Larry Chen: Radford Type 62-2 Takes on Pikes Peak: Bringing Lotus’s John Player Special Livery to Hillclimb Video

Radford Type 62-2 Takes on Pikes Peak: Bringing Lotus's John Player Special Livery to Hillclimb

Posted: 2023-09-06 15:00:26
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] foreign Oh yeah selfie hell yeah thank you yeah sure how are you good it’s good to see you you too man it’s been a long time I’m glad you’re driving Pikes Peak 101st running yeah I know it’s uh after sitting talking for eight hours straight with Jared last year with no television coverage whatsoever

Helicopters couldn’t get in the air um I had to do anything but that again Jared’s amazing at that I’m I can’t talk for eight hours straight though I don’t know how he does it so uh Jensen button and Aunt ansted they started this company Radford motor cars it’s it’s

Kind of an old brand from the UK they revived with a partnership with lotus so the road car is actually a Lotus chassis Lotus design Lotus engine drivetrain everything this an owner of one of the road cars was like hey let’s do something crazy and do like a Pikes Peak

Version so this one was actually designed by Joe scarbo a racer here in the U.S who also did you know some mckenz cars and then the drive train is jubu out of Austria and it’s based in a three and a half liter Toyota supercharged car basically the motor

That was in that generation Camry yes exactly but but that was actually in the what was the Lotus that was it was based out of the avora no I don’t think it’s been I don’t think the Lotus version has come out yet and so they gave them the chassis and the

Drivetrain first and they did kind of like a private label essentially of that chassis and drivetrain as the Radford got it okay so then this one is supercharged this one’s supercharged yeah jubu racing does like GT4 Motors and stuff like that they do kind of cup

Series and stuff in the US drivetrain I think at sea level is somewhere around 700 just over 700 the car with all the body work and a lot of this has been 3D printed most of it is all carbon but a lot of this is heavier than it

Necessarily uh it will be in its final version the way it sits with me in it it’ll be probably just under 2 400 pounds which is still a pretty amazing feat that’s so light yeah for how it’s actually pretty long too it’s not it’s

Not a tiny car it’s made to be a two it is a center seat but it’s it’s actually you’ll see from the carbon Dash and everything it’s made actually to be a double seat but it I could see all this stuff is 3D printed yes right A lot of

These Arrow pieces are three yeah this is a honeycomb section here the roof is unfortunately this roof scoop is still 3D print it wasn’t carbon yet so it’s quite heavy this this whole panel here you can kind of it’s kind of cool how they did the original body shape and

Then they stitched on these huge fenders kind of 80s style which I love that that is so cool but that’s all carbon this whole front nose thing is less than 10 pounds incredible yeah and then uh Carbon wheels too yeah the car I wish I knew more about the carbon wheels I’m

Just afraid of chipping them but they’re they’re pretty lightweight they pretty much determine the size uh Yokohama tire that we could run because they’re quite a wide wheel and so we pretty much could just run the the widest thing Yokohama had and then they chose a center seat it’s a it’s pretty

Tight cramp in there we’re using some prototype lithium batteries from from Optima which are very lightweight you can see uh that Jensen buttons got his name on it I’m not sure they’re going to let both names stay on it through Tech but Jensen was originally slated to

Drive the car Pike speak personally I had a feeling he wasn’t ever going to drive it but luckily for him Le Mans came up and he ran it in the NASCAR which was an awesome show so cool and then I think he’ll drive it again later on Goodwood things like that but

They’ll probably take my name off for that but anyway it’s good to carry Jensen around but then this is interesting in that it’s Center seat maybe the production version will that be a two-seat version okay yeah so the production version that is similar to this the Model 62 and I shouldn’t be the

Spokesperson for this car but I’ll still speak to what I know about it the center seat was just for the Pikes Peak version the owner of this is one of the buyers of the production car so he will take ownership of this and use it as a

Weekend warrior race car and so he wanted a center seat the road version is a street legal it’s already for sale they already have sold a lot of them but it is a two seat setup yeah that is so cool and this this rear piece I’ve never seen anything like this like the

Strengthening here for this rear diffuser setup that is it’s all 3D printed and to keep it all together they have the CNC to aluminum piece here much about it I mean I know that the colors and and everything when they did add things were pretty particular

Because they had a Chip Foose do the design and and Jensen their company actually owned the rights to the job player special Livery so this is the first I’m told the first John player race car that’s been raced since Senna which is cool and they uh and I actually

I haven’t pulled it out of the bag yet but I just yesterday got a John player’s helmet made because I mean how often you’re gonna get to drive a iconic Livery like this right so I’m so unbelievably stoked that that like got together just in like just in time you

Know helmets aren’t very quick right and it’s not like an inspiration Livery it’s cool that you’re not like driving a tribute vehicle or anything this is actually like a licensed legal yeah a livery for this vehicle yes yeah it is so they’ve put uh Pike speak special on

