Larry Chen: Launch Control In A 2023 M3 Competition Is Wild! Video

Posted: 2023-04-19 15:00:01
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

All right Uncle Larry give her the beans Hold on let me so close you just saw that right I remember my first time I launched two guys ready yeah I’m ready I’m ready oh my God this might be the only only launch control where the driver actually makes himself throw up this is ridiculous it is too much

Your your glasses fell off they went flying off I have vertigo now too that was great I think we gotta do it again are you ready to go no no no let’s go where are we going uh we’re going to the LZ compound all right all right we’ll

Grab lunch first and we’re gonna follow you you have a little more horsepowers than me that’s all-wheel drive I love these so much Flappy paddles great transmission drives amazing feels amazing very very fast dog like this I think so all right here we go Oh my God I think it’s so bad it’s not even fair it sounds so good too oh buddy that thing sounds so good it’s all good foreign what are you trying to say are we eating at karate over here I got a good lunch Place fixed I figured since we’re driving the

Santorini G80 we’ll go to Santorini’s no okay so I literally looked up a Mediterranean restaurant and Santorini restaurant came up it’s 1.8 miles away and Drew is driving a Santorini blue G80 all right let’s get kebabs before we leave you go to park your Santorini blue G80 M3 right here

This is this is the shot that I want right here let’s do it lived here 10 years and I knew this was here how was it delicious where did the color come from right there it’s a Santorini Harbor I assume that’s what that painting is Santorini Harbor Santorini blue

Santorini blue for the water of uh I forget what ocean it is but one of the islands of Greece it’s pretty cool yeah it’s pretty neat and if you didn’t know that you should do your research in advance I’ve known for years that’s exactly where it came from I didn’t look

It up five minutes when I swore no This is what I traveled all the way from La for to take pictures of this G80 Santorini blue next to the Santorini authentic Greek restaurant amazing so hey hey you’re moving too fast hold on hold on beep beep uh go closer to the curb keep keep going stop stop

Larry I want to invite you to my restaurant this is just so dumb I wish I wish it was more run up so you could do an all-wheel drive launch but I kind of feel like you probably won’t make it you’re probably going to that poll right right away okay

I guess uh I think it’s time to go to the LZ compound now all right all right so Drew texted me he told me to put it in M Dynamic mode which is this little blue button here and uh it quickens up everything seems like the shifting man this thing is angry supercharged

Four liter amazing revs to the Moon okay this thing is fast okay here we go why is launch control so much fun this is so stupid what are you gonna do it from same spot okay all right okay and we love it because we’re just we’re a couple of children man

You got AC on oh yeah it’s so comfortable yeah man like is there any other way to do this so this is a car it launches so hard that I have to make sure the back of my head is already touching right otherwise you’ll just get a good knock in the head yeah

Ready yeah I’m ready I’m ready oh my God this might be the only only launch control where the driver actually makes himself throw up it is too much your your glasses fell off they went flying off I have vertigo now too that was great I think we gotta do it again

The repeatability is what blows me away yeah it just keeps going and going it’s just so crazy but like when are you gonna do that on this one you could do that every stoplight in Florida well Florida is its own country you you can do anything in Florida and then and then

On State where like anything anything goes you just Drift from from building a building so cool it is too cool I can’t I can’t believe it and you haven’t done it in your own car either no oh like well first of all I want to come out here I’m pretty respectful to what

Happens out here I don’t just come around and like do my own thing without talking to everybody right but I’m not going to do this on the street no I I understand that I mean this this is I mean you could take this to do um whatever to the quarter mile drag

Strip you could do half mile racing you could do standing Mile right with this in this configuration so but pretty soon other people are going to do this to this car 100 like it’s this isn’t going to be the only one or just one of the first ones right okay

So let me ask you this you had a M5 CS also how does this in this configuration compare to the M5 it’s not even close the car was that car was not terrifying from a launch that car was terrifying in highway speeds that’s an Audubon car

Well that was it that car but still this is faster even on the on the highway now that car out of the box was the fastest car on the highway that I’ve ever experienced from like 80 to 150 you it made no logical sense how it got there

So quick it just blows me away because you can’t enjoy that in the US really unless you go off-road versus you know I’ve driven in Germany quite a bit I just came back hanging out with JP and being able to drive on the Audubon you finally understand why these cars exist

Yeah and what they’re for which is cruising at 250 300 kilometers an hour no problem right not 72. yeah in the United States right because you obviously you got a good speed limit okay I’m gonna try okay to hold the camera still okay while you do one so

Just we could just see the RPMs climb and everything okay but this is going to be hard but let’s try it okay all right here we go again Oh did that lose my glasses yes again good thing I got ceramic brakes too because that’s a pretty short window to stop man that’s nuts that was the hardest one so I I’m kind of curious I don’t think at this point because Adam uh got rid of

His Turbo S I don’t think anything launches as hard here uh honestly I would put Pitt this against his Evo and I don’t I think this would be faster are you are you suggesting a challenge I think we might have to get Adam okay that could be fun

