Larry Chen: Make 300hp MORE With A Bolt-On Supercharger Kit from Z1 Video

Make 300hp MORE With A Bolt-On Supercharger Kit from Z1

Posted: 2023-05-26 15:00:27
Author: Larry Chen
Many thanks to @Z1Motorsports23 for letting me dump the clutch a little!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

[Applause] thank you we are here we’re in the dino room at Z1 Motorsports because we’re going to talk about their new supercharger kit and we’re also going to talk about this really awesome z34 370Z build that they have but this is actually their development car Spencer is going to talk

To us about this kit they’re really excited about it because this is going to be the first time they’re offering something like this that’s so easy for enthusiasts like myself to use so we just had a chance to watch this run on the dyno put down some pretty impressive

Numbers honestly for a bolt-on kit all right what did it make so pump gas this has got half of cats on it and you actually see a few runs here so we have uh three different pulley sizes tested on the graph yeah and it just came off a 522

Run that’s about 11 PSI okay so 93 octane pump gas 522 wheel horsepower um on a Dyno jet so what what does that equate to you think in terms of crank like 580 something like that you’re close to Six it’s close to Six so and that’s about 200 more horsepower wheel than we

Normally are able to achieve on the averages I’d say for uh you know in a bolt-ons strong ones will go three 40s on this roller they did a lot of trick stuff and the approach you know of course having a tuner kit available chart your own destiny swing for the

Fences uh or make it your own but also just to make it like hey I want 450 I want 500 I want 520 or 550 like we just have easy selectable intervals which will just come packaged you could get it with drop-in fuel system as you go up

The ladder if you want to support e and go heavier you can get it with a fuel return um and it comes this is kind of the crazy thing the head unit and the whole bracket assembly will come to the end user just assembled take it out of the

Box and just put it on the secondary belt has an auto tensioner on it and it’ll be preset from here so it comes to the end user they just put it together aside from that run the piping install your Cooling and you get a kit that’s backed by road tracks on the warranty

And us as well right to make sure that you’re that you’re in good shape for the Long Haul so the kick comes from Z1 and what do you actually have to do to prep it do you have to like crack the motor or anything no it’s just stock internals

Oh yeah and stock internals can go quite a ways I mean you’d feel comfortable pushing one of these I pushed from my car I actually have this kit on my car street car I pushed it to 659. uh Kyle has one on his car Kyle has

The first one because Kyle is the kid but uh we pushed this car to 647 and he’s on E85 and that’s what his car stays in so we’re running that on stock engines I recently built my motor to see what it is so we’ll see in the future so

You think you could even make more oh it was just a smaller pulley or yeah well I have the smallest pulley on now I just gotta get rid of some restrictions I need some more boost more boost so then is this going to be California

Legal I think the plan will be to do at least one version that’s cartoon blind so we just have to find the right car partner out there you know they’ll always ask us to say get a worse performing year if we want to certify for also they’ll say find us an auto

2013 or something odd and we’ll work to find that hopefully work with a partner on the other end out there maybe rather than Supercar and they could get a killer deal everybody in California can thank that person for being the one are you saying Larry needs

A three seven Larry needs a 370. wait a minute besides the actual supercharger kit what else have you done to this 370. so this one to continue out under the hood has the fuel return system in the current configuration so that’s hat pumps lines uh regulator filter all in uh injectors

As well and then under the hood we’ve got the super nice new Carbon Bar which is like three pounds or just under it’s super light this is so nice right we say if you don’t like leaks under your car but you need the drip that’s like the ultimate one uh carbon

Air guide’s pretty new and then feature externally is uh our Springs it’s got our zm23 wheels and the twins kit which if you’re familiar with twins design at Peru these guys make beautiful crafted products for Z cars and and so that’s like the side skirt from

Bumper uh 2015 front on this one with their lip Okay and then they’ve got a diffuser Outback as well spoiler roof spoiler very it’s kind of a clean modern right because it is dual throttle bodies um it actually has to like collect at one point and split and then go into the

Motor it’s such a crazy design I mean you have to do this because of packaging but like there’s this tube that goes all the way around and then it combines it here and then it goes into the motor together flow seems to work really well and inside the plenum on these it’s not

Separated like left to right tank so you have to find Runners that are in there but they share in air space so balance or boost across you know the engine as it said is equivalent and yeah charge Outlets here short run to the intercooler and then off the bathroom

