Larry Chen: Last Minute Hawai’i-Style Pop-up Car Meet Video

Last Minute Hawai'i-Style Pop-up Car Meet

Posted: 2023-07-19 15:00:41
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Oh my God oh [Applause] That is Rowdy right in front of the cop car geez hey everyone Larry Chen here we are on the big island of Hawaii we are on the Kona side which is the west side we’re out here with Toyota shooting the new Tacoma but I figured we’d do like a

Little pop-up meet the last day before we had to fly out a lot of cool cars showed up and a lot of cars are living but uh I didn’t have a chance to do an intro so I’m gonna do my intro now and then I’ll show you guys the video

A lot of cool cars showed up including look at this thing Yeah it gets a little Rowdy here but um it’s so beautiful that is Maui you can actually see it from the big island and it’s so clear but this is a full lava flow we had a bunch of goats here this is uh something that I’ve never been

Able to see I’ve only traveled to Oahu and I’ve done a bunch of videos on Oahu on this channel just to kind of showcase a little bit of local Hawaiian car culture but I’ve never had a chance to shoot car culture here everybody on Oahu tells me that the

Cars here are on a different level because of the fact that they actually have a quarter mile drag strip and they have sanctioned scca autocross they have a lot of car culture enthusiasts here on this island so I’ve always been excited to come here and I finally had the

Opportunity to do so and now we’re closing out our trip with a fun little pop-up meet so I hope you guys enjoy the video Josh thanks for coming you have to go to work yeah but I want to see your dope is this the space shuttle is this is this

Is yeah this is a shuttle uh but it’s not a shadow Shuttle from Europe uh 90 Civic wagon rt4 d16z swap eBay special turbo let’s check it out let’s check it out this looks so cool this is the island special so cool I love this so much

Wait a minute so is this all-wheel drive yeah it’s still I will drive still I will drive 270 some odd thousand miles on that all-wheel drive system so this is not the original motor D16 Z6 swap and then just quick eBay turbo run boost at it till it dies and then build it

Correctly you’re I love how casual you are yeah like it’s gonna happen yeah that’s part of it this is so cool thank you so how much power does this make I haven’t put it on a dynamite I would guess probably 180 maybe two hopefully that’s got to be fun with this

All-wheel drive though huh super fun we take it over to uh the autocross and zip it around there huh and it’s it’s manual with the super low the granny gear so and then it really like takes off that’s for like traffic super low yes super low well I’ve never seen that before yeah

It’s kind of like uh on the 959 I guess there’s like a super alarm like just like a crawly because I brought this from Colorado so it did Denver traffic so you just put it in super low let your foot off the clutch just pulls you up

But it’s also for like if you actually need it yeah because this is usually much wait so taller if you put it in super low and you floor it it’s me you go like 15 maybe that’s pretty cool oh yeah it gets there quick you can pretty

Much almost spin all four yeah one day I love that this is so cool thank you Honda Denver made it all the way to home all the way Kona I love it this is so cool This is what I love about car culture cool cars on a budget that can still play this is obviously functional because she doesn’t take it to autocross sounds good all-wheel drive this thing is sick yeah so cool all right thanks for coming later yeah yeah you match your car yeah

I just came straight from work today I heard you were coming so had to come out here dude thanks for coming so no how many Mark IVs are actually on the island I think there’s only like six of us on the island so and it’s funny because

Three of them live within five minutes of each other so it’s pretty cool but the community is so small uh I understand that this is n a an automatic still but that’s gonna change probably pretty soon yeah hopefully in the next six months or so I’m trying to do a

Turbo swap with a v160 transmission inside so yeah so we actually had a chance to shoot uh with Alex who’s actually probably gonna help you yeah um he built that really awesome 2J Swap Tacoma yeah lifted one yeah that is still four wheel drive which I think is

Super cool yeah beautiful truck yeah Alex does nice work so I’ve been in contact with him and we’ve been talking about doing something with this car so hopefully soon did you buy this on the island or did you ship this over no I bought it 15 minutes from where I lived

