Larry Chen: Ireland’s coolest cars : LZ World Tour Video

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-20 15:00:02
Author: Larry Chen
Come with me as I walk through the car show at the LZ World Tour in Ireland.

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign Larry Chen here we are at the LZ World Tour Mondello Park Ireland stop and I’m gonna walk around I’m just going to talk about the cars that I like in the car show and in the paddock good They sure love the ranch dresses here there’s so many s chassis here a lot of nice builds including this boss as 14. I love this the engine bay super clean I love The Tartan on this little engine bay cover I can imagine this is pretty uh rare of

The site here in our but uh swap is pretty neat got a big old BMW engine in here love that love the patina looks super cool park next to it is this awesome Chaser these of course have been growing on me and uh they love their Chasers here in

Ireland there’s so many nice Chaser builds this is a cool little Starlet too all right cool Starlet what is this I do a valley thing that was cool thank you so it’s waterproof so that’s what that’s all these if I’m important awesome this is a friend of mine it’s

Actually not mine oh okay I just need him it has a full lens of Eve morning the front bumper is off it’s a good line I think it’s called to fit the car oh cool yeah so it’s a 86 bumper Oh cool that’s awesome it’s an 86. very cool Of course gotta stop and look at the 240Z this is the second one I’ve seen here in Ireland and this one is really clean And of course it’s parked next to this uh R32 which also looks really good in red I really wish we got the GRS in the States this is something that would drive every single day it was just so cool so much lighter weight compared to the

Corolla but the coral is not so bad either this is really cool I love this Clio V6 Renault this is one of those cars that you learn about in the US from playing Gran Turismo because uh obviously we never got these but this is so cool rear engine

Awesome yeah really good example of one too it looks pretty standard All right so what are we looking at here 1.3 liter of Fury say 1995 Toyota style GT events they are very rare were made in 1994 December to like halfway through 1995. so they’ve gone extremely rare and you just don’t get them anymore they’re in a two-tone is this a Japanese delivery car

Oh yeah this is a job only they came with um steering wheel a gear knob came a couple little cool little option lectures but they’re super rare and then we just went completely over the top I love it how much power is it making 372 horsepower 1.3 372

Horsepower I love these so much I had a chance to drive one yeah I had a chance to drive one um that had about 250 horsepower this is gonna be this one’s actually turned down it pulled 412 on the Dyna I was kind of pulling off the dyno so uh yeah I know

It made 254 pounds torque as well it’s pretty crazy for a little one point tree I love this this is one of the cars that I love here so then there’s there’s a really rare option in this car so basically the picture of the style it

Pops up in the middle and it shows you your direction and how long your journey has been we’re the only ones right now that we think we have this like this pretty much has that does it work yeah it does I just have to grab the keys off

My dad but then how does it know where to tell you to go hey how’s it built in you can select your mode your day and you can set the little lights to turn on the little like LED backlit lights and stuff and it knows how long you’ve been

On your journey and stuff what the heck oh oh oh it’s more of like the direction it’s more of like a like a national device it isn’t like what we have like in Google Maps like you put in like I want to go to Dublin or something

It’ll tell you where to go what it tells you like how long your journey is and yeah how long you’ve been going this year is usually put the key to turn on it tells you that you’ve started your journey right really cool that way it’s

Easier to read a map oh 100 so say if you had your mop out then you have your map torch which is also an option extra to read your map so cool cool it actually says Toyota on it yeah Toyota a little math yeah but that the crazy thing is it actually says

Toyota on that oh yeah yeah it’s it’s genuine that is amazing yeah we’ve got like literally air purifier and then we’ve got the air fantasy which is inside in the interior this is a vanity tray which is like optional extra like like surrender saying system from back in 1995. there’s the air

What does it do it’s a air it’s like an air purifier so like it cleans the air inside in in the car talk about ahead of its time this thing ridiculous there’s even a little remote for the radio is it amazing I love it GT Advance

Right there if you want to follow them on Instagram looks like they have two r34s here with quite a bit of z-tune goodies as always they look incredible I thought this was a joke at first when I saw these on the escorts but This actually is a Mexico model like that’s how it comes stock and there’s even a badge on the back I saw another one of these but it’s just so hilarious to me look it says Mexico on it so interesting This is super cool we actually followed this into the venue today and um I could tell right away ahead of V8 but of course they popped the hood at the show and now I can see that actually has a one uz I love this just all functions what a cool car

