Larry Chen: Record-Breaking BMW M8 Racing up Pikes Peak Video

Record-Breaking BMW M8 Racing up Pikes Peak

Posted: 2023-09-01 15:00:40
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign [Laughter] so partying for three days for his 50th birthday we’re now the same age for two and a half months and I drove away just fine and he had to go back to LA and go on uh ivy foreign [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] I’ve never puked in my life what’d you do did you do like 360s yeah yeah one time actually that’s true I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to turbulence It was a great week our past Tech no stickers stickers are not big enough I told him about that yeah I appreciate it bye look at you try to do an interview get interrupted bye Jess war and Tanner Fox oh my gosh oh no really yeah what happened here let’s

Tell this story yeah yeah this is so when a driver should not work on his own car hot grooving tires you shouldn’t hot Groove your hands yeah it’s trying to get more grip on the steering wheel by grooving his hand note from your son don’t play that game

Bye all right now we can get back to the serious stuff yeah now we can talk about your 101st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb you brought a BMW yeah a lot of people think it’s a Mustang I don’t know why but it’s a BMW

M8 come on how good people mistake this for a Chelsea de Nova’s car well maybe the graphics a little bit but hey there’s been pins all on other cars I’ve driven before but yeah this is a BMW M8 uh this is kind of BMW’s Flagship performance the fastest production car

That they have produced it’s a 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 four-wheel drive system and it is pretty spicy and this is actually an effort where it’s all your team from beginning to end you guys actually prep this vehicle yeah so prep is is pretty light compared to the full

Builds that we’ve done with you know full chassis and suspension and carbon bodies but we’re here this year representing BMW of North America I hold two records for the production race records which is for the SUV and the production car and this year support through BMW North America we are going

After both of those records with a good friend in the stunt world and a great driver Matt Mullins driving the new BMW XM hybrid 738 horsepower and Corp Factory and then the M8 that I’m driving as well for a production car stock is 627 horsepower and uh both cars are

Actually doing really really well so then in my eyes this is honestly one of the most exciting categories for Pikes Peak I mean because if you don’t have five ten million dollars it’s a little tough to go for overall now because of what Romaine has done with that said there’s so many awesome

Records exciting records that is a little more relatable I feel like that you can go for it with a stock vehicle yeah you did right you know you come here um either by choice with what you have in your garage or by contact I’ve been contacted to to represent a brand I’ve

Had the opportunity to race unlimited category uh four times and one uh two of those times but have lots more class wins because that’s what’s been relative to either the association that I had with the manufacturer or a title sponsor or or so forth then this year represents

That the same do I want to be racing a production vehicle no everyone wants a full-blown race car but you have to hustle a production car up this mountain twice as hard everything is working for you to a point that you can overdrive the suspension and the grip of the tire

This is all stock suspension yeah and because like you don’t even have Arrow at all there’s no Arrow except for a sweet rear wing and a couple of die planes that I think my hand out the window probably adds more downforce but wait check those bad boys out this add

This why is your hand so massive those things are huge right that perspective is wrong and then the tire is probably the most important thing in the class this is a DOT Tire Pirelli in my mind up on this mountain build the best tire we’ve run them in the unlimited categories in the

GT3 Bentley and now this year on both of of the BMWs it’s the trifeo r sidewall it has a little bit more suspension compliance than a regular tire and then the compound is very very good we’re still on a road that is in the 40 degree temps we’re still able to get 160

Degrees out of tire temp so it’s working operating right where we want it to work are you able to run Tire warmers yes yep okay so you can warm them up uh even though these being street tires probably work pretty well when they’re cold too yeah it’s kind of weird you know this

Event again you could say so many times it’s so unique and so different to other events people come up here with a full slick and you’ll actually heat those tires up to 160 180 degrees plus but at the end of five miles they’ll be down around 110 degrees if you’re not working

The tire hard enough great thing about a production-based tire is if you see there’s a lot of grooves there’s a lot of lines in the tire what that actually does is it makes the tread move around and that keeps the heat in the tire so we’re heating the

Tire to 160 and finishing the run at 160. so it’s actually really really good as a production-based DOT tire so then it being stock class there’s still certain things you can do for safety for reliability what are the things that you guys have actually done to this vehicle

Sure so outside of the tire that I just mentioned ECU and exhaust is free I think the organization would struggle to kind of police that so the ECU has had a slight tweak but this car is a little bit notorious for heat soak so we only gave it about 75 horsepower over stock