A guy had it in his garage and I got it for a really good deal low mileage so I’ve been doing all the work your play is the probably the coolest ones that you could have for you being a super nerd yeah yeah yeah so but work in progress I do a lot

Of work myself me and my brother-in-law Ian you help me out with some body work but I painted this in my garage oh really yeah what was it originally red okay yeah you wanted that fast enough for yourself yeah yeah it’s kind of an iconic color so and I fell in love with

This car because of the movie kind of like everybody else so oh cool thank you next vict um behind you this is the only Pontiac Fiero on on the island of Hawaii as of right now it’s the only running one so far uh it’s really cool being a

One-of-one uh it’s also not really cool being a one of one because I cannot find anything for this car ever plans for this is going to be I want to get a K20 throw it straight in the back over here and mesh it with whatever transmission I

Can I won’t lie to you I’m not the greatest mechanic ever I’m just a huge race car enthusiast all I want to do really is make this thing go fast it’s really nice to steer the fact that it’s Mid Engine makes it feel like it’s on Rails whenever I’m driving this I like

To drive it up whenever I go home and man does this thing get down how did you find this I was so I was about to go to work and my dad calls me and he goes hey son I have this really cool car that you might want to buy uh

Come down and check it out I’m like shoot yeah whatever let’s go so I get down there and this old man opens up a barn and underneath the car cover 1988 Pontiac Fiero so I’m like shoot I’ll pick it up whatever I love GM I never knew they made a mid-engine vehicle that

Isn’t a C8 Corvette little messy on the inside wait a minute how old are you I am 20 years old you’re like an old soul for liking this kind of car I I was just I’ve always been a huge GM fan um and I also really liked mid-engine

Vehicles uh I like rally racing I like rally driving I was following uh Group B for a while and I was like oh mid-engine on gravel on dirt that doesn’t make any sense and then I found the launch of Stratos I thought it kind of looked like this

Car I thought it kind of felt like this car so I bought it I wanted it dude this thing is just so cool I love it yeah you gotta love the pop-up headlights yeah I love this mechanism so much I think this is so cool you know I’m trying to clean

Her up she’s super messy right now but all in due time this is my favorite project by far I love this car with all my heart and soul its name is uh Pamela the Pontiac Pamela well nice to meet you thanks for coming yeah so soaked on seeing the different

Kind of cars and car culture that’s on the big island yeah it’s awesome it’s everywhere are you gonna take this to autocross when it’s done oh yeah oh I’m I’m surprised I made it down here now I have to go back to work so that’s gonna

Be good luck good luck have fun Mike tell me about your off-road machine here so this is my 93 Mazda Miata I got it for my friend’s mom it was uh Broken Down Rotten away and my friend bought it as basically a rental car placed the windshield on it

This was a rental car he bought it as like a beat up style um Island beater like oh not a rental car but he needed something cheap to use for six months so yeah we bought it and started the life of like that and then

He beat it up and left it at my house and it was just completely like faded paint rust bucket we didn’t know what to do with it and I kind of just started from there I’ve always seen people lower Miatas but then I kind of ran across Jin

Jim’s page on YouTube where he built the off-road Miata and it just kind of went from there the inspiration hi yada I understand that there’s no um smog emissions here so pretty much anything that you’re doing with a motor you can get away with but there are

Safety inspections that you have to do yeah so they are a little lenient on the islands about like exhaust stuff so I have an ISR performance exhaust from the header all the way back and they don’t care too much about that they don’t really have sound restrictions they can

Ticket you over here for it but most cops are pretty cool we got a cop right here and uh he’s super cool I’m probably gonna ask him to show us that being on camera so I could just see it so yeah this is just basically my build I have

Another motor for this thing it was automatic and the transmission started to fail so I did a manual swap stage two clutch lightweight flywheel rebuilt the motor do you ever off-road this on the island I do quite a bit it’s super fun it’s comparable to a go-kart like a pre-runner style truck go-kart