They just love their Corollas here they are absolutely Toyota crazy so many incredible Toyotas here this whole row is just a cool Toyota so let’s just check them out real quick a bunch of 86s so many videos Everyone’s here special on its own way So cool I love that this one’s super clean too look at this This is something that I’ve seen in Australia I’m actually the one that I saw in Australia was turbo this is so clean the paint is like a glass pulsar this is such a nice build very clean inside out engine bay incredible everything else itvs I love the way these look we never got

These in the US love this swap on this 13 very clean looks functional there’s just so many nice s chassis builds so essentially what I’m doing right now is I’m just walking around the paddock I’m walking around the car show and I’m just taking you guys along as I’m

Experiencing these cars for the first time part of it is Lucas James in the back of a rocket bunny no I’m good I’m good just wanted to yell at him but uh I just wanted to show you guys what I’m experiencing because the problem is there’s too many good cars here and I

Can’t feature them all but at least I can kind of highlight what’s here and show you guys a good snapshot of what Irish car culture is about the overarching theme for me from what I can tell is a lot of built cars on a budget so it’s all built not bought and you

Know that’s what I like about car culture if you don’t have the biggest budget you can still have a nice build this is super cool I love this this thing sits so nice incredible Tyler is soaked on this crown he walks by this and I literally said

Like I just lost my mind like I was at a lot of words it’s so good this is probably one of my favorite cars out here to be honest this is beautiful yeah this is a great chance What a cool rifle car absolutely I love it Toyota Carina GTR This is really cool though oh my god look I love that sticker oh I’ve never seen that Mr Sparkle that’s great so cool love this golf so much so cool color is Awesome fitment’s on point really nice build of course it’s sitting next to this insane Kevlar that’s 15. very cool This is pretty cool turbo okay series swap on uh S15 looks good looks great and black Man the interior on this BMW ridiculous I love it pleasure I know this is a pretty famous car this is the Sultan’s Porsche drift car unfortunately it’s broken I’m gonna try to do a full future on it but right now it’s just sitting here in the car show

Um I know this is a famous car I know it’s been featured many times but how cool is that old school Honda motorcycle ridiculous okay the color is great too yes Plan I like both of these uh the Yaris obviously looks incredible really really cool Livery and of course the Liberty Walk S15 silhouette it actually looks really nice without a livery this is done so well it’s so clean just the way it fits the way it sits beautiful just very very tasteful

Look at that front lip though I love these two so much so we never got this uh Focus RS the focus that we got in the US was really bad it was terrible but Hot Patch super cool um this escort is awesome to love the wheels Love the doors it’s not happening I just think they look really really neat I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in red usually they’re in white or blue Thank you Of course it started raining again I just broke for lunch and now we’re back out I’m just gonna kind of walk around and see what other cars that I like but uh they have last chance battles happening right now so the good thing is it’s mostly empty in terms of like the

Crowd everybody’s watching drifting so now I can check out the cars never heard of it all the way from Australia driving a borrowed car looks terrible looks like it has a turbo some kind of Arc something or other yeah What the hell is this this is pretty cool All right opal Never seen this before two of the LG ones well I’m always around here I like this Peugeot this is so cool I like this a lot I would drive this okay There’s so many evils here they love their evos This is neat Nissan Sunny Like the bed is as clean Just pull second foreign It just sits right the delivery is good oh it even has a has a full-size spare Oh wait no I’m guessing that’s a square maybe they had a blowout or something these are so cool I don’t have a Honda yet but maybe one day let’s pull a second JPS that was one of my friends stickers myself oh that’s why they were good and it’s the John Claire special

Yeah yeah I know I know I know twist yeah and I was like what would we call it that’s it that’s so cool here we go I was admiring it yeah it’s hard to find these uh in good conditions Southern California you know yeah no it’s a genuine ef9 and uh numbers Yeah phone care so cool have you driven this track with this yeah yeah yeah don’t drive the side this is this is our one and only track really here in Ireland so this seems a lot of time here as much time here as it does on yeah and there’s a couple different

Configurations here yeah yeah they can mix it up there’s a national there’s an international you can mix it up a couple different and then they can make it as long as they like if you could be one long yeah the longest one I think is uh

2.4 miles that’s a lot yeah yeah that’s what I remember right that’s a Long Lap of course it was awesome yeah it’s fun that’s cool oh yeah check it out we’ve got uh Mirage here with a interesting mod front end seems like it’s awful What You love three

