Larry Chen: Max Orido’s 1970 Fairlady Z: From Childhood Dream to Reality Video

Reading Time: 15 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-03 15:00:29
Author: Larry Chen
Thanks to @MAXORIDO559, @masalovescars4180, and @dustiinw!!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign Oh yeah oh we got a crowd going already last day in Tokyo we’re at donkoku again our favorite place and it’s raining a lot but um my friend Maya arito brought her dad her dad you know of course Malibu arrido the legendary racing driver He’s out here he brought his 240Z and you guys know I’m such a big fan of the 240z’s he brought his green one that they actually took out from Tokyo out of salon and then of course Maya being the crazy driver that she is she actually brought out her dad’s Supra and

This thing is insane it’s more insane that it’s raining this hard and she’s driving it with that crazy clutch but uh I guess somebody else brought her car out but we got an interesting Trio here you know we got uh Maya’s gr-86 burritos s30 240Z which I’m really excited to talk to

Him about and then of course the a80 Supra the really famous One the Redux with all of burrito’s Parts on it uh yeah we’re gonna do some shooting and we’ll maybe do some cruising and see where it goes I’ve never actually been to this part of dakoku usually we just go to The Lost Ones on that side there’s kind of no real better way I feel like for us to end this trip oh my God you gotta get this scene dude I love it I love it I love it

Yeah pretty perfect weather huh yeah all right so here let me do let me do this interview style dude I got you don’t worry hello hello konnichiwa we got Masa here again hello everybody thank you thank you for letting me in the video that’s first of all you’re

Lucky you have a beautiful face actually it’s just his car dude [Applause] oh it’s R34 GTR and I’m like I hope one day my car is going to be that clean especially with his amazing endless breaks and his two-piece rotors and also his z-tune fenders thank you very much

No I’m just kidding uh no so Masa works at Top Rank and he’s kind of like the American fixer he does a little bit of everything uh on the US and Japan side but uh you’re also friends with the arido family right well I’m ready like I’m good friends

With Maya so and she was kind enough to bring her that out and to come to daikoku and hang out together for a short period of time so that’s good yeah that’s good where is she there she is okay the famous we got some celebrities here we got Dustin Williams yeah

I love that huh yo you should do that oh well like I talked to you in English and then you you say it in Japanese all right cool so what do you think uh oh you or how much longer are you going to be here for um

You know I really think is super admirable and I’m super I wouldn’t say jealous but I’m proud of you for learning Japanese it’s really difficult but like it’s so rewarding too because you know I like to show more than just the cars like really uh like dive into

The culture of Japan and I feel like learning to speak the language has really like gotten me like a step forward in that just being able to communicate even on the most basic level with you know Japanese people especially like we went to Nico one time and this

One guy was just asking me about my car and it turns out he owns a coffee shop next door and he took me around in his coffee shop show me his Harley collection and just from speaking a tiny bit of Japanese I was able to like speak

With him and like talk to him and now we just follow each other Instagram and he’s just a cool old Japanese guy with a coffee shop I think it’s kind of cool because you’re kind of also unraveling car culture in that way for your audience uh so many people

Really find it hard to kind of take that step to actually come here and enjoy car culture like we do so it’s very refreshing to kind of see that you’re taking that kind of approach yeah thank you I mean it’s just it’s it’s what I

Love and I want it to be Beyond just the cars so I think this is a good way to do that and I have some some cool plans coming up that like involves just like doing that oh I can’t wait going to the Onsen

So baby you said it he said it so then next video uh Dustin and I are just gonna be wearing socks just kidding God that’s horrible don’t don’t think about that on our feet one sock all right with that said we should talk to Maya after that no that’s horrible horrible horrible transition

How are you good how are you how are you still standing sorry how are you still standing because you must be so tired I’m so tired I’m so sorry I was always a lot that’s so busy yeah I had them um amazing time there like three days

Standing all day exhausted so that was the first time you ran a booth right from beginning to end the first time you did everything yeah the first year in more than like 20 years how many pictures and autographs do you think you did more than 100 200 I don’t know is

Your hand okay do you need a cast dad needs one yeah he everybody wanted a piece of them oh my God must be so tired too smile for the pictures but I’m which I have to say I it’s very um amazing that he came out to hang out with us today