And then exhaust from down pipes to the rear has emerged single exhaust to try to get away out of it she’s a bit of a heavy girl came in at scales with me in it now I’m not at my lightest this year at 42.50 so it’s definitely not uh you

Know an 18 year old it’s uh it’s a well it’s A well-dressed mature adult car okay so then easy to exhaust so then how much power is it making at sea level versus here uh so stock is 627 so let’s say it’s around 700 and 700 foot pounds of

Torque and then do you lose a lot of that being ah the ECU should compensate and keep that up all the way the turbos are quite small the displacement is good at 4.4 liter V8 so it should hold the power up up the hill all the way and

Practice times have shown that where you know some 20 seconds below where out where we wanted to be so we’re in a good spot and then you go inside and it’s pretty much safety sparkle seat harnesses roll cage onboard fire system and then we have a radium fuel cell as

Well can we let’s let’s take a look at the engine bay first and look at that interior geez it really is stock stock wheels even stock toe point yep look at that sweet tow hook 100 stock you even have the engine cover still on it we do yeah we you know you

See a line here for the fire system that is spraying uh two or three nozzles here and then on the fuel cell and then on the driver but everything else is as it runs off the showroom floor so you’re not even allowed to change the filter element nope no filters allowed just

Exhaust and ECU but you could change the oil oh yeah we’ve obviously changed the oil a couple of times uh we are running a 1060 Pennzoil raised oil and here it’s kind of the standard for what we run on on most of our engines so that’s a given got a good

Good healthy dose of fresh Pennzoil in there and it’s ready to pull the mail up the mountain so what about cooling you’re not allowed to change any of the cooling we pulled out the air conditioning core condenser core I guess you’d call it so it just gets better

Airflow to the radiator and that’s about it this car has two heat exchanges it is an ear to water cooling system one of the challenges of this car is the stock intercoolers are not very big so that’s why we didn’t bump the power up much over stock

Because we know that it’ll be great for about three miles and then it will just start pulling back power uh let’s take a look at the inside yep still everything metal door you are able to move the door panel yes door panels were removed carpets and rear seats and headliner

That is effectively we pulled out about 300 350 pounds but then put in probably 200 pounds with the fuel cell and roll cage and and everything else that went went in here obviously next to you is just a a bracket there for holding the engineers ECU so we can do lifetime

Monitoring and make sure all the vitals of the car are running good as well but for the actual race we’ll take that out got it um it’s crazy to me that all of this is still stock yep premium leather well this car is quite sophisticated within the full drive system you can actually

Make it full rear-wheel drive and full rear drift mode as well within the the settings you can have standard four-wheel drive which is a 50 50 four-wheel drive sport which I tried on the first test which is about 80 20 and then when the rear sensors slipped then

It locks the front and that kind of unbalanced the car and then you can go sports Sport Plus through steering braking throttle mapping and Chassis on shocks as well we tried Comfort mode for a full soft but we needed more Tire support so we’re like pretty much across

The board just in the standard sport settings of everything that the car comes with Factory and then the transmission itself it is like a traditional automatic transmission yeah this this car actually has a torque converter in it as well it has a torque application so if it sensors I’ve actually been running the

Car and drive it snaps through the gears pretty quick so I’ve just left it and drive let itself learn and right now it has put me in the right gear in the right torque range for every corner on the mountain so then with the fuel cell

Back there do you actually get to remove the stock tank yes so stock tank is out and then we’ve just plumbed in 10 gallons and we’re running a vpq16 so it’s a oxygenated Fuel and that means when we’re up here at altitude where we’re losing oxygen we’re kind of

Pumping it into the engine through the fuel transfer so then how pissed off is this because you moved all this stuff I see that it says emergency call system malfunction something it uh it’s beyond pissed off between restraint systems and all sorts of things it’s beeping and

Chiming at me all the time but but it’s but it’s functioning it’s not going to limbo not going into limp mode nope but these cars are so smart right now it’s it’s beyond and scary uh what does Jeff need to add oh you’re filming again no

It’s okay it’s okay what’s up I was just looking at things I had looked inside this car it’s always dark when I saw it it’s so cool it’s really great you still have cup holders does your car still have cup holders Jeff yeah mine didn’t come with cup holders see this is better

