Larry Chen: The Fastest Skylines From Australia Are Built Here: Croydon Racing Development Video

Posted: 2023-08-25 15:00:58
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

How are you not bad yourself where are we we are in at Freudian racing developments in Sydney Australia Smithfield this past weekend was the GTR Fest in Sydney and I had a chance to actually see some of the vehicles that you’ve built run on the racetrack including this one June to probably one

Of if not the most famous R32 drag vehicle All right [Applause] the way you guys roll up to the line it’s like a real it feels like a top fuel drag team yeah like getting this thing yeah to go so what are we actually looking at okay this is Rob margin’s R32 gdr um this is currently the world’s

Quickest Skyline all-wheel drive period with a radial um it’s still IRS rear end nine inch Factory pickup points and suspension it runs a turbo 400 automatic transmission with a rb30 block Villa block with a big race head that we run on and a big 110

Millimeter turbo is it still uh so is it three liter then or it’s a 3.2 Striker 3.2 yeah so we’ve got a 3.2 Striker a Nitto rotating assembly oh Neato performance engineering and you know right now we’re kind of rushing through this because I wanted to

Do a full shop tour yep and I wanted to show you guys a little bit about every car maybe later on I’ll be able to do a full build breakdown of what this car is on the build but um right now I just kind of wanted to show you guys the overall View

This is so crazy what a crazy vehicle unfortunately I was not able to see you guys go down the whole track yeah we were struggling a little bit on the weekend yeah launch and everything was on par to PB what we’ve done before but we’ll just have a little bit of a

Misfire down the track so every time we get missed while we’d get off I just unlock the waste the engine or anything like that for us to sort out so we struggled with that all weekend with it but um so who’s actually driving it Leona Robert oh okay yeah this is all

Business but the fact that the matter is this is an actual metal chassis correct R32 GTR stools the factory chassis um floor pans everything the only thing he’s got now which he’s done is a carbon roof which is from Santa to Sena but glass Global glass All Glass this is

Still uh this is still this is steel that’s got carbon Quarters on it okay so he’s on the three quarters in carbon which is from there down got it um carbon Boot and carbon front quarter that’s it and then how much power does this actually make we’ve never donated properly but it’ll

Have to be nudging around the 3000 mark at the engine two thousand horsepower maybe give or take um the numbers it’s around 6.37 and a quarter mile 224 mile an hour so that is ridiculous yeah so without you we just get a baseline off the dyno

And then we do the rest of the tuning of the track the Dream Crusher like Mickey is blown away too is it crushing your dreams of course the definition of A Streetcar could be many things of course we have different versions of the street cars could it even drive on the street

Keep still sometimes off the racetrack you will drive it back to the shop you’re kidding how far is that it’s probably a 15-20 minute drive and it has a plate still yes actually he just got taken a plate offer recently but yeah it’s still still fully registered as of recently so we just

Took it off because he’s got a defect notice recently huh okay all right but the fact that you could drive that on the street yeah it’s tame enough to drive you can Cruise it is just 40 56 kilometers an hour as close as you want that’s crazy

Put your foot down it gets a big wall but yeah so definitely without a doubt the most impressive uh race vehicle from this past weekend was the war GTR I’ve never seen um a drag R34 I’ve actually never seen R34 do a burnout before It’s so cool for me to see what you guys are doing with this yep and for this being a big body car all is it all metal this is all metal no carbon bits on an adult apart from the bonnet I can’t believe it runs well it runs

Doors everything what was your fastest pass this past weekend with this vehicle uh with this weekend it’s the first time he’s jumped back in the driver’s seat for two years um 8.5 quarter mile at 184 mile an hour on the manual [Applause] so then how much power does this make uh

This one here I should make around the 1700 1800 horsepower Mark um we again we never turned it right up on the dinos you just got a Baseline and then send it to the track so obviously this past weekend is the first time he’s jumped back into the seats with the new

Setup as well so this has an 8.8 inch redefinite that we’ve just put in so you can handle the power same engine combo I had with the other turbo but it’s got the Pro Mod 88 on in our 88 mil turbo but you know the crazy

Thing to me is that it’s so clean the cars that you guys build yeah the fit and finish it’s not falling apart the paint is real uh it’s just so good looking at the starting line but also another thing is I could not believe how crazy this was

When it actually launched yeah and how it dances down the track I mean you have to like counter steer this yeah it’s going straight that headlight going straight very often very very early especially in the manuals manuals are very brutal on the gear changes and stuff like that so in this manual this

