Larry Chen: Most Famous Drag R32: JUN II, The 3000HP 6 Second 1/4 Mile Beast… Video

Posted: 2023-08-23 15:00:25
Author: Larry Chen
Big thanks to Croydon Racing Developments for having me at their shop!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] here we are June 2 the destroyer of worlds and eardrums correct the Dream Crusher why is it June 2 and not June 1. because you had a second phase originally it was the car was built as June from the original Japanese parts we had the Jordan Striker kit 2.7 liter so

That’s what I started off as the build the original owner that must have been a long time ago though it was it probably was 2000 and five or six something like that there are thereabouts that era yeah so Nick the original owner had an OS 88 manual sequential in it

2.7 liter Jordan Striker kit in that race head and then had a t-51r hkst51r on it back then making about 550 kilowatts on 98 octane back then he had that for a little while and then and he had the number place of June so that’s weird because obviously I had all

The June pass June plenum a couple years down the track he wanted to sort of sell it and then Robert he was a close friend of his he goes I’ll buy it because he drove it a couple times down in Canberra when they were and that’s when Robert took over and

Then just evolved from there he on a bigger turbo one I’d put a t62 on it and with the OS racer for a little while and then went to a bigger turbo again broke the gearbox he wanted to dial it back a little bit more straight race they put a normal gearbox

In it with a gear set that didn’t last long that broke straight away on the first hit it’s basically been around for a long time as a drag vehicle yes in Australia yep how many times was it the fastest GTR in the world I would say it’s probably changed hands from once we

Took over it once we got the world record I think it probably change has another four to five times after that just going back and forth with other fellow workshops and other R32 gdrs so right now it’s the current record holder correct for quickest GTR all

Right in the world yeah but also a couple other records right yeah that quickest Overdrive vehicle quickest radial all Drive IRS quickest IRS as well because it’s still IRS rear end and just trying to think what else yeah it holds a couple records uh so then what is the fastest pass in this

Configuration yeah the way it is we have around a 6.37 at 224 mile an hour and a quarter mile this past weekend there was a very good potential for you to beat that too correct yes so we pb2 we had a PB 60 foot and pretty much

Through the 330. where the car started breaking down ignition wise so which and then obviously got out of the pass just to abort so we don’t hurt anything so that plagued us all weekend but the car was very very promising like I said with PB and the car was going absolutely

Straight and it was keeping the nose down as well we had issues before where we sort of PB to the 60 but it lifts the front end too high and he’s got a in those Dives this is a case where I own the same car but it’s not even the

Same car at all I mean yeah it’s just it’s there’s there’s not even in the same category very very different same but different as I say it’s the same shape yeah that’s about it that’s about it yeah everything else is very very different about it so why is it called The Dream Crusher

Because he likes to crush dreams and keep breaking records and taking records and as you chase somebody gets a record and then break their hearts and you get it back and the aim is to stay in front as long as you can yeah this is the Dream Crusher so Billet

Block this is like your specialty correct this is a bill of block it’s a dry deck so it’s got water on the side of the block through the water plates but there’s no water going from the Block to the head goes separately so we’ve got water going through the

Cylinder head and then water going through the cylinder block which means you could still potentially run this on the street if you need to yeah if it’s like idling sitting it’s not just going to sit there no no it still runs a radiator water pump all that sort of stuff it’s just

Yeah the only difference is between the draw deck is you can push Big Boost through it and you’d have to worry about the cylinder head lifting between the block and getting water into the cylinders and then causing bigger damage there so it just literally allows you to do that

Got it and then uh how much power does it make in this configuration uh we haven’t had it on a full donut pool but it’ll have to be around these anywhere from 25 to 2800 at the hubs horsepower so with this turbo configuration the way it is and the

Power it’s running at more now so this is just so crazy I can’t look at this I mean and then also all of this is Billet yeah so it’s got a Billet Uh custom plenum Creations Inlet manifold and a few rows we run 24 injectors on it so

It’s a four injectors per cylinder the ID 2600 CC injectors and so this is in case it blows it’ll actually blow this out correct yes if it has a backfire or an archers back far or something like that it’ll do the burst the burst panel instead of destroying

