Larry Chen: Drooling Over GT-R’s And Aussie Market Cars at Motive Video In Sydney Video

Drooling Over GT-R's And Aussie Market Cars at Motive Video In Sydney

Posted: 2023-07-24 15:00:25
Author: Larry Chen
Many thanks to @MotiveVideo for having me out to experience this!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] Ah a hey guys later Chen here I’m in Australia I’m in Sydney and we’re actually here for the PRP GTR Festival my friend Andrew Hawkins actually invited me and we’re at his shop right now we’re gonna do something a little different for this event I’m actually going to try to Vlog at chronologically

But right now we’re just checking out his shop I literally just landed 7am it’s 9 A.M right now we’re gonna check out some of the cars that they have here first off they have it’s pretty cool Nismo note this is interesting we never got this it’s very cool some nice seats this is

Um Andrew’s personal GTR which we’re gonna do a full feature on but this one is very very famous and it is pretty insane here this gold r33 GTR is pretty cool I love the plate not Secret I love that gold badge too but I know there’s uh this there’s um

Interesting story behind this one and we’ll talk to the guys a little bit about it but yeah this is uh motive video also where the GTR Hub magazine is based out of and this is his personal shop we got some oh we got Tom Cruise here we got Tom Cruise sitting in the

Driver’s seat of this S15 Tom Cruise like sr-20s yeah Tom Cruise likes a lot of things including sr-20s this is pretty cool whoa look at this Yo this is Fast and Furious spec s straight up fast and furious these are all custom made like uprights and everything so this is so so cool I like the pain like chameleon style paint but look at the rear seats I really hope this is going to the shows this

This is not a GTR sir that’s okay I think this has earned its place this is so crazy look at this look at the interior have you guys seen an interior this crazy it makes me wonder what motor is in it it’s like a lazy boy

In there look at those Flames too and with the wheels jeez for what it is interesting I love the front end it’s really what is this for Oh okay that’s cool because when this style was in this problem I was about seven years old and this car was like if you wanted to

Go to SR20 you had to look up up to this car to know how to do it yeah can we take a look at that whoa so this is like just of its era wow look I love that they the Breather yeah whoa look at this mirror finish [Laughter]

Attention to details it’s crazy so what what year was this bill from when I remember it it would have been it would have been late 90s early early it would have been late 90s yeah late 90s look at the seats so who actually built this

I could be wrong but for memory back in the day this was built with jet speed which was the body kit company um I can’t remember if it’s jet speed of his cyber Automotive there’s a few of them going to this car show scene stuff and this was like literally what kept

Sydney going in the car scene look at these gauges that’s a Nismo part dude that’s really like in your face no seriously that insert in the door where the gauges that is an actual Nismo part yeah that was available to the Nismo catalog I don’t

Know why it has the blitz gauge in it because they had a Nismo gauge as well that’s pretty cool I had no idea is probably one of the more expensive Parts on this car at this point I like this this is pretty cool negative space on This Hood is insane

It’s 3D it’s unorthodox but it’s interesting I like it this easy Cup oh oh it is okay yes it’s actually like a running driving time attack well there’s the gearbox out of it at the moment but yeah this is like a ve head uh 2.2 liter

Deal a little bit more current than that thing what’s what’s the story with that gold member yeah that car back in the day I was so my uncle brought that car into Australia so he was dealing with top secret back then and he had a few cars from Top Fuel

Back in the day and wait this was actually built by type two that car was built while top secret so when you saw that yeah so we brought that um or they bought that they brought it back into the country I think it was

Oh I’d have to go back in the years I think it was late early early 2000. and um we just had it here as a bit of a display used it for some dino comps and some shows and that ended up being the car that one night we’re going to do so

Back then there’s a lot of street racing around in the sea back then so we were going to do some street racing the car we had wasn’t quite finished and that was the car ended up taking and that was when I was 11 years old wow so like yeah

That car’s been around it’s also cute like GTR Australia GTR history right here huh super cool the gold uh badges are actually 22 karat gold plated they’re not like the Nissan gold one Skyline shed got a maid so the GT bag on the side is actually 22 karat gold so