Is a manual sequential paddle shift careful in terms of like how to launch it yes otherwise you’ll break it if you bog it you can break it so you just got to sort of just slip it off the line and try to get out of the hole as fast as

You can to get as quick as time so then uh they’re surrounded the actual full tube chassis car we’ll go to that later once they’re done with that but what are some of the other builds that you have here this is another R32 gdr um nickname Thor Dave abuse uh this is a

October 400 automatic which we’ve just gone to this new combo this used to be a manual as well it’s previously around 8.1 with a 83 millimeter turbo he’s now gone to an auto same engine combo 3.2 liter biller block Nitto rotating assembly this has a 94 millimeter turbo on it now

So the first time out was actually our gdr Festival he’s just ran a 7.5 at 177 model now on fairly low boost for what this is this is just so crazy you guys are the greatest GTR drag shop in the world thank you this is ridiculous

We pride ourselves on all that but also it’s a testament to the customers as well who give us the opportunity to build these vehicles and to build them to this quality as well yeah that’s the thing that really I appreciate I think that’s really cool your customers are

Obviously fans of these vehicles correct yeah but I’m assuming they probably grew up with these and I grew up with them it’s a big passion for them and it’s just and then now that they’ve you know become of age and they’re professionals and they can afford correct what they

Want to afford which are the fastest GTRs in the world the quickest um that’s that’s why they’re coming to you but uh you guys also build other vehicles too yes correct this is a what we call an S14 206 I think you just calling the 240 240SX out so this is a

Same engine combo as the restaurant’s an RB rb30 block so it’s a biller block 3.2 liter again with the natural rotating someone just has a 98 millimeter turbo on it um this is this is fully repainted all the way down the metal correct this is a bare metal respray top to bottom

Undercarriage and all undercarriage um it’s got 8.8 inch IRS definite interior’s got carbon seats and literally I’ll open a boot for you this is so cool can you make sure this is all unstructed it is so pretty the boot even the boot you look at the boot and it’s absolutely mental

You know I oh my go to the boot area and just the detail it is so clean amazing this is literally a fresh setup it’s the first time we’ve actually started and ran at the um a gdr festival and how did it do um good he was getting used to he’s

Never driven anything like this so first pass was launch it just spun off the hit so then second time out he wasn’t ready for it because he’s used to the manual off the trans back he sort of clicked two gears instantly and it sort of bogged off the lines uh here we

Go now this coming week hopefully to you know get a bit more time yeah of course it’s a brand new car brand new car and built this is literally debuted gdr Festival so from everything he’s got everyone every one of these vehicles that you have in here I feel like I could spend

An hour just talking oh yeah it’s about all the little nut and bolt all the things we get it on the left underneath is just as clean oh yeah this is like brand new underneath um every nut and boldly replaced um headlights are brand new tail lights

Molds but you guys build this stuff in-house yeah they’re all all the fabrication work is all in-house titanium dump pipe and side pipe it’s all in the house it’s got an opportunity exhaust manifold but everything else intercooler piping um it’s just so crazy to see something like this because

Um in the U.S these vehicles weren’t used for drag racing they were used for drifting correct and some road racing but primarily they’re just sliding sideways right but to see this level of build the paint the fit and finish and then so this has a Billet block then

This has a bill of block correct rb30 as the rest of most of the other big vehicles that we do same rotating Center 3.2 while Journal Nitto Striker kit in it if you’re uh building one of these vehicles and it doesn’t make over a thousand horsepower

It’s like not good enough for you guys I’m assuming for us it’s fun we’ve got plenty that are under a thousand horsepower but the competition that’s out there whether you go roll racing drag strip they see that vehicle oh that’s making 600 horsepower someone comes in they want to match it or go

Better and it’s just escalated like that but a thousand true horsepower on the street is a lot of power yeah you struggle to get down so but um it’s just yeah people just now locked outdo each other these days I’m kidding paint and panel to engine

And then uh what about this thing oh my goodness Infamous go 32. this is the quickest uh manual gdr in the world two-stream manual it’s around a 7.9 with a manual wow at 188 model now so it’s got a samsonus uh sequential in it um biller block 3.2 again similar comma

That we run on most of the bigger vehicles um 88 millimeter turbo same as War gdr so this Awards you’d have very identical combos really yeah but this is uh 32. it is a little lighter and being a brother hauler direct water shorter wheelbase a little bit smaller nimbler