Yeah I mean like I get five minutes finally in front of the camera and this is twice you know Jeff in the morning has one goal what’s your goal of run one for tomorrow morning 359 . so and then you’ve run this a couple times already during practice maybe not in the most

Ideal conditions um how is this what’s your projected time yeah so we’re comparing this to a car that I ran in 2019 um which structure for structure was another two-door coupe uh was the Bentley Continental GT the differences I would say between those cars you know

That’s a W12 six liter engine it had airbag suspension where this car has more traditional coilover strut suspension or shock so the chassis in the corners handles a lot better the other side of it is this is 900 pounds lighter than the Bentley so when you

Start going if you if you push a car along a flat piece of road if you start pushing it up a 30 degree incline only one person could push it flat but you’re going to need 10 guys to push it up so the weight Factor really becomes a major factor and breaking and

Acceleration and Corner roll speed more so than any flat race track so probably one of the biggest advantages here is is the chassis and then the weight reduction for the times that we’re seeing we’re about 20 seconds faster than what the Continental GT did just in one section in Combined sections

Okay yeah got it and then so when you turn it on do you actually have to go through the menu and turn off Jackson Control and put it in an M mode and all that yeah so the uh M competition series actually have two really cool buttons

Here you have a M1 programmable and an M2 programmable button so I can go up on the send to IP and select as we talked earlier about what I want the car to be in chassis throttle shocks all of that and I’m actually running M1 in the

Middle section to soft the car up for a better turn and through the hairpins and then M2 on the faster bottom section and faster upper section so it’s a really cool standard feature of the car click click and then you’ve got the car perfectly dialed between two sections

That is so cool so then do you have to it’s a stock steering wheel yep you can’t change the steering wheel no this do there’s too much science and numbers going through there that you wanted you don’t want to do that but you have to remove the airbag and everything yes

Yeah airbags are detached on both sides yeah it’s it’s incredible that you’re still able to get this to run and part of it is that I see so many modules and stuff that are still connected oh it is absolutely scary how many things are connected even even we’re removing the

Door card it has a remote in here a module that senses the key when you’re walking up to the car and we couldn’t open the doors or do anything so we had to find that attached unclip it clip it back in the wire harness and tie it up

So so it’s in here somewhere yeah it’s just down on the bottom yep these cars are scary smart that is so crazy it’s unbelievable so then how many miles did this have when BMW gave this to you um this was a pretty quick turnaround so I picked this car up from the driving

Center out in thermal and I picked it up with 23 miles on it I drove it for 1200 miles got its service and then it went to Willow for a baseline test and it went straight into the shop and at that point we we started building the car and

I didn’t actually get to test it until up on the mountain because we had the Baja 500 for like two weeks pre-running and racing flew back from that flew straight up here and first time driving it in anger on this tire with this trim was was last weekend so it’s it’s been a

Quick ramp up but the car has a lot of you know great fundamentals that are built into the systems and and it’s been very easy to adapt to this is so cool I’ve never really had a chance to see this vehicle I mean I for whatever

Reason I feel like maybe it’s a little bit outside of a lot of BMW enthusiasts price range this is the top of the line tippy top yeah you’re 160 plus thousand dollars for an M8 so yeah you did right but I mean they’re quite subtle on the

Outside this thing looks pretty cool now with all the graphics on it yeah but you walk up on one and you wouldn’t expect the visuals from the exterior to match the Driving Experience from the driver’s seat and it is something pretty impressive you know the you’ve got Publications and Outlets that are

Testing this car at 2.88 seconds 0-60 and that’s right in par with like a Porsche 992 you know Turbo S so this thing is fast what the what I can relate this to is like a the new Nissan GTR or like the latest and greatest yep you

Know because it is uh two plus two a twin turbo all-wheel drive yep you know paddle shift it’s probably similar size yeah similar power yep um but it’s incredible that BMW wants you to do this I think that’s super cool they have a really good Contender for sure yeah I

Know I think it’s going to go well and you know it’s a team effort we have two cars here for the event the new uh XM which is the uh the hybrid SUV um Matt Mullins my friend is driving that and he’s doing exceptionally well and both cars are

You know on that same scale of 20 plus seconds below the current two production car record race records so excited for that cool well good luck yeah thank you stoked to see you as always no more interruptions from Jeff or Tanner yeah wow we could probably close this out

Professionally thank you all right later see ya hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall I need you [Applause]