Larry Chen: FIRST LOOK At The 2024 Land Cruiser LC250! 326HP Boosted Hybrid Video

FIRST LOOK At The 2024 Land Cruiser LC250! 326HP Boosted Hybrid

Posted: 2023-08-02 01:12:50
Author: Larry Chen
Thanks to @toyotausa for having me out to see the car in person for the first time!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Let’s go on an adventure in the Toyota Land Cruiser the world’s toughest four-wheel drive Hey everyone we are at the Toyota Land Cruiser Museum in Utah hey everybody I’m Tyler from Toyota and behind Tyler is the brand new the star of the show The 2024 Land Cruiser so let’s just dig into it this is not an lc300 no it is not it

Is this a Land Cruiser 1958 so this is the 1958 grade it is one of two grades that we have for the 2024 Land Cruiser we’re going to have regular Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser 1958 so what you’re seeing right now is the grade with a circular headlights which you’ll notice

A lot of Heritage inspired attributes on these vehicles to previous generations of Land Cruiser we know people wanted the Land Cruiser 300 this is actually the 250 Series so then I’m guessing a lot of people including myself were assuming that this would be like the Toyota version of the new GX with the

Same motor with the twin turbo 3.5 liter V6 but this is not this is inline four correct turbo yes with hybrid correct it is 100 hybrid it is Turbo it’s got a lot of power to it so you’re going to get over 400 pounds of torque coming out of

It which is really great I’ve had the opportunity to drive it here I’ve driven it in Japan it’s a super motor whereas the 100 200 300 came from a series of Land Cruisers it’s going to be based from a Prado line which is why it’s 250

But it is not a product I just want to be clear about that got it in Japan they have the Land Cruiser Prado correct which is like if you don’t need the 200 or 300 series the bigger version you can get like a Prada which is a smaller

Version but it’s still Land Cruiser exactly you’re still going to be going with the same wheel length and wheelbase between the 200 series it’s going to be about 28 50 millimeters if you want to know all the specs and so it’s going to be a similar size so then 200 series is

This going to be available in Japan in this configuration as well so this is available in North America there’s going to be different grades available throughout the world you will see this grade available in Parts like Australia I’m curious because I mean now there’s just I guess a couple

Different steps that you can go you know if you want to get something that is more geared towards off-road yeah and then also on top of that all of these are made in Japan correct every single every single one yes will be built in Japan got it this is really really

Different than the 200 series it is crazy because at one point the 200 series you couldn’t buy it without all the fancy options right it came with the TVs and with all leather everything was just so fancy and a lot of people that were getting into off-road

Yeah it turned unfortunately into like a second third owner off-roader it did unfortunately and so this vehicle is going to be starting in the mid 50 thousands which is going to be different for people as well and it’s a better car for people to take that lifestyle whether they’re already into it or

They’re trying to get into over Landing off-roading or if they just have an active lifestyle right so the thing honestly that blew my mind right away was the cloth seats yes the 200 series and previous you know 170 80s you could get class seats worldwide outside of the U.S yep

But most of the time when you saw the the Land Cruisers in the US they would have leather seats so this is actually really neat this is very cool that I mean I guess that’s where a lot of the cost savings but honestly this potentially could be more desirable yeah

So I mean it’s not the 200 series you know this is not your 95 000 vehicle again starting in the mid 50 thousands you’re going to get Comfort you’re going to get customization too so this vehicle is very customizable because we know that this particular customer is looking for that

It’s just so cool I mean it’s very simple um it is just more functional heritage right there in the air vents very cool but with the Creature Comforts of like a nice big screen right Apple carplay things like that all of the off-road stuff so it does

Have rear lockers yep and center and Center differential yep huh crowd control still has the UTC starting in second which is super cool oh and now it’s a digital Dash again love the class seats this material it seems like it’s very very rugged and um it’s refined right again take a good

