Larry Chen: My 1970 Datsun 240z Project Car Almost 20 Years In The Making Video

My 1970 Datsun 240z Project Car Almost 20 Years In The Making

Posted: 2023-06-30 15:00:43
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

All right oh do my thing okay rolling [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right foreign Here I wanted to talk about my 1970 240Z also known as old orange Bang a lot of you guys are new to this Channel and you guys may not know about this vehicle but this is the first true sports car that I ever purchased back when I was just turning 21 it was

Actually my 21st birthday I went out and I bought this 240Z number 2868 for three thousand dollars when I bought it from the original owner the guy looked at me and he’s like wow I’ve owned this vehicle for so much longer than you’ve even existed back then three thousand dollars was actually

Quite a bit of money for this vehicle now the 240zs have gone up in price exponentially just in the past couple years so why is it called orange bang well I actually took this for a drive on Pacific Coast Highway I’m driving along having a good time and it starts

Bucking popping banging making all these crazy noises and then it dies I found out that day that the fuel gauge didn’t work and I actually ran out of gas just two blocks away from a gas station on top of that I grew up in Southern California and

There’s a drink that’s very popular here at Mexican restaurants and it’s called orange bang and I figured it was just fitting because basically the first time I met her she was popping and banging and making all these crazy noises so I figured it was appropriate with that

Said this is my forever car this is the one that I’m going to have for the rest of my life without a doubt I’ve just been building it since that day in fact the first ever weekend I received the vehicle I changed out the shocks I put on an

Exhaust and I took it to the local autocross at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana since then I’ve been hot riding it it’s gone through so many different phases I actually ended up breaking the original motor when it came time to swap another motor in I was thinking I should just go turbo

Just because it is so much easier to make power versus the L Series Motors I understand that they can also make quite a bit of power if you put a lot of effort and money into it but at the time there was a SR20 available from one of my friends

For two thousand dollars if you could believe it or not it was completely built already forged pistons ARP studs all of it it was so dialed it even came with the am ECU already as well as a s13 manual transmission since the engine swap it’s gone through quite the transformation I actually took

It to my friends at belzenbon and they redid All the paint fixed all the rust we did as much as we could to make it like a Resto modded 240Z that has a more modern engine plant it has a vintage Air air conditioning system it still has a

Sound system it’s a full Clarion sound system it has Southern ways epsilons that were actually rebuilt by my friends at love 20b here in Southern California these are so nice the centers are actually from 1984. they were in really good condition and with the new barrels it looks absolutely incredible it’s a 16

By eight all around and I’m running Yokohama Advent ao52s which are absolute cheater tires it’s so much fun to drive on the autocross I have so much grip and because it only weighs 21ft 50 full fluid everything without me in it and it actually has 49

To 51 percent weight ratio front to back the SR20 while it is a little bit lighter with the intercooler and all these other things in the front it kind of helps balance out the weight bunch of other things that I have done to it I actually have a lot of real bre

Parts from Pete Brock in Las Vegas I actually went to his place and I bought the front air dam his bre racing mirrors as well as the rear bre ducktail the carbon fiber hood is sabon I have Recaro seats Takata harnesses anti-gravity battery which weighs nothing it’s only five pounds once I

Actually got it restored and it looked amazing it didn’t run very well at all so I actually shipped it all the way up North to Z car garage my buddy Rob took it apart and fixed all the things that were wrong with it one of the big issues

With these cars they actually came with drum brakes from the rear and they came with just terrible two piston brakes up front there was just no pedal feel and it really felt like completely manual breaks so he actually developed a whole new kit with stop Tech and now this

Thing stops on a dime it’s so easy to lock up all four but it’s actually pretty easy to modulate the brake now and do threshold braking without locking up any Tire just because the proportioning everything is correct the guys at stop Tech killed it and it’s

Actually a Z car garage kit so if you guys want your classic Z to stop just as good definitely hit up Rob from Z car garage [Applause] one other thing that really needed updating on this car was the suspension and KW makes this great kit that they actually weld on to your core so these come with the Hub and strut together so what you do if you have one of these you

Actually take it ship it out to KW and they install it onto your Hub and then you can put it all together it looks incredible Rob also did convert the ECU and everything to Hall Tech so now it’s running an elite 1000 ECU he Dyno Tuned

It and on his Dyno it made 300 horsepower 300 foot-pounds of torque which is pretty conservative this motor on c16 made 390 almost 400 horsepower before because it runs 91 octane I figured it’s safe to make 300 horsepower and leave it as a street vehicle

I said after all this I would not take it to the track but of course that didn’t last very long I’ve been tracking it I’ve gone through one set of tires already and it is just so much fun to drive just because the power to weight is incredible handles so good it stops

Good it accelerates good it sounds amazing it makes me feel like a million bucks when I’m driving it this is the car for me this is the one that I’m known for I’m just so proud of this build that I’ve done over all this time and honestly now that I have kids I

Can’t wait for my daughter and my son to drive this when they’re of age and yeah it’s just a fun Legacy thing for me so what’s next for this car well in true project car fashion it’s pretty much never done there’s so many little interior pieces that I want to Source a

Lot of New Old Stock and a lot of reproduction pieces that I want to gather and get on this vehicle I love love love the way it looks now as a narrow body I don’t want to do wide body or anything like that it kind of reminds me of the Datsun Nismo

432-432r look but of course it’s different it’s it’s its own thing I enjoyed it for a couple years I took it to the racetrack I was hot rodding it and there was a transition in my life where I needed to take photography seriously and I needed to pursue this dream of being a journalist and a car culture ambassador

So I quit going to the track I quit driving because I wanted to focus on photography around that time I was thinking it would be a good idea to sell this and use the money for camera equipment well I listed it for ten thousand dollars and somebody actually was very interested in

Buying it I think this was around 2007 2008 time and the individual said he wanted it and he had to convince his wife I guess to buy it but for whatever reason his wife said no so instead of me relisting it and putting it back up for

Sale I just said forget it I’m just gonna keep it this is the car that I’ve had the longest and it is just so crazy to see how far it’s come from when I first started with the project it really was a rusty pile but of course now it looks incredible

And I’m so glad I get to enjoy it now hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh [Applause]