Larry Chen: Process of Legally Driving My R34 GTR in Japan With Toprank Importers Video

Reading Time: 21 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-31 19:24:46
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Thank you Oh my goodness of course I find you sleeping in here Larry how much do you how much money do you think’s in here I don’t know it kind of fluctuates like the stock market but recently it’s just been going like this 10 million on the low end I mean I could see that

You know the thing is you shift a couple cars dude and then it goes up like a million or two dude like I mean last time we were here a real hako was in here dude yeah a real hako and a like a short nose one too so yeah this is it dude

Which one you want to sleep in tonight I love that it’s like yeah it’s insane this is so crazy oh my goodness oh my goodness M speckner this is it right this is the top end besides the Z10 yeah I’m surprised you know eventually they’ll probably have a z-tune in here

That’ll be the king yeah that’s the king absolutely yeah so a lot of people asked in the last video I filmed here why is it that there’s no stackers people forget that this is Japan and there’s literally earthquakes every single day yes so stackers not a good idea here uh yeah

To our secret warehouse located somewhere in Japan somewhere in Japan somewhere in Japan this is also cool for me is all the stock wheels oh yeah there’s like a bunch of stock R34 wheels that are worth a lot more now yeah and then all OEM r33 wheels as well

All right Masa so last time I was here I published a video and we got a lot of hate we got a lot of inquiries but you know we also got a lot of interest a lot of people were saying that it’s honestly unfair they think that top rank

Is essentially holding all these to jack up the prices and then as soon as they almost become legal or as soon as they hit the peak in prices then top rank is going to start selling them that’s the complete not Truth at all what people don’t understand is every single one of

These cars is sold yes and every one of these cars are here for storage yes people are actually paying you guys to take care of the cars to store them here until once they get legal then they’ll import them so the money has already been exchanged and it could have been

Five years four years three years ago yes um some owners um have a car that bought in early 2018. and there are some of the cars were keeping it until 2002 because the person who bought it was a b spec 2 2002 final year model car so he’s gonna keep it for

Six seven years and some people still keep it in this Warehouse still the state but you know it’s not all bad because the point is now you guys are offering the special service to everybody who actually wants to drive their Japan delivery car in Japan

The catch is they have to buy it from you guys and the whole thing is there is a process right so from what yaska has told me um it’s about six thousand dollars a year for something like my GTR but of course it’s a scale in price because

It’s also a scale for insurance reasons yes but six thousand dollars a year is if you drive one kilometer or if you drive 10 000 kilometers yes if you drive one day or for somehow if you have a Visa here you drive every day every day yeah for the year

Which you know you take it for what it is it’s so special it’s so rare because technically it’s not possible for somebody like myself to come on my own and buy a car from some dealership lot and actually drive it without a Japanese driver’s license and also without property proper Japanese

Insurance and residents that’s the most important part because you need to in Japan in order to register a car you need to let the government know that where your car is parked at that’s why in order to get that permit you gotta have to have a

Some sort of paperwork that you live in Japan in that specific house garage wherever and since you guys are mainly based in stateside um you guys cannot you know live here basically so that’s why we’re offering us to let you guys use your car as a quote-unquote rental so that you

Guys have no lesser hassle to go through you know registering a car and putting in the insurance that you won’t you basically use every single day yeah and then on top of that um oh another thing that they helped set up that I think is basically impossible

To set up for somebody like myself is it Etc card yes right so that probably has a lot to do with the address that it’s linked to also yes um so the ETC card for those of you guys who don’t know it is the highway card the way you pay for

Tolls and if you don’t if you do not have that it’s honestly almost impossible to drive your car everywhere in Japan because some of the toll booths in Japan they only accept Etc yes they only accept electronic cards they don’t actually accept cash because there’s no

One there to actually man the booth I would say 95 90 are uh ones where you can actually pay cash but boy does it slow you down especially in traffic and especially when you’re trying to get from one point to the other it slows you

