Larry Chen: Rotary + Corolla + Toyota Hilux = This Frankenstein TE27 Dubbed Boogeyman Video

Rotary + Corolla + Toyota Hilux = This Frankenstein TE27 Dubbed Boogeyman

Posted: 2023-07-05 15:00:29
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

That is this car yeah yo yeah it does uh that is a serious wheelie I am so blown away because uh I honestly didn’t expect this okay so I got in touch with Ricky from my friend Tommy who lives on Oahu yeah he’s like hey you gotta meet up with this guy he knows all the locals they’ll show you some cool

Cars and show you a good time I didn’t realize that it was going to be like this there’s so many cool cars in one place yeah and you guys are all friends and family we’re all family for the most part yeah yeah and then you guys like to party because

Um we party hard yeah I see that sometimes we party a little bit too hard a little bit and then this problem these two uh are pretty much the loudest Vehicles here yeah unfortunately so this one is really special to you because this is actually your actual first car I got the

Car back in 07. I was like uh 10 or 11 years old and this was my first car that I got from my dad even way before you could drive yeah way before you could wrench way before I could drive but you know the t27 was

Always my dream car you know I always wanted one growing up I had uncles who had them you know and it’s a car that I liked and I knew that one day I was going to have one and this one came about and it was I

Mean it was rough you know this car had to be brought back from the dead you’re a really big Toyota fan you actually work for Toyota yeah you actually came back just from work just yes yes yeah I finished work and I came straight home do you work at a

Dealership yeah so I work at UH Big Island Toyota in Hilo as a professional technician been there for about six years and uh yeah I mean everything that’s all I drive is Toyotas you know our daily drivers is Toyotas well we races Toyotas maybe not my engine but

You know I want to talk about your your tattoo that is so cool yeah so I I made that tattoo you know rotary Toyota it’s kind of why I do that I have a question about that why is it that you didn’t just build a Mazda

For one Mazda’s over here is hard to find it ain’t like the mainland you know Arch trees rx2s r100s you don’t see that stuff over here you know there’s like one rx3 we know of and you know that friend of ours had that car for 30 plus

Years never let it go you know and Toyotas was easier to find around here because it actually is not so easy for you to just get something from the mainland yes and ship it over because it’s a lot more expensive and I’m assuming that it’s just a lot

Easier for you to just get something that’s already on the island yeah it was but I was always a Toyota fan from you know little kid days and just what I grew up around we’ll take a look at the engine but I I just wanted to talk about the whole process because

When you got this vehicle at 11 years old what was the condition like bad you know I mean the car had a lot a lot of rusts you know quarters rockers fenders almost every body part on the car was rotted out you know and not not just surface rust I

Mean it was rotted so the Bodywork that went into this car I mean a lot of stuff was cut graft replaced you know some part most of the parts was from other cars other similar you know te 27s but some of the metal on the car is you know

Just a regular sheet metal that was made and handcrafted into what it is now so the t27 was this a pretty popular car was this like an everyday driver car for Hawaii for a big island from what I understand is way before my time but from what I understand from working at

The dealership and talking to the you know the older guys who’s been there for 30 plus years people bought these cars to save gas back in the game you know it was never a performance car never a sports car people bought them to save gas and a lot of Japanese people

They love Toyotas and they were the main people buying these cars from what I understand yeah and then this was an original Big Island delivery car like it came here yes so then that’s probably why it was all rusted out you know because of the humidity and the weather

Rain I mean salt water I mean there’s the climbing over here sucks I mean there’s so much so much things that can screw a car up you know it’s not just one thing you know the mainland it’s dry you know the air is dry no humidity no moisture none of that I mean

Over here we deal with all those problems and then some so tell me about the paint the Bodywork and the paint was done by one of our good friends Rick he actually took on the project you know kind of learning at the same time he’s not a professional by any means but

You know he he asked me if I would willing to let him learn on my car you know and I was like yeah go ahead because honestly the car sat I took it apart to paint it and it sat not doing anything in pieces you know and

He asked me if I would let him try it so I said yeah go ahead and this is the end result we got did he do these louvers the louvers was already on the trunk when I got the car you know that long ago but everything else I mean graphing wise

You know body filler all that was done by Rick and then what about the pinstriping pin striping was done by this guy uh Greg Kobayashi he’s local here he’s been around for you know a long time and he did a lot of cars over the years and I brought the

Car to him when I was finished painting why is this called The Boogeyman that’s a it’s a long story a little bit but the reason the car is called boogeyman is because I actually had a te72 a 1.8 Corolla just like this yellow one and that was the first Boogeyman

When I had taken this car apart and uh hung it up to get Bodywork and painted I had a 81 that I got from one of my good buddies and uh I was racing and playing around with that car because obviously this one was in pieces at that point you know but we

