Larry Chen: My Free M3 Camera Car in Ireland For LZ Fest + A Pandem R32 Video

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-29 15:00:11
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Wow okay All right Tyler what’s going on here so we’re setting the camera up on this beautiful M3 right here probably I’ve seen some track time track tool our buddy Jake was nice enough to actually bring this all the way from the UK and let us drive it and I’m actually

Going to use this to chase all weekend but we brought a very simple and light setup just because it’s really hard to check everything in and bring everything with us so we just brought one 1dx Mark III camera with just one single amount so I’m just going to be doing video I’m not

Going to be doing any Stills but the point is I’ve never seen anybody do this at Mandela park at any of the events here in Ireland so I figured I’d like to try to do this with some of the top drivers and we’ll see what kind of footage we can get foreign We’re here at Mandela Park we are here for the LZ Fest and we have two incredible Cars one I’m gonna be driving and what is this so it’s an R32 gtst originally uh pandem kit air rods I’ll be 26 all the usual goodness that you could want really and then this is your

Track car yeah so this is the car that I use for Nurburgring European road trips UK track days but mainly Nurburgring really is what it’s set up for and what is built for I see that it’s very well used also so yeah the story is I put it out on

Social like hey I’m coming to Mandela Park I’m shooting the LZ Fest World Tour but I don’t have a camera chased vehicle so Jake actually reached out and he’s like hey I have this perfect e92 track tool that you can actually use to chase all these drift cars so we actually

Brought just a simple setup this is honestly perfect for this track I feel like I think it will work well I think it’ll work well um the car is very good around corners and obviously this track you’re not really going that fast but the corners are fairly tight I think it’ll be really

Right thing so in terms of power does it make a lot more than stock so it’s got carbon plenum decatch and mapping so it’s probably like 440 horsepower um stock I think the stock they say they’re 400 but they’re not if you put on the dining they’re more like 380 but

Yes enough but it’s just got all the right bits it’s got intrax coilovers and every Bush it’s got lots of spherical bushes in it and stuff like that so it’s the power delivery is strong absolutely love these cars yeah they are honestly they are like hands down the

Best car for the money you can buy I will happily stand by that you cannot get a better car for money and I know they’re expensive in America but here you could pick up a manual reasonable one for probably 18 grand for a stock one you’ll have to spend a fair bit to

Make them sort of like this but basically all they need is good suspension bushes that aren’t worn and good brakes and you’ve got a phenomenal car for the money when I first had this car I took the first ring trip I took it on it had just it’s had BC coilovers

And I redid the bushes and it had some Brembo brakes on the front and you could easily do it’s got AP 5000s now but you with that spec obviously I’m not a race car driver but I’m a I’m a pretty good driver I guess and you could easily do a

Sub 8 Minute lap with it set up like that so as it is now it’s even better but they’re just they are the best car for money and that’s like a full lap not Ridge to Gantry so that’s bridged against okay yeah yeah got it yeah I

Just love these I mean this is the last of the true M3 it’s the last proper 100 a lot of people say I mean you know once it became a force induction 100 they lost a lot so obviously I have an M4 which is obviously kind of like the

Generation after this and I honestly don’t really like it that much it’s a great car it’s a great daily but this car it gives you all the feedback you’d want from a car it feels like driving an old school car but with the modern niceties of the fact that it’s reliable

And comfortable and stuff like that but the chassis itself is very mechanical there’s not much stuff that interferes and they they drive like an old-school car the the four leader that revs so high it sounds so incredible exactly you’ve got you’ve got a four liter VA individual throttle bodies and it revs

To 9000. you can’t get better than that it just there’s no production car that they’ve done in the recent years that even competes with what that does and you I personally prefer the manual in these I don’t actually like the DCT that much I prefer the manual I think it’s

Just more engaging to drive even though potentially they’re dcts TC is way faster okay way faster there’s no doubt about it I just think that’s more enjoyable Strife yeah well let’s talk about your R32 and let’s also talk about what you actually do yeah so we basically I run a business it’s my

Business I started a few years ago 365 performance we build maintain and restore cars so basically the thing of the business from the start has always been if I don’t like it I’ve got no interest in working on it so we only do the cars that we like which is things

Like the easy Knight two skylines we do a lot of restorations on skylines Sylvia’s evos super improves that sort of stuff do a lot of engine builds do a lot of like show engine bays and then we do the drift Cloud prep as well prepare like competition drift cars and stuff

Like that do all the fabrication we do cages and all that sort of stuff so and you actually drift also yes and I drift as well yeah in my in my 15. so drift as much as I can while also trying to keep work going but yeah yeah I drift in my

S15 which is has a very similar engine bay to the skyline which you see in a second but yeah let’s let’s check out the engine bay so I haven’t seen anything like I I browsed your Instagram real quick I didn’t dig too deep into it because I didn’t want to spoil it yeah