Down so much and then you have to Fumble with change and everything and another problem is the toll booths are very often it’s like it almost feels like when I’m driving here in Japan yes it’s one one toll booth every whatever 10 20 kilometers yes yeah so another thing is the storage fees

Right so people are paying you guys to store their cars whether it be a S15 or we have a you know ek9 Honda Civic here or uh GTR like a m Specter or whatever uh the storage fees are all the same it’s 400 for inside storage something

Similar to this and it’s 250 dollars for outside storage yes and of course outside storage is covered and it is um still safe you know secure a lot with security guard and cameras and all that stuff yes we have a um we have a special security that’s not

Only inside this warehouse but also we have a security system that is covering all the outside storage space as well so we always been protected with um all these security devices and this is not lonely Warehouse too there’s plenty of warehouses that top rank has

In Japan all over the place and also you guys Source cars from all over Japan it’s not just the Tokyo area nope nope we Source cars from all over the country inside Japan also we have this uh we always we always Source cars from a direct consumer so some of the cars

What’s been listed here are not from auctions we directly Source from the owner so which means that you know that his you know the history of the cars more not just from the auction sheet we know the owner we met the owner we talked to

The owner how the car been kept and how he’s been using so that you know whenever we buy those cars and sell it to you guys like USA consumers or whatever we can tell you more about the history and story about that car um so my car was actually an auction car

Yes and I saw the grade I saw the markings I saw all the notes in Japanese of what’s wrong with my car but I also saw very very detailed pictures inside outside underneath the car because I bought my car sight unseen and up until the point of me driving my car just 20

Days ago when I picked it up from here for the first time I’ve only driven two R34 GTRs right so I’ve I’ve driven one in the UK which was crazy like 600 horsepower and then I drove Charles insane sequential car that I think has 800 horsepower or something like that so

I actually had no reference to a stock vehicle until I got in my own car and one of the things that really surprised me was that I looked at the auction pictures and then of course I looked at the pictures after you guys have gone through it yes

So many things were changed so many things were fixed since the auction and that’s really surprising for me and that’s great part of it is because obviously you guys are selling a premium product the car was not cheap and it shouldn’t be cheap honestly part of it is because it’s so sought after

Especially something like Bayside blue the white ones silver ones I think the black ones were there was more production so you potentially could get a better deal with them and you can also potentially get a better deal with one that had prior accident damage and I actually told massasvas yasuka that I

Wanted to Accent accident damage car because I actually came here back in May of last year and I looked at some of the cars and they had accident damage and they were fixed really well like the repair was basically seamless you couldn’t actually tell

But then you ask uh you know he he knows me he knows that I love taking care of my cars I love to make sure that they’re as clean and as perfect as possible because I’m very prideful of my vehicles and you know I’m lucky in that I am able

To work hard enough to be able to enjoy these cars so he’s like you know what we’ll find you one with a clean title no accident damage nothing um and you’ll just have to restore certain things including I think some of the paint is a little faded but that’s

Not a problem you know that’s a thing that we can tackle over time yes if it’s prior accident damage You guys fully disclose it yes through and through yes so then um what else like what is the process for most people like let’s say if somebody

Were to want to buy a car from the US what do they do do they just call you or do they just check the website or yeah so we can do um bunch of ways but uh most people go contact through our email inquiries and also our Instagrams Japan site is called

A top rank Global and USA side is a top ranked importers uh for those of people who live in the USA want to get an inquiry for the JDM Cars please go to topic importers and they will our sales team Brian will help you out for those

Of people who are outside USA for instance on Canada Mexico and like UK New Zealand Australia please go through our top ranked Global website on Instagram and our topic globals email and we will help you guys out yeah because the U.S side top rank USA they

Or top rank importers based in USA they are in Southern California and when you actually go to their website or when you actually reach out to them it’s not just the US inventory that you can purchase you can actually purchase cars in Japan yes we have a Japan inventory