Ended I ended up building an engine we turbocharged it you know we actually got the car to run 1090s and be a street car that I drove around all over and raised hell everywhere I went you know but their the name boogeyman came with that first car and that was because my good

Buddy that had the car would only bring the car out wee hours of the of the night you know late the hours of the night and he would just terrorize the living crap out of everybody I love you you know burnouts Donuts I mean no exhaust on it just

Making Ruckus in the neighborhood he gave himself that name that he’s he started calling the car Boogeyman so when I got the car he said the name Gotta Stay yeah you know and then now it’s transferred to this and now he’s transferred to this noise yeah it’s you

Know so I took the name with me and the original car I gave the rolling show to my my younger brother and now he races it now but can we take a look at the engine this is something else like you um everything are insane everything was pretty much done by me

You know a lot of it you know my father-in-law Keelan my my dad Shane I mean they contributed a lot to it too you know welding aluminum and stuff like that but where do you do this do you are you able to take it to work

To work no I actually um over at my dad’s house he’s got a small little shop that we we work out of and uh the motor is built by me and him uh complete you know from scratch to how you see it we take it apart we build it we poured it

We stud the motor we do everything in-house nothing gets sent out to be done so what did you pull this out of this motor is a so this is a 12a it’s not even a 13B this is a 12a which you know right off the bat nobody uses 12v’s nowadays you know and

Nobody’s pushing the limits of them either what was that out of original uh first gen RX7 so 79 to 85 first generation Mazda RX7 and then so how many liters is this this is a 1.1 liter it’s even smaller than the 13B 13bs are 1.3s yeah yeah and uh 12v is just a

Little 1.1 you know 1100 CC uh-huh this one we have a pineapple racing Street Port so it’s Street ported it’s got a full race exhaust port um the motor has four half inch studs uh two Solid 5 8 dowel pins it uses the second generation Turbo 2 RX7 flywheel

And clutch set up along with the bell housing and also we integrated the second gen crank trigger to run the haltech computer and auto EFI uh things that go on in it so then um what transmission does this have so this transmission is from a

1971 all the way up you can find them all the way up to late 70s early 80s but Toyota pickup it’s called a it’s a w50 cast iron five-speed transmission so I got an adapter plate that goes from the Toyota transmission to the Mazda bell housing so I run a Toyota disc with

A Mazda pressure plate so it’s a it’s a little Frankenstein you know it still utilizes the Toyota transmission and the Toyota rear end at this point this is so cool oh so it’s a rear end is from a pickup truck too pickup truck it’s a eight inch it’s a eight inch uh

Toyota Hilux rear end it’s got 430 gears in it and uh yeah so majority of the drivetrain is still Toyota except the engine but you know I still utilize all of that and uh that’s what we run with now this is not a show car this is actually a race car

You actually take it to the track yes yes so I take it to the track I drive it around the island I mean we Street raced it a lot you know at one point at one point in time I mean the car was the fastest car on the street you know at

One point now I mean obviously you know stuff stuff came along and people got faster you know but when I stopped racing the car in the street I stopped racing it while it was at the top never lost any reefs um the car did really good you know but it’s the boogeyman

It’s a boogeyman yeah so I drove it to Kona race there drove it back Hilo you know we drove it down to a kapoho red rose this car’s been around the island and you know we I ran it on the street multiple times uh and then so have you

Had a chance to dino this setup yeah so pretty much right like how you see it um I run it on methanol so when I raced it at the track it runs on uh M1 but uh 16 pounds of boost the car made 440 through the wheel

That was a fort gear pool but um I got limited on Boost because I ran out of injector and I ran out of fuel pump you know methanol takes a lot more fuel to burn especially being that it’s a rotary it also takes double a few plus the

Method on things level to feel so I I didn’t get any chance to turn it up more than 16 pounds but even with that power the car went 10-3 at 127 in the quarter and you know still streetable I got two separate fuel cells I got a stock tank

And a few shell to run the alcohol in so you could switch it I switch it yeah yeah so I switched in I got check valves that I swapped the fuel in and out you know um and I just I go into haltech and I swap the map over from street map to

Race map I made it as simple as I could you know without draining gas and filling gas and you know it’s a pain because I most of the time I mean 90 I would say 95 to 98 of the time I drive it to the track and

Drive it home so and it’s not like you have to drive that far right you don’t live far from the truck no you know from here is about maybe I don’t know 15 miles that’s at the most you know so jealous so it’s not it’s not far at all

You know without traffic it’s like a 20 minute drive amazing you know that is so cool so have you taken this to the other side of the island at all yeah so we we took it to Kona we Street raced it in Kona um you know this was maybe

Two years ago two and a half years ago now but we brought it over to the corner street race some of the Kona guys over there you know and uh we did that for I don’t know a couple weekends it’s about a two hour drive yeah yeah and as much