One side John players on the other side that is so cool the guy did he bringing did the Hans devices he put gold on all the buckles he did a good job incredible yeah now these guys yeah no I mean you only get to drive a JPS Livery

Potentially one time ever so then you got to get out hopefully more hopefully you’ll you get to use that more than one time yeah hopefully not in the hard way how is it to to actually drive that’s the thing is when you have something go from like a piece of paper to

The track in such a short amount of time it’s a little unnerving scarbo has done this before so he knew what was up so it’s pretty predictable he developed a huge amount of anti-squat so it actually has a lot of forward grip he didn’t take any anti-dive into it so you can feel

Quite a lot of braking and that’s a little bit of getting used to um what I battle with is a little bit of oversteer until this Wing starts activating above 70 80 90 miles an hour it mechanically has quite a bit of oversteer which we’ve done a lot to the

Suspension to remedy that but we haven’t had enough time in it to really get it to where you can hack a lot of these Corners so how much have you actually driven this we did uh two sections last weekend on the mountain and then just a

Couple hours at ppir just to get some altitude testing also went out to Willow Springs and did a few laps with Jensen um but with at Willow you’re at sea level so the arrow takes over so much that it didn’t really give us a good chance to get the mechanical side dialed

In that much I think but it’s uh yeah it’s that’s just one of the things is when you have a car that’s been raced thousands and thousands of miles and had thousands of Engineers touch it it’s going to be predictable my goal for this car is just to make it

Predictable so if it’s raining or if it’s dry or if it’s hot or cold or whatever you can still attack with a certain level of confidence in the car now that I see Randy’s in the same class with the Plaid I mean that car’s so ridiculously fast my main goal was to

Beat Reese because he’s in the class even though he weighs 1500 pounds more doesn’t matter always always competitive with Reese no matter what but um Randy’s going to be very very fast so I would like to put in a good showing we’re actually in the tech line right

Now and this is going to get teched but luckily we’re able to steal a couple minutes of Tanner’s time this thing is so cool what a presence it just looks so good I don’t really know how to explain it but it just looks incredible the design is so beautiful

Have you driven anything like this before no definitely not here I’ve never driven anything this fast on the mountain before I mean I drove a very lightweight High horsepower alcohol burning car when it was gravel but you know this thing makes a lot of grip

You have three 20s in the back on just slicks right now these are rain tires but you saw the Slick sitting next to the car before it those yokohamas make a ton of grip they’re super soft so yeah it’s it’s a lot and and believe

Me I’ve been saying to ant if I can just make it go half as fast as like as it looks then I’m gonna be happy and then how did testing go I think this put down some really impressive times for like the limited amount of time that you had

On the mountain man I think some of the times were pretty good I think I could go faster in both really sort of grip Limited in the rear a lot and the power being supercharged instead of turbocharged it actually drops off more with altitude the supercharger doesn’t

Make up as much of that differential as a turbo does so it loses a big chunk of Power by the time you get to the W’s jubu has done an amazing job I mean there’s like 10 radiators there’s there’s coolers everywhere in this car probably makes up

A lot of its drag it’s just radiators everywhere so far knock on wood we haven’t seen a lot of heat soaking you know temperature climbs but you never get to test the full Mountain all at once until race day and then you learn a lot and then so you the last time you

Actually drove the whole way and it was still a lot of gravel or it was mostly gravel the last time I raced on this mountain from bottom to the very top it was still mostly gravel because uh the first time I did it paved was with the

Porsche cup class and while we practiced all of the sections quite a lot on race day the fog moved in and the top of the mountain had snow on it and it was just to Devil’s Playground which is about three quarters of the way up and this is just way faster than

Those gt4s this is much faster than the gt4s it’s much lighter amazingly enough and then you know more than 200 horsepower or more I would say plus we’re running on slicks instead of a street tire that there’s like a spec yokoho that the gt4s run on

So if I get beat by GT4 I’m just going to jump off the back side of the mountain but the uh with this mountain you just never know right and so um really hoping I mean this week right now I just literally Flew Over the Mountain about an hour and a half ago

And there’s still like five six feet of snow they’ve done an amazing job plowing but you know where that snow melts and drains and freezes overnight they can cancel that top section if that ice doesn’t soften up by the time the race starts so I love that that’s your way of

Scouting you just gotta do some circles around the top I did yeah I mean I looked in there and you know big thumbs up to the Scout to the uh snow plow guys I know they’ve been cranking on it non-stop but every morning there’s runoff that’s frozen so that’s what

You’re dealing with well it’s good to see you so stoked to see you in this can’t wait to see you fly by us at whatever Corner we’re going to be at on them good to see you Larry no it’s uh it’s gonna be awesome awesome thanks a

Lot brother hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall foreign Okay [Applause]