Larry Chen: Larry Chen’s Home Workshop and Project Car Tour Video

Larry Chen's Home Workshop and Project Car Tour

Posted: 2023-05-08 15:00:19
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] foreign All right this is something I wanted to do for a while I actually have all of my cars here none of them are broken except for the Supra that one is kind of apart right now but they’re all here and a couple of the guys have their cars here

At the shop and I wanted to give you a shop tour we do have some changes coming up to the shop so I wanted to get like a good snapshot in time now of how the shop is and I just wanted to give you

Guys a tour of my cars because a lot of you guys are newer followers and maybe you guys may not know you know what we’ve built and what we’ve done over the years so we’ll go ahead and start with the cars on the outside we’ll go ahead and

Start with my 2022 SEMA car this is a Toyota gr 86 and this was in the Toyota SEMA booth so we’ve been working on this a lot recently we actually had a chance to take it to the track a couple times and I’m just developing it to be as fun

To drive reliable as possible so it does have a HK supercharger and just yesterday we finally put the HKS f-con piggyback system on which unlocks the rest of the power for this supercharger so now it’s supposed to make 300 crank horsepower we will take it to a Dyno and

We’ll verify that who knows I don’t know how much it’s actually going to make we are running 100 octane in it now just because it’s something that’s available to us locally and I just figured it’s probably safer especially this is mostly just a track car I don’t actually drive

This on the street I take it to the track I’m just really developing my driving skill part of it is because I honestly quit driving I quit high performance driving I quit autocross time attack all that stuff to pursue photography and after all this time I’m able to drive again which is really

Really nice [Applause] yeah that’s kind of one of the big reasons why we built this a couple other things that we did since the SEMA show we actually got with motegi and they made me a custom set of wheels that that can handle a wider tires so these

Are 255s ao52s squared and it is so good it has so much grip it’s just so much fun to drive I actually took this to Chuckwalla and it was such a blast next up is the R32 GTR late last year got back from Tommy F yeah all the way

From Connecticut so now it is a full HKS 2.8 liter Stroker motor we have the remade in the USA intake manifold it looks absolutely brand new they use all new hardware all new gaskets all that it looks so good it looks like a brand new unit from the factory

There’s just so much to unbox on this build and we’ll do a full video on this build soon but my goal with this was just to have it super OEM plus and I just wanted it to look as stock as possible with a stock air box still it even has this uh like

Fake mass airflow sensor from HKS and you can kind of tell that there’s something special with it because you can see HKS there but it is a full Standalone ECU now full haltech Elite 2500 just love this build so much so happy to drive this around La it’s incredible Park next to it is Lewis’s gc8 this is full STI swap so the underneath it including engine and full drive line all of it is uh 2005 Subaru STI which I actually had a chance to drive the donor car but now this is a full on 1998 updated Subaru STI including all

Five lug and everything subframe all of it was changed over so this thing is so awesome this is a cool little Easter egg right there next up we have the Toyota trucks that I’ll talk about that is Tyler’s E46 drift car that lives here and then we’ll talk

About my FJ Cruiser this is a 2007 this is the first off-road vehicle that I ever purchased and this one is six-speed manual now this is supercharged it has a Magnuson supercharger So this one is fun in that I only use this for off-road shooting so the only reason why it leaves the shop is to go to an off-road race and come back from an off-road race and while we’re actually at the off-road race we’re chasing the race because when

You’re shooting off-road racing you essentially have to run your own race you have to be able to go off-road as well and cut off the rice vehicles as many times as you can to get more shots and that’s why I initially built this it’s on King shocks

It’s pretty much as much as I can really do to this vehicle without doing some serious cutting doing over fenders and all that stuff it is on 33s on Yokohama MT Tires g003 other than that it sounds amazing we’ve been taking it to the sand dunes recently everything

And uh yeah it’s just such a fun truck to drive especially on the street because it is six-speed manual um that is one of our video guys Richard’s Lotus Elise that is not mine I wish that was mine it’s super cool if you guys are wondering what I drive

