Larry Chen: Home-Grown Turbocharged Toyota Corolla Without Breaking The Wallet Video

Posted: 2023-07-12 15:00:37
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] look at that clutch fan [Applause] the smoke from you burn on out in your execution are barely just clear now I feel like that was like an hour or two ago man yeah Wow that is the fastest quickest four-cylinder street car on Big Island and do you think maybe Olive Oil all of Hawaii that’s pretty that’s pretty cool yeah I wanted to talk to you about a couple more uh Toyota Corolla builds yeah so this one is interesting I’ve never

Actually seen this sort of setup how does this work this is quite interesting to say the least you know um we had a body that kind of planted the seed for us uh Sean okamura you know he kind of thought about this whole setup and kind of made it work kind of

With the theme of it being really low budget you know literally piecing it together so this right here is a factory uh block 2tc um from the 70s in the Corolla so this is a 2tc which is even before the three the three teams which is what you have in your

Career right and is this a factory block from this vehicle yeah so this is not the factory block of the car but this is one that is exactly like it you know got it okay it says it on right right and then so this is a 1.6 liter 1.6 yes

This setup is basically really low budget um Factory pissing Factory Rod Factory crank Factory valve train um other than the valve springs of course the upgrade to the Dual valve springs um small Norris 328 camshaft and then it’s a running a single level it’s running a single blow through 45 Weber

And then this is something this is totally homemade homemade plenum and uh it’s supported by the AEM water mat injection so it can run on pump gas but still maintain it as if it’ll be running on race gas you know all the time this is so crazy everything homemade I

See that everything is homemade so then nothing fancy just put it together just just to get it running just to go to the track and this is female driven too female driven yes and my sister-in-law drives this car my brother built this car and she drives

It so it’s kind of like a whole family what kind of times can she run down so the quickest this car went was 10 8 at 124. uh it’s really fast that’s really fast man you wouldn’t think if you look at the car look at the car it’s not like

Crazy or anything you know yeah this is like a really calm car honestly uh in Hawaii this kind of Blends in huh oh yeah it looks cool though this is a 1977 Toyota Corolla 1977. okay so then g72 so this is the the next gen and it

Still even has the the clutch fan yeah is that crazy nothing stock radiator stock radiator yes lab Turbo 6266 ball bearing same size as my car but a boost lab so then do you know how much this power this makes um no we never really got to dino

It I mean we have but when we did it was with nitrous and it made close to 400 um these stock tutis the fastest we got them to go is 1050 at 125 but that was with nitrous and 42 pounds of boost so the motor only lasted two runs and the

Rods came out you know so this is a more reliable 25 pounds of blue setup you know I just I cannot believe how much power you’re able to make out of this even though it’s stock and it just was only meant to make whatever and this is 80 horsepower this is 80

Horsepower or the 2tc 80 horsepower which means it potentially could be four to 50 50 to the wheels yeah right right so four to five times more yeah power than it ever had for sure jeez this is crazy so then what transmission is it right this is uh running the same Celica um

Cast iron five-speed transmission out of like a 70s yeah this is this runs through I I believe most of the 70s Celica yeah they they call it the cast iron transmission the w50 series yeah and then is this the helmet this is the helmet it’s a matching yeah matching the

Car I love it this is so cool it’s just a simple roll bar simple roll bar just enough to pass Tech you know yeah so do you know how much it costs to build something like to be honest this car right here I want to see it and when I’m talking I’m talking

Just engine wise you know I don’t think he spent more than three thousand dollars I think you know to put everything together and the majority of the cost is the turbo everything else we’re basically reusing Factory Pistons Factory rods Factory valves you know old valve springs that we had in the last 20

Years you know so then you at least did rebuild the motor yes yes for sure okay new uh rings and bearings you know but but as far as the internals we kept it Factory so then 3 000 for the engine how much do you think the chassis costs ah

Well he bought this car for like 1500 bucks and then he kind of bodyworked and painted it at home you know all in potentially it could be about five thousand dollars pretty much I’d be really honest with you this car is budget friendly Lake 100 like

And I’m not at home you know everything done at home paint job I mean it’s not bad like that is incredible so then to make those uh runs are they actually or is your sister-in-law at least running slick yeah she’s running slicks and she and she’s uh doing a massive really on the

