at here in terms of so this is a uh f-22c like an ap2 S2000 engine uh it’s been stroked to a 2.4 liter uh the internals are actually all made

By Toyota Racing it’s actually a very high compression engine and we managed to Turbo it uh it is a dry sump oiling system and also we have you know a bunch of HKS bits the HKS turbo HKS wastegate car makes about 650 to the wheels and it’s a really quick spooling because

Of the high compression so what made you guys want to bring the S2000 back or what made you want to bring S2000 in general because you still have that FRS we have all of the cars but to be honest we always dreamed about bringing this car to Pikes Peak it’s

Just I feel like it was never ready or never capable enough but after the recent development within the past couple years on this car we felt like it’s finally time to bring it and then to be able to you know lay down some solid times so and then also unlike the s2000r this

Doesn’t have a k-series engine this still has an F Series yeah it’s still a S2000 engine and what what’s the reasoning behind that I think this car we always developed it with the extra thousand engine for the track and you know it went through a few different

Phases at first it was like a super supercharged S2000 it wasn’t enough power so we moved to a turbo and this car has always been something to Showcase what we can do with you know the S2000 platform with the original S2000 engine that’s why I didn’t want to

Switch it to anything else so yeah and KW suspension yep KW Motorsport dampers three ways and uh and then another thing we added was the Bosch uh ABS oh yeah so that was that’s really important super important yeah so we’re able to I think it’s

Really bumpy up there so like we want to make sure when he’s on the brakes so he could just slam on it yeah and it’ll stop really fast exactly so then um does it have traction control too it does it does so the car is on a multech ECU and

You know everything’s BowTech so we do have traction control and I can show you on the steering wheel later you can actually adjust everything on the all the settings on the fly so yeah let’s check that out right now yeah so then what class is this uh we’re running an

Open Class and then what class is the other S2000 in uh I think there are in unlimited oh okay yeah yo it is tight in here look what is this uh that’s a tank water sprayer for uh intercooler and you know all the key exchangers just in case it

Gets too hot it’ll automatically kicks on and then that’s the tank and for the pneumatic shifter so that’s the air compressor and the air tank for the air shifting paddle shift yeah and then what is this filter or what is this pump for that’s for the water yeah yeah exactly

Okay and then what transmission is it then we’re running a samsungas 6p uh obviously we have a Pneumatic shifter attached to it and you see the steering wheel this is something we added new this year too we have the Bosch bus ABS selector here you could turn it off or

You could turn it on and then we have the traction control settings this is so cool yeah so that I can just focus on driving and if he has to make any changes his hands does not come off the wheel amazing yeah really really cool traction control TC range

I can’t believe this is on a S2000 I love it yeah that is so so neat and does that actually work to boost up and boost down button it does yeah it does so if you need more power you just go there’s uh five different boost settings so if

He really wants to he can just crank it up in the car I love that you guys retained the stock e-brake I guess you have to yeah I kind of have to yeah there’s no other way what What a Wonder I love it you guys really went all out on this yeah yeah

So cool do you think this will run faster than uh the FRS we think so it’s uh it has it definitely has a potential it’s lighter it’s just it has you know a really good combination of parts and obviously the Aero package is way better

Than 86 so yeah well good luck I always love being able to see what you guys are up to you know because it’s a relatability thing you know you guys are of my generation and it’s just really cool to see a team like evasive up there you know competing with the

Biggest and best thank you yeah yeah and of course it’s always a good time hanging out with Dai yeah for sure all right yeah good luck thank you hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh [Applause]