Refinement it’s going to take the abuse and also even the headliner too looks like it’s something that that uh will actually last when you’re actually taking out out on the trails or going camping or whatever and your passengers got the oh no handle yeah yeah one thing that’s kind of missing from

This model is the third row correct you will not see a third row currently in the Land Cruiser grades that we have the Land Cruiser or the Land Cruiser 1958 it is only going to be coming in two row it is a lot of storage I mean the past

Two or even the 80 series had the ones that were folding down yep um from the sides and it actually did take a lot away from Storage but of course it was handy if you needed the third row yes but this just was just designed not to

Have a third row at all correct and you can see the inverter right here and just a lot more even though this does not have a third row you still have cup holders still has a hitch yep and uh no more split tailgate correct this color here is called meteor shower

It’s a really really nice color we also have on the Land Cruiser grade we have two-tone for Heritage Blue and grayscape which is the color of the top the nice gray color we also have a grade A Global first edition which is only going to be

About 5 000 units that we are going to be selling the first two months of sales and it comes in a sand color with a grayscape on top it looks really great both the Heritage Blue and the sand are a nod to previous generations of Land Cruiser colors

Okay so let’s talk about the engine yep four cylinder versus the previous generation 4.7 liter V8 correct which got pretty terrible fuel mileage that is correct this I’m assuming will get a lot better gas mileage than you’re assuming correctly we’re not saying right now what that mileage per gallon is but yes

It will get a lot better than previous generations is this the same powertrain out of the new Tacoma it is so it’s the same engine the four-cylinder turbo it just looks so different and it looks so good what do you think about the boxiness I

Mean I I personally like it you know I’m a big fan of the 70s Series yeah I like all of them you know they all have their place yeah and they’ve all become so special totally it’s interesting because in the U.S you drove a 200 series Land

Cruiser yeah to kind of stay under the radar people look at it and if they don’t know right they wouldn’t assume it’s a 95 000 vehicle right you know but what’s crazy is you park it next to the Lexus version yeah then all of a sudden

That’s a they look at it and it’s like oh of course that’s a six-figure vehicle you know yeah but that’s what I liked about the Toyota version you know because it’s you know you’re driving something special yeah and if you don’t know you just don’t know it’s a if you

Know you know vehicle yeah exactly if you’re into off-roading if you’re into Adventure like this is just such a good platform yeah to start from I could already see what it would look like with big wheels tires lift you know all the fun things yes yeah a lot of

People and that’s I mentioned this earlier but customization with this vehicle was very important so says our chief engineer Ida maritzutan and he wanted to make sure that people could make it their very own because we already know people do that with their Land Cruisers and previous generations

Right but we’re starting with an incredible foundation with the Hybrid engine with a you know Center rear locking differentials just a lot of the things that people want crawl control the cameras to see everything you’re doing off-road we start with a great base for Land Cruiser and let people

Customize from there yeah sometimes it’s not good to have extra fancy stuff yeah too fancy yeah maybe not so good well I’m starting in the mid 50 000s again it’s attainable for people and so people who want to get into the lifestyle or who just do things like uh

Snowboarding skiing kayaking Etc this is a great vehicle to help them do those activities right and I’m assuming on the Toyota side this vehicle it would take a different approach also to Market this vehicle to the consumer right because the previous generation Land Cruiser there was no marketing at all yeah but

With that said the volume of this is just going to be a lot higher the volume is going to be a lot higher um again it’s more attainable for customers to get it and we’re looking forward to people who have maybe never been introduced to Land Cruiser before

To experience what Land Cruiser is capable of right got it we’re gonna check out the the Land Cruiser grade and then um yeah we’ll check out the rest of the museum as well [Applause] hey Louis it’s funny we walked in here to the Land Cruiser Museum we looked at that really

Quick because we had our time with the 1958 Edition yes right with the round headlines yeah with the round headlights and then immediately I said round headlights is better round headlights number one when we came back in I was like I don’t know maybe this might look better