Starting line this card really is about two to three feet high off the ground can you believe that no yes and then uh whose car is this this is my brother’s car here he just got done with this build you guys are just the Toyota Corolla

Racing family yeah for sure on the big island amazing so this one is not a budget build this is not a budget build this is a this is a Max ECU fuel injection 3tc how many of these exist here like in terms of like a club

And it’s oh in its entirety I want to say you know maybe 50 members or so maybe 50 different cars that’s a lot yeah but there’s a lot of cars that doesn’t even come out you know like there’s a lot of cars that stay home or

You know they’re not done with it or they haven’t completed it yet or you know but then when you guys go to the track all of you guys go together oh yes for sure yeah if he’s not racing he’s coming to support me and if I’m not racing I’m

Coming to support him you know it’s always a family thing your brother built everything himself yes pretty much 100 pain motor this is a three PC three TC yes also seven to one Pistons everything from PSI racing this is a pretty similar setup to what you have very similar yes very similar

So we hoping and expecting the same results you know when it comes time to hit the track so so this car has never really been seen yet by anyone um who was planning on taking it to the car show I mean Hilo in the next week

And then uh he’s gonna take it to the dyno and get it ready for the races got it so yeah like all of these cars like as you know we try to make them really nice but also we’re going to take into the races and we’re gonna drag race them

You know what does he expect to make Power wise on this I would say well in the same range 500. what a nice play wizard that’s my brother’s nickname because everything to do with toyoto’s in he knows yeah you have a question you ask him and he knows this is so cool

This one is more unique because it has the carburetor yeah yeah it’s very calm very like you wouldn’t think that this car would run a 10 you know look at that clutch fan so then do you still have to adjust the Jets and stuff on the car yeah and then

Depending on the amount of boost you want to run you know you can’t run the same jets that you run at 20 pounds that you want to do at 25 you know it just won’t work marks will come out yeah you don’t want that so this would

Probably be one of the most important gauges in the car you know to monitor our Airfield and checking spark plugs and all of that kind of stuff it’s nothing like um an EFI car where you could go back in a data log and look everything you know

This is really old school this is the most modern gauge that there is in here It really does sound different than your car very different yeah so then how does the rev limiter work on this one is it uh this is an MSD so it runs a fantastic so it has just a basic Embassy with a mac door limiter chip and

Got it so that’s how it can basically prevent it you see how lazy it sounds yeah as soon as you let go the clutch it’s a it’s like night and day it’s it’s kind of crazy how it works I think right now my brother has it set

Up to be running his 25 pounds of boost so that’s why it probably has a really big jets inside you know it’s a little harder time to rev so what kind of fuel is it running this is running on pump gas and water methanol so um instead of uh

Instead of having basic 92 octane with the water meth you can bring it up to like 116 yeah and always have it on demand yeah so that is kind of like the cheap method of not having to buy race gas or run race gas you know [Applause] this is your wife’s car yes

But you built it yes and your wife drives it on the track he is I’ve never been in a carbureted turbo car is this a pretty common build here on the island um some some of them like it some don’t right pretty much right now on Toyota wise only me with a single right now this is the most uh budget-friendly ways the blood build something like this

All the gauge is hidden down here it’s the one I’m in right here okay that’s how you turn on the water bath yeah well then on low boost how much power do you think this makes yeah probably like 240 250. that’s still good considering how much

This weighs yeah it is it’s kind of like a big car compared to the rest But uh that lag is crazy yeah the build up so different yeah he goes Danny he gradually wakes up one time that’s just how it is because it’s carbureted now yes before I used to run one like eBay turbo before like under 30 dollars before

Then I used to run I mean it lasted me like four years but it comes on a little bit earlier like between four thousand now I put a name brand one so it comes in a little bit later it feels almost yeah it does it sounds crazy Wow so rev’s pretty high huh uh yeah I come at Rojo at 8 500. 85. yeah I don’t know so I see if I’m like about 75 1.6 liter Ally so cool this thing is awesome it just sounds so different yeah really and it feels different the lag is unlike anything uh Whatever somehow it works though it worked man I love these kind of builds because it’s just doing it on a budget still playing with cars yes but um still going fast I’m really surprised how fast this thing can go yeah boy how heavy the car is yeah because this is full interior

Nothing stripped out nothing stripped out full interior huh amazing very cool all right we’re gonna keep shooting awesome cars here in Hawaii hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need [Applause] foreign