Larry Chen: Hillclimb and Time Attack Evo 2: Tommy F Yeah’s Track Toy Video

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-07 15:00:31
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign Tommy are we driving to Japan this is the 89 Canter this is the best tow vehicle it’s sick I wouldn’t go very far with it but it’s cool for short short trips oh it’s manual it’s manual and it’s dog leg so first is here it’s pretty gnarly it’s like a race car

I had to have one you know everyone’s got like he knows and stuff Look how much windshield there is I’ve never been in a vehicle with this much windshield is it weird uh when you’re turning and like the the tires are way behind you yeah they’re like we’re above them um it’s cool because it turns on a dime you know but it’s

I mean I guess that’s what it was built for AC doesn’t blow very cold but it’s something incredible so which the windshield is so big like we’re already in third in the in the pits I love that that windshield wiper reservoir do the brake bags right here it’s right here underneath this

Well it’s like it’s like a motorcycle so you can monitor it yeah right there it’s got like a the like gas break you know like what is it called the jake brake it’s got one somewhere I don’t know how to work I think it’s something over here it’s

Gnarly I can’t believe we’re here at Lime Rock and um this is the event for Our Generation that’s what I’ve been kind of saying grid life is a motorsport festival and it’s for people like us we may not be able to relate to supercars and pre-war cars just to give you guys

An example Monterey car week is this weekend and I chose to come to grid life Lime Rock instead of going to Monterey car week uh this is Japan right yeah except for that thing’s there wow look at this guy we’re uh we’re flexing on some people right now dude we’re we’re flexing we’re

Flexing yeah look at this welcome to Lime Rock Park should we unload it it’s all driven off of uh off the transmission no way oh yeah oh yeah You know like this would pull you around you’re in Japan your car breaks down guy pulls off turns the lights on yeah that’s so bright out I hate trailers like I have an F-450 an aluminum trailer like I like this so much more because it’s just like one

Unit you know what I mean no way yo it’s like hella Transformer right now look at that wait wait that’s that’s bait it’s like you’re lifting the hood yeah but it’s just the whole you’re gonna take the whole cab so for for those of you guys wondering

That crazy F1 sound in the background is uh Ryan Turk oh in his formula Supra oh my that Judd V10 so we’re at Lime Rock Park if you can’t tell it says welcome to live rock park this is the entrance this is like where people to pay to get

In and we kind of just hard parked right at the main gate this is Tommy’s wonderful Mitsubishi Evo and the reason why unfortunately we had to tow it here is because you win full hot rod it has it runs like 30 something pounds of boost down the front straight it’d let

Go and a whole a whole pipe removed itself from a car and landed on the front straight so no more running this weekend well it was running good up until then it was doing really well and we we had problems all weekend with the popping up with the coupler just popping

We here we put hairspray we tighten it down and I was like making my way through traffic because I end up getting bumped so far back from running slow from running the coupler so I was in like Group D on spot 13 or 17. and I was

Making my way through all the Honda fits and then it just popped uh that’s how oh that’s a that’s a trick huh to use hairspray on the coupler it’s like a little drag racer trick I think put hairspray claim it down it like makes the uh whatever they’re made out

Of just sticky you know it’s like glue yeah so today um is the main day here at the grid life Lime Rock event and tomorrow Sunday we’re actually gonna go to Tommy’s personal shop and uh we’re gonna check that out we’re gonna check out some of

The builds but I kind of wanted to just go over this build we’ve featured a couple of your of Tommy’s bars now and Tommy you’re a weird one you’re you like that’s probably why people like you so much that’s weird stuff you’re like the unofficial JDM mayor of this area uh

Especially at Lime Rock people are yelling at you people are there’s a home course so stoked to see you here and you’ve driven this track quite a bit yeah yeah I’ve been on the truck quite a bit I I worked here for lime rock and Skip Barber when I was younger um

I’ve just been here a lot you know it’s super cool so tell me about this build so this is a really weird situation with a story back when I was younger I had an evil 8 and there was a shop called densport garage owned by Bill Washburn

Alex graboff you met bill yet that CSL um and Alex brought this in as a race car in 2004. not in my 808 and I just watched it and it was A Streetcar and Alex slowly evolved it into a hill climb car uh and I it’s called the pleasure

Evo it’s because of the poem on the roof I I almost bought it in 2012 and then he had cold feet and then last year he’s like hey man I’m selling the pleasure even though and I just had to buy it’s like a nostalgic thing you know this guy

I just watched it go from a completely stock normal street car to this monstrosity that it is now so what year is this 1994 uh Evo II okay so then it says Evo 2 here but it says evil three so those are evil three side skirts the

