Larry Chen: R35 Pro Mod Dragster With The Go-To RB Engine From Croydon Racing Developments Video

Posted: 2023-08-21 15:00:11
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

I’m just going to say it flat out you guys are going for the quickest Imports um overall yes that’s a Target yeah we want to push our base to another level put them at the top knock off the two J’s hopefully so that’s a plan yeah it’s

Interesting because even though it has a R35 body you guys are known for your RV builds and your insane RB power drag Vehicles yep so that’s pretty much why you’re continuing the RB yeah well we’ve put a lot of development a lot of time effort into the RB platform so I guess

It’s pretty feeding that we continue on with that and put that into something that we can actually throw power at so right now it has the body on it and it’s still under development you guys haven’t taken it to the track or anything yet um but it’s pretty close already huh it

Is pretty close we’re in the final stages of wiring um we were hoping to have it out of gdr festival but unfortunately we feel a bit short but yeah it’s pretty much in the final stages now that is so crazy so then where did you

Guys get the body made uh the body got made by Freddie down in um down in Melbourne top stage Composites so we originally purchased a body but unfortunately the body didn’t suit how the car needed to be built for what we wanted to do so we had to make quite a

Few changes and I guess the decision was made to then pretty much Start first making new mold and and get into it that way so then how much longer is this than the R35 itself a fair bit longer I’m not sure the exact wheelbase on the r35s but

Yeah it’s it’s a fair bit longer there’s a couple design features that I really really love there’s um this shape on the original tail light of the R35 and then you guys kind of kept that angular thing going yeah well we try to keep it streamlined it needed a bigger tub to

Fit the big um the big tire and I guess really at the speed we want to go at we’ve got to make sure the car’s aerodynamic as well so try to incorporate the wing and all that into it keep everything nice and smooth and flowing so then what are the actual rules with

The class that you’re going for it doesn’t actually need to be any length no we’re not at this stage we’re not racing in our class we’re just going for our rights so we don’t have no weight restriction we’ve got to meet it’s pretty much bring what you’ve got sort

Of thing and then based on your experience drag racing all these years like this was the dimension that you pretty much wanted huh well we’ve learned heavily on SCF race cars for this they’ve um probably the best one of the best chassis builders in the country

If not the world they’re up there so he’s sort of um he got given free reign to sort of build the best program what he could build and he’s come up with this so he’s got a lot of experience man so he’s he was a go-to

For us the Livery is incredible it looks unbelievable it is so why is it called Zeus um I don’t know Rob just uh decided that he was going to call a Zeus so no real um meaning behind it other than there’s a God there’s a king that’s it it is so

Good and you know the airbrushing I mean it’s perfect the turbo is just right here like kind of like where like I guess the lightning bolt would be or whatever yeah no it’s actually it’s come up really good the guy done the airbrush and done

An awesome job yeah I mean even all of like the reflections and little things that kind of make it it actually looks like there’s a grill and there’s openings in there but it’s all smoothened off and flattened out something it looks so good um all right so let’s take the body off

So we can actually talk about the vehicle yep there’s so much to talk about including the fact that it is uh it’s left-hand drive it is left-hand drive here that’s for white balance of the vehicle so we’re about to watch the process of the body coming off there’s nothing to be taught yeah

How much does that piece weigh you think I can’t remember but it’s not it’s very heavy at all yeah actually come over this way a bit That’s it so cool I love the integrated Body Lines making it look like it actually has a hood this is so cool it painted on side markers and then that red strip below is super nice that’s something yeah there’s a Nismo look um and then it matches kind of with the

Rest of the Livery also I love the fact that you are leaving at Rock carbon at least for this stage of the the look yeah well there’s not many sort of out there with that looks uh looking for something different this is pretty wild I’m assuming this was probably

The most wild engine that you guys have built look the engine is pretty much identical to what’s in June but it’s actually a solid block June’s still got water in it other than that it’s different turbocharger combo same intake manifold same fuel system it’s

Got the new PRP dry sump kit on it with a daily pump it’s got the Nitto 3.2 drag extreme stroker kit yeah man it’s pretty much what everything that we use all the time so this is bigger than my torso yeah that’s pretty big that’s a Precision 110. so

That is crazy so then why the 3.2 liter from my understanding there are RVs that are bigger leader Edge yes sir there’s the JDR originally come out with rb26 obviously um in Australia we also had the rb30 which was in the VL and you could put a

Rb26 head on the field so they’ve got a 40 mil toilet deck height and obviously you gain the extra capacity now when you’re trying to spool the turbo that big the capacity definitely helps then the most you could stroke it to keep a you know a good rod ratio and that sort

