Larry Chen: Hidden 90’s JDM Legends Garage in Hawaii Video

Posted: 2023-06-05 15:00:35
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

We can start the video by showing all your awesome burnout Marks here I don’t have a doorbell so you do a burn out in my driveway and then I know you’re here so so this is interesting because I didn’t even realize a property like this even existed on Big Island you know

We’re out here actually shooting a bunch of cars and checking out some of the car culture but a lot of people were telling me that I need to go check out Ryan’s collection and uh you’ve had a super Street feature before yes yep about a

Year or two ago so tell me about this property this is crazy it’s almost like you have your own little racetrack here so it’s uh about five acres here and when we moved in it was just the house here’s not a anything special it’s just about 2 000 square foot home with an

Ohana guest house and a two-car garage but being a car guy two-car garage ain’t gonna cut it so we added the garage on let’s check it out all right I’m assuming that’s probably your daily driver huh uh yeah that and the junker Tacoma over there yeah and that is a

Plaid yes does it have a yolk yes can we take it out absolutely yeah it’s kind of torn apart too unfortunately I’m trying I’m trying to get it into the eights this weekend so this is something that you can actually use on the island because you do have a drag strip here

Yeah absolutely yeah the the local car culture here is awesome the old school stuff is so cool I love going down to the drag strip because you see a little bit of everything you know everybody’s welcoming there’s not you know any issues because you’re an import guy or

Domestic guy or anything like that I go down with an electric car and you know I haven’t had anybody say anything negative is this the quickest car on the island uh no I mean there’s some legit drag cars on the island what about streetcar well what’s your you know

What’s your definition of a street car so I mean I would say it’s the fastest truly stock car on the islands you’ve actually gutted it yeah for this yep so the Tesla doesn’t get pissed off like it you know it definitely is notifying me that the rear airbags are having issues

And it’s notifying you of all that but it’s still not cutting the power or anything like that we’ll see I have some Kevlar driver seat for it I’m in the process of installing that I’m curious to see if the car freaks out over that oh of course really really nice Sparco

Yeah but I like that you still oh it’s from unplugged yeah yeah oh cool yeah I got their their front and rear uh carbon ceramic brakes on this car and the the wing on the back they put the wrap on for me their sister company bulletproof

Automotive yeah yeah this is so cool so seat out you don’t need a passenger how much weight do you think you took out of this thing I’ve been meaning to measure it but you know I think the stock seats are 100 pounds a piece I think these

Ones are going to end up being with the harnesses and the sliders probably 30ish so I’ll be dropping a fair amount there and then the front rotors I saved I think was 12 pounds on the front rotors and 10 on the rear going to the carbon Ceramics I have a set of 19

Inch magnesium wheels that I want to say they were like 17 pounds so I say I think the stocks are 25 so you know it’s it’s adding up and especially when it’s the the sprung weight yeah so I think I have my fingers crossed to be able to

Get in the eights last time I took it there I didn’t have the rear brakes on and it kept spinning I’m going to try to spray some vht on the tires this time and see if we can get it to stick I’m still trying to use the stock tires

Aftermarket wheels but stock tires why is that well it’d be cool to be able to say it did it on stock tires to get into the eights I don’t no one is there’s only been a couple plaids that have gotten into the eights and none of them

Have been on stock tires so it’d be cool to do it on stock tires and they don’t make a lot of great Tire choices in 19s for as big of a sidewall as you still need for this so for you being in Hawaii is is it a advantage or a disadvantage

In terms of like the track is it a faster track or I’m not an experienced enough racer to answer that question I don’t know I really don’t know I mean obviously elevation doesn’t really matter honestly maybe elevation that’s higher would work better for electric car because it’s less air resistance

Yeah yeah I think they’re you you’re right on that yeah our tracks probably 20 feet elevation or so it’s right down in Hilo right near the ocean so so but do you charge this or do you top this off before you actually go I have not

Done it yet because I have had a hard time charging it at the local charging stage we have really crappy charging stations here you should be you know fully charged to try to get the fastest time so yeah I’ve always been down 50 miles right out of the gate so I’m

Hoping this weekend I can top off and get traction and get it done is that whole setup just the charger no no it’s a PV solar system for our house because we’re all off grid here so cool okay so enough about your daily even though this is the quickest car or maybe the

