Larry Chen: RD28 + RB26 Hybrid, E85, 1500hp, R32 GT-R: The Fastest Accelerating Vehicle I’ve Been In, Full Stop Video

Posted: 2023-08-11 15:00:23
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign What the hell is this what the hell is even that I’m scared I’m scared save me I’m kind of scared bro this is uh you better hold on yeah I’m going to hold up yeah wow Do you carry them just in case huh yeah that’s it did you run this yesterday yeah when eight five yesterday ow what mile an hour um so I backed off before the line and it went 160 mile an hour hey 50 what’s your personal best ah that

Is oh really yeah so then if you didn’t back off what would you um it would probably have went at 8 20 8 30. it’s got no nitrous on top though what did you do just now you said yeah you clicked the fog lights

Um yeah so now it goes to a quieter City Welcome to Australia huh Don’t really know what to say right now This is definitely going to be the quickest accelerating vehicle that I’ve ever written for all slicks automatic drag daddy chill yeah that was a low boost setting foreign so that that accelerated so fast it felt like I was falling upwards does that make sense yep wait a minute

Australia earlier to check out this crazy yeah it’s uh it’s a really um mild setting that one but it does so then how much okay so then how many gears does this have it’s got three speed this is a turbo 400 yeah with a three speed What year did you get to just now um I just got to the top of second okay yeah how do you even keep this on the road it’s a struggle but uh yeah struggle with it but it’s possible this is insane I don’t even know what to say

Yeah once you’re driving around when you’re not sort of accelerating like giving it the yeah yeah if you’re not giving it the beans it actually dries very nicely yeah it is very streetable so then are you able to drive like are you able to cruise this

On the highway yeah 100 yeah this um this is a very streamable setup um it does about like when I normally go out on the weekends about 200ks in a weekend what is this Dino app uh so this car on the highest boot setting makes 1220 horsepower through the auto about

1500 or so at the engine this is one of those instances where I have the same car but I don’t have the same car it’s not even the same thing yep it’s not even in the same league so that’s now we’re cruising around in the quiet setting and then obviously

I know it doesn’t actually it does have a full four inch exhaust on it I’ve honestly never had that sensation of moving forward that fast but like if it feels like I’m falling down something you know it’s a very um yesterday for example when I went to the drags it actually took off

Um really aggressively and um I slid so far back into the sea I nearly got off the pedal because I couldn’t reach the pedal it did a 1-360 foot yesterday um so yeah it was very so does that mean you all wheelies then yeah it actually did a

Wheelie yesterday 100 yeah it was sticky enough yeah yeah and that’s kind of the thing you you honestly had an advantage over a lot of the guys always stick shift because of the fact that you could just put it down all the way yeah the auto is definitely a much more

Straightable sort of setup and off the line it’s just a Game Changer this car used to be a manual then it was a sequential um yeah the setup is constantly changing with this car I am happy with it now but with a sequential it was

Crazy they used to move around a lot the auto is a much sort of a smoother set up yeah wow I have so many questions transmission turbo 400 yeah in the big cars it is a pretty common swap um yeah it just depends on what you sort

Of want to do with the car it is a more reliable setup than a manual because at man you know manual you actually um do break a lot of drivetrain components but with the auto it’s a lot smoother so you’re not actually breaking as many drivetrain components it’s a lot

More yeah consistent so what is the what is that June um R32 run same gearbox thank you yes okay yeah in this setup what is it Geared for a mile an hour at the end um so you can do about 170 or so a mile an hour

But obviously I haven’t done that fast get down one way to clear the windshield you don’t need windshield wipers yeah that was on uh yeah I can’t put it on yeah on high boost it has to be a prep track yeah so it’s got two more boost settings higher than this

Is so crazy oh that’s cool yeah awesome what a cool setup oh my God all right so what’s your name my name is David Anton David I don’t I I’m so blown away I mean I just I can’t believe it I’ve never experienced anything like that turbo’s still going