Yeah the turning radius is is really good on it it’s got quite a bit of travel for what it is that’s so cool well thanks for showing us your bill absolutely yeah thanks for coming right yeah Travis thanks for setting this up yes I’m so glad you reached out to me

Because you know anywhere I travel anywhere I go in the world I love seeing the local car culture you know and I’ve been able to shoot a lot of the car culture in Oahu but I’ve never been able to shoot on Big Island you know and with

That said I’ve had a chance to go to the Hilo side I’ve had a chance to go to Ryan’s shop yeah right to check out some of his insane but this is cool because this is like a little pop-up meet yeah and it’s not too crazy it’s a select few

Cars a lot of Auto crossers but you actually brought your autocross vehicle here this thing is absolutely insane what the hell is going on here I found the supercharger for 300 bucks on eBay kind of just made a whim I bought it um and then just kind of over

The course of a year kind of figured out a way to make it happen I originally uh made the template out of ipe wood and figured out you carved this out of wood dude dude look at all the shavings under like this thing’s still got all

The aluminum shavings in there I just I literally just put my back against the front of the car and sat there with the die grinder and just Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip hold on hold on you’re telling me you ran this supercharger I ran it would

Yeah I did about five poles on it and it was leaking a little bit like through the grain a little bit You are a real one sir you are incredible I try that is so cool and then so after that you um did you like 3D scan it or something and then send it to a shop to do like a CNC nope I have got an old piece of crap

Uh Mill and I it’s not even CNC it’s just back and forth I just sat there and EXO sketched that sucker out over the course of like probably took me six months had to figure everywhere every bolt went had to figure out where how the passages went

But making this allowed me to like figure out exactly like how stuff would flow and fit through this is so intricate for it being wood I can’t believe I’ve never seen this you know you think you’ve seen ever at all I’ve been shooting cars for 20 years I’ve never

Seen anybody prototype and I ran it intake manifold out of wood this is so crazy and it’s not just one side obviously it’s a V8 yeah so it’s two sides yo I I love this so much I can’t believe it so you probably had to make sure not to

Torque it too too tight dude this stuff actually torches harder than aluminum it’s ipe it doesn’t float it so hard and I was going to do originally a four inch block but it’s just one of those things where I it seems like I always fall into these situations where I can’t get what

I want to get so I make what I have work and and it it tends to really do well so this is your autocross car yeah it’s uh what year is it it’s a 93 Lexus SC 400 with 326 000 miles on it engines never been opened

I got 10 pounds of boost running through it right now did you ever have a chance to dyno this thing nope but how does it work like how did you get it to run correctly like right now the stock computer is working all right

And then as soon as I do the manual swap then I’m gonna then I’m gonna get a an aftermarket ECU for it but like this is a serious autocross car you’re running 315 uh ao52 Yokohama a052 squared setup on here yeah autocross so that’s a lot of grip that’s actually uh

Even wider way wider than my A90 Supra setup you know the fact that you could fit them on here I can’t believe it so wide it’s just so much meat and they’re disappearing yeah that’s that’s your fault but I love that the autocross Community here is pretty big we’re

Actually it’s a smaller group I didn’t even know about it for the longest time but like once you get in man it’s it’s amazing and we have I don’t know I probably going to catch Flack for it but I think it’s just so much more entertaining than the quarter mile

You know yeah I mean touch his own you know yeah we do both but yeah you can do both but I mean I don’t know just you got 60 seconds to get out there and you there’s no pause I mean unless you’re running you know below 11 seconds or 10

Seconds I mean it’s either gas or break in the autocross you know there’s no like there’s no Coast there’s no hey should I shift no I can wait okay I’ll get a shift okay well if you have any lapsing concentration you’re running over two three codes yeah and losing

Time and that’s kind of the problem I had with this is I’m kind of I got a little stumble and then the supercharger kicks in scares the living piss out of me and then I overshoot the cone so I got some work I still got to do on this

