Larry Chen: Ex Meat Factory Turned Into Ireland’s Largest Automotive Hub: The Engine Block Video

Reading Time: 27 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-13 15:00:50
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

All right so we’re at the engine block here in Ireland in Dublin what is this place so the engine block is a home of all in car enthusiasts and motorbike so anyone who doesn’t know anything about Ireland we have zero we have a great car culture but we have

Nowhere that we can actually go so um over the last couple of years we’ve been putting together a couple of guys and we decided to buy this meat factory and turn it into Ireland’s first car club it was legitimately a meat factory it was literally a meat factory truthfully so

Uh the first day we came in to view the place it was still completely functioning so the guys who used to come in over there to the left to the workshop and then it was literally the carcass used to come around and then the guys in this room this was the boning Hull

And alamika chopped up here and then went into a big skip which is inside the detailing Bay inside which was the boning room see where the hole is open door oh that used to be just a shoot that went into a big skip that was

Just Bones on the other side so but like all of this stuff is still left from when it was yeah so like the room itself the whole place was a freezer like every room was just a fridge or a freezer so this this was the main room everyone was

Gowned up when we did our first viewing we all had to wear gowns around here I had to wear a beard mask when I was walking around because it was still functioning yeah yeah yeah so like these drains too oh so much blood a lot so a

Lot of blood so much blood and is there still Blood on the walls anywhere yeah definitely yeah there’s a room inside the blue room that’s the only room that really has me indeed cleaned but it’s also the toilet so we just kind of forget about it because some bad stuff

Happens there anyway so uh yeah it’s not too great but what I will say is this melamese here was just like death for about four months smells a little better now well it’s probably because I’m standing beside you it smells like gasoline now yeah that’s real stuff yeah this is the first floor

Uh the second floor is actually where Dave and the drift games guys built a street so it’s like outside but inside I just want to take this opportunity to say for you Dave you and your showroom look so much better than ours but yes unfortunately we had to spend all of our

Money trying to get the rest of the building ready so Dave got to make his place look awesome and uh yeah look this still looks really good but we painted our own floor it was what we were looking for we had a load of Interest beforehand from real basically the likes

Of drift games Franklin with a cold trimming business here which we co-own and all the people that we used all around the country are now here and we spent all our days just buying cars getting them prepped driving them everywhere and getting nothing done so we brought all the really really good

Guys into one place that was the whole idea what’s also really cool is you compliment each other right so like if you need some interior work or something gets needs to be detailed it’s awesome or a detailing person comes here and looks and sees a car they want to buy

Whatever you know look the whole thing is brilliant like a car comes in here it goes into our Workshop we can do ground representations engine builds diffs gearboxes so we decided that we want to do a full interior trim we go to common coach trimmers at the back if the wheels

Need to be refurbished we go next door if we want to stick a motorcycle into the roof we go to Franklin at the front and then if we want Dave and the guys upstairs to photo and make look really good we go to drift games they sort of there so then this

Is an actual dealership yeah like a classic and uh Enthusiast car dealership pretty much yeah so anything in here is only a car that we would sell and something that we like so like Dean Motors before we were this tiny garage we had a really really small backstory

Garage in Dublin City Center we had no lifts for the workshop and I built a showroom at the back of my house which shouldn’t have been there which had to get taken down but anyway in the interim we really just built it up from nothing

And now we have this so anything that we buy we only buy stuff that we like I’ve built my whole model on that so years ago when I was buying and selling cars I only bought cars that I wanted to own and it was because if I wanted to own

Them someone else did as well so I was lucky I got to flash around on some really cool stuff and then at the end of the year I’d sell it make a few quid and then I go into something else well the thing that really surprises me is just

The selection of cars right right like a Ford Capri yeah the variety you know you have like this old school Toyota yeah right I mean like the Ferrari and then you have a mark 4 super back there I know but you see like it’s like your cars are