Did you have it did you even get to have any sleep at all yeah uh yeah but only a little bit I’m so tired my eyes get so red all right so after this I think you should go home and go to sleep because I don’t think you should be hanging out

With us anymore but you guys going back home tomorrow right yes we are yes we are we need to come here to see you guys okay now I feel terrible I know so what what should we do tonight um I don’t know because uh we have a

Translator tonight so maybe you guys can ask some questions to my dad that uh we couldn’t do last time because my terrible English no your English is fine your English is fine yeah so so I I don’t know where he went Let’s go ask him no no no I mean if

Maybe we can I don’t know wait for the rain to stop or whatever or maybe we can go to the cars and check out some of the cars I actually want to know about his 240Z build uh you you sold the car right yeah I saw it and I

Saw that it was your booth car but I don’t know anything about that car I don’t know what engine it’s running maybe if he has five minutes of his time I would maybe you can convince him because you’re his daughter okay and he loves you I appreciate it I appreciate it

He Legends right yeah like one of the guys that like when you hopped on any like media platform and you were looking up Japanese cars that guy I know well I wasn’t kidding when I was saying that people were throwing their underwear at him I mean dude it’s insane like the fandom you

Couldn’t even you couldn’t even get to the booth like that’s insane there was like foreign it was it was like traffic diversion just to get to the booth because of how many dudes just yeah and girls were trying to get a piece of him you know

Right well I mean I mean he is like for us like like an absolute Legend and someone that we looked up to I mean like think about all the videos and media and pictures that we watched of Japanese cars on together and I’m here because of

People like him you know him Don son suchia you know your Madison Tarzan oh my God in fact well I do have to say Tarzan he really annoyed Us in the videos back then but you know now he’s obviously calmed down and it was just a Persona I

Mean he and he like is who he is like yeah Shameless plug if I did a video of the amount of somewhere he drove my car watch that video when he drove my car on hokone Turnpike and that was like some of the most fun I like recreated a video

I got an option video with him and it was like so remember that it was so much fun yes it was he like actually is Tarzan crazy Tarzan and he’s a wheel man he is still through he was screeching tires on together okay okay the sound

That you never heard of yeah I love that I love that all right so we’re gonna check out uh the the 240Z if that’s okay oh yeah he just came here you know love love love your 240Z so much so most people know you as a Toyota guy

Like for example me included why is it that you built a 240Z so his first first ever car was a z31 the 300 ZX and he was driving Nissan silvias back in when they were new so and this was his childhood one of the childhood dream cars so he’s now he’s

Able to afford it he just bought it and make it in his own basically so um the 240Z for me is very special because it was my first ever sports car um I bought it on my 21st birthday and I still have it today he said awesome that’s a very goal but

The story with mine is back then they weren’t worth anything and I bought mine only for three thousand dollars and the same day I ran out of gas because the fuel gauge didn’t work so this car is actually originally it’s a l20 1970 model that’s that was in the

First generation first iteration of the new the z a very very old car with a l24 not 2.4 liter only two literally so that’s a JDM model wow only in the US came with the 2-4 as an initial uh okay and then so this one it

Was already good or did you restore it or yeah so he got the car relatively in a good condition especially an interior condition it was a very good but the exterior had a few blemishes so what he did is basically he re-painted the entire car and also he put like a

Brand new carburetors on but it’s he just bought it recently so it’s kind of like a gradual startup project so he he kind of makes him more into like a bigger stuff too eventually it’s going to turn into something like his Supra it’s just going to be more and more modifications

So he’s going to keep it as is like a style as is but he wants to make their own engine more better higher horsepower okay so is he going to do an engine swap because no no he wants to be like as original but like you know got it so now

Go crazy I took my car to the track because back then they weren’t worth anything and I blew up my motor and then that’s why I had a swap in a SR20 DT in mine so that means he’s not going to touch the motor in that way so

What he told me is basically his um so there’s a shop called JMC so there is a so it’s right next to his shop oh so they have their l20 heads so that’s why he wants and they want to sell out to your estate size so that

