Larry Chen: Photographing luftgekühlt 9 / Air Cooled Porsche heaven- Larry Chen’s Through My Lens Video

Photographing luftgekühlt 9 / Air Cooled Porsche heaven- Larry Chen's Through My Lens

Posted: 2023-05-05 15:00:13
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Matt just one more one more that’s angry it sounds so good hey everyone we’re at Luke cult line and this time it’s in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco in Northern California and I’m going to take you guys along while I’m shooting today is loading day Right now I’m in one of the storage facilities that they have a lot of the cars for staging we have the hunter Pegasus here we have this it’s probably one of my favorite cars here this Canon Live read vehicle it’s a piloted by Bruce canepa my buddy Joey from emotion built this really

Incredible rally off-road inspired build here it’s a based off of a 911 turbo and uh yeah it’s pretty incredible it’s insane the ride height is so nice and I’ve just been kind of watching this uh build from the beginning and uh yeah I can’t wait to see this thing shred

We’ll do a full video on this and that is a wide body uh rwb97 Mark Arsenal actually owns this one and yeah this thing is so cool I love it we had a chance to go to Japan not so long ago and nikai actually let us drive

His personal 997 rwb build let’s take a look at the rest of this Warehouse there’s just so many insane cars here the difference between and other ones is that this is the first time they’re allowing water cooled cars but they’re doing it a separate day right so this is

Air pooled but then we have like the new race car from Porsche that is water cooled that’s going to be displayed on Sunday let’s see look at the some of the other vehicles they have here nice little bathtub here 356. super cool but for the first time it’s

Interesting that I’m seeing a lot of these vehicles that I’ve actually had a chance to photograph as there were new race cars like for example this uh Pikes Peak GT4 is something that I had a chance to shoot new and then like this one is still dirty from its

Last race which is so cool look at this thing all the marbles all over the place we have just warts uh 964 or Pikes Peak rally car check out this other Canon liberate one how cool is this so awesome can’t wait to see this on the show floor

So right now they’re just unloading a lot of the cars for the show and then they’re actually going to for them for the night and then as time goes on they’re going to load them in and that’s kind of where I honestly get some of my

Best shots we have the flying lizard the 97 here which is honestly one of the coolest deliveries from that era from the era of sports car racing so I’m gonna get to shooting we’ll play a bunch of nice Stills for you guys so you guys can enjoy loading day Foreign Hey guys it’s actually Main Event day here at Louisville nine and I haven’t been filming just because I’ve been really focused on trying to get as many shots as possible I woke up at 4 30 a.m today and I’ve just been pushing since then

I was the first car here and uh now you can see the parking lot is very full but I just wanted to get everybody rolling in because honestly the thing with the loofah cult is that I break it up into a couple different stages in terms of what I’m shooting

So I come early on load in day to get shots of the vehicles loading in the second part that I really like to get is the actual owners bringing their cars to display on the show floor so it’s 500 cars this year owner cars it’s so many and it was just insane this

Morning just watching Everybody pull in and try to get a space in the show and then of course the third part is shooting a little bit of the show and the way the cars are set up without the crowd before the crowd gets in and right now let’s

See what time is it it’s 9 28 so the crowd is going to come soon now the phase for me all the way to the end of the show is to focus on getting crowd shots getting shots of people interacting with the cars interesting people interesting characters and interesting car placement with people

It’s so much about being patient and waiting for the shot and waiting for the shape of the crowd to form I’m uh taking a little light this time yesterday I had three bodies with me but today I’m gonna just focus on trying to do two bodies so

I have uh two R3 cameras with the 3514 and a 135 F2 I started the day with a 85 1-2 as my long lens because it was a little darker and I just needed a little more light I typically don’t really shoot with the 85 so it was nice to kind

Of get a different focal length a different look I’ll probably switch to a 50 mil and then also a wide later just to get some nice overall shots especially with the crowd I I’m doing this one solo I really really like to do Loft solo because it’s

Kind of a good time for me to just focus on taking really good pictures so it’s kind of hard for me to take you guys along every single shot I’m doing just because there’s just so much going on and I’m really trying to put in as much

Time as possible behind the camera to get those moments and you know it really is for me an honor to shoot officially for Luft because there’s so many people in the world that would love to have this position and love to have this job I need to make sure I perform every

Single time when I get behind the camera at this event just because it’s so catered to me so catered to photographers in general there’s just so many available shots so I’m gonna get back to shooting uh I actually came back here to reset get batteries get

Memory cards all that and then now I’m gonna head out again foreign Always really Prides themselves in getting the best venues and Pat long and just War they really outdid themselves this time a lot of people say this might be the best one and actually I actually I actually heard that from zwart too he said he thinks that this might be the

Best one visually unfortunately we kind of got screwed with the weather this morning but hopefully this Marine layer Burns off the difference between Loft and any other car show is that uh Jeff or you know he is a legendary director photographer my pretend dad he sets up all of these scenarios and he