But I just wanted to see this yeah for the first time on camera wow okay you got a couple saw rest bits yeah here yeah so I got that garage brace was actually I got that brand new in the box from a friend of mine who bought it from

Japan and it had never been fitted to a car he knew I was putting the I was redoing the engine bay and I basically this engine bay I had four weeks from driving the car into the workshop I had four weeks to rip the old engine out completely stripped the whole Bay back

To Bare Metal repaint the bay and then build the new engine do the whole engine bay do all the fabrication work put all together and have it running and driving in four weeks and he he then messaged me and said oh I’ve got this brace would

You be interested and I was like well I don’t know I’m spending a lot of money as it is and he sent me the photos of it and I was like 100 and I paid it was a lot of money but it makes the engine bay

For me it’s a lovely piece this is a gtsd I bet you you can find a pretty good gtst for cheaper than the cost of that race probably probably five years ago definitely yeah yeah I mean in Japan especially oh yeah they’re still yeah you can they’re in some in England not

Very often but in Japan you can still get a bargain here and there um but this engine bay basically the original rendition of it had an rb25 and it was a nice engine bay but it was nothing like this um but it was all the same like the same

Types had none of the wiring that you can see and stuff um and the my idea was basically I want to do it all at once and I never want to have to do it again so it wants to be exactly what I’ve always wanted it to be

Um and then it can just be like this forever so I built so it’s a built 26 with uh 272 HPS cams and all the bits you could want forged pistons rods that sort of stuff make 720 horsepower um g3900 Turbo it just yeah it’s a great package and it’s

Wicked fun to drive so the question is why a gtsd just to be different because you can’t run a GTR low enough so the thing with a pandem kit is the pandem kit raises your arch line by four inches it’s about depending who you get the kit from it’s between three and four

Inches so if you imagine you had a stock car if you put that kit on it you’d then have to lower your car three inches for it to look stock so the problem with so I’ve had to do loads of chassis work underneath this to actually get it to drive good so you

Guys did the tubs yeah we do everything yeah literally everything in this engine bay was done in my workshop how do you get this texture this texture so that is your friend a friend of mine called Dave Bastin DB paint he’s an incredible painter and he basically is it’s kind of like old

School hot rod techniques but he does all the paint work for me on on my stuff which gives it that last sort of finish that makes it that Touch Above the Rest if you check his stuff out DB paint his his paintwork is incredible so yeah he painted it with all the

Fabrication work the only stuff we don’t do is paint and Abby Motorsport do all of our tuning you drive this on the street like this so I don’t really get time to drive it very often but yes it’s a street car and when I do drive it it

Gets driven very hard because that’s what it’s for um so it doesn’t have angle it’s on air yes but it does have angle yeah it’s got um geomaster Knuckles on the front so although it if you put different wheel tires set up it would Drift But

It’s got a 335 semi slick on the back which is not really what you want to be drifting with those brakes are huge yeah and they only just fit huh was this a pretty early Pan Am kit then so this yes it was yeah this was the the

First pending kit they bought out for when they when they had that sort of transition from rocket bunny to pandem Kit this was like one of the first kits they designed for the 32 and I did this I think five years ago so the paint’s

Not amazing now I need to touch a few bits up but it’s good enough for me and I don’t really want to have to redo it all again I love the car as it is I already don’t use it very much anyway because I love it I don’t want to damage

It and I don’t want some random person to just crash into it when they’re driving to the shops or something so it only gets used for sort of specific stuff so I can’t really be bothered to repaint it but I probably will next year I think

But yeah it was an early pandem kit um but it’s a good Showcase in terms of like what you guys actually do yeah and obviously it’s special enough for you to trailer it all the way from the UK yeah to Ireland just to show it here yeah exactly

It’s it’s really cool I love the care and attention yeah put into a chassis that’s honestly kind of unloved yeah the thing is there’s not much geometry wise there’s not much difference between a GTR and gtst in terms of how the suspension components work and stuff it’s very

Serious so very similar but to get this to drive right this has drop Knuckles all round we had to do modifications to the lower arms to change the mounting points to make the bump steer not so bad just to be able to run it low because I

Cannot stand when cars have bad fitment even if they’re like even at driving height this is still very low chassis wise and that’s the most important thing to me is it drives good but looks good it looks great This Is A Streetcar yeah yeah through

And through yeah it is a street car it’s not perfect but it’s it’s very good for for what it is um it has the basic stuff that it needs not too much has a stereo but you can’t hear it these seats were a set of seats that I wanted

For a long time and they were hard to get because once they when they came out new they pretty much all sold out really quickly and then you couldn’t get hold of them and then these were in a friend of mine’s 34 GTR that he sold to somebody which the guy had for

He had it for about four months and then decided that he just didn’t fit in the seats so I found these on a in the depths of a forum that someone had posted saying I might sell these seats out of my 34 GTR I saw them and I saw