I think I’m pretty indifferent now like for sure I was kind of liking the round headlights a lot more but it’s kind of very similar to the 60 series in that like I like the 60 and the 62 equally yeah and this kind of has that same kind of vibe

Um going for it this one looks definitely on the more like Defender side like on the more aggressive looking side yeah it makes me wonder what this would look like with the round headlights you know like this color scheme with a two-tone like I really really like the two-tone I love this

Color and look how sunken in these are yeah there’s a lot of room for play here you can really put on big tires I’m assuming you can put on 33s easily right away well without stopping yeah 33 is for sure I feel like you might rub a

Little bit over here nah I think it’ll be fine I think so well especially well this is also easily brought out this is also easily removable too oh it looks like it yeah that’s true that’s just like a little guard yeah I don’t know what that is oh yeah

That is some kind of like yeah so the couple different things this actually has rigid fog lights which is nice yeah I’ll tell you right now there’s going to be a couple things that I miss but the fact that this is almost half the price of the 200 series Land Cruiser oh yeah

Because those are about 80 90 95 95 yeah so like the Heritage last Edition was 95 and you know people never even believed me he’s called leather seats I honestly like the cloth better um I like the cloth better I mean these are nice too oh these are

Not oh these are really nice I know I think you like these more now oh I don’t know it’s tough it’s tough I’m such a Land Cruiser fan what’s this you know what’s crazy to me is Lewis and I are literally looking at this for the

First time we legit just landed at Salt Lake City airport we came straight here and we’re looking at these for the first time so a couple things I’m gonna miss right away split tailgate you know how much we use that yeah yeah you use the split tailgate so much

Um especially oh this has automatic you know what I’m curious now yeah will this exist with a foreigner in the future well considering I just looked at the msrps of the foreigners yeah and they start at 40. okay 40 000 U.S MSRP if this is mid 50s that means it starts at

55 yeah let’s say this is 15 000 more than the base 4Runner so I think this is just a little higher end than yeah you know I’m assuming a fully optioned out Forerunner TRD Pro is going to be 55 or yeah right maybe even 60. but with that

Said a fully option out of these I bet is even more who knows oh the window does open on this one oh oh okay let’s check this out yes foreign that’s pretty cool your FJ Cruiser has a also the backup camera is here you guys and the other guys that are in

The office will not miss this but the third row seats we actually use them all the time that’s true actually the third row seats like for example right now you know our team is Big you know it’s six of us so for all of us to go to the

Airport right now guess what we use the 200 series Land Cruiser and we just put a little man basket thing in the back hitch we put all of our luggage in there and then we put all the seats down and then that way we can actually sit six

People very comfortably did you see did you find out what chassis this is based on or I don’t know I wonder if it’s like a shared platform with another truck whether it’s like a Japanese maid or an American-made let me let me ask real quick I have a question all right so

Toyota Global Toyota Global Truck on platform got it okay we just found that out but you know what’s also interesting to me is that these are all built in Japan yes that’s important none of the other Land Cruisers were built outside of Japan but also it being like a shared

Platform with all the other cars it kind of drives the cost down up there too it’s interesting to me because I’m wondering if this will truly take the torch from like look at all the other ones in here there’s so many interesting Land Cruisers in this Museum if you guys are

Ever in the Salt Lake City area and you’re into Toyotas you have to come here they have like a Japanese TV one that still has a bunch of Japanese magazines you got the fire trucks fire trucks like a Hummer Mega Cruiser they have a uh like an Argentina gold mining

Basically every LC insert number here yes every Land Cruiser is here in this awesome building so with that said can I just sit in it see we’re finding all these sorts of surprises that’s cool yeah this is super cool I’m just gonna sit in it dude

Sit in it oh you know what’s cool about this is I I didn’t notice um this looking from the outside but this actually has uh the same hump like a Land Cruiser hump like all of them like the 200 series especially has this hump where there’s like a dip in the middle but