Quickest it’s still cool to me and it just shows up Motorsports has evolved and we can still yeah enjoy Vehicles even though it’s an electric car that’s right yeah yeah yep but I’m so excited because I kind of know what you have but I don’t really know what you have but you built

This entire structure yeah Yep this looks like a house kind of yeah I I tried to plan my wife wanted it to match the house so it didn’t look like an afterthought was her big thing and you know someday I will not be into cars anymore unfortunately we will all get to

That age and I wanted it to be something that you know somebody else I didn’t want to over improve the property right and have something that nobody else would want so it’s like well keep in mind the layout um that somebody else could turn it into a second house

Because there are a lot of multi-generational families that live on island so it’s not uncommon to have you know one family here and you know an uncle or Auntie living you know right right close by so okay so so it has a has like a keypad and everything yeah

It’s like yeah it looks like I’m just going into somebody’s house sorry it’s kind of a mess in here oh my goodness I wasn’t expecting this what what the so where do you want to start you have a problem I do yeah yep a really good problem I legitimately have

The chills right now this is legitimately my first time seeing this collection yeah there’s some craziness going on so tell me about this uh well it’s a Tesla swap Supra you know everybody asks why would you do that why would you do that well my first answer is I already have another Supra

With a 2J in it so when you and it’s the same color same color yep so when you check that box right then you know then you can I feel like mess with something like this this car was you know in an accident when I bought it

It was a roller it’s right hand drive so you know all the people that are DieHard Supra people that hate me for doing this and they say oh you you took a super off the road no I actually brought one I put one back on the road because this was a

Roller when I bought it and then so when you say it was a roller did it have a cage the cage yeah the previous owner was using it to road course and tried to sell it couldn’t sell it so he just started parting it out so when I bought

It you know it had the rear subframe in it the interior was already gutted it did have you know the dash was in there but uh the interior was gutted it was caged motor transmission were out so I just kind of picked it up from there so

Then did you do all this yourself so no definitely not I don’t have a background in electrical engineering or Automotive or anything like that I just I fell in love with supra’s long ago and I like the look of them and then about five years ago I fell in love with Tesla’s

Owning a P85 Model S and then I got the idea to you know put them together kind of take the look of the Supra but the advantages of an electric motor and do this but yeah I had some local guys that have helped me with the wrenching I have a

Fabricator that’s local my tuner has been like super instrumental he came out and visited and saw what I was doing he’s like oh I want to get in I want to get involved in this and help out which was great because I would have be lost without him yeah but you’re the

Conductor like they come here to your property yeah yeah I mean I’ve been doing a lot of the wiring myself that’s kind of on me but um you know I’m constantly pestering other people like hey you know why doesn’t this work you know how am I supposed to do this and luckily there’s

A lot of people that seem to be willing to still answer my phone calls I don’t know why but this is great because you’re kind of on the Forefront of this right I understand that this is a thing now yeah right but I’ve never seen

Anybody do this with a mark IV Supra and no I I it to my knowledge it’s the first mark IV that’s been Tesla swap for better or worse but that was kind of what interests me it’s cool to do something different like what what kind

Of hasn’t been done with a mark IV super right they’re a thousand horsepower and one not a big deal anymore right yeah that’s an old hat yeah yeah so it’s just to me it was interesting like oh let’s let’s do something different so then what did this come out of this is come

Out of like a P85 or yeah pretty much a p uh 90 actually so it’s a Model S or model X they use the same stuff but that’s half the batteries out of one yeah it’s a lot of batteries why is it all out right now so over the last

Couple years we built it and the goal was like make it run so it took about a year and a half to make it drive drove it a little bit for you know a few months and then like everybody else like let’s make it faster there’s a Tesla subframe under there

Got it okay so you actually want to do over fenders yeah we have a riddicks kit that’s all painted ready to go makes me wonder what a Rito is going to think about this yeah once it’s done yeah well you know at this point I like I said it

Looked terrible before but now I’m trying to make it look good are you going to keep it green yeah yep so it was white before and we painted it about a month ago yeah we haven’t wet sanded it or anything like that we just kind of

Sprayed it and put it back in here and I’ve been working on the inside we’re gonna weld up some of the holes spray the inside then it’s going to my fabricator who’s going to put a front Drive Unit in it so this is going to be all-wheel drive yeah and with the push