We share inventory as well yeah and that’s the important thing right because there’s so many cars that they may not have in inventory they have a select few cars that they think will sell well in the US market that they actually preempted preemptively import to the US assuming whatever they’re just going to

Have it on their lot so if somebody wants a quick buy they can just do that but if you want to look for a car or if you want to look at the Japan inventory they can also help you with that and then they can also help you with the

Logistics of shipping it to the US which Port this that and the other and all that so I’m trying to think what’s another common misconception when it comes to what you guys do so a lot of people think that we hide are great cars or we just don’t disclose that information that is

Um completely false like as Larry said um like we always disclose our information about the cars in general um and also not only we when we buy cars for instance from auctions and stuff we have our division that inspects cards in depth I’m talking auction people only look for the frame damages

But they cannot look in depth to the rust or hidden damages that it’s very very visible from just a like five minute inspections and we can find that out and we will point out and then once we think that those cars are not eligible enough to post we always uh Let It Go

Even like we always let it go and not sell to Consumers yeah so then also another thing is a lot of you guys are probably wondering like oh of course Larry gets the best treatment you know or Dustin or the other people that top rank works with

Um we get the same treatment as everyone else and part of it is that we’re buying a car that’s sight unseen and it’s a lot of money you know I actually asked top rank to send me pictures of a leak down uh compression test on that car because you know I just

Want to make sure that it’s in healthy condition the RBS known to be not super reliable it’s a great motor but um there’s a lot of problems it can be have a lot of problems upcoming and if it’s the car’s never been kept well then they

Will likely to show some of the problems as well yeah and do you guys send people videos of the cars running yes we do um if you guys wanted to have more information about the car our sales department of it and by the way I’m filming I’m filming the walk around and

I’m filming the engine startup and all these stuff so yeah so then some of the owners here that have kept their cars here for a long time and they’ve never seen them and some of the owners actually were here on this trip you know since the lockdown they haven’t been

Able to come to Japan uh for potentially three or more years um it’s a thing where I’ve heard that you guys actually start the cars yes periodically yes and also film it yes and then send it to the owner yes so we do this monthly startup video where we

Film the startup sequence also we filmed the engine bay so like for instance r34s you you know the struts get you know rusted and corroded so we always show that so to make sure that owners are fuel um satisfied not only satisfied but also feel like the current condition of the

Cars so that’s what we do on monthly basis yeah so you’re basically proving that it runs proving that nobody’s taking Parts off of it or anything like that proving that it’s also indoor storage the rust isn’t getting worse or appearing at all there’s so many things that um that accomplishes but also it’s

Good to start a car every so often just to make sure everything’s all lubed up yes and it warms up to temperature and everything like that and if there’s some leaks that will happen it will happen you know from it sitting and when you start it up like for example we pretty

Much only drive my FJ once every year um well or two times or three times a year depending on how many off-road races we actually chase this year when we started it for the Baja 1000 it leaked fuel right away it just shot fuel out of uh just uh where it was

Picking it up out of the fuel tank and part of it is because it’s just been sitting since King of the Hammers last year so you know stuff like that it happens but if you maintain the car correctly start it and let it warm up you know that that stuff

Will show yes so we do that all that um we did a monthly startup so that not only we just you know let the car sit and just you know die down but also we will start up so that it can you know Loop the engine and it will make the you

Know at least uh cars in a good that’s good the condition is can get also not only we just started off when we turn it off we always started off it let the car auto for about 20 to 30 minutes so that you know all these you know cars will

Get warmed up the engine and stuff also you’re you’re essentially going through the gas yes exactly the gas uh according to a lot of people especially in Japan when there’s no ethanol on the gas it’ll last about three years right so then if you’re constantly running it up and

You’re using it up then you won’t have a problem with old gas in there yes um are there any interesting cars that we should talk about in here something rare something cool since that is a very uh very rare genuine inspector how many inspects are there here all right well we have only