It’s the front one and the real one that is so cool I love that I’ve never done that anymore I’m not normally that guy that is so cool real gold yeah so cool a lot of gold I love that I love that yeah all right so this is like

History of casting stuff this is ignition DVD this is where I got kind of I guess officially started working in the automotive media industry I was already working for auto sales as a commentator they featured my car here and I actually didn’t feature because it was an awesome car they featured it was

Like a budget build that I used to race a lot and just thrashed it so they featured it and I spoke well so they hired me and this is where I started work is here in number four and you know how you can tell that I started work oh

Sorry number four he’s gonna have JDM Cars on the cover straight away and I made sure I featured a you know big horsepower gdr straight away so that’s how you knew I’d started what year is this uh this is the start of 2005. so then I made ignition DVD here

And you can all the way to issue 33 and check out what’s on the cover of issue 32. Grady Evo because about here somewhere I started working for d-sport and started making d-sport DVD if anyone remembers that yeah I feel like issue 32 should have had it yeah I know

That would be too easy yes we did some special editions blah blah blah and then we started motive uh DVD at the time so anyone that’s known me long still says motive DVD that’s how my tell my misses works out whether people have known me a

Long time and then we did DVDs all the way through to 31 I don’t know why 31’s not there um yeah but if you go back even further later while you’re here on this trip this this was a VHS when it came out hard Trend Imports and this is when I

Fell on actually this made me fall in love with GDs were these Australia yeah Australia so people going to America yeah this wasn’t this was in the states it wasn’t okay so that was when it was too hard and then as well you never saw and then high performance Imports DVD

Came out or VHS at the time and this is how you’d watch everything from Japan he’s watching this if I would have had access to these when they were coming out I probably would have been a Skyliner way sooner than yeah why was that there’s literally a exact pinpoint

Moment in this where I can go in love again yeah yeah so this is uh Andrew’s office and this is my claim to fame [Laughter] are you in that I’m in this video yeah this is the event I was just telling Adam LZ about we’re standing there talking we’re where the judges

Stand was for this event uh back in 2004. what so we’re like 20 years removed that was when you were working at Falcon yeah that’s so cool slightly more dumb you’ve got some good issues check this out so I’ve for clients I used to make Power Cruise DVD I’ve made

Jamboree dvd over here as well because this is what people did before YouTube yeah before YouTube yeah it actually had to be uh yeah you would pop into it back then like there wasn’t anyone can do it well like back when there was magazines and DVDs you you had

To be pretty serious to to make this happen but now with YouTube it’s like well kids have it oh I love that that’s one of my favorites isn’t this the um built by Legends guys produce this uh yes yes yes yes yes they did that yep I

I was such a big fan of that yeah me too yeah perception reality two different things all right you guys are getting a preview of this uh picture that Andrew has that uh framed up and everything so this is something that hoonigan did this is actually my picture that I shot on

The set of Gymkhana with Travis Pastrana this is my remote camera and the funny thing is I’m actually in my own picture so I set up the remote camera and I stood in this boat and that that’s actually where I triggered this photo but um yeah I signed this and also of

Course Travis signed this too but you guys should be able to buy these soon from Hoon again he’s for the event that’s one of the trophies oh that’s a nice trophy three wheel turned into a three-piece oh that’s super cool [Laughter] yeah so these are the two main trophies

For the event the stand has all the riding on it but yeah you have my uh Hot Wheels too what do you mean I got like four of last night so yeah I can’t sleep here I just bought group a car this is actual team merch from 1991

Signed by Jim Richards who won Bathurst that is so cool and then I’ve even got official Like official team merch from 91 92 so that’s actual team clothing from one of the guys on the team I love that see Gibson Motorsport that is windshield cool yeah pretty cool I like this

I love the simple livery it was super cool yo what did I just step into look at this S1 engine Omari Factory GTA which by the way I apologize I’m gonna say GTA a lot because uh dino is requesting that anytime I say Nissan GTR I replace it with GDI since I’m in

Australia I like this color though the 33 look at that this is cool but this this is what dreams are made of right here this is amazing respect too got a lot of these uh wagons including this one I think Mickey and the guys are going to be driving this one around