Is so cool all right I’m gonna check out some of the other cars thank you so much thank you really really take care and also I got uh I got laid from your yeah so I’ve been actually been designing the tracks for them for about three years now so Joel Payne Payne uh

Moved out to that about five years ago from Southern California uh love the car culture wait did you run uh like solo to scca in Southern California uh I did but just periodically I was more dude doing the like speed Ventures running what you run big trucks

Uh I didn’t build this car for any particular class I built this car because I’m an engineer uh 1990 Mazda RX7 had the car since 2005. it doesn’t feel like an old car and then you sound like wait that’s 33 years old now um so my first V8 is now a coffee table

It had a oil starvation problem and windowed both sides of the block um and uh this is actually an LS2 stroker so it’s a 429 cubic inch makes about 600 horsepower um all in a and uh it’s truly truly a labor of love is this the quickest autocross car on

The island uh I’m usually in contentious for fastest time of day but autocross is all handicapped so in order to actually like I’ve been fastest time of day and still been 13th out of 30 cars right but so I can win my class but winning the overall is uh that’s a hero’s Venture

When you got a really modified car so we run on a on a go-kart track just uh outside the Hilo airport right next to the drag strip that kind of they got a dirt Circle Track a Motocross and all those kinds of stuff down there but

That’s cool like what are some of the other really fast uh autocross Vehicles so ironically the black Miata over here with the with the Wiley Coyote sticker um Wilk is such a damn wheel man and he’s so light on a small track that like

I don’t know a whole lot of places I can really put the power down and it’s in 1990 there’s no traction control there’s no ABS this is like your rifle this is this is uh this is yeah and I’m not a professional so at the end of the day

I’m a decent wheel man but I do it because I love it that is so cool more than anything else I love it it’s it’s very wide so yep these fenders were originally made by by tri-point engineering they stopped making them and it was the only wide body that I liked

So the original line of the car was straight off the door in fact you can see on the one on the one next to me over here but this is actually like no bolt-on or anything like that it’s just it’s molded in and feathered all the way

But I’ve also got Closeouts and whatnot so I mean as a fiberglass Fender you can actually oil on that and it’s not going anywhere wow so cool I ended up finding the guy that TriPoint had sold the molds too and found at a company because other people wanted these things yeah and

You’re actually helping other people do uh V8 swaps that’s right so I’m on the island everywhere everywhere yeah we ship parts to Australia I’ve got a partner still in Southern California the name of the company’s Ronin Speed Works but yeah I do all the design I do all of our

Communication now here from Hawaii while having a day job working on the dying telescopes that is so cool really cool thank you so much for coming out um hopefully one day I get to check out one of your autocross events well this uh this car is kind of like old school

Hot rodding where it has pieces from like 16 different Vehicles the brakes are from a Nissan 350Z at one point it had like a Volvo fan and radiator the speedometers from an Integra so figuring out ways to make Parts work rather than just buying something off the shelf you

End up with something a little bit more interesting that is so cool but I love it I should probably turn it on for you because it does make a Joyful Noise oh really it’s very loud it’s uh it’s something okay so it’s a dual threes to

A dual four inch core Mufflers because I read a book uh uh David vizzard how to build horsepower they had a bunch of theory on exhaust and and uh well the theory works but it is loud as balls oh my God Hahaha you’re like gonna catch some plants on fire that was awesome that was cool well I like the tinker and I love the fact that car cultures it kind of brings people together the young and old the rich and poor we got every ethnicity here today that’s why we’re all out here

Absolutely here we go next victim [Applause] dude this thing is so rowdy this thing is crazy what do you use this for autocross drag racing yeah make about 800 of them what does this do uh in the quarter oh I ran a 10-3 at 140 right now

But wait how much how much nitrous are you we’re only spraying about 125 but we’re gonna turn it up to about 300 next week it’s direct porn next week yeah so cool yeah this thing is awesome I’ve had it done for about a year this has