All the stuff we just love I just law of character to sickness but like everything here nearly in this room we’ve already sold before and has come back so the likes of the 928 I brought that car into Ireland 14 years ago and I’ve sold it to two people since even my

Brother-in-law bought it um but it’s just when I think when I bought that first it was only like four and a half Grand just keeping it in the family and then now this thing has gone up in price yeah and I mean look it’s a rare car the mileage is nice I think

They’re completely underrated uh 4.7 v8 n a they’re just cool I would have them over any early 9 11. I know that’s you know not the right thing to say but I just think for the money they’re just awesome the other thing I forgot to say to you

As well is that like we themed in with another we are an art gallery here instead of Marion Art Gallery they do a lot of Automotive art this is super cool yeah the Monaco stuff is very cool I love all of this um they also commissioned a one-off

Painting for us oh yeah yeah so see the Porsche over there so we did a limited edition series at a prince there’s only 150 and that was the original one there yeah okay so we did super cool yeah and uh an artist Solace did them first but

Like limited edition based off one of the cars we had for sale and we’re going to do a series it’ll be four different parts of the car and then next year we’ll do a different thing but we’re trying to tie it all in because car people we love this sort of so let’s

Just highlight a couple cars like we definitely want to highlight the mg but let’s start with this Toyota what is going on here with this so this was a import and close to my mind bought it and he bought it completely to restore it but unfortunately due to uh a

Family situation it’s now for sale it has an unfinished project so all the hard work was done but it needs an interior but luckily we have a trim shop here so if you’re bold enough you could have this but now really I mean the work that was done on

It at the time is unbelievable everything was played at the engine labels rebuilt it has the original lean Burn System that was in them it just looks so cool this is awesome I love this it’s just I’m if it had been finished so I’d be using it all

The time but it’s just we want someone to take it on and really do the interior bring it to the next level and put a project like this to do the interior is three months minimum let’s take a look at the NG this is the one that the one that everyone keeps

Asking yeah it’s like it’s it really is a showstopper what is it I don’t even know have you ever heard of the 604 so the original one of these they’re raised over here in Europe had you know the Jaguar xj220 the engine that was in the x3220 came from the original one of

These really it would frighten the absolute but this was built by an Aston Martin engineer and he’s built it to spec obviously without the engine because the engine is probably a couple hundred grand so then this is a replica oh yeah I know okay I know if we’re at a real deal

You’d be looking about half a million quid huh but then so this is a replica of an actual replica of an actual but has a k-series engine in it so it’s the engine that would be in like a Lotus Elise but it’s awesome to drive is a Toyota engine then no the serial

You see the early engines was Reverend uh really yeah so in the series one of these was a Rover end okay okay got it but like to fit and finish is it’s so good I love that the taillights go with the hash I think that’s super cool the

Car is proper even down there’s no bumper no good luck if you get rear-ended huh if you cross your dad anyway in this car that’s called a spade a spade this is like uh like uh Group B group exactly but I mean I tell you one

Thing it’s road legal but it is It’s tricky to drive like on the limit it is very Twitchy this is so cool love the rothman’s Livery love it so much it is but the original car was a pretty ordinary pedestrian car pretty much it’s pretty much exactly what you’re looking

At but with a big three liter v6 twin turbo frighten the crap at it and it was rear engine yeah it was four four wheel drive yeah no but it was rear engine it was rear engine like you’re literally identical to what it is here bar the

Engine got it but like the interior is all finished too oh no look at this it’s it’s actually this I know this is crazy it’s all molded in like that like this is all functional I’ve seen these and guys have done these jobs and they are

So bad this is like look at this this is seriously good this is so good the gauges all of that all of that works it’s all yeah it’s actually hard to believe I could say that for an mg did everything work the seats everything I see the model of

It on the dash here yeah but like it’s this like it’s we took it when we got it in here a couple of weeks ago we took for a spin up the road and it is really cool yeah it’s deadly but it’s funny it’s like this it’s the only it’s