Of a button you will be able to choose if you want it all-wheel drive just rear-wheel drive just front-wheel drive and I have hopes with the help of AEM that will be able to independently control the drive units and actually make them go in opposite directions as

Well at the same time so you could do a you know burnout with the car trying to tear itself apart or push itself together that is just for fun that is so cool I think I’m glad you appreciate that I’m so I just love this so much because you really have already adopted

This technology by enjoying these cars and taking them to the track and actually showing how to modify them and how fast you can go now you’re taking it to the next level I’ll be honest I just don’t think they look good I just don’t think a lot of these new electric cars

While I understand they’re really fast just don’t have the soul yeah right yeah now then there’s definitely truth in that if your 90s 80s kid even a 2000s kid how could you not like the mark Force yeah you know Fast and Furious just so much of car culture has led us up to

This point for us to like enjoy these shapes yeah not only the Supra you know NSX and you have you have pretty much the JDM collection like this is this is the trio right I mean yeah Mazda Honda yeah Nissan I’m what’s next for you um well in hopefully in about

Uh four to six months I have um a hako in California that’s been being rebuilt for the last two years so that’ll arrive so I’m looking forward to having that here but I think at that point um I never want to say I’m done done but

I I think I am kind of done with cars there’s a lot of other cars that I would love to add I’d love like an S15 an evil like there’s a long list like everybody else like a 240 Z I’d love to have something like that but you have enough

Room sir uh I I kind of don’t like you know I I need another garage is really what I need because like I don’t I don’t like working in here around all these other cars you have a lot of room I do have a lot of room I could build another garage but

No One’s Gonna feel bad for me but I have all the toys I want but no time to enjoy them like that’s understood the let’s see what is it this car made it out of the garage um a couple weeks ago for a photo shoot and that’s the first time any of these

Cars have been out of the garage all year so um can we take a look at this stuff before we dig into some of your other cars so this was actually in the Supra yes so this is the lower battery box in the front so the the the motor or the

Drive Unit sits in the subframe in the back of the Supra um and it’s in there now if you want to kind of crawl under there and take a look at it but uh half the batteries sit in the front and the this is the lower box which holds two batteries and then

The upper box holds six more that’s a a driving that’s the Drive Unit that’s going to go in the front that’s the motor right there on the left side and then the diff is in front and then the inverter which controls it is sitting over there on the bench

Um normally they’re mounted together and you mount the whole thing the whole thing sits in the subframe but it’s too wide to fit in the rails of the Supra so we’re gonna remote Mount that I love this yeah the guys at uh Salvage to Savage made that piece which saved me a

Ton of time in trying to you know like 3D scan that that’s not my thing so how did you get all of the Driveline stuff um so I bought uh originally when I first decided to do the Supra I reached out to stealthy V they sell kits and I

Basically told them here’s what I want to do and they kind of put a whole package together that includes you know the batteries the Drive Unit and subframe an onboard charger a DC to DC converter to take the high voltage because you no longer have an alternator

But you still have a 12 volt system so the DC to DC converter takes high voltage from your high voltage battery pack converts it down to 12 volts to charge and run your lights and everything else so they kind of supplied that pack and I put that in the car

Now I’ve recently found a couple places online that buy Salvage Teslas and tear them apart and offer all the parts so you can buy kind of anything you want and get it shipped to you because those batteries uh on the actual Tesla they’re structural right or it’s like the bottom

I think the the newer ones are the what they call them like a 4680 their structural now these ones were not they are in this giant like I don’t know tuna can type thing that’s you know pretty sealed up and once you open it you know it’s very hard to get

It back together and then in terms of weight that must mean it must weigh a lot more than your internal combustion most people think that and that does make sense and if I had you know full interior on that car and um you know a radio and all these other

Things I think it would get pretty heavy those Tesla batteries for that size pack that’s a 90 kilowatt pack um weighs 900 pounds just the batteries not even the battery boxes or you know all the coolant lines or anything so um I weighed that car and with two seats

In it the cage you know all the body panels and everything running around it was about 100 150 pounds heavier than that car that’s it yep that’s not bad yeah and you know with that that cage is very involved so if that wasn’t in there I think that would make them pretty even