We never got these in the US so this is really special check out that Pajero just yeah just standing there okay just the king got another scene here sorry it’s tune right there that’s a factory built is tune um I bought that in 2000 and wow Yeah I don’t know if it starts with six figures maybe this is incredible it would have to yeah it would have to because there’s only they only Built I think 14 of it yeah it’s I’ll should pop the Bonnet and show you everything exactly yeah let’s check it out you want

To talk about a plate like that’s the plate to have wow 9 Mr this is the car he drives this is my car this is your daily personal car yeah see we didn’t we never even got these yeah I I think it looks great I love wagons I think this

Is super cool you’re gonna be driving this around me yes sir yeah I’m excited about it dude what a daily driver yeah so we’re gonna we’re gonna actually review this car on our YouTube channel so I’m excited to actually get to experience it because we have built Evo

Nines Evo eight and nines before but never a wagon and I love wagons it’s a really cool opportunity yeah so if you guys want to check that out check out throttle channel for that this is so incredible so this whole Warehouse it’s it’s a mix of your

Personal cars and customer cars I’ve got some personal cars and customers customers cards but what also we do here is um any car that comes from overseas whether it’s Europe Japan mainly 99 is Japan uh we also do the ADR rules and regulations like to complim to be able

To register in Australia so then why is it that you guys have all these skylines here are you still bringing them from Japan now yeah we’re still we’re still bringing from Japan but um funny enough they don’t last long as soon as they get off the boat we had 11

Arrive about three weeks ago and they all those are all were sold within 24 to 48 hours that’s really surprising to me because Australia you guys were able to buy these brand new we’re only able to buy the R35 gdr brand new but yes you are right there was one model which was

The R32 but there was only a one-year window and there were limited numbers I’m pretty sure they’re under 100 were ever sold in Australia but and then you were always able to import them were able to import first the rules and regulations was 15 years and then they

Changed it when they realized there were so many cars flooding the market uh to 20 uh sorry to older than 88 model and then in 2020 they changed it to 25 years again but we could in between because they weren’t sold new here we could do

The adrs and compliance to be able to import them and sell them here God they weren’t pretty much popular they were very popular at one stage then the market died off and then and it’s been crazy in the last three to four years incredible that is so cool yeah I

Love that that’s so cool can we take a look at the engine bay on this one do you drive this on the street at all it’s only here for the JDR Festival in a location that no one knows on disclosed location secret location this is the LM and a couple other few toys

Yeah so wow so it’s a real attitude with the with the build plate and everything okay of course is a this is a special one this is super special uh yes yeah we did the header tank so when I bought it in when I bought it in

It wasn’t it was special but it wasn’t an extra special car but now it’s gone up yeah it’s crazy because this is the way it came from the factory huh yeah it came with a whole heap of books so this is yeah so this this actual car was

Retaken back to the Nismo Amore Factory well actually the Fukuoka Factory and it was a v-spec 2 and they stripped the whole car ground up interior engine transmission brakes everything was upgraded on the car and I’ve got all the documentation okay so cool from Nismo itself through all through

Nismo I should say it’s a brand new car it still is a brand new car look at that yeah smells like Japan it does doesn’t it they are smell the same it’s like BMWs smell like crayons yeah GTRs also have a SIM their own like yeah distinct

Smell this is so cool so this is similar to what they’re doing now with the CRS the cart club sorry I hope you never so let’s go if you do it’s enough money to retire because this is a such a unique it’s a unique piece of history and so these

These Stripes were added or these came on the S10 okay so it didn’t come with the stripes but this is significant this is like something I would have been online that’s right or you could option yeah this is so cool Traders I mean in a heartbeat

I like Bayside blue but this is just so cool I love it so I couldn’t appreciate all different kinds you know in different states and this is like a brand new vehicle it is it is amazing so how many kilometers on this I think that’s grab the freezer okay that’s that’s