Yeah tend to spin for a fair bit after what’s that uh probably another GTR or something was that the that red thing I want to ride in that too all right so what are we looking at motorwise here um so you’re looking at a day block 3.2 stroker Nitto stroker 86 85 mil

Precision turbo dry sump built by Darton racing what block is this so it’s an rd28 a diesel block with a 3.2 liter Nitto Stroker and what head is it so it’s an rb26 head it’s got all the valve train Ferrera valve train so 3.2 liter geez this thing is so crazy

And dry sump setup it’s almost like you have to have a dry Sun setup yeah some oil because at this power level yeah you definitely want to be running a dry sum setup uh because wet some you start to hit the limits with GeForce and that sort of stuff yeah

Did you enjoy that that was crazy that was so insane I I literally hey that’s jacket yeah I know I felt like I was falling very fast um but yeah this is so crazy so then all right motor we already talked about Dyno numbers let’s talk about the the wheel and tire setup

So this wheel and tire setup is actually a t-37 a genuine raised t37 and it’s got a custom bead block that I’ve done this has not been really made from in Australia from what I know I think it’s uh the first one in Australia that is so possibly the second one actually so

What’s what’s the actual size um so it’s a 15 by eight uh t-37 and then the bead locks stick it out a little bit more it’s actually smaller than the stock wheel correct and you’re able to clear the stock caliper yeah so there is a spacer behind there but the

Te37 has a really good offset already to clear the the caliper they are actually standard R32 gdr brakes normally people run S15 brakes with 15s but this is yeah R32 GTR brakes and it being two it’s 275 squared yep um why is it that you haven’t run over

Fenders yet it’s just it’ll sort of wreck the the car I guess the look of the car I would love to do a garage active kit on this car but it’s just it is driven a lot and I think it will be really damaged if if I was to to drive it the

Way I drive it yes I see that yeah so uh yeah that’s the reason why but because from the outside besides it being on these crazy meaty tires it looks pretty normal yeah that’s right I try to keep it as stock looking as possible and on top of that it is so

Clean the the paint is in really good condition the body is super straight like how did it start life at like did it start Life as a pretty good car yeah so when I bought it it had already been resprayed and it started Life as a three

Foot when I bought it it was 350 kilowatts of standard engine and then it progressed to say 550 kilowatt build with a three liter in it that was my first setup that I put in it which was H pattern then it progressed to a 1100 horsepower manual then it was 1200

Horsepower manual then I put this turbo on it with a manual setup with a sequential um that made 1350 also very fast car but yeah amazing and then now this is like its final form or yeah this is close to it so what does this dial do here the hall

Tech dial so that haltech doll we don’t use anymore but it used to be for the Boost so now everything’s through the keypad but um yeah we just left it there because we might use it for traction control at a later stage got it right now it doesn’t have

Traction control now right now it’s not it’s not working so the dash low Tech setup yep so that’s the startup on the dash that is so cool custom designed very very cool and then how do you start it you just so you just um yeah make sure it’s in gear uh-huh

Normally it’s faster than that but did I want to start dessert and then so you what fuel do you run ah so I run E85 just Pump Fuel is it pretty common here in Australia yeah so it is common there’s a fair few petrol stations that

Run it um it’s at United’s so yeah it’s very common to get it and then so what are all these buttons here I see you here we’ve got a nitrous Purge we’ve got nitrous arm launch control there’s a rear wheel drive button this is for the

Four wheel drive turn up and down the four-wheel drive oh that’s what you were correct yeah we were driving so to give it yeah more so what does it display how much yep so if I go to the next screen there so just there where it says four wheel drive pressure

Um you might see it when you go from there yep yeah so as you turned up that knob it’ll actually come up with more four-wheel drive pressure and then that way it evens it out more correct yeah 250. yeah so it like so for example see the four

Drive pressure just went up to 216 PSI just now so that’s probably what I would want to have if we’re running on a Surface that’s pretty loose God and then this is controlling like the stock uh s tester system um yes to an extent but this is actually