Um easier to get down the track I’m guessing correct this is just so cool I just can’t believe how straight everything is yeah I mean honestly we get a lot of GTRs that are just not in the best condition you know that’s kind of what it is hard

To find clean ones these days because you sort of as I say it’s great scraping the bottom of a barrel of what’s left but yeah there are some very rough ones out there but there are also some very clean ones out there but your pink top

Dollar for them as well so is this the main Workshop area this is the main Workshop area where the race cars big street car builds and Circa cars are so we do anything from drag race to the strip and drag street vehicles and the circuit racing

As well and then you guys work on the R35 also correct yes this is the one we bought from one of our customers bought from Jordan Martin in America from AMS so this one we brought here We’ve ran a 7-1 here 10K seven two seven one here so

As is but we’ve got another big arthuriani’s R35 which is probably equivalent to that powerwise and engine combo the block 4.3 stroker wow big straight car 4.3 4.3 VR 43 yep little block IMS syntax manifold and is this one like a build in progress right this is a building progress this is

Georgia’s R32 which is going to be equivalent or on par a chassis design than what Jordan 2 is really he’ll be taking on him and the rest of the vehicles that are attacking that um this is our customers he basically wants to beat uh Rob the owner huh pretty much

Wants to attack him yeah now they’re they’re friendly rivalries but um yeah they was going at it they’re dead and meaning it’s going to potentially be lighter it might not be lighter probably a little bit heavier just to the bar work that’s on it but because we’re strengthening the chassis

Right up that’s still got a factory chassis just with a six-point cage and right but this pretty much has a full Raw goes through the floor pan where it potentially you could put down the power of that it will you can throw a lot more

At it earlier and it’s going to take the power a lot more stable in that sense what’s going on with this uh 34 here this is Drew Hall’s uh R34 gdr Circa car so this was his daily at one stage he used to drive to and from work many

Years ago until it got stolen they stole the race seats the seats out of it and then it sort of got written off because of the seats were valued so high it wasn’t worth replacing I said then he turned it into a weekend track car and

Then it just evolved from there and then carbon work and Inside Out sure but that’s that’s a good excuse yeah exactly so he does a bit of time attack um a bit of our other racetracks with Bathurst so it does he likes to do lap

After lab not just the one lapa or two lapa like a one-time attack this was it started Life as a Bayside blue vehicle Bayside blue oh my goodness slowly evolved did you guys develop all the arrow and everything um no the error was developer originally

Top stage done most of the Aero on it in Melbourne and then and then um Sydney Commerce has done a few little bits and pieces tweaks it’s just as they evolve with the carbon places here they have version two version threes you sort of upgrade the front bars rear wings

So crazy what’s what’s going on with this this is G Seville Commodore which is a Australian vehicle um they originally come with an rb30 so that’s what rb30s come from these vehicles yeah and the Nissan Skyline r31s so this one’s just labeled hold them but they say exact same engines

This has an RB in it as well it’s a 2.6 cylinder head this has run a seven double zero at 100 2012 model now in this vehicle here it’s just such an undercover yeah like a family vehicle correct I can’t do that yeah so he wants to go a little bit

Deeper into the city he wants to run a six with it so wow we’ll um hopefully next time out set it all up and go into the sixes it’s got a radial on it how the heck can you goat I just a lot of power with a little tire

Yeah it’s yeah it’s all power management and getting it all down as far as you can on a radio and it still has rear seats Dash and everything got everything in there four doors glass what what I mean for you guys is that a pride thing because obviously you could

Lose so much weight yeah a lot of people because when they classified on a straight car you want to sort of have everything in it that you can some people do RIP me I got out of the back seats and stuff like that but for some

People’s like nah I want a full straight car leave the interior in as is and let’s go I mean like look at this build after build after build there’s just so many amazing cars there’s a lot going on thank goodness that you guys have all of these amazing customers that want to go

Fast that’s that’s what makes us proud of what we do because of the customers we have and it’s just an absolute pleasure to build with these guys like I said they take so much broader vehicles and it makes us go that extra step for them right now

We’re looking at this is your quickest vehicle this is our quickest vehicle that we’re building it’s a full tube chassis Pro Mod um it’s got an R35 body on it so that’s a front clip for the body on it this is what we’re aiming to go take on the sports compact first