The intake manifold uh let me just replace that little spray that way you save the rest of the correct yeah setup it’ll just blow the weakest point which is that Like oh my goodness it is so crazy yeah so it runs a water tear intercooler 110 millimeter turbo and then so it being water to air yes it just um like ice water that yeah so we’ve got the water tank here oh okay so you run

Ice uh with water so a little bit of water and mainly ice so just enough to melt and then there’s a water pump that pumps it through the intercooler to the Corsa which cools the core freezes the core and then the hot charger goes in comes out cold to the other side

This headlight setup is crazy too yeah wow so we’ve got a big uh duct to get as much air in as possible for the turbo unbelievable just wild and this is all titanium you guys do that’s a full ton of Craig that’s all in-house uh it’s a full titanium exhaust

On it and side pipe and what’s this the oil that’s the oil tank for the dry sump mounted up here because you need more weight up here correct you need as much weight as possible to the front so we mount everything at the front of

The car instead of having it in a boot and running more lines from front to back it’s the shortest way to have lines to the pump and to the engine and it’s also you’re keeping the weight at the front because and this is all metal it’s not

Like a tube no no it’s all Factory Jazzy radiator support um yeah it’s just a bumper It’s modified correct so this is a carbon from bumper which has been blocked off we’ve modified it and blocked it off because it’s got the water to air now it doesn’t have the

Air-to-air interpolar so we’ve blocked it off just to stop the air area more aerodynamic for it as much as possible but why is this pickup point moved back that’s changed because we’ve had a different it’s an aftermarket subframe on it it’s a tubular front subframe on

It which is a race Fab from New Zealand so and they run a completely different suspension it’s a double a arm pick up on it and does that allow for you to run wider tires yes so you got more clearance to run wider Wheels tires and

Also it eliminates a lot of the bump steer as well so then this is not a factory this is aftermarket that’s uh you’re correct carbon’s got carbon fiber front guards on it and is this the exact setup you guys are running this weekend at GTR FS yes correct as is

Exactly what we’re there that’s crazy is there any other 32 that’s running 275s like this yeah um there’s quite a number of all the big ones that are running those numbers or close to those numbers or on a 275 60 Pro radial on them which is a 28 inch tool Tire

The street cars um like War GTR and the other ones run a smaller size tire still on a 15 inch but um they’re on a either a 255 or a 275 50 which is uh like equivalent to a 26 inch tall Tire this is just so crazy and then carbon

Fiber hood yes um one of the things you’re telling me is that you’re not running Hood pins what’s the reason of that the owner wants it to look as stock as possible so guys never putting one up pins on it as much as we wanted for

Safety but yes uh before each pass we’ve got to take the Bonnet to the guards take the headlights down so there’s less air going underneath trying to lift it and take it all down because it runs a full Factory standard latch has he seen the rest of the car I feel like there’s

Nothing Factory about this thing yeah it’s um that’s that’s one thing that is sentimental about it just doesn’t want to change that huh as much as we try to convince him he doesn’t doesn’t want to know about it all right so let’s let’s talk about the rest of the car yes glass

Here yes glass power windows power windows password power windows it’s in the street category so people like to see the power windows and everything mirrors and everything still works uh they like to see all the factory OEM stuff on it amazing aftermarket yeah correct so if it was to

Go into like the full drag set up and not Street then you can go Lex and windows you don’t need them to work and this is segment the carbon doors carbon doors Custom Door trims the bottom half custom carbon Dash carbon seats this is also carbon correct that’s a carbon

Recorder he’s gone to these carbon because he went to a wider Rim at the back to a 12 inch wide wheel and with a standard quarters they sit too far out and at a rub on it so he’s gone to this is a wide body slight slight wide body um reporters on

Them even though you’re running a square setup yep the rear is bigger the tires the same funny two seven five sixties the rim itself is a wider Rim get a bit more traction out of it this is an interesting beard like setup what’s going on here so these are it’s