Takes his interpretation on what the shot should look like with these scenarios but then he also allows for everybody else including myself to kind of take a shot at to these scenes and he’s very curious to see what everybody actually can come up with and that’s the fun challenge you would love to

Everybody is a photographer everybody can enjoy it their own way whether you use a cell phone or a Polaroid camera or instant camera or whatever so I’m gonna keep pushing inside I haven’t really seen the inside of the venue that much since everything was loaded in so I’m

Gonna check it out right now I’m trying to rush before uh it gets crazy but yeah this that dog was the cutest thing the dog was posing perfect right next to the sconther works car but the funny thing is the dogs uh harness is pretty much it’s like a similar color

So made for a good shot that’s kind of the shots that I’m looking for you know I I think the cars are cool but just the interesting subject matter to me are the people the dogs the texture all of that that I’m trying to get the cars are just

Secondary you know because there’s just so many of them this venue is so cool so there’s like this crazy Dry Dock here and then there’s also these insane cranes that I’ve just been having such a good time shooting through honestly it reminds me of like atat walkers from Star Wars

It’s just so cool to see the cars underneath them and next to them and it’s just something else it really is awesome so cool so many good different scenes so many things to shoot through I absolutely love it look at this look at this traffic jam under this

Atat walker I know it’s not a battleship but it’s pretty cool it’s some some Navy something or other but it’s just out of this world it just is so different better thing about this show Even though these cars are parked and they’re not moving there’s just so much

To uncover and there’s just so much to see think that’s really interesting this is kind of like one of the grand rooms that they have set up so this is so cool I gotta show you guys this Porsche classic made this model like a scale toy model like kind

Of like a Tamiya model but it’s a one-to-one scale and this is the Box and then this is like the shell how cool is that right this is like what you would get out of that box and then these are the parts like you have two halves of an engine

You have the wheels bumper door panels fenders Hood deck lid this is and the cool thing is all these are real Parts these aren’t fake this is all metal I watch them uh assemble it yesterday so it’s just so cool like Dash radio incredible Porsche classic they they understand they understand enthusiasts

Like that like us that that sign back there too I would totally run that side my shop yesterday it was just so cool in here because the light was coming through here you know we have a marine layer right now but uh it’s super diffused right now of

Course I think my favorite car here is the rothman’s 962 but Rod Emery has a really cool display here I got a lot of good shots there yesterday with the light oh yeah there’s just a lot of good scenes in here and um it’s probably gonna take a while

For me to get through all of this but I’m gonna go back around and I’m gonna come back all right right now I’m kind of standing on this platform overlooking one side of the venue so this is the side that kind of faces the bay yeah just I’m just trying to get something

Different you know right now they just started that singer that’s very loud sounds good though I’m just trying to get something different more crowd work just because I’ve shot so many of the cars already Thank you foreign Been shooting all day It is what time is it 2 30 the cars officially started rolling out at two and now I’m just kind of getting the stragglers and whoever’s left and then it’s time to reset go through all my photos and then uh get ready to do it all over again tomorrow tomorrow

Is the water cooled event so we’ll uh work on that thank you Thank you Well it’s pretty much empty what a day I have to go through so many photos so I I’ve been to Loft two three four five I missed six six was Universal I went to seven eight and now this is nine I’ve been to a lot of them and I’ve done

Official photography for quite a few of them this one definitely ranks up there it was it was a good one um because it’s a two-day event you know I’ll have another chance to get more shots tomorrow so definitely looking forward to that here we are day two

I was so sore last night I could barely go from my bed to my bathroom because everything was aching I just pushed so hard and I watched I walked so far yesterday but um I did sleep in got all my photos out and now we’re at the show I’ve been pushing

Pretty hard for about two hours now and I’m just kind of making it a personal challenge for myself to make as many different photos as possible so I’m shooting with a wide zoom lens and I’m also shooting with the 7200 so I’m trying not to do low depth of field I’m

Trying to do like almost everything in Focus but just really concentrate on shapes and people and subject and it seems like it’s working out because I’m just trying to get something different something that makes it look like a different day it’s so interesting because the air and water show which is

The day after Luca called seems like it’s just a younger demographic obviously it’s cars that are more affordable but of this generation also you know most of these cars can be daily driven uh this is cool foreign I went all the way from the other side

Of the venue to come here to make it in time for them to start the Winnipeg and Um they started it all these people gathered it was cool it sounds amazing they bounce off the road limit a couple times and uh yeah I just wanted to kind of get a good overall shot I just kind of wanted to finish kind of on my thought before I actually got here

The second day is just so much more relaxed and the owners are different too you know it’s a younger generation um I see a lot more you know doors are open the engine bays are popped a lot of people are sharing it’s not so much like a show and shine it’s more

Like a poke and prod and I think that’s super cool you know it’s it shows that um Luke cult is embracing the new generation of Porsche enthusiasts and I love that and the fact that they were they were able to turn around everything all the displays