One that is a real M spec in the finish a paint finish called aesthetical brass I think they only made it about like 169 or something and this is one of them and actually we bought this trade from the original owner and pumped back this

Or uh previous owner was a guy in charge of marketing for Nissan Skyline GTR R34 generation m-spec he was ahead marketing of that and we we fortunate enough to buy a purchase a car from him directly and we he has all documents he has he took this card to a

Dealer and he all we have is his service records and everything so this car isn’t a good hand of a new well this is so this is a midnight purple too this is a midnight purple two car oh very early production number 721 yes yes so this one

Um I’m assuming is probably just getting ready to export um during the show and display paperwork right now and this car will be uh going to USA very shortly yeah because they only made a couple of these I think what 250 300 cars to be exact 300. um

And the cars that be eligible to export is basically a v-spec midnight purple 2 not normal base model midnight purple 2. so and this one is a v-spec and I cannot tell you exact amount of cars that it’s been in v-spec in this color but you know obviously they only made 300 cars

They will be half of that yeah it’s it’s very rare So then this one has a z-tune hood z-tune bumper and it also has z-tune fenders yes so basically it’s a z-tune I mean I put two color right super cool I love that Bayberry Park in storage is a actually

It’s very the car has a very unique engine inside uh let me show you so so uh one of the things I wanted to point out that Honda Civic right there is it’s see it’s not just all skylines if you pay your fee to park inside

It doesn’t matter if you have a Civic it doesn’t matter if you have a stagia it doesn’t matter if you have S15 it’s going to be parked in a storage unit like this yeah so one of my favorite cars is in inside storage is actually this

Inspector hmm oh from the glance a bit it looks like a m spec with a z-tune bumper and a fender but the engine is very unique it has a um Nismo Nerf sport engine so the nurse port engine is quite unique it’s basically only available for nurse in a certain period of time

Um and basically what the Nismo did was the omoring factory did a full overhaul to your nerd cars and basically the treatment was close to R1 race engine concept uh as close as it gets so N1 Terribles different um ECU different cam shafts all the full balanced engine bay

Uh engine internals and yes this car was done in 08 back in 2008 is this still a 2.6 liter then it’s still a 2.6 liter but like fully redone engine this is really cool I couldn’t imagine how much this was worth oh we bought this car around I think I remember it

Was before I joined top ranked so it was um late 2019 and I he the owner paid a lot of money on it I cannot discuss how much obviously but uh what I’ve heard um I was just blown away that how much this car was worth right I’m wondering

How much this is worth now though because this is well we’re probably I mean it’s it’s these all pretty much start at six figures I think every Skyline unless it has serious damage there are pretty much six figures and up but this yeah I mean the sky’s the limit I guess

This is um you give you give me a blank check and I’ll tell you write the number and you will just surprised by how much the number it will be that kind of car yeah that’s good that’s a good way to put it I’ll take that people

That mspec nurse only came in Millennium G but or you know aspect nurse can have Millennium Jade but actually Millennium J was available in nerd models which means respect to a nurse can have a millennium Jade and the differences between a v-spec 2 and M Specter is M Specter is only

Eligible for import aside from the midnight purple B specs midnight purple 2 right because these are so rare they pretty much qualify for showing displays in the U.S in the U.S got it um so this one will this one is still inside our storage because the owner

Wanted to be in Japan for a little bit more while I don’t know he’s going to register this car or this particular car or not because this owner actually has multiple cars in our storage that I cannot disclose you to which car is which but yes uh some of the owners who have

In this storage has multiple cars in here as well so it’s not just one car is for one signal owner some people own multiple cars inside of storage um if you have a moment let’s check out some of the outside inventory if that’s cool with you sure let’s go all right so

This is some of the outside inventory yes yes that you guys have here yes well this car is already sold uh but we’re doing something so a lot of these cars are ones that you’re just getting in you haven’t gone through yet or ones that are in um actually for sale inventory

