Larry Chen: From 87hp to 400whp: Swapped and Turbocharged Honda Brio Video

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-12 15:00:45
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Thank you All right we got Jonathan here with his Honda I don’t even know what this is called Brio Brio it’s only for the Southeast Asian market okay so I’ve never seen this before um we’re at my buddy Audi’s dealership restoration shop and they’re we’re having like a little pre-meet for the

Elite show here in Jakarta and uh yeah I don’t even know what this is so this is smaller than the fit exactly it’s a fits younger brother okay and this one is very very extensively modified not really I not really are you kidding me it has a roll

Cage but um the the motor is um not very stock anymore what did this come with originally it originally comes with a 1.2 liter they call it l12 okay so we did a swap to the Honda fits engine it’s in 1.5 liters that is so funny to me that

That is so funny to me because in the US you know people would swap the 1.5 liter out or take it out and put something else in like a K series or whatever but for you guys for this car the 1.5 liter is a way bigger engine

Right because it’s exactly like uh the B16 Engine with the B20 so it’s exactly the same but the different displacement so it wouldn’t take a lot of work to put it in the right got it okay so then uh this one has a snail on it this is Turbo

It’s not very stock at all um so tell me a little bit about this yes uh we’re running the o1 developments uh it’s a 54 millimeter turbo and we have the built engine as a curry Lopez Dance uh Beast buying cover rods and their valve springs Etc

Okay and then with all that said uh how much does this Dino at uh on a Mustang that I know we made around 400 wheel horsepower with VP c85 and on Palm gas it runs around 300 wheel horsepower 400 yeah wheel wheel when can you floor this thing this you

You you’re gonna have to be like going pretty fast for you put your foot to the floor I mean I don’t even know that is insane okay so then what about the transmission so as Mission we’re running the stock fit uh five-speed with the custom LSD and adult twin plate clutch

That’s all and it’s able to handle that power yeah sort of because when you’ve really given the 400 wheel horsepower we will like match all the synchros and stuff so we kind of kind of run it a little bit soft now with the pump gas setting got it okay

Um and then is this original color no we did a paint job here by my friend pangapo mobile it’s a custom one of paint but it’s basically the BMW E36 Boston green if I’m not mistaken right what else have you modified on the outside on the outside we made the white

Fenders front both front and rear oh because uh so you had to make this yes because we’re running a wider wheel setup so we need the wider fenders front and back what is it normally come with like 125s or something small I think it’s around 145 for them and it’s not

Mistaken and then these are what two 225 225 225 you need it you need all of it you probably need more than that 225 yep the front bumper too it’s basically the Honda fits ge8 or is it ge6 for you uh the J J is racing bumper so we need we

Did a custom job to fit the car and it’s carbon yeah only the grill and the lip that’s all okay got it so then you had to cut it up to make it fit right it’s just such an interesting looking car I love it so much and then uh brakes a

Little tires set up uh for bricks We Run The Spoon twin blocks four pots and for the wheels we are using the nka rpf1 RS 15 by eights and then there’s still drums in the back yeah because you can’t even put we can actually swap it with

The fit again but I don’t think I I think it is this setup is enough already well part of it is because it’s so lightweight huh yes true very true under a ton specifically around 950 kilo range so do you take this to the track I do occasionally this is a serious build

Yeah and then that’s a fuel cell yeah right uh no no it’s only a cover box uh we have the search tank the water funnel system inside and then what kind of ECU ECU we’re running a fuel tank ft 550 ECU you can see here comes with the dash right

I love this car it’s so crazy because it’s still four-door and the rear door still work yeah they do but there’s nothing back here it’s just you just did like a seat delete yep the cage all that stuff is back here so did you have to custom make the cage uh yes

We do we did hmm all right 4000 RPMs so this does have launch control yes of course it has lots yeah because we have so what else are you gonna build is this a one of your mini race cars that you’ve built no not really it’s my only one uh

Okay but this is and this is not your daily driver uh no it’s not this is such a great build so what would you build next if you could build another race car um I’m actually planning on getting an EVO if I can but as you know the prices

Here are quite crazy for those kind of cars right so that’s exactly um and then what Evo like an eight or an or a nine or I actually love the sixes oh the six yeah so then would you keep this car still if you got a Evo 6 hopefully I can

I mean you’ve put so much effort into this yes I have how long did it take for you to build this on this current setup we took around three years because we really need to reach RND a lot of stuff right It’s better and better it’s just it just gets better and better which I love the metal plates that they well it’s got to be pretty hard to drive with that clutch huh yes it’s very hard with this twin plate yeah well you’re doing it like a pro thanks getting used to though

This is the exact this is exactly the car and the kind of build I came to Indonesia to feature exactly you know there’s very expensive almost Priceless cars here at this meet but that’s not what I’m Into You know I I want to see this this is what is very

Very intriguing to me it’s something you don’t see every day there right well that and also something that’s very relatable right you know this I could see if this was available in the US I could see um potentially similar similar builds yeah of course yeah oh what are you doing and switching the