A first car people walk into here and we have everything here but it’s one that everyone takes photos of and this is for sale yep how much is this going for 65 Grand so in the scheme of things it’s cheap when a real one’s only half a million

That’s not bad I’m surprised but I mean the money will cost to build this like you’d have 150 Grand trying to build this guy yeah easy huh amazing see that Dean Motors selling Motors there you go that’s so cool like it’s funny the whole Market here has gone different I don’t know like

E46m trees a couple years ago five years ago you buy one for sort of a 10 grand but it’s like a 20 grand restoration when you have to go an interdecker well now these are worth enough to justify to justify spending all the money on it yeah the other thing is again

Controversial I still think it’s the best entry ever they’re balanced there’s enough power to have loads of phone um I just love them even with the small wheels they’re just they’re cool I love them too I think they they’re great I have a funny one right so the Ferrari

348 yeah so I bought this car in Spain about three years ago and anyone who checks out our channel it’s in one of the highlights so um when I was driving back from Spain the alternator went and I decided I was going to try to fix it on the side of

The road turned out I couldn’t do it so the way I think it was going to be about four or five grand to get the car back on a trailer so I decided I was just going to blow loads of batteries so we just I did so like truthfully look

At our Instagram people it is the day in the life of a car dealer everything that could have went wrong went wrong but it got from the stage of taking nearly an error to replace the first battery that would be in and out I did six batteries all the

Way back to Ireland no alternator nothing so then did you even drive at night with the lights on yeah I did had to start with the night to turn the lights off because it was raining the battery so on a normal run when you were just cruising 200 kilometers you got but

Once you put lights on you’re already an 80 so it was tricky and on the last data we were coming home there was rain there was everything there was no wipers we had nothing up so then did you were you able to charge them at all nope so you

Just bought a bunch I bought a bunch of batteries and then we broke down on the main Waterway on the way back here and uh there was people messaging me in saying that they were going to rescue me on the side of the road people were like following the trip everywhere

Um but I that’s the thing about all cars I mean don’t be wrong it’s not the right thing to do but it was funny it was more wheel power that got me there towards the end it was called crack that’s awesome um and again I think they’ve really come

Of age it’s another one of those carrots it’s like mondials for a long time people didn’t really like them I still think there’s a lot of value for what you are that’s an unusual one there that’s a 208 so that’s the smallest v8 engine car in the world it’s only a two

Liter V8 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 208 yeah so it was in real estate yeah 308 and 328 so yeah it’s an Italian market car so to beat kind of tax laws and emissions and all that well it was more emissions it was definitely a tax

Thing so I think there was like a luxury tax that if you had a smaller cc engine you didn’t get a huge amount of tax on it so as a 2-liter V8 turbo that’s gotta sound so it’s weird it’s cool I have to say on Boost really really fun to drive

I’ll pull the boot you’ll actually really like it but it’s ridiculous when I look at it I do have to say I just love the range of cars that you know about too again it’s a sickness so it’s also probably a sickness for you especially because you

Sell these things and I’m sure it’s hard for you to let some of these go it is because this is the way that you’re able to experience them too yeah like like I was so lucky a couple of years ago we had uh I had a Lamborghini Diablo

Early series one Cliff Dash dream car poster sort of stuff but I sold it obviously because we had to try and get this place up and going so there’s there’s been Sacrifice from a lot of people obviously um but to be able to experience that is just it’s like all of these characters

Being able to get into them and enjoy them is that’s what it’s all about look at how ridiculous is that right look at the intercooler sits right on top of the engine soaking in hot air and look at how small the turbo is on it like it’s teenage like it’s tiny that

Yeah that fits in my palm yeah that’s amazing like it is a joke that is so cool before we go I’ll show you a tour but we’ve uh We’ve a couple of Bentley Turbo Wars when you look at the turbo they’re like turbos yeah they’re like

Drug terms you need that turbo oh man they’re like nearly three-tone yeah and then like we range obviously we do a lot of modern we do modern Ferraris that sort of stuff but a big thing with this is Porsches we do a huge amount of Porsches it’s a really grown Market here