All the future cars and just change them up if the cars were to remain they would actually put them in a different place in a different scenario so people like myself and all the people that attend can get different shots and that’s really important that’s the thing I love so much about

Liverpool called you know just wore Pat long they’re very photography visual aesthetically uh focused with the show um in fact I saw of so many amazing shots from all these other people and I was just standing in the same place and I just scratched my

Head I’m like how do they get that and that’s the cool thing you know or I look at it and like why didn’t I think of that because it’s so good you know and that’s the beauty of it you know as much

As I try as hard as I try to get as many shots as possible and as many different scenarios it’s impossible to get all of it because there’s just unlimited possibilities but just take a quick break from my rant look at this building like the the the actual brakes are buckling

Like that is sketchy I’m moving the whole thing up here oh my God it’s like cracked Earth over here how cool is that so I’m gonna finish the show strong um I I was kind of iffy about this show about coming here to to photograph this

Air and water mix but uh I’m a Believer now like this is a this is this is the Next Generation the next level and I’m just so happy you know what this is such an interesting room it’s kind of funny it has like a museum vibe uh for the most

Part everybody’s pretty quiet and whispering and part of it is that everything you say Echoes really loud but it’s a pretty cool Vibe I like it’s really neat thanks very much he’s part of the display hi Larry I’m like a diorama yeah yeah like in The Simpsons

You should and then you should just recite uh your famous quotes yes like is frozen berry metallic the brake calipers are Carmine red the wheels are h-r-e-r101 lightweight it has a 4.5 liter engine with high compression that would be honestly the best display and then you can be sitting here pretending

To not be me doing that it was so good I was nice to get together dude this is the best look at this nice stage formerly the property of Hagerty yeah now now Pinkberry so good so good they’re awesome I love it oh good noises yeah but nobody I came here

So many times trying to get a clean shot of your car nobody’s looking at that everybody’s looking at this well this is something that they could drive that um yeah this has almost the same power to weight though oh that demand motor you know it 4.5 liter this thing is crazy

Sounds so good Matt just one more one more that’s angry it sounds so good yeah why aren’t we going to the Nikon car if there was an icon car what are we doing yeah if there was an icon car there was an icon car oh really yeah I didn’t know that yeah so um loof9 yes

I don’t know how you’re still standing sir because I was saying on camera before we started rolling that I literally had trouble going from my bed to my bathroom last night because of how sore my legs were I couldn’t tell you how many times I walked back and forth

The length of the venue I know and you know you had a bicycle but you I feel like you probably went back and forth a hundred times it’s funny because if I go out to train on my bicycle I don’t ride as far as I did the last few days Days

In the morning so and it’s but it’s just great it’s fun for me because I go down the roads looking for different cars I need and grab them out and bring them in it’s incredible what you’ve created you know like this is something you and Pat

And the whole team yeah you guys push so hard to make sure that this happens and it just happens for such a brief moment and it’s incredible yeah I I appreciate that and those are good words to kind of live by on the whole project but it is a

Team effort for sure but it’s kind of funny for Pat and I it’s both kind of a racing mentality production mentality and kind of just staying the root and no prisoners and that’s been uh I think a a recipe for success with this and for me the venue is everything yeah well venue

And um the the beauty the photography the texture the matching cars matching color the effort and the forethought that you and Pat put into this is unlike any other car show in the world you know I’ve been shooting for now coming on 19 years I’ve been shooting so many car shows

The biggest and the best I’ve just never encountered anything like look something that we always talk about when we talk about Luffy yeah no and I appreciate that but it’s kind of one of those things where you don’t want to try to figure it out you just hope that the

Vibe stays and the crowd enjoys it and the biggest thing like you you just mentioned is it feels fresh you know it’s not the same old thing and that’s what I really want and that motivates people because it’s fun it’s two parts with me we service the car side of

People and for you and me we also are in that photo mode though that world of creativity that satisfies that so this is that blend of those two things it’s incredible I mean because you can walk around with a beer you can enjoy it that way you can bring your kids you could

Bring your dogs I can’t tell you how many photos of dogs that I got um but you can also be a photo nerd like us and honestly this event in particular is probably the most I’ve ever seen in terms of amateur photographers yeah and a lot of professionals too who came from

Far and wide all over the world just to shoot their shot yeah at Luke yeah no that’s really true I was marveling today how many people were shooting with a still with a print you know Stills camera not a digital camera that was really cool yeah well thanks for having me again

So you know I I get bummed when I think about the ones that I’ve missed and the moments that I missed but I’m glad to be here for the moments I cannot tell you this is some probably something that you can relate to a lot

I can’t also stress the fact that I miss so many good shots here and I saw it happen with my eyes but thank goodness I at least had a chance to see it yeah no that’s that’s awesome I I love the fact that you know you’re drawn back to it

Every year and different times and that’s what it that’s the payoff I always say if people take the picture that I set up that’s my payback cool thank you so much thanks Larry bye see you thanks hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura is the perfect piece of art for your wall Foreign [Applause]