Split the one thing this car doesn’t have is the tank so they’ve got a pretty sick Billet uh tank and Reservoir assembly that they’re putting in that comes here yeah that’ll take care of both I think the roadtrex fluid and uh and uh so then how hard is it or how

Easy is it going to be to install for like a backyard mechanic I I think that the sections are one of the easiest kits to put on but I think compared to all the other kits that are on the market we worked really hard and that’s part of

The reason we’ve taken our time to get it to Market so that you know for an end user specifically it’s something that comes together and it’s it’s easy right do you have to have a lift to install this no I could be done with jacks on the ground I mean for sure

And then one of the cool things about this because this is all pre-tensioned and everything it already comes with the belt um attached you don’t have to adjust any of that this just comes as one unit besides moving the bumper like what other things do you have to do does it

Come with its own intercooler kit it does come on its own intercooler it comes with its own bash bar that gives you more clearance so you don’t have to lose that structure up front and you get clearance for for the intercooler with it maintain having a factory code point

But that’s all part of the kit very complete so no matter what level if you’re picking one of the one of the stage packages it’ll be complete for that uses so we say hey Target to this you can always upgrade it further but if you’re looking at I want pain-free I

Just want to know I got what I need do the install and I want to be ripping it before the weekend’s over that’s that’s how the kit is intended to be and then obviously perform like an in a car on steroids why is it that you guys didn’t

Come out with this earlier because the 370 has been out for quite a while now well we we’ve grown a bit so the engineering team uh over the years has grown when I started it was it was like one person right in Russell and then I

Got a few more people now it’s like 13 people deep I think between their leadership and planners and designers and draftsmen uh that they’re helping do that you know and we are very committed to try and push the envelope on providing the best products and and making it also like a good experience

For the customer so we got across we get them ready and we’re able to come to Market and serve well so that it’s not like signing up to wait on a product that you may or not may not get so what do you think in terms of

Um this kit what’s next like is it going to come out in for 350s or other EQ models uh the goal absolutely will be to serve more more products in the catalog so uh I think G has absolutely good attention they’re already working on 350.

I think d e is first but I’m sure that HR will come hopefully shortly behind that this as an advertised like you go to the website is it like something um where it’s just one option 600 horsepower and that’s the only option that you have or is it a couple

Different steps yeah so offer it kind of two-faced ways for customers on 370 be able to add as a tuner kit it’ll come with like just the hardware for the supercharger choose what size pulley you need uh you would put together your own tuning package you put together your own

Fueling packages needed and then we’ll have what we call the complete kits those kits we think we’re just gonna instead of trying to make it where it say pick this and that and this or that where it’s very option Rich we’re gonna try and streamline it and say hey here’s

Here’s a profile of the supercharger packages here’s maybe their target Powers by fueling uh and you can look at that and decide I want a 100 millimeter pulley or we may call it 500 horsepower kit or 550 horsepower kit something like that so that’s that’s all coming

Together but very close uh but it’ll be simple you just pick which one you want and the kit will come packaged appropriately got it and then so if you do choose that how do you tune it is that something that you just load on yep it’ll come with a flash yeah

Which we offer on our site now have a team of Engineers that work thoroughly to get this tune package situated this one will come with our Bluetooth it also have what we’re going to release as a level three tune option so if you buy Z1 supercharger you get a Z1 tune

And you’re you’re going to have the confidence in that car because it’s been tested hours and hours and hours on end in at the track so and you’ll get a chance to fill it before oh okay I can’t wait this is gonna be fun um

And if you already have it seen from us or something like that one of our guys can certainly set up a package where it’s appropriate you just add the add the support for the level three that you need when does this get launched hopefully this month oh okay all right

So it’s pretty quick do you have pre-orders out or anything yeah we have you announced this we’ve we’ve shot it a few times so people are aware it’s something we’re working on the only things we’re running pre-orders right now is uh the br870 turbos for the VR

30s and the queues and the VG extra so those are the only thing and those are also very close I think I start starting to get afterwards online so and they’ve got refinements on this coming all-wheel drive brackets are in for I think our Q50 so they’ll be testing

Confirming all that funding packages together for that and it goes out yeah a lot of irons in the fire right now these guys are uh fever still working I think to get these across the finish line but it’s um I guess another question is what’s really the main difference

Between this and other Supercharger kits for this vehicle I think what it’s going to come down to is install and performance uh that’s been it’s been submitted to an earlier the Z1 install is going to be a lot more user-friendly and that’s our goal is to get it a

