Larry Chen: Street R34 GT-R With Paddle Shifters & An RD28 Block w/ HKS V-Cam, Making 1100hp Video

Posted: 2023-08-14 15:00:00
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign I’m kind of overloaded today because I’ve been jumping in from one crazy GTR Bill to the other to the other and then yesterday I’ve never even seen a GTR do a burnout before let alone do a eight second pass seven second pass thank you you guys down in Australia you guys just

Build them different we’ve had them for a long time we’ve got our own style I think as well but it’s 20 25 years of development you know so many workshops so many people just making them your own yeah making them as good as possible updating them making them modern but

Also making them extremely fast right here we have a really well built street car this is legitimately A Streetcar it’s Street registered it drives on the street but what are we looking at here this is probably one of the prettiest engine Bays I’ve seen since I’ve arrived

In Australia so this is a 3.2 liter Nitto wide Journal stroker in a diesel rd28 block makes 1100 odd horsepower at the tire HKS vcam which we make our own camshaft to suit the big Power builds a little bit bigger than the step Pro you guys

Actually make your own yeah so we did the development on this car originally because he wanted response what sharp is star tone racing okay yeah so you guys actually built this car yeah and the silver one prior that you wanted automatic one no oh the R32 yeah and

Um the we just unveiled the garage active 32 as well yes I love that car love that you guys are building it in that style that’s the first in Australia it is yeah I can’t wait to actually see that right soon hopefully end of the year I think we’ll get it finished so

Then because that one is a little wider body are you going to run wider tires uh so I’ll run on that car I think a 305. I think that’s enough for the street 305 squared yeah yeah I had two eight fives on stock body on that car so hi hi thank you

She wants to make sure that you’re bad so yeah the the vcam we made our own camshaft we developed it on this this actual engine um a lot of trial and error but it works awesome now like like I said it makes 1100 horsepower to the tire you can put

It around like a normal car air conditioning the whole lot and then giant signal yeah it’s it’s it’s okay it’s not that big not that big 72 75 Precision that’s for Australian standards the other car had 86.85 yeah that’s this is the same this is still yeah insane though I mean it’s

Just packaged so well everything is so nicely done yeah the heat shielding everything all of it is just so pretty there’s no other way to explain it um I think being a v Specter as well it had to be done right also you you updated a couple things with like Z2

Parts too right it came to Australia with the top secret bumper um and yeah z-tune original Bonnet he wanted that so that was an addition a couple years ago now I think and it’s functional probably help some cooling right yeah I can’t believe that has air conditioning so there’s a condenser in

Front of here yeah yeah there’s the brackets you can’t really see Bob okay yeah the brackets the factory original brackets so the craziest part of this build if you guys haven’t already noticed there is no shift shifter at all yeah you’ve converted it to paddle shift yeah so

It’s it’s got a Samsung a six-speed sequential um motec ECU with gprp Pro firmware and we converted the um the Samsung S2 paddle shift air actuator yeah error actuated so you use the clutch to start yeah so clutch in right first gear right yeah and then once you’re scrolling once you’re

Rolling you can use the clutch still if you want to yeah yeah but before you could just same as any normal sequential this is so Tastefully done too it looks really nice a knee package it needs this wheel the wheel’s not part of it he needs that wheel because he’s really

Tall so yeah the factory wheel it used to be as nice so that’s why it has that particular wheel on it but yeah the paddles it’s all nice and tidy again being a nerd has to be tasteful did this come as a pretty clean car yeah

So it was already a very good quality nerve but he just wanted to take it to the craziest level possible these are in the car almost 12 years now so it was relatively cheap back then for what compared to where they are now and it was a really good car

This is super tasteful too you guys made like a custom piece to replace the factory uh MFD yeah with the motek dash that is so cool and then it just displays what gear you’re in right here amazing yeah so so cool and then all of this stuff is functional too yep

Like you could change the Boost you can change the even the suspension’s controlled through this so we he’s got ear cups so because obviously it’s really low so he doesn’t press that button air suspension it’s got a two inch lift yeah that’s perfect for it having a carbon fiber lip and

Then also being able to get over uh any speed bumps or anything like that That is so neat convenient for the street yeah Wow that clunk is crazy yeah so what did this make on the dyno again uh when we last tuned at 1100 horsepower yeah you guys just can’t settle for three digit numbers it’s you guys only build four digit cars pretty much that’s the standard these days

That is so neat it says the Tessa pressure and everything here so cool yeah because we can control the Intensive pressure as well through through the keypad What a handful in rear-wheel drive this thing is crazy and it has traction as well so oh it does have traction control that’s this particular firm where it’s a torque-based model it’s designed for circuit mainly so it has traction control and all talk Sounds so good that is a serious transmission yeah my goodness it’s good fun It’s really uh smart traction control huh it’s like just really trying to put the power to the ground yeah it uses ignition timing as well as as throttle opening to control it and it also has when we do the circuit packages the circuit cars with this package it uses

Um it knows the downforce we put a number in the ECU for the downforce figure so that way it knows how much grip the tire has this is only one of the first true street cars that I’ve featured here in Australia every other one um people say oh this is A Streetcar

This is they’re not three cars this is the actual street cars I’m telling that moisture the stuff I built air conditioning power steering stereo interior everything if you don’t have air conditioning in your car don’t know about it yeah man Proper street car look at that awesome Anthony thank you so much thanks for such a cool car thanks for coming for a ride and listening to my little story yeah I love it hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign

Every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Me [Applause]