Again no air conditioning no heat in that car you know we live in Hawaii you really don’t need that yeah all right so let’s talk about your internal combustion Supra theft what’s the story behind this uh well this was my first love really um you know when I was a high schooler

You know these cars kind of just came out um I I loved them my stepbrother had a Mark III Supra and he took me for a ride in that thing and uh he just about killed us and I after that once we got home and

I was still alive I was like someday you know but I was more interested in the mark force and the mark III’s um had a couple opportunities to buy one and my wife uh my girlfriend at the time you know was smart and said hey why don’t you invest that you know that

Money instead of buy something like this which was really smart to invest the money and because I probably would have been dead if I got one you know in my 20s but uh when I was uh about 30 31 um she said hey you should finally get that

Supra you wanted so this was kind of how it started I bought this car it took me about six months to find what I wanted um but it’s a twin original twin turbo six-speed I’m gonna take a look at that now it has an HKS t51r in it

Have you taken this to the drag strip yeah yep I used to run this uh quarter mile and a half mile back when I lived in Arizona and uh I took it down to the drag strip here for about a year trying to to get a good time I made one 10 second

Pass in Arizona and I’ve been trying to get back into the tens ever since but either I’m a horrible driver which is probably what it is or these are really hard to Launch I know for sure this is really hard to launch how much power do you think

You’re making with this uh on high boost this made uh 888 yes that is something else so then you weren’t able to put down a a pass in the electric Supra or no I’ve never I haven’t taken it to the drag strip um and that was mostly strategic I’ve

Taken a lot of a lot of crap online for doing that and I knew that was coming and I’d never back away from you know an argument with somebody but uh I knew how I know you know based on driving on the street how fast it would be at the drag

Strip and I’m like I’m not interested in giving anybody you know any ammo to talk to me it’s like you know once I put the front motor in it I think it’s going to be fast enough that nobody’s gonna have anything to say when you spin all four yeah uh and

Probably on some pretty sticky tires yeah it’s gonna turn some heads yeah yeah and it will be much lighter as well we found a new battery pack I actually just paid for it today that’s why I was down in Kona was wiring the money for

The battery pack but I found an um a guy in Texas uh Lone Star EV performance they build race batteries for EVS and we have a battery pack that is going to be like four times as powerful as the Tesla pack and instead of 900 pounds it’s

Going to weigh 300 pounds so we’re gonna drop 600 pounds and it’ll discharge four times the amperage that a Tesla pack will probably because it’s not designed for longevity and range it’s more that’s the trade-off yep when I built this car it was like you know I wanna

I want a drag car but I also want to be able to cruise around town you know it’s like anything it’s like you got to kind of pick what you want right like cheap fast reliable pick two kind of same thing that’s the same thing with electric cars

It’s like range speed and cheap like what you still have to pick two you can’t and really it’s almost like kind of pick one you know to get range and speed you know it’s it’s going to be very tough do you know anybody who’s done an

All-wheel drive swap on a mark 4 in like even if it’s an internal combustion yes because I in trying to figure out how to do it I’ve spent a ton of time researching um there have been either one or two guys in Russia that did it they were

Using R34 transmission and I don’t know suspension wise what they were using but there’s very little information on the internet there’s a couple YouTube videos and that’s it and then there’s a guy in California it’s a speed Force Racing that has um a bright orange wide body I think it’s a

V12 Supra that is um that and again he used the R34 transmission and uh I found some information on it it’s still kind of limited he does sell a kit for it but it’s highly highly expensive and for me he wanted to sell everything as a kit and

I’m not using most of it you know I’m not using the the the axles or any of that stuff I can’t that doesn’t work with a Tesla Drive Unit so I was really more looking for you know the suspension side of it but we found a different option after a lot of research

I just cannot wait to see this lined up against that absolutely at the drag strip in Hilo yep that’s that was the goal what actually when we originally started this my goal was make that faster than this and like I said I’m a miserable driver so normally like a low

11 second pass is what I can do in this is just kind of all over the place or I bog the turbo so it’s not asking that much out of it to beat this but then um about halfway into the build I bought the plaid and that was the new goal it’s

Like all right now it has to beat the plaid and then potentially with the new batteries it could because it yeah it doesn’t have all that extra stuff yeah so it’ll be interesting to run it it’ll that car will eat this car at this point um the electric super will eat this one