Got to be so rowdy to drive on the island oh yeah one of the funnest cars to drive I love it I love it it sounds incredible so what do you have like launch control or something so it’s on a whole Tech 2500 a week so it has launch

Control everything built into it is impulses of nitrous so wait is it it’s not is it supercharged no nitrous nitrous okay oh all big bottles oh foreign Oh my God [Laughter] all right [Applause] That is Rowdy right in front of the cop car geez so you actually came here and everybody was telling me they’re like oh no the popo are here uh and you are actually a police officer yes on the big island yes thank you so much for your service no no

Problem but you’re also a car nerd like all of us you have an a86 that you’re building but I was actually curious about your Patrol vehicle this is actually your car this is actually your truck yes so how is it because I’ve been driving around on the big island and

I’ve seen people with all sorts of different Patrol Vehicles I’ve seen like uh a bunch of forerunners a sequoia uh TRD Pro I’ve seen like a Camaro SS yeah I’ve seen all of these interesting cars and I’ve even heard that or are from what you’ve been telling me before we

Started rolling there was actually a Hellcat police car on the island too yes so what’s the what’s the deal with that how’s that even possible so for us the county pays us to put in a vehicle that meets certain specs and then they give us a subsidy to help pay for the vehicle

The payments the maintenance and everything like that so if it blows shocks tires it’s it’s all stuff that we have to pay for got it but they give you like allowance yes uh to have a vehicle that meets the standards of it being a police vehicle yes so for us

Um it’s more efficient that way and with with that everyone gets creative with whatever cars that they get because of the the guidelines are they’re pretty General so it’s not luxury vehicles and it has to be certain engines and no hybrids no electric so so that way you

Could drive it home you could just go right to work pretty much yeah so versus having to go to the station and then going out yeah so um most people you know will will start from home we’ll have to go to our workstation wherever that is across the

Island down the road and then basically we just put on our light and then we just go to work and it will just it it’s just a normal like a normal police light you could just yeah so it’s just pack it on top yeah so it’s just a 2016 uh

Forerunner that’s what I have um and then there’s there’s Mounds they put in our lights uh they put in a radio they put in whatever we need to it we can request to put in more lights like in the grill on the back end ah um and

Then for us but the minimal is just like the yeah the minimal is just one blue light right at the top got it um for us at my level yes that is so cool yeah I mean that that makes complete sense but also it makes everybody scared when they see a 4Runner

A little antenna on top they know you know the the you guys are around yeah I think it’s crazy yeah but of course you know you’re a car Enthusiast too and it’s cool that you’re building your own project vehicle one more thing can I show the patch yeah no problem oh my God

I’m so proud of this so check it out this is this is your actual patch like are you able to get these out yeah so it that’s the same patch that goes on our uniforms and we we have it for four people we don’t give it away

For free but for for certain people yeah we give it away this is so cool like I love this so much it’s incredible like I’m I’m gonna treasure this this is actually gonna go on the roof of my FJ cool thank you there’s a lot of cool

Cars here but honestly I think this is probably the cleanest one that showed up to this a little bit thank you this is so cool so what is this 86 uh Honda CRX where did you find this Facebook Marketplace I think a young kid had

Bought it from like a grandpa and he had problems with it he couldn’t fix all the blinkers and hazard lights weren’t working so he couldn’t get it safety and I got it for real cheap and fixed it up like this is in such good condition yeah this is incredible So are you just gonna restore it completely yeah it has a Weber carb and a deck and coilovers and I pretty much just leave it like that can we take a look at the engine bay sure but I have so many cars I don’t know what’s going on it has over 200 000

Miles and it just runs like a top so I’m not gonna mess with it I might put a new Weber carb because that one I did some scca and under hard acceleration and Corners it kind of died on itself but that’s the only problem so so cool I

Love it it’s super clean it’s good to see these still on the out on the road yeah it’s rare for Hondas to not have gone through the whole process that you see so many of them in yeah they get destroyed amazing so yeah thanks for bringing it out yeah good