This is a little bigger hey look you got rear lockers and a center lock what is SDM I mean this is super nice though beefy it seems like it has a lot of room look at the volume button it’s right here oh you have an actual volume knob oh

That’s so interesting oh okay that’s nice you got some paddle shifters here wow that’s a nice selector right there it’s a little click this is cool that there’s handles on the driver’s side too oh this is the best part you got the top and the side that’s not normal oh this

One has a sunroof so the other one outside didn’t have a sunroof interesting so this has the camera rear view camera also what’s funny is instead of reading like the Press materials and all the stuff that they send us we’re finding all this stuff on our own because I think that’s

More fun you guys are learning with us yeah learn with me there’s a built-in trailer brakes which is cool so this I did see that this tow’s six thousand pounds 6 500. 6500 no I don’t actually know I think it’s six thousand well if it’s because the Tacoma is 6500 yeah this is

This is heavier though oh so it’s lower yeah so this is lower six thousand pounds so you can still tow if you really need to this um with that said I mean I think it’ll be fine our 200 series until 65 and we tow my 350Z and it’s fine it keeps up

Fine so maybe just 500 pounds less I don’t think it’ll be but it could also be sometimes it’s a rating is based off of the tow hitch and where it’s mounted to the chassis as well yeah who knows I do like how tall it is huh it’s basically like a Defender but like

Better yeah it’s cool I really like it I love the tail light design I think is very modern like this shape here is super cool the wheel well is Big yeah 18s so right away I would get 17 suit look there’s plenty of clearance for that you can put 17s on this

Well hold this I got this so similar similar to the other one so these these were all pushed so hard I can tell because they did a bunch of water Crossings because um there’s like pools of dirty water there or like muddy water so they definitely did a bunch of water

Crossings in these probably for the shoots a little baby turbo in them yeah baby turbo right there so hard to see and I guess it’s the hybrid system or yeah that’s a hybrid makes me wonder where’s the battery on this right here this is a solution like a

Storage Solution that’s provided to make it flat got it um but this is an accessory and doesn’t come standard with it so the this right here will be raised a little bit that’s where the battery is this okay right it’s it’s beneath this right now got it okay

Let’s check out let’s just take a quick look at the top that’s cool interesting this is still cool like I love shooting out of the sunroof you know this is nice yeah yeah this is nice roof design looks like you can mouth lights and stuff on here pretty easily all right so

Um we found out what SDM stands for it is um stabilize or disconnect mechanism which is the front sway bar to get more articulation uh you actually click that and then that disconnects okay bar which is super cool that’s that’s that’s very useful all right I hope you guys enjoyed the

Little preview walk around of the new Land Cruiser I’m actually really excited I was really bummed that they didn’t bring the 300 series to the US I just think it looks so good you know anytime I’m traveling to Japan or out of the country where they actually sell the

300 series Land Cruiser I’m super jealous I look at that thing and I’m like man I wish I could drive that thing every day it just looks so good it looks super aggressive especially um because they have a gr version right that is ridiculous with that said I’m

Glad that they are coming out with this the LC 250 it’s like a good uh in between and also the price point is the thing that really makes it attractive the thing about the 300 series is it’s still very expensive and also I think Toyota in Japan they stopped taking

Orders for them because of how backed up they are I think they’re backed up maybe I don’t know last time I heard was over two years so good luck if you actually won a 300 series it’s a crazy waiting list I mean it’s just such an awesome vehicle

With that said it’s interesting because it makes me wonder if people are going to hold out for the Forerunner or this or the GX obviously the GX is more expensive and that’s a Lexus versus a Toyota but uh the cool thing is that there are all of these options next

Hopefully they bring back this thing hopefully they bring back like a like a two-door FJ FJ Cruiser and they they bring out like a manual version I think that would be super cool yeah I think that’s it see you guys in the next video hey thanks for watching

If you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Be me [Applause]