Once we get it done the Plaid will be interesting because the Plaid will be I think they’ll be pretty equal horsepower wise but the Plaid is definitely more aerodynamic it’s way more efficient but it also will be you know like a thousand pounds heavier or more is in

With you making that 10 second pass was it on street tires no it was on slicks and skins okay yeah all right all right since we’re right next to it let’s talk about your FD what’s going on with this here I’ll get it out of the way quick so

Everybody can can you know if they’re not mad at me for the electric Supra you just like to go they can be mad you know about this oh okay all right LS3 it’s got a basically a t-56 and then a Ford nine inch I mean this this is such a common swap

Yeah that there’s so many people that actually swap these back to Rotary you know like it’s that common yeah because it’s like for the longest time people didn’t want to deal with the rotary so they put this in yeah and then now it’s like these vehicles

Have gone up so much in value it’s worth it to put the 13B back into it yeah absolutely so then uh how much power is this making so it’s a stock LS3 so I think that’s about was that 415 or so and the same on the torque

This is cool yeah I bought this car pretty much as it sits as you see it I think and I put a couple little carbon pieces on it um and other than that I’ve I’ve left it alone I would I would have preferred a different power plant in it honestly but

You know it’s hard to find an FD in this sort of shape anymore you know a lot of them are pretty rough so um did you buy any of these in Hawaii no all of these were from the mainland yep Arizona or wherever yeah yeah all this obviously yeah this was in California

When I bought it yeah all right so tell me about your R34 Bayside blue yep best color ever yep um yeah when I bought it uh five years ago or so it was in pretty rough shape and it had a wrap on it so I spent two

Years uh at a shop in California just rebuilding everything on it and painting it and had it here for about a year and a half and then uh dropped a valve in it so the motor’s been out of it for the last year uh getting rebuilt at a shop in California

And just got that back uh it’s about last week so here in the next couple weeks we’ll get the motor back in it and where is it uh it’s actually at a shop uh in town got it when people think about Hawaii or when they even think about the big big island

Specifically they don’t really think about car culture yeah no I think we’re a little underrated here honestly yeah so from what I understand there’s even a couple shops on the island that have dinos yeah yep there’s um one in in Kona and one in Hilo that I know of yeah

This is so cool it really is you know there’s not a ton of people here on this island that are passionate about it but the people that are passionate they’re they’re legitimately passionate and they’re you know that we do they do a lot of stuff almost every weekend

There’s something whether it’s a cruise or scca or drag racing or or a show that you know there’s there’s something almost every weekend you know it’s crazy because the island with the most population at Oahu they don’t have a place to go drag racing they don’t have

A racetrack I mean the only thing they have is a CCA autocross and it’s like in a small parking lot yeah right um on top of that it’s very difficult for them to ship their cars over to other Islands yes to race because there’s no Ferry anymore

Yeah and there hasn’t been for so long it’s incredible to me that a drag strip on this island can survive with just the population on the island does it get used for other car events like car meets and no not really there’s you know it’s a it’s nice because they

Have the drag strip they do scca there they also run go-karts there they have a dirt track there and then I think they also do dirt bikes and stuff like that over there so there’s a lot of different stuff going on over there so it’s every weekend there’s something going on over

There if it doesn’t get rained out is it pretty casual in terms of like every Thursday night or every other night you can just show up and put down a Time on the dragster no they’re only so the drag strips closed except for on Race weekends yeah so there’s two race

Weekends every month okay it’s kind of something to look forward to every yeah every year and we cross our fingers that it doesn’t get rained out got it got it all right so last car sorry there’s just so many things that I want to learn about Hawaiian car culture because you know

I’ve been to a couple shows on Oahu and I’ve been to a couple meets I’ve judged a couple meets also and it’s great I love it I think it’s so cool but of course you know for me the performance aspect is what really drew me into cars

In the first place and that’s what I love and just seeing all of these vehicles not built for show while they look amazing they’re built for Go including I’m guessing this NSX yeah I you know I’ve said every one of my cars I want to you know make half of them go

Down the drag strip and now the Supra definitely has made a lot of passes the NSX has gone down the drag strip a couple times here and a couple times in Arizona when I lived back there I had both of those when I lived in Arizona