In Ireland obviously you can’t neglect the fact that we have a NSX so then I noticed that a lot of the cars that you guys are selling are right hand drive and left hand drive yeah is it a novelty here in Ireland to drive next time drive for a long time left

Hand drive was nearly frowned upon not frowned upon it it definitely messed up the value of your car but at the moment due to brexit and other things people are going to Europe to buy left-hand drive cars and you have a wider Market to sell to so values are actually a

Little Bit Stronger it’s completely dependent on the car so in the U.S right hand drive cars are special yeah you know because it’s something different it’s a novelty yeah yeah but but in Ireland is it an inconvenience some people find it inconvenience real car heads don’t because they just want

The right car right so because most Porsches yeah are left-hand Drive yeah majority of them are yeah yeah but like we still we would have a big Market of Roy Android forces here to pick from but like if you had early SCS no for instance right so see the the 911 Turbo

Up there if that were left hand drive here it’ll probably be 20 grand less but the Ferrari would be the same price left hand drive and right hand drive for the 348. it’s completely dependent on the model got it Porsche drivers for the likes of a turbo or the modern guy who’s

Kind of of my age and maybe a little bit younger they want by hand drive the older guys don’t seem to care yeah got it this is cool that’s a really special car and and I’m going to be honest I’m really surprised it’s still here for

Sale what is it and what is the price so it’s 70 grand Euro and it’s a twin turbo manual six-speed so then I’m surprised this hasn’t sold it this has got to be going um I mean I just not being funny and it’s not a sales pitch I’ll get the keys

For but I just can’t understand it 70 or 80 it’s 70 000 Euro 69 and 95 should be 79. so yeah you went down went down yeah 70 70 grand I mean we’ve seen these sell for way way yeah way over 100 Grand I don’t understand it like there

Is actually value Indica this car is like this underneath it is like clean you underneath Wheels oh man this car underneath is like nothing I’ll get the keys for it now oh oh it is insane how clean it is but that’s what that’s why I can’t understand but it’s

Like everything has been refreshed suspension exhaust the seats alone I know they’re rare yeah really rare these are the confetti yeah seats right I’ll get the key now let’s have a look this is it and I tell you what right they don’t they actually drive nice

Like you know they live up to a bit of hype which is kind of cool that’s what I love about it yeah make sure he features he’s really excited that he’s here wearing uh your LZ Fest yeah oh I love that so 90. I know um I’ll pull the bonnet

Put it like when I mean this car is clean it is clean plane and that wasn’t us like like it’s OE plus you know what I mean this is nice this is honestly this is like buying a pretty there is closer to be done on this car and I mean zero yeah

That’s what I can and I mean when I say this car is good underneath it is insane how clean it is so cool I love it but they’re cool yeah and you see like there’s such a rare thing over here we have a weird attack system that if a

Car is over 30 years old you can bring it in for only 200 euro so like for instance say this car was 19.95. we have a system the VRT fioritina carbi 35 grants bring it into the country minimum on top of that so it would make it a

Plus 100 Grand car so it’s actually valuable hard to believe you could say it’s value but it’s value um and uh you have a NSX too I do this is nice it is nice manual car and again chaps back which is really good it’s a nice car to drive right color

Combination there’s something about that na V6 yeah they really screen to the red line they just adore it honestly this is my favorite version too without power steering I don’t really like it no I didn’t really like the 3.2 with it no sorry no like it’s like again anyone

Who’s into your European stuff it’s like all the earlier models is like even the Diablo it’s just so pure at the lower end like no power steering no catalysts it’s just the way it was and that’s what I love about it like they’re Raw can we take a look at that Workshop yeah

Of course we have that we have our trimmer inside here that I can show you okay which is going to cool so we do everything from full re-trims head cloths convertibles Carol’s the man we can go in the back way to the workshop then as well what are we working on Carol torture