Daily this is my daily driver um LX 570 lc200 Land Cruiser it does have Alpha wheels on it Alpha equipped they’re really really cool a good buddy of mine owns that company but we’re running on geolander xats so they’re not terribly loud compared to the MTS but they have pretty

Good off-road grip but I love this thing so much so it has the same motor as the tundra which this was 100 gun project cars project and now this one is also supercharged so this one um I call it the Raptor Tundra because I wanted to build something that

Potentially could be like a Toyota version of of a Raptor of the year so this is a 2018 and let me just open this up for you guys so 2018 now with the Magnuson supercharger it makes 550 horsepower this thing is so style I love this so

Much it’s on 37 inch tires it’s on bfgs and on real fuel bead locks these are actual bead locks so we can go down in tire pressure quite a bit we can run whatever 8 PSI 10 psi if we’re in the sand or if we’re chasing off-road racing but we actually use this

To tow um our open trailer but it’s a full-on king shock setup camburg suspension all of that the wide body is uh advis and they actually use this truck to mold the the rear quarters or the rear bedsides out of because for whatever reason it wasn’t really popular

To build these which is not the the crew cab this is just like the extended cab you know this is the cab where you can still have people in the back and it’s not the most room but of course since we use this mostly for the track and to chase

Off-road racing we don’t actually need that much room inside it’s more of just a a good pickup truck and a good working vehicle the reason why I cut this up and the reason why it was okay for me to you know get rid of the fenders and repaint

And all that is because this was actually wrecked it wasn’t a front end collision and if you guys want to watch the series on hoonigan project cars you can see the entire build process for this which was fun but it was a long process the last vehicle that I wanted

To talk about outside is something that we’ve been using more and more and this is the easy go Elite golf cart okay so this is something that we’ve actually been using at events to you know get around but we’ve also been using it for shooting so we actually did

Like a full-on GTR race car shoe with this and we towed the the GTR I sat in the back I shot photos of it and video and I actually photoshopped out the chord just so it looks like the vehicle was running but it actually wasn’t it was being

Towed by this Easy Go golf cart and this is really handy especially when we come back from drift events or some whatever reason we come back from an event and one of the cars are dead we actually use this just to tow it around the property or around the shop

So we’ll just talk about the shop a little bit from the outside before we go inside so the shop as it sits right now is only 1200 square feet the building itself existed before I moved here but this was all dirt so we got all of this concrete done

And we got the complete inside done so it was just a storage shed before but then we actually turned it into full flood shop with the help from bendpak with the help from Ranger so um yeah we’ll just kind of start with the Supra foreign [Applause] Is up in the air right now because we’re doing exhaust we’re doing a full HKS Cat-Back exhaust the cool thing about the HKS exhaust is that it actually has the valve for you to go loud or quiet depending on what your doing if you’re driving around on the

Street or if you’re at the track when you push the sport mode button this actually opens up and then that way it routes the exhaust out of the right side as well as the left side so I’m excited to put this in but right now we’re just

On a holding pattern when we have some time we’ll actually put that on but in terms of the lift this is a Bend pack lift and it is rated to 10 000 pounds and it is pretty tall so it’s 14 feet tall I think or 13 and a half feet tall

But the nice thing about this since it’s rated for 10 000 pounds it actually can lift all of our vehicles including the tundra without a problem at all but it’s a great two post lift we love it so much it is just so useful it is really

Cheating to have something like this in a shop this is kind of like the product section that we have here at the shop this is a fun little thing that I got at Barrett Jackson it’s just like this pencil it’s actually a real glass but it’s super cool somebody got this

Quart of oil for me I don’t even know what year this is from but it looks super old and it still has oil in it but all of our products are here that we normally use all the K N filters for all the cars um all of Pennzoil oil and then um

Of course we use Leno’s Garage detailing products you can get these at Walmart but we have them just on our Shelf whenever we need to clean our cars or clean a car for a shoot this is really cool somebody actually found this for me a gallon of gasoline

It says dots and saves but apparently back in the 70s because of the fuel crisis when you bought a Datsun or like a 240Z they would give you this with a full gallon of gas because it says dots and saves about a gallon of gasoline a day so cool