Just moved from PA from Pennsylvania yep it’s been to like 23 States this actually climbed Mount Washington yep and then uh Mauna Kea over there up to 14 000 whatever that is 13 000. do you have to like apply for a permit to drive up there so it has to be four-wheel

Drive so they actually guys climbing underneath the car to make sure there were there was a rear end and axles and everything underneath checking it out and then they let me climb up there is it all dirt or is it it’s it’s all kind of like lava rock that’s lightly packed

All the way up it’s pretty cool so then tell me about your build this thing is super cool so it’s a 17 golf they made a couple hundred all-wheel drive ones this is one of them the uh transmission went so it’s now got a Golf R trans Golf R turbo

Everybody has fun with it we take it out autocross it’s a good time well you autocross this wagon yeah yeah it’s done uh New Hampshire Motor Speedway and uh Summit Point Motor Speedway as well you have a pretty serious uh Tire setup too it’s it’s meant to go it’s it’s a good

Toy and you have Porsche brakes yep Porsche Macan four Pistons uh 345 rotors then Golf R Brakes in the back this is so cool I love this it’s been a fun project it really has can I check out that engine bay yeah and plus you have seats too yeah yeah go

Ahead pop the door over there corvo oh my goodness I haven’t seen one of these in the wild yeah this is so cool I can’t believe you have Leno’s stuff yeah from Walmart because it’s so cool it works good for the red paint that is awesome

Okay so you got GTI seats in the back yeah and they’re like one of the only cents in the country that actually the remote release works because I spent like three hours making that happen carbo seats in the front so how many of these are on the island here I think

Probably about five this might be the only all-wheel drive one though got it pressure brakes yeah see I love this about the car culture here it’s like you know like how many yeah of what car is here because it’s such a small community yeah there’s 200 000 of us on the island

Like that’s it so if you’ve seen it you know it stands out everybody knows I’m the Red Wagon on the island like it stands out it’s cool so cool so then does it make more power with uh yeah with the golf 4 Turbo it’s like 380 to the wheels somewhere around there that’s

Good for this yeah 380 for a little one eight I love it yeah it’s just way different than Pennsylvania oh it’s very different but it’s fun everybody everybody jumps in to help everybody so like I grew up in the track day Community everybody will punch in to help if something breaks everybody’s the

Same thing out here or they’ll let you borrow a car if something breaks and you’re at the track or they’ll help you out however they can it’s awesome I carry a tool kit with me to help everybody out too so that’s what we’re here for I love it this is so cool and

It’s very different like there’s a lot of us like you see today there’s actually another VW this is crazy this happens there’s no VW BMW Volvo mechanics on the island so it’s like wait is there there’s is there a Volkswagen dealership only Volkswagen dealers Oahu so if you have a

Maintenance issue you have to ship it over Ireland or fix it yourself here that is so crazy to me yeah there’s a BMW on the Kona side but there’s nothing I’m from the Hilo side there’s nothing over there cool cool thanks for bringing out your ride yeah it’s been fun thanks for

Coming over yeah dude what what is this this is crazy the car culture here is so strong it is it is pretty strong and you know it’s you so no oh my God now now it’s uh we’re gonna it’s about to turn into a sideshow here yeah but um

It’s crazy I I’ve met so many people across the island on the other side on the East Coast a lot of people are so complimentary of you our builds and what you’re bringing to the community I don’t know it’s just cool it’s like you’ve become part of the whole Hawaiian

Cartoon yeah yeah I think the thing here that is maybe a little bit different on the mainland I feel like everybody here wants to see everybody win you know with their builds and it doesn’t always feel like that’s the case I think part of that’s you know small small island even

Though it is the Big Island it’s still a small community so uh I think that’s what makes a car culture here special let’s check out your RX7 so unfortunately this was actually behind your mark IV Tesla and then it was also under your R34 so we couldn’t get this

Out when we were shooting the other day but now you’ve actually taken it out and now I’m actually looking at it and it looks perfect it’s been well cared for it was built by a guy in uh I think southern California and he did an amazing job kind of a no