We have some right here of course is this one this is a very nice silver R34 GTR Beast pack yeah we just um bought this car again same as like them I’m sorry it was in the storage we got this car straight for the order previous owner and

It’s a very good shape I’m not gonna lie I know the price if I had like big money I I really wanted how much is this for sale for we still haven’t decided the prices yet okay we cannot dispose the price unless my boss says yes how many

Miles is that I think he only has about a hundred and less than a hundred ten thousand thousand kilometers so about like 76 less than 50 000 miles to be exact well I kind of feel like then this is not even that expensive compared to some of

The other ones you have in your inventory like I recently saw you guys have a Bayside blue that has 17 000 kilometers on it yes and I think it that one is listed right now for 270 if it hasn’t been sold yet 270 000 us I bet

Yes yeah I think so so I I saw that on the website but I haven’t seen if it was sold or or anything which if that gives you an indication of how much these things cost like the thing is that’s r34s right you look at the s15s they’re still in good

They’re still in a good price range 30 35 the best ones maybe 40 000 um I think Evo fives like good conditional ones are like 50 55 000 and then r33s are a really good price to still too about 65 70 75 000 yes for a

Really good one yes you know and I don’t even know where our 32s are I haven’t really looked recently but it’s probably around the same as r33s yes so we just got this red S15 right here um we got this car from blockchain but we are likely gonna

Um you know put that on the website soon because it is it’s a very good car yeah this car is I have I don’t have a lot of information here just because we got this card during I was helping you guys out yeah so like I have the have

Exact information but when I looked at the pictures they looked to be in a very good condition if the owner kept really well and it’s actually a very rare active red oh yes original eventually I’m gonna get a S15 if I get one right now I think my wife would kill

Me but eventually save an S15 for me please all right so what else what else do we have just a couple more minutes wait we uh we’re I’m actually flying out right now this is my last day I’m very sad I’m leaving Japan but I’m lucky and I’m

Happy to be able to kind of check these out oh wait this is a four-door GTR this is autech yes it is oh what oh my goodness okay this is really special I’ve only seen this one um for the first time at Zama Museum no

Way you guys have one of these yes this is so cool I just posted about it let’s see I’m gonna look at my I’m gonna look at my Instagram and I’m gonna look to see how many they made because I literally just posted about it because I

Was so surprised okay here we go Zama collection let’s see 416 were built yes 416. ah it’s locked dude we sold one to USA uh personnel and this one we just got it recently yo this is cool so um for those of you guys who don’t know

GTRs first came in four doors yes the hakosuka were first yeah originally a four-door Skyline GTR four-door Skyline before the uh famous hakko GTR it was four-door uh but now this one is actually a special one it’s the autech version 416 only made look at this oh they

Actually debadged it yeah so it doesn’t have the attack version badges on here yeah or the GTR bag yeah so okay interesting but this is so cool that it’s four-door and it has all the r33 goodness owners still kept the emblems right there yo and again how funny is that that I

Just pointed that out and then the owner just took it off for safekeeping this you want to talk about sleeper man this is a sleeper it is it actually some of these cars were used in a Japanese uh you know Police Department for a undercover cop cars and stuff also

Um let’s talk about a fun fact about the Arctic versions so Altec version only came in 98 they only made in 417 units the interesting part is when you look at the front the cookies have a really big front diffuse uh front lid but this has

A cookie series uh series three lip but it originally came with the very thin um the series one and two lip also the headlights are the series 3 headlights which is everyone came with it but the interior is a very unique oh the the surrounding of that you know the the

That little hole the little hole when you put like your seatbelt technically um the series three were all red but this one it has a series one and two interior and a big hump over there yo that’s the that that’s the definition of altic version because ultic version only

Came with the four-seater car but the original 33 GTR on gtst sedans they came with five seats I’ve ever seen look how big that bolster is yeah so you only can fit four people so cool yeah GTR and all and honestly this car like people think it was based out of