So that’s the product section we’ve got a bunch of Type S things like Type S jump packs a bunch of Type S underglow pretty much most of my cars have type S underglow I think the only vehicle that I have that doesn’t have type S underglow are the trucks which I’m

Guessing that’s probably going to change soon and then also my Porsche everything else has Type S underglow because underglow’s back in a big way a lot of am boxes more Type S this is there’s like a party in a box right here when you push this

That’s super cool but the toolbox is a Snap-On box this thing is super handy it has these really cool drawers that actually have power so that way everything is plugged in everything charges so everything is as organized as possible I’ve always wanted a box like this and finally after

Pretty much saving up my entire life I finally have a shop that I can work out of and enjoy cars out of so yeah now we have a full on snap on everything for all of our working needs is it’s just it’s just so useful it’s just so cool

There’s so much space in this thing for everything we have like drawers for different things like Parts fuses lug nuts whatever just a different drawer for everything love this box oh there’s also this really cool feature this has this light so then everything’s all lit very nicely

When you need to find that tool there’s also power plugs and stuff in the workbench area which is really useful all the tables including the tire machine all of the other accessories like these jack stands lifts oil collector transmission jack everything else is all Ranger slash Bend pack

They’re really good people to work with they’re actually located in Southern California and when they heard that I was building this shop they really wanted to help out so it’s been incredible to work with them for all of that of course you can’t talk about my shop

And my stuff without talking about the 240Z [Applause] Um Tyler and Lewis are ringing it up right now we’re actually going to do a shoot with this which I’m sure you guys will see that project soon so they’re gonna rig it up for some cool camera shots but now that this one is fully restored you can actually watch the full

Restoration series I told myself I wouldn’t race it anymore but I lied of course I’ve been racing I’ve been taking it to Corner exit autocross and it’s been so much fun to actually drive this ten tenths again well that is some camera setup that you put there holy cow

It’s funny because you got this uh Canon 1dx Mark III camera here and then the type S camera is shooting backwards it’s kind of an interesting look but um yeah now it’s pretty much fully restored there’s just a couple more things I need to do in terms of updating

The interior the interior Dash is something I need to restore that’s actually a dash cap and it looks pretty good but um I would really love to get a real Dash or one that’s restored but these guys are mounting a camera on the save on Hood

That’s going to be a very cool angle too so just to back up a little bit so you guys can see kind of the full look of what the shop looks like it’s really small we can fit six cars in here pretty comfortably um we’ll usually park three cars here

One car here and then we can park two cars on top of each other on the lift and then one just goes right in this slot right in front of the lift but generally speaking we try to shuffle them around the ones that need to be

Worked on you know we’ll put in the lift area two more cars that I wanted to touch on this is my 996 turbo I bought this in 2014 and I’ve been building it since then in my eyes this is pretty much the last Porsche or one of the last Generations

Where you can actually work on yourself of course the 997 you can still see the engine bay and you can still work on yourself but the 996 is of course a little more affordable and it is just of that era where they’re transitioning from air-cooled to water

Cooled and this thing is just so easy compared to a lot of other European cars that I’ve worked on very reliable very fun to drive makes lots of power and uh yeah I love driving it I’ve pretty much started converting everything to like a GT3 spec

So like the seats are GT3 seats they’re GT3 recaros they’re kind of like the alien looking ones I love them so much they’re so comfortable and they really hold you in the back seats are I converted them to Black they were gray and but these are like the Millennium

Generations he’s I think the normal ones kind of have like this soft leather and it doesn’t have that texture but I love the way those look I think they came on the 2000s other GT3 things like GT3 shifter shift knob center console delete that’s all GT3 I love the way that looks

I love the one piece stash look GT3 steering wheel just a lot of fun GT3 bits it sounds incredible I love the way it sounds and of course the way it drives uh the hre Wheels super cool I think that those were actually my first mod but I just

Got Advan Apex tires on it after having 808s and man this thing it just changed the way it drove so much it was really held back by those tires they’re just uh not as sticky as I’d like for for the kind of driving I like to do with this car