Working on Lancia seats are we yeah finishing up the head Carlton Naval typical Volvo de gatiola as I like to say the saggy ball sacks the roofs tend to drop down so uh The Lads are probably just fit the head Club back into it this is this is cool

A50r yeah this is yeah probably one of the most desirable like this generation it’s only 38 000 kilometers these are a beast I love these uh five cylinder they’re awesome turbo yeah and again over boots function on the turbo there the tits I love them did they ever come

In manual yep so this manual you could add another 10 grand to the price for the Riker this is so cool because the manual is actually strange we only had this manual had another five Breakers Paramore I notes and the reason was the ECU was different for the

Overboost so when you were driving to mandus to just the way they allowed it for the automatic air box these are detuned Ever So So lately but they’re still quick just this brick it’s a brick yeah it is but like I took it to pick my wife and

Kids up from the airport there recently and I was like when I mean flat on the motorway on the way out there was nothing would come last year they’re awesome that’s so cool and we’ll wander true and then I can show you into the workshop inside sure

Which is amazing so how many tenants are here this is it’s it’s called the engine block yeah what what amazing uh naming it was uh very appropriate very appropriate yeah it kind of happened to be kind of sat with it for a while see what’s happening here

Oh my goodness I know how does anybody drive something this big in Ireland uh yeah we create difficulty I mean it just have you ever been in homework have you ever been have you ever been an Homer uh no I’ve never been we took it around

Mandela right and I you not it was the most amount of fun you literally lift off overseer going into every corner and it just goes completely sideways the thing is I’m we’re already having trouble driving through some of the construction some of the smaller roads that’s because

You can’t draw it in our rental car yeah I guess so but I mean I’m sure there’s streets where you’re going that you’re taking both lanes yeah in this thing yeah that’s the whole point you just drive over it it’s fine this this has got to be pretty rare here I think

There’s only one other Homer in the country this thing is so that’s genuine that’s military spec yeah I love the thing that blows me away about these is how far you sit away from your passenger you have to yell at them but do you know why you do it

So like the whole idea was that the engine and running gear comes up so high into the middle and when you look underneath you can see nothing it all comes up into the body for ground carrots you can drive these up to here in water and then let’s drive for a trip

They’re deadly though aren’t they it’s so cool so Subaru is in we’re getting a full refresh underneath that’s all the suspension arms everything’s gonna come out gonna get all that stuff powder coated um and then we have a Jag in for typical oil leaks suspension power steering so

This functions as a normal Workshop normal Workshop as long with our prep cards so everything that’s in here this is a card we have an ongoing restoration on the Volvo over here oh nice it’s cool P1800 um yeah it’s an unusual character cowhorn version and it’s a factory

Cowhorn and it’s just a rare it’s much rarer and so we’re doing top end engine rebuild everything’s going to get powder coated us to come out we have to do welding on the front section there as well Carl’s going to do an interior but the body is good we started there first

Just to see what we had to work with that’s cool yeah you see these with a million miles all the time it’s available yeah it would literally go to the end of the Earth this is the outside uh yeah the engine block that is so cool I love the logo too my

Mate Stevie actually did that for me it just makes so much sense so then you guys are here drift games Studios up there goes to the wheels in the front we have Jonathan around the other side it does the detailing yeah I had a chance to check out his place super nice yeah

He’s a cool guy know in all fairness there’s a Skyline that we have in for sale or 35 at the moment it’s going to kill you though Cool at the Litchfield stage two we’ve only got it in awesome yeah all right let’s let’s check out some of the other cars that you have for sale here we have another GTR here that’s a thousand brake horsepower on stock wheels yeah oh my big brakes

Man yeah all cons yeah it’s awesome I love that that’s a 20 valve golf actually if it’s open I want to show you the engine maintenance very very cool so give you a standard GTI but we bought it off a guy who had restored it

Yo yeah I know it’s awesome so cool it’s awesome this is this is cool yeah I have to take a picture it is oh my goodness but like power steering modern ECU running on a can bus and it’s quick but it’s old school golf so you actually over here because it’s an older