Will be his demo car as well oh wow it’s actually pretty clean so the carbs are from selects 44.5 so it’s a relatively big carburetor for the capacity of the engine so that’s why it’s now running in a full condition yet but he’s kind of adjusting that as well hi

So exhaust manifold and the Mufflers are from Fujitsu exhaust yeah they make really really good stuff they I think they make a lot of uh exhaust for like high performance OEM yes R35 exhaust work came in as well so so this is like a OEM radiator look-alike so it’s actually have a more

Course it’s a three three layer course on here this is uh I’m wondering if his inspection light still works oh it works so it’s funny because now you know cars they don’t want you to work on the cars now so back then it’s so crazy they

Actually wanted you to be able to work on the cars you so that in order to change plugs there’s a light over there yeah yeah yeah that’s so nice I love that oh batteries are lithium-ion battery oh my battery is very very lightweight yes it’s from Max’s brand sure So actually um you don’t know the normal like a lead acid battery it gets like the get fumes out of it and that’s why it starts to corrode around this area right right and then the bottom over here yeah yeah got it okay this thing is in such good condition like

Did he have to redo all the rubber and things like that so he actually brand new window moldings and everything brand new wow it looks great it looks great so everything the moldings has been uh renewed as well so as he’s expanding his collection is he

Going to try to get more old school cars because I know he has that Porsche yeah yeah the red portion he really likes driving around don’t know hi hi so he’s not really going to expand his collection just yet but he bought this because one this is like his childhood

Dream cars and two like Porsche and Japan like Porsche and Nissan they’re all totally different like how they built cars and manufacture cars it’s totally different so it’s good for him to relearn cars that’s why he bought this and Porsche at the same like relatively at the same time so that he

Can learn that car culture differences and also I mean because this is what he’s known for right from what we’ve watched you know especially all the media that’s coming out of Japan yeah like this is what what he’s known for yeah but I just don’t it’s still

Interesting to see that he’s into this kind of stuff as well you know I think that’s cool ah he’s not more into speed anymore that’s a big surprise he likes uh lighter cars and more Nimble and fun yeah yeah I mean something like this and also the Porsche

You don’t really need you don’t need to break the speed limit to have fun you know you can pretty much floor it the whole time so even yeah like like you said this car if you floor it’s it’s it won’t go fast so but at the same time it’s fun because

You’re flooring it yeah so that’s why this car like he likes kind of like this car as well Tonight it looks more modern so it has a max Arena Engravings right here see so this is a brand new setup that he’s uh Max over to collaborated with the RS with the novice which is you know the initial D yes of course that wheel yeah manufacturer so they’re

Collaborating and they’re gonna produce this wheel is this the first one okay this is cool because uh Iris wants we see it on so many cars even in the U.S it’s the same style it’s like old school style but this is cool because this is

Like new style like a new style and yeah it’s he said it’s lightweight because it’s fully forged and it’s it’s good for like old school cars as well but it has a it will it will still look a bit old but it has a you know it’s kind of respecting the old but

Putting a new flavor into it too and also um max Sarita is going to collaborate with the bread seats and they’re gonna make a a classic car style Bridge seat for like the old school car as well yeah he’s gonna open it okay all right so it’s all original interior yeah yeah

It’s so nice even the dash it it had never cracked it never cracked he said no cracks on the dashboard too it’s full original oh look look at this it has a please use leads fuel sticker left on a windshield it’s whatever it’s really amazing the vertical yeah the the new ones are

This way also this and also this too newer ones have like a like a dip yeah oh yeah the one tail yeah not a two-tail one two so was this originally green Would it be okay if you give me a ride okay yeah he said okay just maybe around here okay perfect cool now right now dude dude I’m so jealous that you’re gonna go for a ride fan fan boy moment dude you know the thing is it’s like it’s one

Thing to be friends with Maya Maya you know amazing girl it’s been amazing to work with her too like I was in her in her hype Bay video um but we’ve also shot with her you know before and I’ve been able to visit uh Rito at their uh Studio 130r Yokohama

And he was teaching me a little bit how to drive maybe more like watching me crash on a Sim but uh being able to shoot his 240Z I didn’t even know he was building this thing you know I think it’s so great that he’s bringing the old school Plus