Um the RX7 has gone down the drag strip the skyline has not um but you know after we get through the break-in period I will get it down the drag strip what do you think that motor is going to make or what what did you it

Made 720 before so I think you know should still have that in it that’s a gtt so it’s just rear wheel drive so um putting that power down is challenging on that car sounds like fun though yeah yeah I you know I know everybody loves the GTR over

The gtt I like the looks of the the GTR but I like a rear-wheel drive car as well I feel like they’re a little bit more enjoyable to drive so I had the opportunity to swap that over and I elected not to um so that’s awesome happy with the way

It is but so tell me about this this is wide body like really wide it was originally built by Umbrella Auto design I’m not sure if you’re familiar with them but they’re up in the uh Portland area I believe and this was kind of their shop car and

Yeah I bought this roughly 10 years ago and it was super charged at the time and I’ve swapped it over to a twin turbo setup it makes this is 6 30. what this makes it’s just so casual you had a supercharger on here and it wasn’t enough it wasn’t enough

You know when you’re used to driving the Supra with 900 horsepower you know you get in this and you know it did feel a little underpowered so this is so cool twin turbo see I couldn’t even tell yeah yeah most people can’t tell until they you know

You notice that and then they’re like wait a second yeah the science of speed built um the motor on this car and did the turbo setup there in uh Tempe and they’re they do very good work and it’s very discreet well I mean it’s that’s the only

Discreet part about this yeah true yeah it’s true yeah this is so it looks like a jgtc like yeah or Super GT body kit it’s just all wide like look at this I can’t believe how wide this thing is so then where are the turbos actually mounted are they underneath yep yep

They’re underneath yeah it’s a sorcery wide body kit a lot of people think it’s a veal side kit but it’s a sorcery kit it’s supposedly one of two in the country uh but is it pretty laggy then no no which is wonderful this this is my favorite car

To drive everybody asks me like oh which car do you love to drive the most and you know I always thought it would be the Supra but it really is this car because this car makes good power at any RPM the Supra I’m waiting till you know

5500 RPM before that turbo really spools uh but this it’s the powers always there this is like your loudest looking car yeah it looks definitely yep insane yeah what do people say when they see you drive this in Hawaii like on the roads here yeah I think it’s a little bit

Especially you know being kind of out in the country it doesn’t really fit in with you know the horses and cows that are walking around in the neighbor’s yard um so it definitely turns them heads I think most people are just confused as to what it is and it really throws them

For a loop when it’s like yeah it’s 30 years old so is it 92 so that really throws people off and you know they’re like oh is this the new NSX when I tell them it’s an SX it’s like oh it’s a new NSX like no no this is the old NSX

Um which one of your cars run right now um the FD runs This is really uh just missing oil at this point in an oil pan gasket I drained that the other day to swap that this is missing injectors I sent those out to be cleaned that’s missing the motor that’s missing a few things it should just have one of those notes

Do not start or yeah on the steering wheel yeah my New Year’s resolution was to get all my cars here at my house since the hako I said it’s still in California and get them all running because it’s like there’s always something you know that is not running

So that’s my goal is to get everybody running in here so I’m glad I was able to talk to you about your collection and all your builds now but I’m bummed that it’s not next year after your New Year’s resolution after you make your New Year’s resolution yeah

Um when all of these things are running because I would love to hear them and experience them and before we started rolling we’re kind of talking about how you got into the Hawaiian car culture because you actually moved here without your cars first yep and then over time

The locals they they kind of like embraced you as like a newcomer in in the car Community I guess yeah so how did all that happen yeah so when we moved over um we were just kind of testing the waters on on living here so we left a

Lot behind including the Supra and the NSX those were the only two that I owned at the time and um at the time the drag strip was closed so no racing was going on um there weren’t a lot of car events or at least I couldn’t find them I didn’t

See it I wasn’t really on social media at the time so you know I think that’s how everybody does everything but it just I never really saw much so yeah I was really debating on just selling the cars and kind of moving on from that part of my life

Um but ultimately when we did decide to stay here and send all of our stuff over I did decide you know hey I can love these cars even if it’s just me and there’s nobody else doing it and um yeah when they got here and I started driving