Car you get the lower tax system so you can run this for like 56 Euro a year so this might be a dumb question but would this fly like you could drive this on the street 100 totally legal huh yeah okay so in Ireland you have your VRT you

Have your NTT system once you let the government know that you’ve done an engine swap and It All Passes everything you just go get it tested and off you go so now it’s not too bad that’s cool um I’m trying to think what else we got with some cool stuff obviously the

Pickup down the corner that’s just our own shop truck that’s a z4m so that’s the s54 engine and dash XJR 4 liter supercharged that’s a rare cool Integra Type R four-door four-door rare car yeah these are really cool that’s 305 um it’s a grade five

Out of Japan and I think there’s only 48 000 kilometers on it it’s awesome yeah but it’s a real V-Tech yeah like it just screams and screams and screams it kicks you in the ass yeah it’s awesome it’s awesome and weird kind of story with this this was the only

S2000 ever ordered in this color and right hand drive with that interior they stopped giving it a factory option back there so it was the first one that ever came into the country and these are getting pretty rare here as well hmm yeah in the US we didn’t like the s2000s

Didn’t have this interesting they’re cool I like them and then like literally nearly every other car here that’s oh we have more stock obviously over there as well with the Ferraris with the Bentleys with an old school Bristol that’s in that’s it rolls yeah instead of rolls

They’re in for the workshop here oh so we did a full brake system overhaul in this one this one’s in for a very similar job with the BMW Z100 so cool yeah we look we can show you this everyone so unfortunately um we contacted BMW they don’t have so this

Is your door motor yeah obviously as I saying to Stevie Wonder hit it up before it’s been taken apart and for those of you guys who don’t know the Z1 has a door that goes down into the body it blows me away because it’s like you would think manufacturers Figure It

Outdoors like doors they open and close you know this one the window goes down every time yeah and it’s actually if when this is down I’m not going to put it down there because we’ve actually locked it into place but there’s a timing belt here so the window door

Frame and glass is all timed together so as the door goes down the window goes down with it so when you set it up you have to set it up like a timing belt you have to time to win so otherwise it would just oh just smash

With a crumple yeah of course so hopefully when we put it back together it might be okay this is the only the second one I’ve ever seen yeah this is pretty rare it is it’s cool I have to say that car is coming up for sale as

Well and we’re doing a bit of work on it for the customer um the GTA is in for work as well this one here and that’s coming up for sale that’s a rear engine V6 turbo it’s the same engine that to use in the original Volvo or the DeLorean oh except for

Turbos on it this yeah engines in the back it’s mid-engine what the Yeah this is cool you ever see one of these no oh man Renault hold on see can I get the engine bay open for you hold on that’s a door so then it has a front yeah yeah your boots

In the front here okay so hmm whoa four-seater this is really cool these actually drive really good but because they’re um they’re oh sorry trying to kill me that’s boot size for the frontier engines in the back just let me it is Tiny it might be on the other side I

Think the engine pull this hold on one sec they actually drive really good what a weird car I know but it is so basically the original V6 engine in this was the one that they used at a DeLorean and Volvo and six but without the turf

Without a turbo yeah and you know what it’s good fun to drive it runs on weird kind of TRX style tires so they’re like a metric tire and so they’re tricky to get traction down on but they’re kind of pretty awesome um the other sort of stuff obviously we

Have the G Wagon in from the workshop over there we have uh a few cool cars the original the Euro Quattro oh yeah park next to it GT4 yeah that’s a Carlos signs Edition oh I know yeah I want the glacier in the week this is so cool you sold this already yeah

Sold it on Monday that is awesome lucky owner yeah that is an awesome piece of Kit this do they make a lot of those damn Carly actually I’m gonna be honest oh there is plaque there’s 500 I think were made so let me have a look if it’s