Just a normal style rim and we drill them out and we put the rim screws in them get the rim screws instead of having a bead lock set up huh is there an advantage to doing that no you’re probably better off with bait locks but um it’s just he likes these

Wolves and he doesn’t want to change so and they are a bit funny to get the right offsets for the gdrs but you can get them now people are starting to make them but yeah he’s on certain things he’s very sentimental with what he wants to do right

Stock or or uh stock style stock style Wing it’s a carbon one carbon boot parachutes I don’t have two of them because this is correct yeah can we take a look at the chunk setup the inside the trunk yeah yes let me try and open this one up oh it’s there’s nothing here

It’s got a yes correct it’s got all the bar work for the nine inch IRS diff going through it we’ve braced that to the roll cage as we originally when we had the nine inch in it after a few passes it actually ripped the whole floor where it was mounted to

Oh it destroyed all the floor so then we went and got a braced from as you can see these bars go straight to the nine inch IRS where it’s mounted yes so leather carbon reporters huh and then stock tail lights stock tail lights stock Beaver panel is this carbon

Too yeah that’s a carbon boot correct what a wild vehicle can we take a look at the inside yeah of course so still power windows carbon Dash yes rear seat delete it still has carpet though yeah he’s trimmed it all to make it look nice yeah

So it’s got It’s got most of the trim on it it’s got the carbon seats in it but yeah he’s just deleted the receipts out of it and then transmission Transmissions are owls race Glides Turbo 400. and it’s three speed three speed correct it’s a three speed parachute release up there

Yeah it’s got the parachute release it’s got the safety for it yeah it’s an actuator it’s full of safety so if he doesn’t pull the shooter does a series operator through CO2 so yeah it’ll um how do you activate all right it does automatically correct they

Control it through the at the drag strip oh really correct yeah so they already know like you have to have it after running a certain after I think it’s quicker than 6.5 right really you’ve got to have it to actually race as part of your taking just in case something

Happens correct where the driver can’t yeah hit it Electro motion is what they call it that’s what they call it right that’s that’s all the safeties in it the cuts off power pulls the shoots everything all that sort of wants that’s cool all business here correct

Yeah the faster you go the more you sort of safeties and everything you’ve got to have in the car to sort of keep racing so the all-wheel drive setup yeah is it locked front and rear discs uh the back runs a 9-inch iOS with a spool in it so

It’s got a full Spool in it the front is just a factory factory gears but it runs a LSD in the front and that’s it and then the the actual still runs a factory outlet system you know really but all control through the motec so you can

Adjust Drive have a two wheel drive through the motec through the button so he’s got four drive burnout mode which is rear drive and then in drag mode it’ll go to four wheel drive and then yeah and then down the strip you can adjust and back off how much four wheel

Drive you’ve got so you can Bleed It Off you can pretty much start off with four drive and end up with zero by the end of it if you really want to and that that’s all something that you program it’s all through the ECU program for the ECU

Correct so then the the transfer case all that stuff is still transfer case is still OEM OEM transfer case we upgraded I put a few extra clutches in it to get a bit more bite out of it yeah the turbo 400 obviously the it’s a they’re originally a rear wheel drive turbo 400

But um they make adapter plates and so you can put the transfer case onto it but yes transfer case is still OEM then run the tail shaft to the rear diff and that’s it that is just so cool yeah it is it’s amazing to me how much left is rs32 GTR yeah

With this being such a crazy vehicle so if everything went well this past weekend yes this could go a lot faster there is a fair bit power was we got winner we’ve got plenty left in it it’s just chassis wise how much more it’ll take we’ve been struggling a little bit

Lately but we feel we have sorted out and we can go a little bit quicker now because like I mentioned this past weekend the car was going dead straight peeping to the 60 and the 330. it’s just um yeah just as long as we can get to a

Full Pass then there’s no reason why we can’t go quicker [Applause] because this is such a old vehicle in in like a race car years right because this was built it started its build you’re saying in in the mid 2000s correct yeah if you were to start all over again with a bear