This is more my Canyon Carver this is more as you can see I drive it pretty hard it’s a lot of rock chips on it I’m gonna have to replace that lip soon especially because I hit like a manhole cover or something on the freeway but uh yeah this thing is super fun

Last car is my 350Z drift car Oh let’s go ahead and pop the hood on this this is pretty much a Z1 Motorsports parts catalog 350Z build I just looked at what Z1 Motorsports had to offer and I pretty much just took everything that they made and we’ve tried to put it all in this one build so this is

Pretty much as much as I can go without cracking the motor right so we actually did just I know this and it made on a dynapack 286 wheel horsepower which sounds a little low but it’s pretty right these actually came with 305 I think to the crank stock and which

Which actually translated to about 240 245 to the wheels stock so this is HR and this is a 2008 so it’s the last year of the 350Z so it is a still a 3.5 liter but it is uh dual throttle throttle bodies and this one actually makes the most power out of all

Of the 3.5 liter VQ engines so we did Z1 Motorsports intake manifold Z1 Motorsports important polish intake runners Z1 headers Z1 exhaust Z1 intake with K N filters we’ve just done everything that we can powerwise to make as much power as possible out of this engine

With the Z1 Motorsports up Rev tune and all that but I just wanted to keep it reliable so we haven’t cracked the engine we haven’t done cams we haven’t done any engine work head work or anything like that it is a drift car it does sit at the rev

Limiter quite a bit but it’s just my learning car I’ve been drifting for about a year and a half and I decided at one point I really wanted to get into the sport because I’m just tired of watching everyone else have fun so I run motegi wheels on it

And uh yeah this thing is just so much fun it’s great because now I feel confident to get into pretty much any drift car and at least turn some laps you know if not just do some donuts and figure eights that’s kind of what I wanted you know so I’ve been traveling

Quite a bit this year especially for Hagerty series and the opportunity actually comes up quite a bit and I’m so honored to be able to drive all these drift cars on different cars all over oh [Applause] [Applause] aside from that we just have like a ranger press can we think of anything else oh Viper chairs forgot about those we gotta talk about these yeah cannot forget it oh yeah and the crazy cars yeah we gotta talk about crazy cars so while they’re getting their crazy carts

Out I gotta talk about the Viper chairs they’re made in the US and they can custom make whatever color whatever pattern like they embroidered this which is so crazy it comes neatly packaged you assemble them yourself they’re so sturdy and so nice to use we can use them as

Detailing chairs or I use them to film here all the time we use them when we’re working on cars um they actually also make these cool little smaller rolling benches that are very sturdy you could put a like detailing products and stuff on here

It is so useful and it’s it is just a really well built chair um we were using a bunch of these cheap shop chairs uh that we just got locally here and they would just fall apart after using them for a little bit but look at these guys you’re about to

Run into some car here oh my God so the guys actually session this uh you know after staring at the computer for a little bit they need to session and get the they need to actually do some drifting because it’s hard for us to take breaks

And actually go to the drift track you know the drift track’s pretty far so what they like to do is take these crazy carts out and actually do some drifting just around the property big deal we’re just riding these crazy cars around all these prices cars a couple other questions that you guys

May have this is my house this is not like an industrial area or anything this is my house and this is something that I’ve saved up for my entire life to own and enjoy but we do work out of here and uh yeah we’re in LA county not too far

From downtown LA it’s just a dream you know the fact that I can change my oil I can work on my car leave it on the lift go in for dinner come back out work on the car whatever it’s it’s crazy the nice thing is we’re all able to enjoy it

You know all of us have drift cars all of us like to play with cars and we come in here at midnight and change tires and all that and it’s the most fun thing ever [Laughter] I like it I like changing my tires yeah um but I hope you guys enjoyed the tour

We got a lot of changes coming up I’m really excited we’re gonna do a bit of an expansion of the shop which potentially could mean more builds and more fun car things um every single year I look forward to doing more and more stuff with Toyota you know they’re really big supporters

Of what we do and I love the brand so much and we’ve built two seamer cars for them now I just want to keep it going and I want to try to do better every single time and that’s pretty much that see you guys in the next video

Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh [Applause]