Of stuff is around a 3.2 you can go bigger but at this stage it’s what we feel is probably the best case so okay Billet block so then but still cast head yeah it’s too fast ahead unfortunately no one’s done a Billet RB head yet

Um I know there’s a couple in the works but we’re not at that stage yet so and then in this configuration is it going to make more power than June I’d expect it to with that turbo yeah yeah definitely so it’s different turbo to what’s on June uh it’s got a different cooler

The motor itself is is the same internally but yeah it will it will make more power but of course the difference is because it doesn’t have water running through the Block it’s going to be stronger in that respect of course um and it is a bigger turbo so uh

Unfortunately with John we are restricted with chassis so we don’t have the chassis we need to throw the power that we can at it so this will take that limitation out of it for us yeah and on top of that this being rear wheel drive only

Will allow you to save a lot of weight yes of course of course it’s actually not that light um we’ve got to sort of try and knock a bit of weight out of us still to you know to catch up to some of the other cars that we’re trying to compete

Against but at the end of the day we know we’ve got a chassis and a setup that’s safe and it’s going to be able to take whatever we throw at it So when you say the cars that you’re competing against these are you’re talking about vehicles that are also built with no restriction

And no limitation yes but there’s a lot extra safety and a little more safety gone into this car as well so Craig’s put a lot of emphasis around safety around the driver which has added a bit of weight but at the same time you know you can’t compromise on the other stuff

Either so yeah no 100 and then in terms of power what’s your estimate because I know you guys don’t have a Dyno currently that could handle this uh look I have done is 3000 horsepower and we’ll give it a go to try to try to break it I think it’s already half

Broken but we’ll see we’ll see what it comes up with we’ve gone 200 and 225 model 224 mile an hour in June so something like this it’s going to be over 250 no problems 250 260 mile an hour it has to be at the 260 Mark to be

You know where we need to be at a minimum and then what’s your target ET what’s your guesstimate at this point first Target he’s Obby rickwood which is I think a 580 586 or 582 I think it is um and then from there it’s one by one

To the top pretty much so it’s next next on the Heat news uh five five seven for memory I think it is now um it’s in the 50s somewhere so we have to get that that’s incredible we won’t stop until we will yeah I can’t wait to see that um so

What’s up with all this neoprene up top here um that’s the ice tank for the water to air cooler uh the ice tanks do sweat a bit once you put the ice in them and that so I guess it’s just a bit of a safety thing so no water gets under the

Car no water’s dripping down on the Star Line you don’t get turned away that sort of thing so again safety and then is this the field that’s a fuel tank yeah okay and I think I just got covered just so that that doesn’t feel left out next

To that got it and you’ll probably use most of this from one pass huh yeah you’ll use it for a bit it’s on methanol oh okay yeah this is like flat out not even yeah yeah it’s on M1 so yeah and uh part of it is that it’ll probably help

Keep it cool too yeah of course of course definitely um obviously that’s one of the good characteristics of it um it’s yeah it’s good and then so are these actually nitrous bottles yes so you’re going to run nitrous to to build boosts uh we’re going to run

Arches to build a boost to make as much horsepower as we can as well so the plan is to Max that turbo out and give it all the nitrous we can as well amazing this this is crazy like yeah that’s a secret example um that’s just a temporary runway for

Some titanium to come through so we can make a titanium one um that’s enough there I guess to get us out of trouble and get the car in the truck oh my goodness I mean at this point with this much exhaust coming out this way I feel like

It would push the car yeah well it’s actually gonna elbow up so oh okay so yeah it comes off yeah so that is just well you’re right I feel he’s going straight out it does have that effect as well yeah amazing this thing is crazy

This really is a full-on race car I mean it’s it’s a vehicle built around the motor essentially yeah so crazy and this is the oil tank yeah that’s the oil tank for this intake though my goodness yeah so that’s a CPC Billet intake I’ve got four Rd 2600s on it um

Yeah it’s the only manifold on the market at the moment that supports a four injector so they’ve done that specifically sort of for what we requested that’s crazy and plus this Billet fuel rails as well yeah wow everywhere we can throw Billet at it we have it’s just so impressive

Amazing so have you guys built a vehicle like this before no no a way of being predominantly based with street-based stuff so this is really the first Pro Mod based vehicle that that we’re doing so we’re all pretty excited about it I mean because you guys really pride