As the complete other side of the island yes like you can’t get further away basically no and and I drove it there you know I drove it there um obviously we run slicks on the street but I drove it there on the street tires you know we changed the put the Slicks

On it and we raced it we stayed over in corner I brought this to the hotel and everything uh stayed at the hotel with this car and then came back the next day we just love how serious you guys take it I love that so much it’s hilarious like how you said

We like to party yeah you know So the interior is 100 stock I mean nothing is gutted out of the car it’s got full carpet it’s got full interior it’s got food Dash I mean back seats nothing absolutely nothing has got it from here I put everything back like how it’s supposed to

Um roll cage was also done by me I welded this in I also weld too so I welded the cage in I you know we modified it to fit in here and I actually got the if you look on that pipe right there the car is certified by NHRA to run 850s

So the chassis that this chassis has a 850 shirt that is good for three years I love that you still kept the back seat yeah I mean you know clean we’re big on Fast street cars I mean by any means this car is not fast like you

Know some of the stuff in the mainland but we try to keep everything as original as possible you know like I said even down to my stock gas tank you know door Auto door panels is original back door panels his original carpets original even the headliner I had a hell of a

Time putting that headliner in oh yeah once the cage was finished right because you didn’t put the headliner first no because I didn’t want to melt it as I welded the cage in so the headline was completely out of it um you know we welded I welded

Everything in and then I dealt with the headliner after and it took me a few days to get it all stretched out and all the rods where it needed to be and you know clamping the front because the the window rubber pinches the pinches the headliner on

These cars so I had to stretch the headliner and leave it for a couple days and it was just you know but I knew that I had to put it back you know it wasn’t if it was missing it wasn’t to me it wasn’t a complete street car you know

Which is my that was my whole goal you know so so cool you don’t need a trailer no trailer yeah so then did you have a chance to weigh this yeah so I did when I finished building the car with a full tank of gas in the stock

Gas tank without me in it um the car weighed 2120 so light light and that’s where that’s with cage that’s with the big turbo that’s on the front of it the cast iron trans I mean everything to this car I added weight from Factory and it’s two

Gas tanks I got a two gallon fuel cell that I run uh just just methanol inside when I drag race it and then it still runs on a stock tank the stock gauge and everything still works this is so I run the methanol see it’s dusty because we live on a dusty road

But this tank right here only methanol goes in here and I got a check valve here to shut off the methanol when I’m not using it and then this stock tank I made a sump on the bottom and I got a check valve there also that feeds into a

Y coming into the fuel pump so you know draining gas and all that you don’t have to do that no this is this is so cool I love this car song and obviously we moved the battery to the trunk you know for two reasons I mean

Clean up the engine bear you know these engine Bays is small especially when you start putting turbos and crap that didn’t belong in there um so we ended up putting the battery in the back and also to help with some of the wheat you know so I try to keep

Weight here and wait there so that the ballast of the back of the vehicle is somewhat level you know so you kind of if you strip this out I bet you you can get under 2 000 pounds yeah yeah for sure for sure I mean you know like I said it has

Everything so if I got it in and actually made a race car out of it the car would probably weigh 18 1900 pounds you know I could shave easily 200 pounds off of it that’s not the point of this that’s not the point you know it also

Blows me away that this is I mean we we started this video with this but this is your first car yeah it is this is probably your Forever car you’ll probably yeah you know like I make jokes with everybody I said I’m gonna die with this car you know it’s

This car is never going anywhere it’s it’s going to stay with me as as long as it can you know and you know someday when I have kids and whatever not I hope to pass it down to them or you know they take pride in it as well you know the

Car is it is really special to me you know because like you said it’s the first car I got it from my dad I mean me and my dad bonded and you know put this car together and I started driving this car when I was 16 years old in high school you know

I just got I just got my provisional license and uh the car was all ugly you know it was rotted out but we put a we had a 13B in here that was just naturally aspirated no nitrous no turbo because I was just learning how to drive

Um but we ended up going 1280s with any na13b that we had built at home me and my dad you know and the bond just the bond got stronger and stronger you know as time went on so cool amazing so we are all tuning Street tuning everything was done by me I tuned

It all you don’t need a Dyno then um I I take it to the dyno once I get it close on the street God we’ll take it to the dyno just to make sure everything’s you know perfect air fuel ratios and all that is good how many dinos are on the island

Um we got one in corner and one in Hilo oh so it’s just two just two yeah there’s not much places to take cars to dine over here are they like roller or chassis they’re all chassis they’re all chassis dinos one is in the ground and

One is you know out of the ground but same thing but it’s it’s already a wonder that you guys have a racetrack and two Dino shops and all of these awesome drag cars and like the the island itself I think the population is about 180 to 200 000. very

Is very small very small yeah for it being the biggest island um because I think all the other Islands can fit inside of this island right because it’s so if not pretty close yeah yeah very very small population I mean you know a lot of us that’s how we know