Map you’re doing the beep boop right now yeah there’s a few stuffy magic happens whoa 1.7 bar I saw that yes all right so we are at the elite showcase venue and it’s because we shot a driving portion that night we did the interview but uh unfortunately it was dark and

There was a lot of traffic so we weren’t really able to get that many good driving shots but now we’re out here that’s this is more like the suburbs yeah exactly yeah so then uh Jonathan brought out his car for us to just kind of get another look at and we’ll do a

Little poll uh since then a lot has happened uh I did choose this car as the car of the show for me because it is the most relatable car was this the cheapest car on the show floor uh uh definitely one of the most It’s gotta be

Yeah it’s Gotta Be yeah uh so this this is a ten thousand dollar MSRP yeah ten thousand yeah yeah so brand new in 2015 you could buy this and there’s so many of these here in Indonesia uh I feel like um it being just a Southeast Asian market vehicle

It makes sense for this to be something that uh people modify do a lot of people modify this kind of car oh yes they do but to a certain extent right right they don’t go this crazy this is probably the craziest one uh probably one of the

Right one of the craziest ones I actually really enjoyed seeing the this is um older generation right the newer generation what year did the new generation start a new generation came around about 20 late 2016 2016. I actually love the way that one looks as

Well and I think uh that would be cool to see somebody really modify that yeah but uh yeah let’s go for a drive let’s go oh Okay the that fuel pump is so loud yes it is the AC works pretty good in this sort of because we took the AC and no that’s cool that’s the original one right it’s because it’s behind the intercooler exactly took off the ABS or a cleaner engine being

Also this was the this is the first car that featured the turbo smart electronic voice gate I noticed yeah they were very excited that you’re using their products wait this is the first car ever in Indonesia oh in Indonesia okay in Indonesia okay got it this kind of field ticket definitely go

To Thailand because for us guys this especially this chassis this engine we really look up to the Thai guys brilliant yeah they’re sort of our model because they have a nine second video there in the quarter mile tracks do they have a a lot of drag strips in Thailand they definitely do

And their drag strips are prepped right unlike ours here I think the fastest and the quickest one is the nine second one yeah nine nine seven what would this do on an improv surface do you think on traffic surface previously with 300 brake horsepower we managed around 13 flat

We should be right around 12 if the grip allows yeah because my car traps 190 kilometers in the quarter mile but only times around 13 6 with this power yeah so then again for us from wheel drive guys traction issues here because of the uncraft track yeah and that’s the issue Also have rolling and the leg and flat ships we haven’t tried that that night right we’re gonna try it now rolling and delaying rolling anti-lag and flat ship yes this transmission can handle that yes because with the flagship they cut the torque when we hit the clutch so it’s relatively safer

This thing surprises me more and more the more you tell me about it I’m so so I just I love it that is so crazy I have to say each showcase allowed me to choose from this fits so many of my favorite categories you know so all right who knows though windows down Here rolling anti-like wait so that’s that sound is not grinding or anything it’s just the cutting yes it’s cutting okay all right let’s do another one when there’s some room Hahaha you love this huh yes I do still give me chills every time I do that can you do uh can you do one from a standing start do you think uh I’m really reluctant to this one because yeah we’ll just do the rolling one again Rolling anti-lag on So Jonathan turned on the rolling anti-lag and then uh he has to switch it to Flat shift yeah this thing is let’s switch absolutely insane oh amazing I love it so good that turbo sound can we try to do one with the windows up all right so we’re gonna do a poll in

The Honda Brio we got rolling anti-lag and flat foot shifting So serious this is no joke unbelievable that was around 170 years 170 kilometers crazy that’s over 100 miles an hour that’s crazy is there anywhere you can pull over so I could try real quick I won’t go as crazy as you well I just wanted to feel it let’s have fun

This truly was the best choice for me in every way thanks so much this truly was there’s no question about it yep it’s not adjustable oh it’s not okay All right I’ve never Wow okay okay oh my God s are here yeah got it okay oh my God this thing is crazy yeah another turn we have speed bumps already here okay all right so U-turn yep this is some experience really okay No I’ll get away I got away It’s the same amount of acceleration yeah that is crazy it’s the same amount like second because you’re just so traction limited yeah and especially with these roads it’s not the queen Pretty like on the edge yeah you’re like dancing on the edge of traction yeah amazing that is something else you built uh quite the vehicle here should I just drive it back or did you want to drive back okay that doesn’t really matter I have never driven here so Yeah I’m sorry okay we haven’t made my pleasure oh yeah no it’s it’s it’s the the feeling is mutual you know This is what I’m here for really which way do I pull in uh It drives nice too when you’re not even going that fast yeah it is yeah but the issue is that with this is not really equipped with the partial throttles got it yeah considering it’s got the dash already yeah I run a elite uh 500 2500 on my R32 straight yep

And uh and a 1000 on my uh on my 240Z oh yeah they’re good they’re really nice talking to you everything works very well yeah everything it starts right away I’m sorry foreign Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura is the perfect piece of art for your wall foreign Foreign [Applause]