Larry Chen: Drifting in the Middle of Jakarta w/ Indonesia’s Best Pro Drifters Video

Posted: 2023-04-28 15:00:28
Author: Larry Chen
Many thanks to @zikoharnadi for letting me borrow your S13!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Thank you [Applause] we’re actually at this drift track that is in the middle of Jakarta this is the actual track and the city is behind it but I guess this is just like a place like a drift school and also a place for the pros to come and practice but it is

So cool it’s like this little Standalone building garage area the guys from grassy drift zico wants me to drive his s13 of course I would love to it’s a little wet today which is good because it’s like free tires I think it’ll be fun I drifted outside

Of the US just a little bit I’m not very comfortable with drifting right hand drive but I’ll try I think it’ll be fun this is just so crazy I just can’t believe that it’s in the middle of the city I mean this is essentially a parking lot

But there’s a movie theater right there um I’m guessing it’s some like big box store and KFC’s in the same parking lot ridiculous all right here we go don’t be nervous what’s wrong what’s going on all right hey I’m really excited to be here yeah I’ve never been

To Jakarta this is my first time in Indonesia we’re actually here for the elite car show but this is before the show and we’re actually checking out some of the local car culture so this is your drifting Academy yes this is the drifting Academy for the new user for uh practice drifting

To practice drifting so are those the school cars yes this is the school cars three of uh BMW is uh entry level drift people like zico and uh Armando and some other professionals they come here to practice yes yes of course and sometimes we do a competition in here oh yeah like

A local competition local competition so then drifting is pretty popular here in Indonesia yes yes so besides this track is there a lot of other tracks I think only two or three uh track in in Jakarta maybe we have in Bali also yeah very cool awesome well thanks for having us

Can’t wait to drift this we’re coming what blows me away is that this is just in the middle of the city I don’t even know how this is allowed because yeah I don’t know because the power yeah because of power okay of course we’ll take that I’m really curious to see

How this car drives actually they build these cars to a pretty high level look at this s13 .5 yes zico hell yeah garasi drift these guys run such an awesome YouTube channel and it’s all in Indonesian but uh they have quite a few subscribers they do a really good job covering

Indonesian car culture and I actually met him for the first time at Tokyo Auto Salon but uh this is great this is cool this is very interesting I’ve never seen um is this a real 6 series what is this it’s a real M6 oh that’s pretty cool

This is awesome yeah can I yeah I’m allowed to all right oh just like that is what power plant is it uh the power yeah the engine is too juicy oh it’s a 2J yeah with 500 horsepower of course that has 500 horsepower this is a stock uh Supra transmission

This is your competition car yeah this is my competition car that delivery is gone for you how okay all right come to Indonesia everyone says just uh Drive uh competition cars [Applause] Foreign [Laughter] love your car so much love watching your channel thank you it’s so cool yeah try it again just let me know sure sure no wonder so the wise Fab it has so much angle it’s just so easy to to recover you know once you get the especially this mixed

Surface here so I’m going I’m going I’m going and then all of a sudden it like has just no traction at all so then it’s like you have to go maximum angle because I’d rather have it all wet or all dry right this is great I love it I can’t

Believe this is your competition car yeah my literary Competition Car yeah I love the the first thing you asked me when I got into it he’s like have you drifted before and he already agreed to me driving this car because of food oh here we go

BMW BMW 6 series yes this is this is basically M6 this is a MC F6 but with a 2J uh because today is more a horrible yeah wait what that doesn’t make any sense but okay Yeah I don’t know That was awesome that was suck that was so good I’m about to send this car into the wall ah don’t say that dude oh and right hand drive is this your first time driving right hand drive we don’t know anything about this car we don’t know if it has stock power we don’t know anything we just know that it’s ready for drifting

I got one seat belt yeah it’s fine dude one is all you need send it I’ma just try send it send it yeah just send it Dude you got full commitment in this thing dude I just don’t want to get close to the wall I’m not getting too close to the wall yeah you’re getting really close you’re scaring me sorry especially being around for the first time [Applause] [Applause] Hey we’re going in there Foreign It’s been a long time but it’s super cool to see you here in your home country you got your drift missile here missiles or SR20 it’s hard my favorite all right so uh it’s starting to rain a little bit so we’re gonna try to get some laps in

Right this is uh pretty crazy here we go [Applause] [Applause] oh [Applause] drifting is so dumb but it’s just so fun it’s so fun it’s the stupidest thing I ever did but it’s just the best thing and the most fun thing I ever done yeah I just love it I love it and honestly I owe everything that I have now all the

Opportunities that we’re able to do all the things that I can shoot the it’s all from following drifting [Applause] Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Oh [Applause]