On top of that the fact that he’s collabing with all his partners and bringing them in to the old school Market is really important especially because these cars aren’t cheap anymore and it’s really hard for people to find parts and the fact that there’s new parts being

Made for this car is really important I think that’s really cool you can mention to him that I appreciate that he’s bringing new parts with such an old car hello Um yeah that’s like the he’s he needs this kind of stuff in order to be go uh pass it to the next Generation yes 100 to pass the Maya especially you know yeah yeah this car has a fans in all across the world so I think that this is necessary

Thing to do yeah has Maya driven this yeah she’s driven it that’s awesome that’s super cool because yeah what year is this one 1970 okay okay so um I’m sure he’s heard this uh but one of the things I always like to talk about is essentially this is a time machine

You know Back in 1970 somebody drove this when it was brand new off of the showroom floor off out of Nissan and then now we’re still able to drive the same car I think that’s super cool if you can tell him that is oh so fun fact actually this car is

Originally two owner car and he bought it straight from that second order and that second order visited his booth just to see his car renewed um he probably like shed a tear right now yeah he said yeah yeah yeah oh this is the owner yeah he brought this

Um like the um the booklet like the mechanic yeah oh yeah like he look at all these stains from it like he was you know working on this guy while watching these uh that is so crazy just yeah just leave that in the car I love that all right so let’s

Go for a ride here we go in a Rita’s 240Z 1970 also very very very cool so original no crack Dash still four speed five follow five speed okay in Japan it came in five speed I love it the steering wheel is still that wood original one the vinyl is very clean incredible here we are at the historic moment leaving daikoku parking area Oh good sound that l20 very Throne yeah it’s okay it’s a cruiser Cruiser Oh feels so good so this is the cool thing is I can imagine this you know being in Tokyo Back in 1970 with so many other cars on the road from the era and you gotta just be such a boss driving this thing Just gotta love that long Hood in a 240Z in the rain In Yokohama leaving daikoko PA so good good sound though Rainbow Bridge yeah it’s so pretty so Um it looks like it does have twice pipes on here which is something similar to what I had on my 240Z when I still had a l series motor but my my LC my L Series motor actually was a 2.8 liter the previous owner

Swapped it in and I I did end up blowing that while I was doing time attack autocross Gymkhana and also um I drifted it a couple times yo It’s interesting because on a right hand drive Dash all of this stuff is seems like it’s pointed to the right side which obviously makes sense but um actually surprisingly this is the first time I’ve ever ridden in a 240Z on in in a right hand drive on the left side whoa Oh man Oh also you gotta love those mirrors It’s very hard to see with those mirrors A lot of people ask me what this stuff is here when I had my 240Z I still actually have this slot but it’s actually for the choke here that way and also you can you can increase the idle right when you start it if it’s cold it’s going to run really

Rough so you actually have to use that to make sure it runs nice here we go back through the ETC gate back to the toll booth on the way back to techoku PA foreign Was telling me that um he’s actually running the old school tires um from Yokohama to kind of keep that old school look versus running something a lot stickier or a lot more modern enjoy enjoy yeah so good the sound the smell you know of like an old car so good so cool

All right I have a couple of things I wanted to ask him or if that’s cool that was uh definitely a pretty cool moment to be able to experience that Jesus First time first time I had a chance to watch him drive was when he came to the US to Los Angeles in 2004 for GT live I don’t know if he remembers It was super GT then also the next day was D1 Grand Prix yeah yeah that was the first time I took pictures of him yeah yeah a long time ago yeah almost 20 years ago almost 20 years ago so next I can only imagine is he

Gonna try to maybe get a 2000 GT because that’s like a Toyota well he said he cannot afford it oh you never say never yeah wolf if he built one like a 2000 GT with his style yeah that’s a very good idea like lowered with nice Wheels

Yeah he said that that’s a good idea but I would that would be such a dream and if he did build something like that it would be an honor for me to photography Yeah he said yes thank you my pleasure thank you so much no he he will come to America soon so let’s hang out together I’d love that that would be amazing he can drive my 240Z [Laughter] thank you so much all right over and out hey thanks for watching if you want to

Support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall foreign Foreign [Applause]