And then so our first aim is obviously knock off the quickest RB in the world and then take on the 2js go outright Sports compact this is what we’re our main goal is and then so is this a 3.2 this is a 3.2 correct biller block um same thing Nitto rotating assembly

Um a big race head big turbocharger how much uh more work do you guys have to do before you get to actually take this out there’s probably another week or two at the very most to sort of finish this off mainly wiring and then set up and tuning and stuff like that so

This is insane it’s got pretty much the best of the best of everything you can get on this and then what about the chassis did you guys chassis was custom built from Craig at SCF race cars it was probably even in the progress for about three years three and a half years since

He got this show but we’ve added in anything that we could improve on we’ve changed and improved on as the building sort of progresses what what is the goal for this in terms of time that you you can’t it’s hard to estimate huh how to estimate better our

Goal in the end is to run deep into the fives so obviously meet for like I said we want to be quickest RB as fast as we can which is currently 5.82 in the world and then from that then attack the 2js quicker Sports compact car which is I think a five

Low five fives you around you know so then this is going to make a lot more power than June 2. correct bigger turbo very similar engine combo it’s got a stronger block on it this is a full drive block a drag block um bigger turbocharger intercooler all

That sort of stuff but so it’s solid no water channels or anything in the bottom end no only through the head still there that’s it so it’s got a water to air intercooler with ice water to throw everything at it as early as we can anyway what’s your guess in terms of

How much power this can make there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be making we’ll be aiming three and a half thousand of the wheels wow that’s what our aim would be you can’t even Dino that huh no it’ll be maxing out our Dino so whether we send

The right up on the diner or just as far as we can and then do the rest of the racetrack and just turn it up as we go there I mean well now I’ll tell you what you’re sort of making generally so yeah it’ll give you a fair idea this is

Uh your Dino room here correct this is our purpose-build Dyno room it’s got a big heavy sliding door which seals it right up for sound and insulation so it’s double walls glass and everything you’ve got fresh air in hey you guys out from the back and then

You have a this is all well this is an old drive Donna chassis Donna and then we have our two Drive um 3000 horsepower Hub Diner up to 3 000. it’s funny most shops don’t have that problem yeah right that’s right they run out but whereas you guys

Actually are building Motors though now yeah we’re going to be reaching the limits of this so we’re going to probably need to upgrade very soon yeah that’s awesome making it all fit is going to be another another issue down the track and you guys have sold this is

Such an impressive shop in terms of like import drag cars it’s something that you’re it’s like so focused yeah on what you guys are doing but there’s just so much going on I’m sure uh when it’s like full swing before our race weekend it’s got to be so crazy

Yeah as the last week or two have been um been absolutely crazy to see hours we’re doing I mean just before giraffes we literally went out for an hour got changed and came back in the morning 6 30 in the morning to load up the vehicles and go straight to the track so

I don’t know how you’re still standing but uh got a bunch of customer builds here too correct yep got a Sr build going let’s try this and again another 240 it’s a fresh uh 2.2 liter build SR20 this is a ground up r33 gdr build from undercarriage to wiring to engine to

Everything on this vehicle last thing let’s check out your uh engine room this is kind of where all the magic happens huh that’s it this is where the surgery is do you have your own project car I do I got another Veil Commodore like that maroon one that was there

Um which is probably been the bill for the last 10 years but just time as we’re working on customs cars it’s just very hard to point on my own vehicles I love that it’s actually machined into the black like what it’s for correct yeah June 2 bullet RV thing yeah so bullets

Are the company that makes the Billet blocks and they’ve done it they actually this is for Zeus the Pro Mod which originally we’re going to do for June but then yeah we’re done for that so so then you guys give them the specifications in terms of what you want

Or that’s an off-the-shelf block off the shelf block that they do um and then we machine it to suit us after that so it comes with the sleeves and everything in it and then we just machine the sleeves and tunnel ball and do everything else to suit our application incredible so crazy I’ve

I’ve never seen a Billet block and now coming into your engine room you have how many here you have so many there’s plenty that’s a VR 38 that’s for that um the R35 Beyonce is Yanni’s one that’s the one’s gonna have a 4.3 liter in it it’s an AMS block

That is crazy and then yeah so that’s a drag block that’s a wet block uh the dry deck that’s a wet deck it’s got a 3.6 liter in that one and another wet block straight one and that’s another dry deck drag block that is just incredible