So PRP have a four-wheel drive system called ETS that they sell so Hermann from PRP supplied that it’s an ETS Pro what it does is it uses a g Standalone g sensor and then yeah it just gives you a knob you can put an all-wheel drive automatic mode so it’ll just sense off

The G4 sensor or you can just press that button it turns everything off and you just you know adjust it to what what sort of what do you want and then for you being a seasoned veteran in terms of like drag racing you pretty much know exactly where that’s right yeah I don’t

Want the the less compute even though the car runs the motec but the less computers are better I know sort of how to what the car needs to do so I like that’s why I have an Engaged traction control as you saw on the drive the

Trash control with my foot I get off it when I need to and I’ll get back on it sort of like I noticed you are also still shifting while we’re driving all right do you still have to manually shift yeah so this is a manualized automatic gearbox so what it is it’s

Your pool that’s first gear that’s second that’s third there’s no more gears after third it’s only a three speed um yeah so then if you don’t touch it at all it’ll just keep going yeah it’ll just keep going yeah it’ll bash the limit off the rev limiter got it okay

And it probably won’t let you downshift if the RPM’s too high too um yeah so it because it’s got a drive by wire it’s got a dart turn racing drive by wire kit the six throttle kit it’ll actually the computer will shut it off like it’ll close the throttles on me

This is just so cool though that you can turn make it rear wheel drive yeah to do your burnout that’s right so just pressing that button is now rear wheel drive and it’s yeah you don’t have to pull fuses like they used to back in the

Day so it’s just literally a button and that’s it it’s so easy yeah amazing I love it so much oh and what’s all this stuff here so this is a keypad that’s um the Boost settings so we were in low boost and we did a couple of runs that’s

Medium boost then you got high boost we’ve got nitrous arm we’ve got trans brake so it’s got a trans brake um as well so typically when you’re launching this like yesterday were you using this yeah so you’d use the trans brake yeah got it that way you could

Build as much boost as possible yeah and then just yeah out of the hole Yeah that’s right so to trans brake you just press that button basically you just put it in first gear hold that button there and then it’ll transplate that’s the trans brake there but the nitrous isn’t

On so it’s not going to build any boost got it yeah are you gonna have to do something like are you gonna have to put in some crazy harness system for you to not uh basically leave the seed yeah yeah you’re gonna have to figure something out because it’s exciting so

Fast so as I discovered yesterday I really do need to put um like the Cajun it’s booked in for a cage anyway um the cage is just more for safety not for as much for the drag racing side but um I do have to do something because I

Slid back in the fixed back seat yesterday what is the rule with that here in Australia are you like going too fast for it not having a cage already or what what’s so cool with that yeah so the rule in Australia is anything over at the Eastern Creek at the Dragway

Anything over 140 miles an hour you need a parachute and this card does about 165 mile per hour and then anything over oh sorry under for this car because it has no airbag 11-0 I think it is you need a full cage and then how are you able to

Run yesterday so I got one one run and that was eight five and I got kicked out oh really okay yeah that’s good then yeah yeah it is good yeah so you only get one try so I got one try in and that’s it yeah because if you let’s say whatever your launch

Wasn’t good or something happened you probably wouldn’t have yeah I probably would have just backed off yeah yeah my launch wasn’t the best yesterday but I just yeah wanted to do it and get it over and done with yeah oh that’s awesome well Congress thank you so much

For showing us thank you so cool thank you so much for taking me for a ride I’m never gonna forget this like no worries this has everything full Dash full interior carpet does does it still have heat yeah yeah let’s go hey it’s got aircon it still

Has air conditioning yeah it does yeah so the air conditioning we’ve just it’s currently not installed but it’s coming we’re putting an electric air conditioning port yeah nice yeah I like that yeah so does the condenser still go up front or whatever the condenser will go in the boot oh

Oh that is so so cool okay all right it gets better and better it just it keeps getting better I love it hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall What’s up [Applause]