The car and I was like my God that’s my friend’s car and it was the seats I’d been after for ages so bought these seats and obviously it matches the steering wheel and um I mean that’s pretty basic it’s just there’s nothing in there it’s not

Got heaters it’s just a carbon skin on the dash digital dashboard um that’s it really just the basic stuff you need and then so what transmission are you just an r33 gtst box um and it can handle this power if you drive it right it will take it

But I mean I drive it when I drive this car I drive it very hard and obviously it makes a lot of grip makes a lot of power so the Box will probably break I’ll probably put the box so in my 15 I have an OS geiken box which is Billet

Sender plate or this guy can gear set I’ll probably build another one of those for this car at some point but yeah just 33 gtst box which bolts straight up to the 26. that’s so cool and then Soul engine management or do you think ECU so it’s

Link g4x with all the correct sensors fuel pressure iot Lambda oil pressure or temp yeah that’s it I’m excited I’m excited to drive this I’m actually excited to see this thing run too but um and this event is just so cool I just add them and their whole crew putting

All this together it’s just something else I haven’t been here in Ireland for 11 years The Bay is just so good yeah my my 15 is pretty much exactly the same but it has a full tubular front end that we did um some bits are slightly different but other than that it’s basically this but in a functioning drift car and like I

Say I did 4 000 miles across Europe and we had zero problems nothing and then so that’s like on the European equivalent to drift week yeah yeah so what motor are you running in your system so that is a built rb25 Neo so Forge Neo again stock cams stuff like that stock head

Just force rods Pistons um balance rotates the assembly and that’s it and that has a g3770 on it makes 570 horsepower and you can drive it fast all day long just it works it’s so good they make a good noise yeah it’s you can’t beat the sound of an RB

In my opinion Arby’s I love a Jay-Z but I just think heartbeats sound better Arby’s you know you love them you hate them yeah a lot of people hate them but they’re aggro there’s no doubt about it compared to a Jay-Z they’re aggro but they do just have that little bit of

Finesse and then Jay-Z doesn’t have in terms of sound a lot of Jay-Z it’s just easier you just Bolt the right bits to it make load of power and they’re pretty reliable Yeah Boy the music though it’s so important it really is that’s what it’s

Forest what are you doing for at the end of the day so yeah I love it absolutely love it let’s uh let’s take it for a spin so yeah we’re going on to the track right now for some rolling shots they are requiring us to have helmets on which is fine

But um we’ll also shake down the e92 at the same time just to make sure that it’ll be good for this weekend’s Chase duties foreign this will put the power down in every gears but that’s because of how the chassis work I’ve done before any little chassis work it would just spin the

Wheels do you think you would ever build one of these into a drift car um right the thing with the 32 chassis is the front suspension design is dual Wishbone doesn’t really it it works ish it works okay for drifting but comparative to an S chassis is a

Nightmare to set up it’s a nightmare to make adjustments an airstrasse you want to change the camera you just change top mounts this you have to take the dog leg out take the camera arm out adjust the camera put it back in hope that you’ve adjusted it right obviously we know how

Much if one turn that might get you half a degree of camera we know that but they aren’t really the best thing as a drift car although they do work the rear end is the same as an air chassis but the front is different so I don’t know probably not worth the time

Martin obviously Martin Richards has one he’s probably the only person who still runs one sound is just so crisp oh it’s amazing there’s no other way to explain it it’s just it’s just like if you describe the Italian man going what that’s it oh A few moments later okay so we are on good right now at the LZ Fest at Mondello Park in Ireland but uh yeah I’ve been chasing with the 365 performance e92 M3 track tool or more specifically the Nurburgring tool man this thing has been so much fun to

Wheel around so I’ve never done Chase cam in a right hand drive car and luckily I’ve been practicing driving right hand drive quite a bit luckily my buddy Jake reached out and he offered to let me use this vehicle to film here it’s crazy it’s come full circle for me

Because I was here 11 years ago for pro drift and so many of my friends were here Dayo Shahara Darren McNamara Dean Kearney Frederick osbo there was just so many Epic drivers here for this event all the way back when but now I’ve come back and I’m able to film

And it’s just so much fun the main difference between this and the Supra of course this is a little bit heavier but this is also naturally aspirated so man you really have to ring this thing out you really have to be in the Power Band you can’t hesitate at all what I’ve been

Doing is you know I try to shift early to seconds so that way I can just pin it as for as long as I can and shift to third at the last moment once I get into third I pretty much have to point and shoot get ready for their initiation

After the first Corner that’s when I can slip it back to second gear and then I can follow the rest of the way but it’s just so crazy to me to be able to do this a tree and the fact that drift games the LC World Tour Dave and the guys they’re

Okay with this and they’re supporting getting this kind of content is so incredible strike is so much fun dude it’s pretty cool are you having a good time yeah I’ll ride with you yeah yeah you can see what it’s like all right [Applause] Oh yeah all right Guys all right Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura is the perfect piece of art for your wall Foreign [Applause]