And it’s pretty good and maybe four I can’t really tell it’s pretty good so the cool thing about this is you can actually see what it it’s supposed to look like this is the stock front end wow it’s kind of interesting how similar it is but you can kind of see where they

Actually were able to put the fender onto this or grafted onto here all right so what were you saying this this never was available in the US never thought this car you’ve heard of cosworks so like they had the Sierra Cosworth and you used to get that and

Calls were formed didn’t actually ever get the Sierra callsworth and not in this particular trim the five tour in the U.S right you might have got the three-door the RS 500 maybe for I’m a homo it’ll get it wrist series but and it was a Mercury in America they’re the

Mercury xr4a but they only did them in three to one but this is a Saab Turbo yeah why because they’re incredibly underrated and they take like 500 horsepower and standard internals really yeah this car is about 450 horsepower this looks great the fitment is so it’s on its own

Hydraulic suspension which is terrible today that’s so bad um when I don’t start I was like yeah yeah but this car it’s really low and then when you’re draving the shoes you’re just like it’s the horse part and like the way it Draves it’s like that’s

Difficult but it looks so good it looks okay for shows which is the main thing right it’s so cool form of the function I guess I love it I appreciate it Mom so cool thank you thank you so much what a cool cars I love it the fitment is great yeah I wanted to try and run like a kind of a race car fit mozzarella and like um you know stretch tires I kind of wanted like five ways a wee bit of Comber just uh some Doma stretch tires

And all that stuff I used to do that yeah I think so it looks so good the interior is pretty neat too oh what just um and you have a hydro yes for what for next kids uh big very big skins but at least it’s there this is so cool

What a neat car how is it so fast so then is it just like like saved pressure in there is that why you’re able to yeah this is just constant pressure and then whenever you select the switch it opens up the oil Lane it just runs to their arm and

Straight up so why don’t you want just regular coilovers because I like roads in Ireland are terrible you may have seen this but here roads and Ireland are so bad the idea was that whenever I come to like a bad Road I could raise it up

And I kind of know my way around Hydraulics because I had them when I was younger and I was able to make the kit very cheaply truth be told I’m supposed to do it right it probably would have went Airaid but the previous wins they

Used to run before I went uh with the race cars today if I had run bikes the whale was so weighed it would have hit the bike on the inside and it would have wore three bags and even coilover Springs it would have wore through them

So the pain the Hydraulics was the best option no I could run air or coilovers I was actually shot through the guys at BC’s yesterday I’ve been talking to me making a custom set so maybe I well I would like to go coilovers and just go

For like ultra low stance kind of style but still usable I’ve just never seen this kind of setup on like like this type of car you know obviously even low Raiders yeah low riders very common yes right but for it to look like this I mean just the purpose is so interesting

It’s just it’s just another way of like you don’t you can’t really get an off-the-shelf air kit no you can make Mark V golf air fat the throne and you can modify the shocks the rear to work with it as well but it is still very much custom setup so unless you’re

Willing to spend a lot of money which I’m not because I’m really miserable with money um you have to do a lot of thinking and a lot of fabricating and a lot of looking up stuff online to figure out how is this going to work and how is

That going to work and the Hydraulics I just knew what would work and what wouldn’t because a previous experience with it so it just went hey cheaper lows and a good set of coilovers for now I just have to drive slow and yeah hope in the rain it’s not gonna kill me

These uh Pajero uvos are getting more and more popular especially as they’re going to be legal to import in the US pretty soon but this one is so cool I’ve actually never seen a red one like this without a livery so this is uh it’s a it seems like it’s a pretty good

Um it’s a pretty good uh example of one it seems like it’s very very clean the paint is incredible I love it Ellen this one’s manual so I’ve seen a lot of these that are actually automatic this one’s great what is uh common misconception is that a lot

Of people think these are turbo but they’re not they’re actually in a V6 but they’re still really cool twin red Pulsar GTI RS this is really cool I love these These are kind of like a little bit unloved for whatever reason I don’t know why but they’re Sr powered all-wheel drive

They’re cool cars it’s kind of like a hot hatch all-wheel drive [Applause] I think they look right it’s cool to see two good examples of them here’s another car that I’ve never actually seen before Starlight Alonso no idea what this is what a cute little baby Turbo so cool

And of course it’s uh park next to this Micra this is really cool well it’s a March okay so this is a k-11 March Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall oh Oh [Applause]