The gtsd and it was a GTR engine and a GTR like everything inside DriveTime from the GTR it’s actually opposite so what the Nissan did was they base essentially they just extended the wheelbase putting a used out of the 3030 GTR sassy but they extended the

Wheelbase and they put the rear seats on so actually technically speaking garage Yoshida restored one of these cars from the ground up it was a very rusted crusted out car they told what they saw it in the magazine were actually they have to use some floor parts from 33

Gtsd four-door with some four parts of the GTR and they had to mash it together in order to be restored the floors for this car so you it’s basically people think it’s a just a GTR GTS ECR 33 chassis with their GTR drivetrain is actually completely opposite it’s a bespoke

Almost bespoke chassis I couldn’t imagine how much this is worth I love that it has stock wheels and it’s all sunken in but you know my favorite part about this is it looks it doesn’t look like a GTR because it doesn’t have the GTR tail lights no it has the four-door

Tail the four-door tail lights which honestly I hate the way it looks but honestly I think it would look interesting if you change the tail lights and then if you actually put the r33 GTR spoiler on the back but then again it’s not the attack version

It’s not original and it won’t be worth as much this car again we saw it straight from a previous owner um and this car will be listed for sale relatively soon and I know the figures but I don’t want to disclose yet because there it’s by Bosses both decided which

Figure which number will be but it might be a six figure car might be a little bit less but still this car is a very clean condition car and it will likely to be one of those quote-unquote expensive GTRs I Would Die daily drive this man

Because from the front look at it if you look at this scene right here it looks just like a normal one right it looks great um also this is kind of interesting how this is angled out I never noticed that but anyways yeah that’s something I would drive

Daily so you guys have some older vehicles too yeah like what is this a Sarah it is a Sarah it looks so funny it is very cool car it’s a very unique car oh my goodness okay so the McLaren f1s doors I think were originally came from yeah basically based off of this

Design so Toyota’s area super cool see another car that is relatively cheap if you want to get into a JDM car right hand drive car I think this is something that you can already import to the US yes it’s a 92 model year car so you can

Import it right now in one fun Sarah is actually a five-speed manual oh oh I’ve only seen the automatics yes it’s a real genuine 5c manual so what you can do is basically you know ep’s ad2 Starlet the underpinnings of this car is basically an ep82 started so ep82

Started came with a turbocharged 1.3 or 1.4 liter motor that can make about 130 horsepower but you can tune it to close to 200. so I’m in there six-speed manual you have a ultimate flexible Flex car yeah that’s super cool you know McLaren doors yeah dirt cheap I love that you know a

Lot of people a lot of us including myself cannot afford a McLaren F1 but for this car you can have a similar experience and if you go to ratwood in this car yeah people will love it for sure amazing I love that uh you got a

Old two plus two Fair Lady Z here so you guys do a lot of classic cars too I saw that there was a GTR that was kind of going through some mid restoration stuff inside yes um it’s a it was a probably what like a

1969 or 70. I think it was about 1970 hakasuka GTR real one genuine got it yep Nissan Z these were not super loved by the enthusiasts in Japan but um this is pretty cool I like it I like the wheels albino is that what it is albino Wheels

Albino why does it look like Alpena Alpine well anyways anyways this is pretty cool we actually have to fly out um but I just wanted to thank yasuka I wanted to thank Masa of course for helping us out this trip this has been really a trip of a lifetime for me

In Japan for 21 days we just got so much shooting done we shot a lot for our Haggerty show which um I’m really looking forward to season two we’ve got a lot of good things yeah so wait for that too yeah this this is uh it’s

Something that I’m gonna do a lot more of because I do have a car in Japan I can come fly in and just drive to shops and whatever I used to have to rely on other people like my friend Dino and others and public transportation to do

That but not anymore you know I got my own car here so really excited thanks to these guys and if you guys wanna JDM car hit them up hit them up they won’t do you wrong hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign

Every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh foreign [Applause]