A lot of Billet goodness going on yeah so this is going to be a dumb question yep if they if there are water water channels and stuff how is it that it creates them without I mean because it’s Bill it’s out of one solid piece of aluminum yep it gets all

Machined through from their CNC machine inside of a piece of block and then they’ll have their web block so it’ll be literally machine for the water galleries as per normal rb30 block so they make three variants it’s a completely Factory hole wet block so your wet deck which is

Going straight through yeah um the block has standard and then they make a dry deck which is the top half is all blocked off but still runs water through there there’s a side plate here so it cools the block on for the side but like it doesn’t it’s just all

Straight it doesn’t do any turns and stuff like on a cast one right no it’s yeah it’s a little bit different the way they’re running so okay with the calling on that um and then you’ve got the full drag blocks which are completely dry so no water going through the side of them

So it’s literally just on pure methanol drag car something else this this is just so incredible what you guys do here I love it I love it look at all this jewelry look at all these pieces amazing huh and then what’s behind here Beyond here

Is a dirty area this is where we strip all the engines that come up upstairs strip all the engines then we’ll get stripped here and then cleaned and then the assembly is inside all the clean once here everything’s cleaned and machined and you guys have barns for days all the parts customers

Parts of equal parts everything gets sold up yeah amazing is this your favorite place or what what’s going on here I’m here a lot so I’ve known the guys from CID since for 2010 and five I started taking my car there in 07 my 200 and then when I got my GTR obviously

Um that was the beginning I was done but another thing is CID actually helped me start my business um when they’re at silverwater and I stopped working for ignition DVD had no money and wanted to start my own thing they actually let me have an office

Upstairs for a while to get started so I owe them that and um yeah we’ve worked together ever since I’m I’m Florida I’m completely floored this place is just it’s so cool it really is cool I mean just to see this level of build here

Um yeah I just I’m speechless so I might have spent days over in the corner of my own putting the bolt-ons under my engine after cons built it I’ve done days here where I’ve stayed back and done it same at the old shop so yeah we’ve done heaps

Together so yeah that was long hours yeah yeah so it’s not about like we’ve all been friends even family you know for a long time so it’s not just about what people think of like sponsorship it’s beyond that we’ve actually worked together to make things happen so even

Some of our earlier events were you know Croydon helped make them happen so yeah well um I’m bummed that it’s just for me a short trip I would love to spend a lot more time doing deep dives into into each one of the really interesting builds like that S14 wow dude there’s 20

Cars you could do full features on and still go down there I miss that so yeah there’s a lot of crazy cars out there like I said it’s testing to the customers that want to build them to that quality and go that bar because it’s not cheap yeah I mean parts are

Expensive and then body it’s expensive but they start here they just keep going yeah I mean we’re privileged to be working on them so yeah and you guys couldn’t do without them so right and you guys are actually passionate about seeing them go down the track seeing

Them actually where the party is making them happy and making them run the numbers and assist that’s what puts your smile on your face at the end of that that’s what makes all the hard work and long hours worth of all the smiles shoot all that

And then it put smiles on my face even go to the Circuit yeah they’ve got circuit cars time attack cars they’ve done it I’ve done a Time attack car with them they’ve got a car they’re building for Pikes Peak like there’s yeah they don’t just do dragging is that secret no

It’s in the corner there so so I’ve got the body for it it’s a little bit in pieces of the motor I can show you that what is that it’s Pikes Peak next here or um oh he’s put on hold at the moment originally we were going to go in 23 but

It’ll probably be 24 25 at this stage yeah so yeah these guys have I’ve mastered putting gdis around a circuit down the drag strip my class Testament even had two years on that engine three or three and a half thousand kilometers on they’ve got engines that have been

Gone for 15 years and that is no joke so amazing and the way I’ve seen the way you drive too I’m very surprised it whether we built that car and they can’t always say to con I think I want to go do this when I go there you go

Well I could stay it was built and tuned so that it can be driven how I have at the end there’s no there’s no kill mode there’s no nothing there’s no risky mode it is you build it you drive it so amazing I’ve done hundreds of passes in

My gdr with them not even there you don’t they don’t have to be there for me to race my car some people think you need your tune don’t get me wrong a seven second car a six second car’s obviously yeah died Take One racing and I check my own

Dialogues and stuff they’ve made sure I know to keep an eye on my car and do it properly so that’s a testament to their work right here you go Andrew caress it likes it so yeah so why it’s got to be done awesome thanks mate thank you hey

Thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall oh Oh [Applause]