Still open I can tell you hold on five thousands were made this is so cool you know what it actually drives it’s a Toyota so it starts and goes it’s it’s brilliant and it’s fallen and it’s a nice quick but it actually rolled holes really well brakes does the whole thing

Next to a Quattro next to a Quattro the original you are that’s a really really early car that’s 1982 so it’s the first year for them they have different headlamps they run a 2.25 cylinder turbo engine did you think you would run out of space this quick

Last week we had 40 cars parked across the road it wasn’t great huh I mean look unfortunately we were kind of when we were moving into the engine block here we were doing so much for ourselves and our old workshops that we were couldn’t

Get rid of work so when we moved in here we have a backlog of a month and a half of work to do yeah but that and also since you have more room it’s like hey let’s get more cars no have more inventors no you said like my wife

What’s the story here Jesus so and then you have uh yeah ran off live turbo you ever see one of those I’ve only seen one of these before this is a a real it is a clean one and this is for sale this is like 16 Grand but I’ll show you the

Engine bay you’ll laugh 16. yeah what a bargain I know there’s a 1.4 turbo engine carburation in them see that I don’t know where the Bountiful is because it’s never broken down I don’t need to try and find it um I love the interior look at that yeah it was very cool

And I hate to say it they actually drive really good I mean they’re all different kinds of crap they’re terrible but they’re just awesome at the same time these are so cool but like look at that carburetor just sitting there can we even see the turbo there it is

There the turbo in this is probably bigger than the one that was in the Ferrari inside get out of it first second gear they just light up what’s the story behind this escort so it’s a Mexico so what the I know Norris Mexico wait

A car like what a name or a car I know why is it this is that’s actually that was an addition so basically when the Mexico came out you had your Mexico was like the RS version basically so it had different engine different brakes limited tip differential

Um we’re converting this for the new owner so we’re gonna go with a five-speed different shocks we’re gonna repaint the car he’s going to put bubble arches on it I thought this was a joke no really honestly if you drove this you might get shot in California I I feel

Like I I feel like people would just laugh at you yeah would you think that you were bordering on Races maybe no no no no no no not at all I just think it would be it’s like badging a car GTR like yeah oh really that’s a real that’s the real

Thing I didn’t know that was a real thing that’s a real thing that is actually pretty cool yeah it is cool um what else we got Cleo Williams there we were doing some work on that there really cool Williams too yeah huh never seen one of these before yeah

They’re like awesome you see the thing is like you don’t have a lot of cars we do a lot of hot hatches in Europe small cars big engines so it’s a two liter yeah but I mean it would frighten the crap out of you how good it is to drive

Front wheel drive 200 brake horsepower they’re just deadly do you guys get the GRS here yep we didn’t get the Corolla don’t ask me why I would have bought one of those yeah well what do you think of the grass it’s funny it’s the other way around I would

Much rather have the Yaris than the Corolla this is the Corolla I suppose it’s the weight difference I suppose I think I mean because I wouldn’t be using it as a daily yeah I think it’s better for it to be a lighter smaller vehicle like of course the Corolla is a lot more

Practical yeah I mean look it’s gonna sound controversial I love that we sold to there a couple years ago the first day we picked up the engine had already been ran in and I had one of the best drives of my life on the way home and it was phenomenal proper background care

Yeah both when you’re driving at the rest of the week it’s still just the Harvest I know it’s controversial yeah but over here they’re like 60 Grand right it’s a lot of dough it’s one of the last homologation specials though I know it only exists for racing which is cool

Which a lot of these yeah I know but that was like it’s same like yeah 205s what else have we got here is that about nine we have this in for sale here but it’s a tii obviously it might mean a lot but that’s an original paint car never been painted oh

Um really good condition yeah 38 000 kilometers from new still is all the original Factory markings on the inside Factory air conditioning and that was brought in from Italy now again like I said might be acting special but I just love stuff like that yeah it’s very cool

That’s a Bristol you’ve probably never seen one of those before you ever seen that British car completely handmade but I think it’s running running a Chevy V8 in it standard think it’s a Chevy it’s open what an interesting looking car it’s so long it’s not all about Sawyers well that’s

