Larry Chen: Indonesia’s Diehard Automotive Lifestyle at The Elite Car Show in Jakarta Video

Indonesia's Diehard Automotive Lifestyle at The Elite Car Show in Jakarta

Posted: 2023-05-15 15:30:58
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Is so sick Indonesia This is pretty cool that this exists here so we just pulled up into this non-descript building this is actually a BMW restoration shop and our friend runs this place so it’s all sorts of different cars from his collection but a lot of them are really nice BMWs

Including I think I saw uh E9 in the showroom we’ll go check that out Thank you foreign Wait it cost ten thousand dollars to build this thing a scooter forged carbon like four million rupees so about three thousand cheap I like this one I feel like you would burn your legs on that radiator setup this thing is hilarious you can top out definitely at 140. Here we go Thank you know it’s a special car when I’m walking the show and Kenji comes up to me and he’s like hey you got to check this out this is crazy so this is a compound charged Evo uh it’s a Evo 6. all right let’s find the owner five or six

So the turbocharger in the front with the supercharger compound I’ve never seen this before this is very interesting first time the owner later and get more info on this setup it’s pretty interesting crazy what the heck hi Instagram live all right so we are at the three steps Reserve booth and go from

Build which is going to be pretty exciting it’s pretty cool wow Hey you were holding out on us what is this I see it I see that yeah wow So cool good job you were holding out on us amazing you should have showed us the engine right away thing is awesome all right so we are at the grassy drip booth and these guys are super hooked up we got Depot here zico here with their amazing merch I’m so

Excited because they gave me a couple of these things I’m I just love what you guys do these guys really hold it down here in terms of uh just content from Indonesia and recently they went to Tokyo Auto Salon they have so many very dedicated subscribers and a very big fan

Base and I absolutely love that you guys are doing it in your language you know for all the JDM car fans in Indonesia yeah you are the inspiration yeah thank you thank you well we all Inspire each other so I’m excited to be here there’s just so much cool things to shoot here

At the show the quality is so high and part of it is because you have to apply and they filter out the best cars only you have to apply yeah the event will filter the best car and can go in this event yeah yeah well also congrats on your most recent

Build you revealed it here at the show and I think it’s pretty cool it’s it is like the SEMA show of Indonesia in my eyes and actually what I really want to see is you reveal a car at Tokyo Auto Salon and then maybe one day at SEMA I

Think that would be great yeah that’s your dream okay all right I think the dream will come true very soon yeah awesome thank you oh good merch yeah you got what do we got we got some keychain call it a sticker oh awesome thank you so much Thank you Foreign thank you foreign Chen here we just wanted to Showcase some of the best builds from the elite Showcase in Indonesia this was such a fun show this was a two-day show and the reason why it’s called the elite is because it is the best tuner cars of all of Indonesia Under One Roof I also

Wanted to give you guys a little bit of insight about Indonesian car culture I’ve been getting asked by so many locals here so many car enthusiasts what do I think about the car culture it is so drastically different than a lot of places that I’ve traveled to there’s some resemblance of other parts

Of Southeast Asia but it’s also unique in its own way car culture there’s no secret about it it’s a rich man’s Hobby in Indonesia you have to be pretty wealthy just to own a car with that said these are the best of the best what’s behind me it’s nice Wheels nice Parts

Nice everything engine swaps good paint job all of that there’s still some relatability and that’s the thing I really liked about the show there’s cars that are local to Indonesia and Southeast Asia they’re affordable they’re easier to modify and it’s very evident once you step out of

The show into the parking lot that’s where there’s the home built garage built cars the local cars that really just showcase the local car culture and it may not be the elite but it’s just still cool that they’re all coming together to enjoy it the builds themselves are so good

They’re really top level there’s so many ones where I kept posting on my Instagram just because they were not only good for Indonesia they were world class and I truly mean that and part of it is because it’s a different level of enthusiasm for these vehicles

The people that build these to that next level are very wealthy and when it comes to building something like a EG Civic money is No Object a lot of times but they still have to jump through so many Hoops to build the vehicle and I’m talking about the fact that you can’t

Import any vehicle over two years old you can’t import any used part so used engines used transmissions used any part of a car all of that 100 completely illegal unless you’re able to buy it brand new and have it shipped over brand new there is a lot of stuff that goes

Under the table and there is ways to get things into the country but it’s a very big gray area it’s the same with vehicles you’re able to bring in some vehicles for show and display but you can’t actually drive them on the street there is a way to smuggle vehicles in by sea

By land and when you talk about gray area that is even grayer and I’ve heard of people telling me stories about them actually smuggling cars in through the jungle going from container to container and eventually ending up here they’re so prideful of the vehicles because it’s what they

Have a lot of the ones that you see here are survivors they continue to modify them and they continue to restore them by importing parts because they can’t get a whole car there’s only a finite amount of these cars EG Civics there’s only 20 or 34 skylines because at the time when the

Car was brand new it was so expensive only few people had the forest site to actually order it from Japan before it got too old to import there’s only five r33 GTRs in the entire country and I think we saw four of them there’s just so many

Cars that people can tell me how many exist in this country with just their hands they’re like oh this is one of seven this is one of nine this is one of six it is so crazy because uh we take a lot of this stuff for granted you know a lot

Of these chassis in the U.S and in Japan in Europe they’re a dime a dozen but these folks if they destroy this thing then it’s going to be very hard to replace it on top of that new cars are insanely expensive if you want to know how much things cost

Here just to give you an example a brand new gr86 in the US is 27 900 right off the showroom floor MSRP same vehicle here in Jakarta if you were buying it from the showroom floor it would be 100 000 US dollars that is absolutely insane that’s due to

Import taxes and this that and other in the end of the day these are very very expensive cars you look at ej6’s you look at hachiroko’s they’re like 30 50 80 000 for these vehicles because they’re just so few and far between here a lot of times the vehicle that actually

Came to the country may not have been the most desirable right so no E36 M3s came into this country so if you wanted an M3 you pretty much have to like transform a regular 3 Series to a M3 there’s like uh EP Civics they only came in four-door but these folks here are

Converting them to Coupe two doors because they never came as a coupe and that goes for other things too like Toyota starlets they only came in four-door and the people here are just doing what they can they’re modifying them and making them two-door part of it is just because they just

Never got them and they would just be so illegal and so expensive to actually import the correct one another thing is you can’t drive a lifetime drive vehicle here so the American cars that we’ve been shooting uh the European cars they’re all right hand drive and the

Great Lengths they go through to convert them to right hand drive is also something that’s really interesting to me for the car of the show for me I ended up picking the cheapest car on the showroom floor I picked uh Honda Brio which is a vehicle developed by Honda

Just for the Southeast Asian market and it’s only sold here in Thailand it’s actually smaller than the Honda Fit and the Honda City it is Tiny and it’s very affordable it’s about 10 000 US dollars for a new car that is way cheaper than anything else on the show floor and uh

Jonathan the owner modified it so Tastefully has so much power and so I chose that only because it’s the one that resembled cars that I saw out in the parking lot the people that actually came you know they’re able to enjoy the Ferraris Lamborghini skylines all that

Those are way out of the reach for a lot of those folks but the Brio it may be something they already drive and that’s what’s really interesting to me I hope you guys liked this coverage that we got from Indonesia we’re gonna travel to so many different places to tell

These kind of cultural stories and that’s what is so much fun about my job thanks for watching hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece

Of art for your wall foreign [Applause]