Them around then it’s you know not surprising somebody comes up to you and it’s like oh you know I’ve never seen this car on island before everybody kind of knows what everybody has so when something new shows up um you know everybody’s aware of it so because the the island itself it’s

Called Big Island for a reason it’s actually bigger than every other Island and the land mass is actually pretty big but the population is small yes yeah I think somewhere around 300 000 people on this island yet I think they say oh all the other Islands combined physically

Could fit on this island so so then when you moved here and you’ve already lived here you didn’t have these cars here you didn’t even know there was a big car Community here then no um I didn’t I think probably again a lot of that’s because at the time I wasn’t doing any

Social media I didn’t have Instagram or Facebook or anything like that so you know driving around you’d see a few a few cars but um you know I never saw any big shows or really any cruises I saw a couple motorcycle cruises and and the truck

Guys here are pretty legit so I’d see them doing a cruise every now and then but yeah I didn’t really think there was much going on um but I think it was really just because I you know once I got on Instagram then it’s like oh okay you

Follow a few people and they’re the ones putting everything together and then it’s like oh yeah there’s a car Community here and they’re they’re doing stuff every weekend there’s something going on yeah and it from what you can tell or from from you hanging out with the local community or now you’re part

Of it um it’s kind of also changed what you like too a little bit yeah yeah no doubt um you know I was definitely a 90s guy when I moved here and definitely still am um but yeah the seven the old school stuff they have here especially the 70s stuff um

Is awesome they have awesome awesome 70s and 80s stuff here and it really kind of Since I checked most of my other boxes in the 90s stuff it’s like oh start you know looking at this other stuff and yeah it uh it really got my interest in other

Things which is you know which is dangerous I don’t need I don’t need any more any more things to chase after right because the population is so small here compared to the other Islands I’m assuming these cars are pretty rare here um yeah I think um I’d say there’s probably four I guess

Four or five other Supras on island Mark for us yes Mark Force um a couple Mark threes I’ve seen two Mark twos running around um I believe there are actually three nsx’s two Hilo side and then there’s one a silver Stone in Kona that I’ve left my

Phone number on a few times I always see it in the guy drives it to the Home Depot parking lot it’s interesting to me I always see it sitting in the Home Depot parking lot but I think he’s a snowbird that brings it out but yeah I

Think that’s so funny that you see another NSX owner you’re like you’re my friend yeah yeah like let’s be friends yeah yeah I want to sit and talk to him and I’m in my Tacoma so he’s like yo what is this guy doing um are there any other r34s here no 34s

That I’m aware of it’s possible something’s hiding somewhere but I I don’t believe so um there’s a 33 Hilo side and a 32 Kona side um and there’s a few fds running around it’s just so crazy to me that like you’re the you have the soul R34 on the

Island potentially maybe maybe like you said there is one hiding out waiting who knows for whatever or a motor or I don’t I don’t even know but uh I definitely think you know now now that they’re becoming legal yeah um that you’ll start to see them

More often there you know there’s a lot of people here that love those cars so um you know won’t surprise me in the next year or two if one shows up I know a couple guys over on Oahu that are are bringing them in so cool all right so you’re gonna do a

Little launch for us sure yeah this vehicle you don’t actually have to warm it up or anything huh no I mean it does have a drag strip mode uh for optimal power it will preheat the batteries to you know the certain temperature that it can discharge the most power as fast as possible

Um so I think that’s probably somewhere around like 80 degrees I love being able to take this thing Drive 50 miles down to the drag strip run glow nine second passes against legitimate race cars go do shopping after that drive home with air-conditioned seats in a beautiful

Stereo and still use only half the battery you know this thing’s got 400 miles worth of range so even going down drag strip it takes 10 miles of range to make a quarter SEC a quarter mile pass so then um do you think it would go easily under uh

Nine seconds if you just went with Slicks or if you went with like drag some drag radials so I I don’t know at the beginning it wasn’t it wasn’t losing traction like when it was before I took any weight out of it you know it doesn’t spin the tires on

The street it didn’t need the prep surface but once I started taking out the interior upgrading you know taking weight out of the wheels and the brakes it’s it’s spinning now so I’m hoping with that prep I won’t need the wheels because you don’t want the sticky tires