Chassis ER 32 chassis from the ground up do you think you can build something faster definitely most definitely you could make the chassis a lot stronger strengthen the chassis broke aging more safety stuff so the car might be a little bit heavier because you’re planning to put a normal

Safeties but you’ve got the chassis to then throw whatever you want at it to then take the power and handle it down the track because like I said the whole on the carriage is all Factory still there’s no strengthening you apart from the six-point roll cage within we’ve added this

Funny car cage after he’s ran 650s which was regular he had to do it for the racetrack so and then from running this you’ve also probably learned so much to apply to the Pro Mod vehicle that you guys are building correct as well so what we’ve learned in this we’ve

Transferred to the Pro Mod but obviously on steroids engine wise turbo wise you got the best of the best in the chassis as well so he’s got the Best Transmission in it we just got everything we can to have in it now it’s just finishing it off and then applying

It at the racetrack the way this thing leaves the line I’ve just never seen anything like it it’s so cool you know I’ve shot so much drag racing over the years and I enjoy all types of levels of drag racing front-wheel drive rear-wheel drive all-wheel drive whatever man this thing

Is crazy it’s pretty walled off the line especially when you sit behind it and you see what it does the back just squats and you just see the front wheels off the ground and it just carries them right through and keeps going it’s pretty surreal to watch it from behind because when this

Launches and it pulls a wheelie the front wheels aren’t even touching correct it being all-wheel drive doesn’t even help it at all nah it’s just probably the initial hit off the line and then not long after that it’s off the ground and then away goes we’ve a lot of people

Think it’s real drive or that the four Drive does nothing but we’ve had it in rear wheel drive accidentally hasn’t um put it into full drive off the line and instantly just bombs the tires really yeah and it actually broke the tail shaft once because you’ve you apply

The power differently with when it’s a normal drive so you know sort of what it needs and what take off but because you’ve got a lot more power going to it in the order because it’s going to four wheels the initial shock actually just either bombs the tires or breaks

Something so it’s very it’s it’s very intricate to get it right it’s doing something to get you out yeah correct as much as it looks minimal it actually works it actually does something that’s pretty cool but once you actually land the front wheels do you think the front wheels are adding

To the acceleration yeah most definitely it’ll definitely help and accelerate and then in the deep end you’re bleeding it off so because the faster you get the more toxic you’re going to get as well yeah and there’s a bigger as a more boost and everything pulls in so you

Sort of stop leaning off to make it easier for him to see that’s so crazy to me that the original Nissan Adesa system is still being used in this correct that is so cool stand at a Tesla standard transfer case what do you guys do for the power steering for

This one this one we’ve literally just removed the power steering out because we ran out of room at the front for the for for the actual pump itself because we ran into the water tag because we used to run there and because you’ve got the icebox and

All that so we sort of deleted at the moment but we’re thinking we’re probably pretty close to trying to put it back in because it’s just very hard for him to steer at the moment yeah the bigger tires at the front there was a video I saw a video where this changed lanes

Completely right this this went from the right line to the left lane correct and was that with power steering without power steering that’s without so so it potentially could help in terms of counters most definitely yes yeah it’s um he finds it very hard to

Sort of pull back once it sort of starts moving out on him if it’s that sort of Glides it’s not too bad but when it starts grabbing to pull it’s obviously you’ve got the bigger tires at the front the Wardrobe so man you guys were so lucky you were in

The right lane yeah extremely lucky there’s no other way to put it right I mean wow it’s a wild ride when it’s going straight and good it’s good when it’s not it’s uh it’s pretty violent I expect the craziest GTRs to be here in Australia yeah

Um for so many to be in one area from one shop yep that that’s what blows me away yeah part of it also is something we talked about in our overall video is that you guys have the customer base to Warrant this 100 without the customers we wouldn’t be where we are

Literally every single car here is a customer car so to let us build their dreams and go out racing I mean that’s our Dream as well so it just puts our smile on our face and would just puts a bigger smile on our face when we see them smile you

Enjoy and get records and enjoy what they their hobby really yeah leaving your mark That’s it amazing all right cool thank you hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall What’s up foreign [Applause]