Larry Chen: Midnight Tofu Runs With A Lexus LFA In Singapore Video

Midnight Tofu Runs With A Lexus LFA In Singapore

Posted: 2023-04-17 15:00:01
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you This is a Hyundai if you guys couldn’t tell already I am in a Lexus LFA we are in Singapore in my buddy’s garage and uh for some reason the owner of this LFA wanted us to take this out tonight for a shoot we’re gonna do something fun we’re gonna

Do a tofu run and we’re actually going to fujiwara tofu Cafe here in Singapore and uh this is like the ultimate tofu running car so it all started with the a86 it being a rear-wheel drive Toyota and then this is also a rear wheel drive Toyota Lexus that I’m sure is very very

Fun to drive but this is the ultimate Toyota there’s no other Toyota that is higher than this spec here we go here’s the key go ahead and just put it in here Turn It On full on break just like that So cool incredible All right let’s go let’s go hey everyone Larry Chen here today’s video is sponsored by Alexis USA it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of this brand not only because I drive Alexis every single day but they’re big supporters of aapi creators like me last year I was super excited to

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Lexus by combining two things I’m very passionate about car photography and promoting my Asian American Heritage for this partnership Lexus reached out to me to help spread the word about their electrified lineup featuring the all-new all-electric Lexus RZ my personal favorites from their electrified lineup are the plug-in

Hybrid and Hybrid models like the RX 500h being able to drive anywhere on a whim with room for all my camera equipment is my kind of daily driver I know what you guys are thinking this video is about the LFA which is without a doubt the ultimate Lexus supercar

What’s important to know is that Lexus takes its performance luxury and design credentials from the LFA and applies them to their entire lineup of vehicles including their eco-friendly EVS check out forward slash electrified to learn more about how Lexus IS shaping the industry with their electrified lineup all right

Whoa look at this seat belt everything is so special about this car plans have changed a lot Ben is not driving this I’m driving this LFA which I’m not upset about at all one bit it’s a little scary to be honest this thing is very expensive I also like that I also like that this isn’t lowered because then it’s not as bad to like go over speed bumps and stuff especially because this is my first time legitimately driving in Singapore and of course it happens to be a LFA paddle shifters are actually really nice He’s like oh my God somebody’s driving my car This sounds so good a lot of people say that this is the best sounding car in the world period and uh I don’t know I probably won’t find out because I’m not gonna get on it because it’s not my car [Applause] So good look at this look at the scene look at what we’re next to it this is it this is the top Toyota no other Toyota is like this and they’re probably never will be will be feels so different than anything else I’ve ever driven it feels really tight

It seems like it’s really hard to drive very slow it’s like let’s just go I didn’t mean to run that red so much power it’s crazy this is good for a tofu right it makes sense it’s white it has some black kind of looks like uh it’s a rear-wheel

Drive Toyota right Lexus Toyota Lexus I think this fits pretty good what a fun car to drive yeah yeah I’m sure you like it right I love it there’s not many left around yeah lucky the driveway wait how many are in Singapore two two maybe me seven and eight that’s actually a lot

A lot it’s almost as many as R34 GTRs it’s about quite a few they must be popular here then I think there’s a pink one yeah a yellow one is spotted you don’t see that many of them yeah right yeah one yellow one was I spotted a couple of years back They never come out there’s so many awesome hatches here all the hachis Hachi Hachi Hachi Hachi look at this this is crazy hey everybody how stressed out how are you right now I don’t know I thought you were lost oh no I was good that was good oh my God look at this

LFA I didn’t think I was going to be able to drive a LFA here and I was following auntie and and uh she ran a red light it’d be cool if we pushed both of those up and then maybe angle this more that way

We can kind of get a shot of this and then all the 86s next to it yeah yeah this way more like leaving our real-life initial Daydreams there’s just so many cool cars here all the 86s and of course the ultimate Toyota Lexus of all time period and then

We have a nice yellow S15 and we even have a blacked out Mercedes those are you guys who know this is definitely part of Initial D as well Thank you Your son is uh crazy too Oh Foreign [Applause] He doesn’t like it