Each other a lot of people we all know each other you know because it’s a small place for one um and a lot of us race you know yeah and uh if not people knew people from back in the day and now they’re kids is knows each other and knows their friends

Kids and you know this there’s almost nobody you don’t know so what Riley is doing right now is he’s actually what you’re actually changing the tune right now yeah we’re actually quick Flames we’re gonna just play with uh the launch control a little bit you know put a

Little bit more timing add a little bit more fuel to see if we can get some Flames out of it you know obviously the car is on uh pump gas right now super um so it doesn’t show nearly as much Flames as you know obviously alcohol does but

I mean we can probably get little ones here and there for sure it already shot some flames and I got scared while you’re waiting tell us a little bit about this orange car the No Limit right now so no limit is that’s my brother-in-law’s car um he had purchased the car you know

From this guy and it was naturally aspirated um it was it was brown got the car from California I don’t know if you know uh Toy Auto Clinic you ever heard of those guys they built the car in California the car came over here my brother-in-law

Got it it had some issues you know it already had the 13B 6 Port rotor that’s in it but it will just set up any nothing crazy you know and uh it had ignition issues and just a bunch of little things that we went through and

Fixed and then just recently we did a turbo setup on it with a precision 6266 and we went ahead and put Max ECU as the engine management and I also to that that energy management as well did he get it because he saw this car or

Actually he he had got the car before he met me oh okay yeah so he already had the car before but recently we did a lot of work to it I mean the turbo the you know it’s got direct fire ignition coils I mean the wiring always done by me rear

End it’s got a Toyota truck rear end for 88 years have you ever lined up with him at the racetrack not not at the racetrack we just play around on the street you know burn out and and just egg each other on you know but uh so uh

What do you have in here Elite 1500 yeah I’m actually in the wrong software though so when I first got the computer it was I tuned it on haltech ESP but I since then I recently updated to uh NSP which is uh the newest software of haltech the car has an elite 1500

The car still runs on wasted spark ignition but it is coil unplugged Auto wiring in here was all done by me I mean nothing in this car really sent out to anyone I mean I literally built it from the ground up yeah part of it is that

You you know how to do it but also on the island there’s not much big shops or anything you can take stuff like this to to have it built yeah so a lot of us learn on our own and try on our own and make mistakes on our own you know it’s just

It’s one of those things you know we all learned we all tried it we all did it you know and as time went on we got better because we kept playing with it like you know obviously I went to UTI and I was there for a couple years and I learned

The I had a small class on tuning you know but obviously didn’t teach me what I know today but it helped you know knowing the basics and I was able to get this cartoon and that cartoon and uh yeah there’s not much guys period That

Tune rotary is here got it my dad Shane is uh he he also Tunes his own rotary you know and I learned majority of what I know about tuning Roadies from him you know and it came from there but as far as like taking it to a shop

Here there’s nobody even messing with rotaries you know there’s no one to rebuild it there’s no one to tune in there’s nothing there’s just not that many rx7s on the island period and they’re not they’re not popular here you know and the engine is like the the engine is like Chinese when you

Tell somebody about it it’s completely different from anything else so you know it makes a big difference I wanted to be like my dad and yeah do what my dad did and you know that’s that’s where the whole rotary deal came in you know that’s that’s where I grew

Up and that’s what I was comfortable with and I learned from a young age how to take them apart and rebuild them and you know set clearances on side seals and you know check tolerances of bearings and I learned that at a super young age Mmm I love that it was just unprompted you just started doing that and also another thing is if you did that in La I feel like a bunch of cop cars will just roll up with their guns drawn because it sounds like machine guns going off

Yeah so as you can see I mean just a little changes I made I mean it definitely it changes the sound and the and how the two-step reacts you know we ended up pooling about 10 degrees of timing out and I added about 30 fuel

Um to give it that bang you know and to also I I set it to cut off so just that small changes over there on the health Tech I mean was able to make that change dramatically I’ll tell you right now I’m so glad I brought earplugs

Otherwise I would be deaf dude those are big Flames yeah and and it comes out of the wastegate here yeah yeah that’s the wastegate dump you’re about to burn a hole into the ground that thing is so cool thank you you’re gonna light some grass on fire yeah we

Could we could we could dude thank you so much for showing us this build this is I love this car so much I love this kind of build because of the tradition of the history of just everything you know there’s the emotion behind it yeah um

This means a lot to you obviously yeah at a car it really does you know it’s a love-hate relationship sometimes she pisses me off you know but most of the time it does all right dude that I see why it’s called the boogeyman yeah that probably scared the rest of the

Neighbors over here everybody’s like what’s going on there’s a shooting I think in today’s day I mean it it earned its name a little bit yeah you know amazing thank you so much thank you hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign

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