Look at the seats look at the leather seats it’s all been redone that is so cool one of only 140 I believe 100 one out of 140 LM but this is just the way this sits the fitment just the build foreign This is really rare color yeah we’ve had same thing had this since 2011. and then a friend of mine one of our best friends begged me for it and I said sure why not you know it’s good to see that look it’s still within the family wait are you

Gonna take this to the Festival this is going that’s going that’s going on this is going it’s just an inspection is it open yeah it comes with a leather interior heated leather seats that’s what I want to check out actually I want to see the heated seat button

There’s one on the left and one on the right yeah so I’m gonna put heated seats in my 34. so I want to buy these switches I actually found that the switches are actually just a generic um a generic heat Cedar switch they’re not a Nissan specific wait but what

Usually comes there is a blank it’s usually blank yeah so but the switches I found the seat the seat with the heat things come out of them it’s turned sideways because normally you would mount it up and down well Nissan turn the switch sideways and whoever makes

The switch also change the logo to sideways because that’s I have a bad back and the heated seats are really good for my back so I’m going to put that in that’ll be cool that’s awesome dude this is a neat car it’s so clean I just the fitment everything is just so

Nice and never mind the rally car I mean don’t don’t even mention that yeah I’ve had it for about two and a half years I haven’t even I’ve only driven it once it was uh it’s been stored in I’ve got another warehouse It’s a real rally car

Light pods like yeah rally cars are sick but then when you put the light pods on it’s just a whole other level oh my God this is just so cool these ones are neat the corner pot this is really cool yeah bought this off a car collector in Japan

I’ve actually got a Tommy MacKinnon the red with the Marlboro stickers you have so many cool cars here I I have like car 80d when it comes to all the cars that you have here because as soon as I start talking about one I just want to see talk about the other

This is a wind field I think it was a cigarette brand and look at they have the health the health warning on the side smoking that’s part of the Livery I think that’s kind of cool yeah yeah I’m surprised I don’t have a picture of like a rotten mouth or something on it

Whoa what’s this 43 000 kilometers this is a very interesting car yeah wait is it a four-door 26 d e car uh I’ll be 26 d-e-t 34g GTR motor GTR running gear oh wait this is um this is a gtst I’ve seen I’ve seen one of these uh at the Zama collection it’s

It’s um it actually comes with a 26de this is an rb20 oh okay this is okay guys so but this is original rb20 on four-wheel drive yes manual but yeah um I bought it out of Japan like this oh sorry sorry it’s dirty guys oh it’s okay it’s actually getting clean today and

Stick it up as well it has the wider guards yeah so it’s got the wider guards it’s got the bumper to the Bonnet they’ve even fled the regards I don’t know what they’ve done there 100 this is the R32 version of the 40th anniversary yeah the r-tech but they had an attack

GTR nerds Unite I love this the uniqueness of these type of builds yeah there’s there’s uh there’s my car sitting on the rack right there this thing is so clean though huh it’s a v-spec it’s a very clean car it’s for a customer it’s actually going to south Australia really yeah so we’re

Doing the compliance work the ADR is it really hard to do the compliance work I mean do you have to change a lot of things for it to be on the eagle on the old system yes on the new system not as much but there is a lot of work

Processing because we’ve got to actually technically get it signed off by an engineer stating that everything’s standard on the car so if it’s modified brings us an issue got it um yeah oh there you go yeah so you’ve got them both here yeah yeah I see that what radar Drive two-door

What is this a blazer otahu Blazer or Tahoe right hand drive well they put they put on yeah so this is part of the compliance JDM spec yeah I want to see the back idiot yeah man this is actually a pretty cool hot rod this is cool yeah this paint of

Glasses something’s bigger than the car geez look at the underside of this car though it is really clean this is a very very clean car with stock wheels yeah now they’re worth something else yeah sorry you do a lot of these pedestrian cars then too huh these uh

These are the old electric vehicles we do these for actually a certain company they they buy them and we do all their compliance work and they’re actually uh they were all over Australia and every time they come in and then they just get shipped out so it’s not just Enthusiast

Vehicles no oh that’s mainly enthusiastic Vehicles because I love them I’ll only I’ll only import what I’d like to drive you know but we also like service for other motor dealers and customers as well this is so cool so what does the business actually called cars from Japan cars from Japan