That would be so cool first one to the the one-way roadways okay can I can I just do one so you can feel what it feels like okay I mean yes so let’s get let’s get my chicken Euro out that we have for lunch okay let’s do this

It’s just it’s ridiculous is what it is driver swap okay hold on hold on all right so it is traction controls off you know all of that is on sport plus plus uh premium plus you are you are maxed to the max okay yeah all right all right are you

Ready okay uh space shuttle launch on five four three two I think it’s one Oh my God I can’t even I can’t hold it as long as you do like you were hitting like 75. I didn’t even look I was just looking at like when do I stop my breaking point was it we were going that fast well I almost hit 60

Just now and I braked so early okay give it give it a go no are you sure I don’t want to there you go what is that what did that feel like for you what did I feel like uh last night’s was the was the craziest yeah it was definitely worse than the

Best but this this you were expecting it I was like I’m getting used to it because we’ve done this four or five times now in a row but it hits hard man like it’s like a double hit it hits when you when it actually launches and then once it hits boost it’s like

Here we go again like levels well the cool thing I like about this is it lets you hit boost it lets you build boost versus uh there’s a lot of vehicles if you do try to do a brake stand or launch control it kind of gets

Upset at you for doing it too long you know I purge it or something well no it’s like why would you want to have gas and brake on at the same time but this thing’s fully loaded it’s squats you can see from the outside footage it looks so

Good you should see you want to see it from the outside okay I’m gonna back up and we can you can see it from the outside it’s it’s fully squats like you wouldn’t believe all right Uncle Larry give her the beans Hold on let me so close you just saw that right I remember my first time I launched two guys please get please give him a hard time over this one that’s very good you didn’t wreck it uh because it would have been on camera forever all right give her the beans Larry oh

That was priceless in reverse Larry almost rear-ended that trailer over there it might have been worth the amount of damage just to have that on camera like for eternity all right hugs and kisses bye that was fun yeah what do you think it looks crazy you’re exhausted yeah man I can’t work

Out that hard anymore that’s a that’s a neck workout and my back it’s incredible how hard this launches but the repeatability is what blows me away yeah we just did like eight or ten in a row the the temp was at 210 the whole time the car’s not overheating we

Just left the hood open for whatever reason um it did it the same way every single time no issues let’s talk about the motor yeah the s58 right it’s uh it’s a three liter so it’s similar to the motor out of the Supra but that’s a b-58 right that’s a non-m version

Right so like a lot of guys um like to claim it’s the same it’s not it’s wildly different the engineering behind the thing is two totally different Drive trains um they just have a similar block like that’s really it so not the same same but different different but not the same it’s perfect

It’s in line six Turbo 3 liter it’s basically like the BMW 2J I mean that’s kind of what people have been calling it b58 but this is even like the crazier version more extreme yeah I mean it’s like you can see what you do with a couple bolt-on parts granted

That’s like super high quality parts and then a tune like there’s no internal differences I mean when you talk about bolt-on when it comes to something like this just the exhaust and intake alone is somebody’s entire car build you know in terms of price yeah yeah you’re talking

About 25 Grand just roughly yeah and then uh can you give me a rough estimate about price for this so what we’ve done so far yeah what was the base price of the car the car was one 16 I think I think because I paid the

Extra 2500 on top of actually the car itself to get the the track day but when you do the one day performance track day thing they unlock your uh speed limiter it’s like 180 miles an hour so like I paid for it because I’m dumb

But it’s like 116 and then we have 52 000 in it so far so then all in right now you’re at what 170 let’s say yeah I guess so can we cut that so my wife doesn’t see it yeah 170 yeah but but it I feel like it can

Run with cars that are so much more expensive yeah well you know I have the the 911 Turbo S it is all stock and I like I don’t even need the like I don’t drive it just give me this and that’s 40 Grand more right so then for those of people who

Want to complain about uh rich guy here just buying all these BMWs know how to find them so Drew is a dealer yes and he sells cars and you can actually follow him on his YouTube channel and also on his Instagram we’ll put that below

Um but uh that’s kind of when he goes into the nitty-gritty of these vehicles your specialty right now for whatever reason it’s BMW and Porsche like those are those are the two big things that at the studio that I focus on it’s my preferred cars right it’s like what I love

Um I sell what I like I mean I have a red on red NSX which is super rare I love that as well but you’ll see the the other things kind of peppered in the inventory i Source I restore and I sell that’s my deal right I Source the rarest

And the nicest and the cleanest examples I can find um I Hawk these cars for months on months on months before I finally am able to capture one of them and then I make them perfect I need to make that Crystal Clear when you see see the

Prices on my website like I’m not plucking a price out of the sky it might be a car that’s valued at 65 000 that’s being sold for 75 because I put 10 12 13 000 of Maintenance in it so that you don’t have to I guess I need to make

That crystal clear you’re not buying a car for me that needs a bunch of Maintenance you’re buying it 100 sorted that’s the deal so you’re gonna pay a little bit more for it if you’re looking for a budget buy I’m not your guy if you’re looking for the perfect car

Give me a call e92 Skittles Taste the rainbow hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh [Applause]