Expense spared look how beautiful this is yeah this is crazy amazing so then how often do you get to drive this well unfortunately not enough you see I live in the jungle so it does rain a lot and so it doesn’t get out quite as much as I’d like but uh

Is the first time it’s been out this year unfortunately I think I average around four or five hundred miles a year on on each car so not much I guess that’s the thing is you having all these nice bars plus you being away from I guess the city centers yeah it’s

It’s tough to justify bring your cars out but it just it looks so good have you done anything to it since you bought it very very little I added a couple carbon pieces to it that I wanted but yeah when I found this car it was kind

Of checked every single box that I wanted except for the motor the motor is not not my choice but the guy that did the installation did such a great job the car so balanced [Applause] it’s so clean yeah yeah the guy did like I said did a great job that’s why it’s hard for me to you know decide like all right let’s put a 2J in it that would be my choice would be a 2J yeah but it’s it’s hard to do

That when it’s you know it’s reliable it’s done right so this is so cool can can you give us a ride later sure this thing is actually pretty quiet yeah yeah it’s you know definitely my calmest car you know stock LS3 it’s quiet it’s comfortable you know I love

That this is your calmest car I I mean it is pretty low-key right anything I guess I Hey this is pretty Rowdy yeah yeah I mean it’s pretty good see it’s not fast but it’s fun it’s quick yeah yeah yeah like you know I like it so I guess this is the local drag strip huh yeah yeah a couple uh just a mile or

Two up the road here yeah why is it because it’s straight or yeah it’s a straight straight away um you know you have the Scenic Point there to you know everybody goes and parks there afterwards um you know they can see a good distance because you know they

Obviously line up in oncoming traffic yeah so they’re doing it later not something I do but uh some folks here yes good vantage point and the road is literally no one out here right at that time of night yeah so and they got flaggers at both sides so they are

Trying their best to to be safe about it I think I had no idea yeah I seriously had no idea this kind of culture existed here but uh yeah they’re doing what they can with what they have yeah yeah I think right here you’ll um yeah I think this is yeah [Applause]

And they go that way yeah they go downhill yeah they run that way yummy stuff yeah not not too bad for all stock it’s awesome doesn’t sound like a rotary but it still sounds nice that sounds good thanks for showing us this build I know

For a fact next time I come on this island I want to feature your hako and actually I would love to ride in your all-wheel drive Tesla powered Mark 4 Supra I had such a good time because when I came back from our shoot a lot of the Toyota Executives asked me

What did I shoot today and I was like you are not even gonna believe what I shot today I hope you didn’t give my address yeah you won’t believe it and then they were just blown away then I showed them pictures and they’re like oh my God this

Is here yeah they’re like how did you connect with them I’m like I literally just just two hours before I was like hey can I come shoot you know it’s amazing how things work out sometimes it’s awesome cool all right hope to see you soon absolutely

We always love to do those kind of local pop-up meets but this one was so much fun because he just had a different vibe you know the background was amazing the weather was great it was so funny because a bunch of people were driving by I guess somebody was going to work and

Got to work his boss wasn’t there so he’s like whatever I’m gonna go back to the meet and hang out it was just so much fun and uh I love that we had a cop there he was super cool and I was thinking well all these people leaving doing burnouts and stuff

I guess if another cop drove by they would probably be like oh yeah no problem everybody’s behaving because there’s a cop park right there a little did he know he was a big car Enthusiast uh with that said just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to that meet

So much fun those are the things that we like to do honestly we’re like flying out right now we’re heading to the airport right now but um we figured it’d be good on top of that for how much parking we had it was packed we couldn’t fit any more cars and I think

Unfortunately some regular people like maybe some tourists were coming by trying to park and then all the guys were saying like sorry last Fall Guys go fight somewhere else to park but uh yeah the car culture here very strong very I keep saying it so much fun nice

To meet everyone hope to come back soon hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Me [Applause]