One and two didn’t have them they just look a lot cooler so you go three steering Tebow two Wing Evo three spats and then the Evo two front bumper um that’s all original well you know from the different models these are enki tarmac Evo Wheels you usually see them

On like evil four five sixes um but these cars have really narrow fenders so Alex made Metal flares that he molded into the car and they do the job okay great sheet all that and made performances went through the whole car we kind of rushed them and this was like

It’s Shakedown and it did really well but it’s always room for improvement so then uh how what how were your times oh pretty not good yesterday I was like 106 was my fastest um not really committing and then I didn’t think about it then because I was just

Like trying to feel it out where it would put me today and it put me in with a bunch of Honda fits and if you’re in a class that’s running 105s it’s hard to go above that because there’s traffic you know everyone’s kind of running the same time and if you’re

100 horsepower more you’re on the back of people in the place that you could be so uh my fastest time was a low 105. it’s good for under a minute for sure but I’m in fifth gear most of the track yeah and you have a lot of work and

Development to do on this yeah yeah and you’re shifting your own Gears too it’s like a modern car it’s got a rally our dog box so one of my biggest fears it’ll allow you going to first at any time referred to let that clutch out and you

See that tackle I money shifted it in the past two other times scary but um that’s like the most the coolest part about the car is a rally our dog box really rare rally piece that you just can’t get it’s worth stupid money but it makes this car shine in the

Slower stuff you know live rocks they carry speed tracks all them in fourth and fifth the whole time top out on the front straight before I hit the start finish so the car makes 472 horsepower 448 torque on 32 pounds of boost and that’s all-wheel drive all-wheel drive

Like 50 50 true all-wheel drive this is so cool oh my gosh what the heck M.A performance built it it says one of none on the other side but yeah so they cut that out I redid the turbo setup they did some cooling stuff we lost our fan it just

Melted we lost the line and we lost that pipe that whole uh crew they do amazing work and actually maybe some of you guys don’t know but unofficially I I feel like they built the new Z before the new Z was a thing because they did a swap

They did a VR 30 twin turbo swap into a 370Z and made everything work so then what are we looking at here so it’s a 2.3 liter stroker uh with a very small 16g so these the EVO 3 came with the 16g uh our generic turbo modified the 16g

You’d have a 52 millimeter wheel which pushes like 50 or 55 pounds a minute that turbo is making 470 horsepower which is just blows my mind because it’s it’s a 16g it’s an EVO 3 Turbo that was modified but it’s still the same outside you know the compressor and the exhaust

Side is still the same what an interesting way this is the oil cooler that’s the oil cooler yeah underneath you can see here it works pretty good there’s a lot going on here but like there’s some also really rare Parts which is weird to see in a race

Car the rally art um booster delete so it says no brake booster that’s a group a rally part this says Tommy mackinnon’s actual motor mounts not like the same ones these were off of Tommy mackin’s EVO 3 rally car these motor mounts these specific ones Alex and Bill are like

Crazy thrifters you know I like people buy like clothes like shirts these dudes are looking for old Indy car parts old rally Parts always they’re in like all the rally park or the race car park groups and they just get all that stuff this had a crazy Indy car boost gauge

When I first got it it just just wild it’s like they just get these parts because they’re cool and they somehow fit it and they work yeah they make it work like Bill’s 240 if you’ve seen that yes all Indie Car Parts recycled indicator Parts about like

Because those guys they make so much they get so much money they just throw them on eBay or throw them away someone grabs them puts them on eBay no bids on them they open 10 bucks and you get thousands of dollars of connectors and an engine harness for 10 bucks because

No one else can use it Bill cut them all off reuse them wow wow that’s incredible thank you for showing us this Evo 2 is it kind of like a Evo 2.3 at this point Unfortunately it’s not running right now but it will be running again soon um but what a way to kind of show off the tow rig too yeah I should just stay here yeah Tommy’s gonna load this up we’re gonna keep shooting here I’m actually gonna drive

Believe it or not that r33 which is is pretty gnarly kind of jealous yeah it’s it’s pretty cool it comes on like a freight train and um yeah my friends at Hive let me borrow the Grady s Rock built in 1995 for the 1996 Tokyo artist launcher

That’s I like the history you know so that’s a cool car you are the GTR master I feel like I’m trying to find it you’re not even just like the East Coast Master you’re like the US guy let’s hope and you’ve built this cult following so I definitely cannot wait to

See your shop actually uh part of the reason why I wanted to feature Tommy is because our good friend Brian scatto suggested he he came to your shopping he’s like this guy’s a nut cake you know this guy is a nutcase in a good way and

Uh yeah you have to just check out all the little pieces that he has we’re not the long day yeah it’ll be fun a long day it’ll be a lot of fun cool man yeah cool hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign

Every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall To me [Applause]