On the top end of the track you know you’re you’re rolling resistance is hurting the car so if you gain traction with sticky tires out of the hole you’re hurting your mile per hour so it’s like you’re gaining some time here but giving it up on the top end I don’t know if

You’re actually getting your Eight Second pass the two people that have that I’m aware of that have run eights um had weight out of the car and they were running um a 20 inch wheel and they were you know probably on I think like an R Triple Eight or something like that

Unfortunately I can’t get in our Triple Eight in a 19 that has the sidewall that this car needs so um I probably should have gone with a 20 inch wheel but I was trying to go with the smallest you know get my mindset was wait wait wait wait wait wait wait get

As much out as I can to try to get it into the eights that way so are you actually gonna put it in drag mouth yeah I’ll put it in Drag Strip mode and it’ll allow you to do a true launch where you hold you hold the brake and floor it and

Let off the brake that’s not dramatic at all it just goes so fast it didn’t chirp or anything no it it definitely feels like it it pulled some power it doesn’t like these 21 inch wheels it definitely does a lot better on a 19 with some sidewall on it

Um so then this this weekend when you go to the drag strip you’re going to put the 19s on yeah yep and what tires are there it’s a stock uh Pirelli p zero um and you know for the power they’re dealing with I they do a pretty darn good job it’s interesting because

Um what it’s doing uh in order for it to launch properly is putting power down or there’s like yeah I think it is pre-loading it’s pre-loading yeah because I could see the whole thing like lower yeah from everything just being under stress I guess and that’s and that’s actually where

It’ll be interesting to race the electric Supra versus this because I’m not going to be able to like preload that car I mean maybe someday we’ll get to that point but this has a lot of technology in it that is going to be an advantage over that car but I think

We’ll have a horsepower Advantage with that car and hard to argue with you know 1200 pounds lighter so that it’ll be I think a thing of traction if that car can get traction then I think it will win but versus this yeah even though this has claimed what a thousand two

Yeah they say what a thousand twenty is what these are yeah but then the Supra you’re expecting it to be there’s like a range of power that potentially could be yeah so yeah and I think it just comes down to I don’t understand why they’re I when you look online you see different

People claiming different things even companies selling the motors or claiming different things but I’ve seen as high as was it six like 675 or 645 something like that so if I I look at it and that’s from two Motors that’s from one motor oh that’s from one motor so then

That’s the rear performance Drive Unit which is what’s in that car right now and we’re putting a second one of those in there so basically having two rear Motors in that car instead of going with a typical front motor sometimes when people electric Swap and they want to be

All-wheel drive they’ll put a front load because the front motor on this is significantly smaller than the rear got it okay so that’s why you’re thinking it potentially could be faster than this on the drag strip because it’s two rear Motors two rear Motors yeah and again anywhere from depending on how you

Where you look as low the lowest I can find is like 450 and the highest 645 so you double that and what what about torque um I think the torque um is really a tough one you know the every time I see them on the dyno they’re

Throwing a crazy number you know the dinos aren’t really designed but I’ve seen numbers as high as like 700 to like a thousand horsepower on a single one of those Motors and I think it’s almost like dinos need to be adjusted for that right because it’s not like

Um a true like you can’t there’s no like one-to-one gear or whatever it’s always one-to-one gear right so yeah it’s not like your your matching the um whatever’s coming out of the crank to the one-to-one gear ratio to the roller or Hub Dyno whatever

Um this it just goes all the way to top speed from zero with the same amount of torque yeah right maximum torque all the way I think it has some torque that falls off on it um I haven’t looked at there were some sheets that I looked at before when we

Were trying to figure out which Motors to go with because originally when we decided we were going to upgrade the car I was actually trying to Source the motors from this I said let’s put a plaid motor in that thing because it’ll definitely beat it then because you have

The same amount of power you just have 1200 pounds less that you’re moving so it’ll it’ll eat its lunch at that point right um but um I’m not aware of anybody controlling these motors yet you know AEM can control those Motors a couple other companies can no one as of right now can

Control these so it’s like are you really going to go putting a motor in a car that no one can control you and just hope that somebody yeah eventually yeah and they land swapped eventually yeah there’s I’ve heard there’s a couple people talking about doing it so I think it will happen

Awesome thank you so much for sharing us your collection really yeah my pleasure hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need Foreign [Applause]