Australia or just goes cars from Japan at the moment but we’re working on updating the name got it we still have cars from Japan right right that’s super cool yeah huh and then if they if anybody wanted to see your inventory where did they go cars from

Got it nice and easy this is so cool so this is the funny thing is um I’ve done a couple of these videos um especially like with top rank in Japan and uh a lot of people like to complain that you know some somebody like top rank is one supporting all the

GTRs well that’s not the case you know these things come in go out you know and and they they’re going to be loved by the next owner and I’m sure they were loved by the previous owner and 100 they just change hands you know and I always

I always tell my customers when you’re done with the car if you want to if you want to go back to you know you don’t want your GTR you don’t want your Evo come back to us give us first priority at purchasing it back yeah because I know how hard it is

Um I’m one month in Japan one month in Australia that’s how I rotate my months and I know how hard it is to find vehicles in a high quality in no rust no you know major accident history and you know I personally buy the cars on the

Ground in Japan and I actually also teamed up with a couple of car collectors like that’s how I got the the Evo 5 I’ve actually got an EVO 6 Tommy mackinin as well that’s all got delivery as well and it’s just all about being passionate about the car and that’s what

Makes your business work yeah oh that’s great yeah I mean because for the longest time you know we were just not able to enjoy any of these cars in the US and finally that we’re we’re getting a chance to enjoy these vehicles um like they’re new to us and obviously

They’re old Vehicles it’s nice to be able to find nice versions of them 100 yeah 100 this is silly too that’s a Suzuki Mighty boy yeah I love that this is actually going to be Andrew’s uh golf cup for the day yes why does it say 200 Kg on it it’s a GT

Like the hakasuka the 71 Skyline oh 200 kg yeah sorry that’s all I can carry that’s funny that’s so cool and also we’ve got um we’re friends with Tommy Carr in Japan um we get special casts from them all the time we’ve most probably got about in a Personal Collection we’ve got about

Maybe about seven or eight Tommy Cara GTRs at the moment so this is so cool amazing again so we’re gonna check out this uh Subaru is it called a STI 204 s204 yeah STI s204 and what year is this uh 2006 huh and it’s like the Hawkeye front end it’s

The Hawkeye front end but I I’ve actually never seen one in person so they’re very rare only 600 made it comes with a built plane okay so this is number 452 out of 600 yeah okay and then what’s special about it what what does it come with it comes with uh equal headers

Underneath so it doesn’t sound as much as a Subaru you know with the Box around like with that note the boxer note um also comes with bigger brakes six pot on the front four on the rear the authentic BBS STI Wheels oh wow that’s legit also comes with these rare

Carbon Kevlar seats as well oh from the factory stuff only the s203 s204 came with these seats this is so cool 120 000 kilometers this is well used then oh grab a case for it how much are these going for between 65 and 75 grand 65 to 75 000 AUD

Depending on the conditions on the condition and stuff um it’s you know I wish it was uh one of 500 we could have maybe taken it over to the States oh yeah that’s right yeah because it’s showing display yeah yeah yeah but um yeah so it depends on the condition

Um there has been some very low kilometers Worth close to the 90 mark 100 Mark these are cool I like I like it but also it’s rearing the black there’s only come in Black they come in Black Gun metal gray and blue only yeah all right ready here we go again

Yep I know it’s saying that we don’t have a card in here oh yeah it doesn’t sound like a Subaru serious races Equal headers underneath and just distributively nice and it doesn’t sound like the boxes sound no it doesn’t have a boxer sound at all and this is all stock yeah so the turbo timer um I turned it off and then it was running see but my R34

Has the same thing where you have to lower the handbrake and then it turns off good old turbo timers now making wheel evil nine is it a nine more wagon which we never got but you actually have a stage yet you essentially have like the Nissan version of this yeah so to

Speak yeah like what does it feel like right away um this car feels a lot smaller in stature than the Stager because it is um definitely like the Stasia has a lot more interior space and room and it feels bigger but it doesn’t feel bigger