Yourself in building these vehicles that are just so crazy including June and still being able to drive on the street we like making our lives hard so um always battling restrictions with chassis you know room constraints with the chassis that sort of stuff and everyone wants to try keep them Street

Registered and you know the usual stuff like that so this is pretty much a a gloves off approach and you know whatever we can throw at it we’ll throw at it oh doors look very light also I see you guys have the wheelie set up here wheelie bars yeah oh wow

John lift it up foreign how much are you guys actually going to have to do in between runs because I know in between runs yeah look um let’s have to say we haven’t run some luggies before so uh I don’t expect there to be all that much um

You’re obviously going to have your power delivery stuff at the start it’s going to be a bit because you might be playing with your converter setup and all that um there’s a lot of setup to do but once it’s all said and done in between rounds you can have your usual

Draining ice tanks you know fuels that sort of stuff but I don’t expect there’d be anything crazy you will get to the point where you pull the motors out on that of course but yeah it’s hard to say it’s not a clutch car so it’s not going to be constantly

Gearboxing out of this now once a converter setup is done and it’s where we want that I don’t expect there to be gearbox out every round that sort of stuff so got it so then why left hand drive then white white distribution but like it seems

Like a lot of weight is on this side it is but then the front left is always going to pick up first to screw the way the motor spins as well so the top of the motor so the front left will always come up first so if you can get some

More weight on there to keep the you know the car more Square under acceleration is this going to be an issue in terms of like driver drivability or is this I don’t know it’s the driver you’re still driving right and left it’s a bit of a loose color man so he’ll be right

He’ll learn you’ll learn pretty quick that the wall is on that side yeah got it got it um all right so there’s a lot going on here I think one of my favorite features is this hoop that you guys built for the pedal so the foot is it I’m assuming is

It for the foot so it doesn’t slip or whatever it sounds good but it’s also in case the throttle does get stuck you could pull it back as well so but it does sound good something that it’s probably going to be the two forces that your foot’s gonna go accelerator so

That’s a good idea that’s a good but that is a safety thing it is a safety thing as well yeah yeah okay cool all right so then what are we looking at here what is all this contraption it’s a liberty extreme transmission it’s got a tire Drive converter set up Neil chains converter

Um so there’s a lot air shifted um we’ll set up all the Airship auto shift through the ECU um this will be running our motec Pro drag package as well which again it’s sort of a lot of what we’ve done of doing sort of you know coming into this

Car so there’s a lot of development going into that that’s set up as well and then so is it still going to be three speed no it’s not five speed oh five speed wow that is awesome um and then the actual driver cage area is yeah that’s what I mean you could say

There’s a lot more extra bar worker in the driver um safety Craig’s really big on making sure the car’s safe and we’ll get robbed back in one piece yeah even the floor is like really really overdone yeah it is again it’s not hasn’t been built to try and make the

Car as light as possible it’s been built solid safe and it can be fast we have sacrificed a bit of weight which is going to make it a bit harder for ourselves but like I said the safety is the most important size so yeah but I mean I’m sure for you guys you’re

Probably just going to try to make more power oh that’s it yeah your heavier just got to make more power so we’ll back ourselves to try to do that and this is insane to me all the adjustment that you guys have um for mounting that is crazy yeah that’s Craig’s gone

Craig’s going all out with us is they’ve done an awesome job with a with a whole build so Tire wise is this pretty much the biggest you guys can go that’s the biggest you can get so we’ll run with this and see what we can

Do with it this setup is just so extra my goodness there’s like a sway bar set up here and everything so what are these for that’s a burrito the spew tank for the front so they’re coming through the through the chassis rails so use the chassis rolls as you breather

This is just so insane I’ve I’m just so blown away this is just so cool so what about this site is there anything that’s going to go over here no nothing uh the battery is going to go there um electronics are still getting finalized they’re going on that side

There other than that that’s pretty much it there’s some serious uh armor also for the drive shaft yeah that’s titanium titanium like hoop around that titanium sheet metal as well there all the electronics so yes yeah you might take catalog at it so that’s pretty much all we use on all

Our big stuff amazing where are you guys going to take this first Eastern Creek uh we’ll take it to our local drag strip start setting it up and the goal is to bring it over to the states as well and race it there so once

We’ve got the car where we want it then 100 we’re bringing it over that’ll be really cool to see I love that amazing well I can’t wait to see what’s next for this this is already the craziest RV yeah well we’re looking forward to it it’s other than this idea we’re going to

Throw everything at it and and definitely try to Rattle a few cages with it so yeah awesome hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura is the

Perfect piece of art for your wall We need [Applause]