My wife likes to say you want to talk about big this is like I know but like think about it this way right this is like 20 grand nice cars or what yeah yeah there’s so many cars I’ve never seen before and it’s the first time seeing these but uh

Yeah would you drive this a 20 000 Bentley yeah good videos highlight yeah can we pop the hood yeah that’s what we’re about to do right now but look right oh my god of course but look it’s a big Gareth so why isn’t that and they are so

Detuned like a generator wait so then so it’s a 6.8 liter V8 Jesus lag is gonna be crazy oh nothing nothing and then loads and then the whole front of it lifts up in the air throw a G Series on it listen I tell you one thing right we

We we well did a wastegate oh my God it will light up at 100 mile an hour straight line with light up tires that’s so cool what’s the is there like a big service to them like this there’s something the big kind of tricky stuff is the suspension and brakes so

They were on a kind of it’s a cc coilover perfect when you think about it right the system is actually a Citron system that’s in it so it’s high it runs through it’s a pressure system so if you lose brakes you like lose our brakes you lose ignition you lose everything there’s no

Fail tick it’s all done my pressure okay but it would be awesome if you put it on BC coilovers I actually think we should take this out for a spin yeah yeah we can light up the tires you will laugh at how good it is

I’m down let’s do it this is such a big car even for today’s standards that’s both I couldn’t imagine driving this as a new car when it came out I mean it’s Jay Leno still has his original one he went and bought one new black turbo or

How much was it deal like but over here there were about 150 Grand back in the 90s and like my parents house was 90 grand just here to my parents house like and now it’s 20 20 grand this is 20 grand 25 thousand a year to run us it’s gonna be real cheap

That’s a joke by the way you should buy it be magnificent try hand drive meanwhile yeah meanwhile like you you go inside the showroom and then like the Supra is selling for 70. oh yeah but it’s mad it’s just different Spectrum we hold different values to all different sort of stuff here

Cool all right let’s take this for a ride let’s do it no I’ve never been in Old School Valley never these aren’t that common in the U.S it’s probably because they cost so much to keep on yeah so is this one for sale now uh yeah 20 grand oh

This is a Diablo Miss yeah what the I know that’s it the car’s been here for a really long time and Ireland it’s actually unusual this is my favorite cage in this car why because it’s always empty but it’s more just to whoosh but then it’s a Relentless movie right

So all the suspension is doing its pressurized system so they’re running like spheres and that sort of thing but they’re um twin calipers on the front uh they send you to the roof like they really break really good these things just sweat but what I always laugh about is how

Little you actually got when you bought one new so like you got your electric mirrors on each side independent switches your electric seat heated seats air con and that was it that’s all you got like nothing else right well I mean for a 90s car yeah like you got this really nice

It’s just a big lump of wood it’s beautiful that’s yeah have a tree this whole thing it does a big lump of wood wow solid wood luxurious you would actually be surprised that like they handle relatively well relatively well for such a big thing all this is leather nice

I think they said it takes like five Heights or five cows or whatever it is like it’s ridiculous the amount of ladder that’s in this those over mats that are in here you can order them new it’s just they’re complete just lambswool like it was it was an obscenely

Luxurious car excessive so pretty yeah so you you’re two different horns one is for the country like I said I’m one is for the uh for town so you have two different horns and the country is the high-pitched one which is is it that one and leave this one I’m sorry [Laughter]

Each door has its own cigarette lighter oh yes it does probably there’s probably four we’re in another Rolls-Royce yesterday and there was five ashtrays in the whole car one in each door and then one in the middle everybody’s working just in case various just in case you’re

Smoking two cigarettes at the same time it’s very important or if you had a cigar and one and a cigarette and deodorant oh yeah you know they just keep on accelerating that’s what I find so funny about them but I just find it funny because no one

Would ever expect a man and eventually to be going that quick hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Foreign [Applause]