User-friendly good performing kit and it’s a self-contained Supercharger so just makes it easier to work on and I don’t know if Spencer pointed out but we also have an adjuster on that one that’s the easiest adjuster on the market yeah so to adjust the the tension on the back

Oh this is actually spring-loaded on that got it and then so you still have air conditioning the stock cooling system can’t handle it Street absolutely I’d say if you if you’re you know building a track monster that it summer heat down here humidity as we get into the late dog days I mean

It’d probably take more than standard things but they’ve made Provisions to try and make sure if you haven’t even hold cooler kit you can adapt it integrate it it’ll work with it uh and and we’re looking after that obviously this building is full of guys that live

That life I think and are all about making sure the track because that’s Kyle’s car yeah is a dedicated track car it’s all right I can’t wait to drive it let’s go oh I’m so excited this really is a long time coming for you guys to build to to have a kit like

This for anybody that wants to make easy power I mean there is a lot of turbo kits out there for this right it’s true but it’s just so involved I mean you really have to do so much also to get it to be reliable and from what forsberg has said

A motor like this you know you could get up to 700 horsepower pretty reliably yeah anything beyond that is like a crap shoot I’m gonna pull out maybe when we come back we’ll do some donuts and some lunches Right now besides the clutch feeling pretty heavy it feels like a pretty normal 3 3. It’s pretty rowdy wow wow okay oh my goodness Oh this is what this car needed yeah oh wow AC works everything works incredible so what do you think this is your first time being in this thing too it feels good for me um and I’ve been cutting my teeth for years on N A like 370 my name’s about 340 and

Leaves a lot of confidence to drive it kind of wild right like a ragged Edge feel like you’re kind of bouncing on a tight rope at times to be hanging it out there uh but I always feel like I could use a lot more especially coming off the

Corner yeah and they don’t make a lot of torque um so forgiving for a driver and a marginal driver like me I’m surprised how much traction this has too it being able to handle all of that power no problem yeah well that’s really surprising I think this is standard gear

But Street Pro out back which does really well for that silent no hobbling around um just works and you could really get in trouble with this quick though because of how much power it makes it sounds so good too If you have a 370 and you want more power this is this is the kit honestly this should be too much power on the track you get in trouble so fast I think I’m gonna set mine up probably at the minimum to start yeah and see if I can

Master that it’s too much like wow it’s it’s really really good and like like you mentioned before he he drives like in a car you know it’s not like it has any lag or anything I think it’s harder to take a fast car but easy to go

Fast in a slow car harder to go fast in a very fast car but if you had to pick between a linear uh Power band without the latency of lag on a turbo or I think a supercharger I think driving a faster car fast probably come to most drivers easier

With the supercharger than the turbo I mean I’ve I’ve been through both and I feel like fun I love turbo but a lot more challenging yeah the thing that blows me away is the fact that you don’t have to crack the motor you don’t have to build the internals or anything

It’s so strong I mean unlike the de the HR was pretty robust too I think we’ll have a lot of people running around on those at 500 yeah like for a long time maybe maybe even more um the nice thing too about supercharger is that they don’t load up down low and

Build a bunch of torque when engine speed is low and put as much strain on top half sparings on rods so you’ve got a lot of engine speed usually as it’s making max power so things run smoother and less likely to kind of fold something over so I think

That’ll play in Wells longevity and they still still just feels like a Z’s Power Band you’re gonna dive and not going to run recover Z1 Motorsports 370z34 this is their supercharger kit that is unreleased and they’re actually letting me drive it I’m gonna maybe try to do some launches some donuts in it but it drives amazing I just took it for a little test Loop we just had a chance to watch it on

The dyno this thing is so legit if you have a 370Z this is going to be the kit that you want to make easy power you don’t have to crack the motor it comes with everything you need it comes with an intercooler it comes with its own

Bash bar so that way you know you don’t have to cut up the factory bumper support the guys here have made crazy power with this kit of course they modify it and they do certain things to to kind of really test it out and push

It the way it sits right now this kit is making 522 horsepower to the wheels on their Dyno jet so it’s legit it makes a lot of power it drives amazing we’ll see how it does in terms of a couple donuts and I’ll probably do a couple

Lunges here and see how it goes Oh God [Applause] Sunday bro Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura is the perfect piece of art for your wall foreign [Applause]