In like a fat way like it doesn’t feel heavier or anything like that still feels very sharp in sports car style I have to say this is so premium is it compared to like a normal um Evo yeah like that we see like look at the leather seats yeah I haven’t even

Gotten to really look at that much it seems like that like the rear seat I’m sitting in the rear is so comfortable it’s nice it’s definitely it seems like you could live with it more versus uh just like a regular Evo yeah I think so I will say the rear

Seats of the Stasia will beat these they’re not leather but they recline so I think from a comfort standpoint the you know I think this is more Sports focused yes uh from a base platform where it’s based off of an Eva where the Stasia or the 260 RS is based off of

Stacia which is a lot more like they call them Grandma cars um well this is more based off of a sports platform so definitely two different ethos but definitely two pretty potent machines we got three big bags here my camera equipment and everything and there’s still plenty of room

It’s uh appropriate of you to show up to the GTR Fest in uh yeah at least we’re we got some bulbs on here Mitsubishi Evo we got we got Andrew’s Z Proto here which is super cool love this got his S15 time attack car but we got

All these white GTRs I like that this is Mickey’s row right here we got yr33 why r33 white uh R34 I like that everyone yeah I wonder if that’s a thing here in America everybody paints them I feel like about half of them in Japan are painted huh so

I understand Nissan’s thinking they keep the lip black so that the car looks level and when you paint it it makes the more noticeable and it looks like it hangs down further than everything else but it makes it look lower right so I think you paint it and put side skirts

That’s to make it even yeah so we just got to Sydney Dragway and the crazy thing about this is it seems like it’s like in the middle of the city or at least it’s nearby so many other businesses we don’t really have that in the US

Most of our tracks are just like so far away from anything because the sound but uh it looks like a lot of cars are here already and they’re just doing loading so maybe we’ll we’ll check out some of the cars for load in and then of course I’ll

Dedicate a full video to the actual event which is tomorrow this is Robert’s car hey Robert this is pretty cool I’ve never seen one of these before thanks Mike what is it hold on V8 three four six cubic inch they don’t make Holdings anymore no that’s a bummer no that’s

Right this thing is so cool so what is this run in the quarter 855 154 11460. it’s such a big car it’s so big thing is crazy that’s awesome yeah because they never came in left hand drive because this was Australian car correct yes huh so cool I could imagine like how cool

Would it be to drive this in the US it’s like a Australian American car this thing is so cool you have most of the interior in it still huh like all the door panels you get straight driven is it yeah so and then how much power does this make 800

800 horsepower Street driven this thing is super cool I love it I I’ve been playing speed Hunters Bingo for I don’t know 15 years now I don’t I don’t even know it’s been a while um basically as you guys probably remember speed Hunters was a collective of honestly the best photographers the

Best automotive photographers across the entire world contributing to one website and uh Matthew here was uh contributor from or is a contributor still right still kind of from Australia and it’s rare for us to all gather you know so I I hang out with Dino a lot I

Hung out with Patty and a bunch of other guys a lot but I’ve never met Matthew and he’s actually walking us around the paddock here at Sydney Dragway is that yeah close enough um so what is this this is a Ford Falcon it’s a like a

An X Series like an XT I’ve never seen anything like this before but this obviously has poor seduction of some kind it’ll be good to lift it off and check what’s under here this thing is super cool so this is a Australian Market only yeah so this like this is a proof would

Have been a very common car back in the uh back in the 80s like a lot of taxis would have been made out of these all right in the background the video Commodore which would have been its competitor on the streets at the time um yeah I mean it’s very unique it’s

Very Australian it just looks so interesting it’s called a Fairmont the family is like the badge it’s the level of Truth so this would have been an upper class uh it would have had like a bunch of extra extra features on top of the regular Falcons but I it’s

It’s a Ford Falcons oh Ford Falcon yeah so it’s Australian designed and built um it’s so crazy the steering wheel is insane looking yeah that was that’s like a very 80s it’s so weird it possibly would have had like a digital dash All the Rage back in the the mid to late

80s yeah so cool well nice to meet you glad to be here I’m gonna shoot a lot of cool cars here yeah hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh [Applause]