Larry Chen: DMAC’s LS13 With an 8-1 Crossover Manifold Video

Reading Time: 18 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-06 15:00:19
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

[Applause] A Yeah I don’t know I do gang signs and stuff you know got work on that man I don’t know what’s wrong with your hey white boy where you from homie I’m Westside Beverly Hills Killers my parents own these streets literally oh but I don’t know I like to

Mix it up and I do this one and I do one of these and I I do you had the most fun today I think I I had a lot of fun today yeah you had a chance to take this out for some demo laps but this was actually

What you were competing in today this is your s13 that’s there’s not much s13 left yeah she’s special I love that car I love it it makes you realize how bad every other car is oh my goodness yeah oh no that’s all right poor poor car that’s why it’s just

Done in bits of aluminum and stuff if that was carabin I ain’t got I ain’t got carabin money so how was this to drive because for LZ World Tour you guys actually have to drive on regulation tires huh yeah I had a couple of brands

Of tires we were going to use one brand which I had the most of and then in the rain that was so bad so I went borrowing tires and then we just kind of hit a sweet spot with a pair of tires but then

We ran out of them and then I popped on another brand and that’s what DB did on the run that I lost just switching brand and it didn’t it didn’t stay on the wheel that’s my story and I’m sticking to it it all happened so quick maybe you

Have a picture of the wheel off before yeah yeah yeah oh my goodness it was insane so you hit a patch of Earth and you scooped up so much dirt that you actually had a chance to stop yeah and then the dirt was still falling down from the Sky insert shot of the wheel over there exactly exact insert shot of the wheel so yeah the dirt shower was crazy there’s just so many things on this s chassis that wouldn’t make regulation no in any drift series probably uh it’s legal for Ireland like really but I do the rules for Ireland

So out of here man of course you do yeah of course you do I do the rules but at the same time we like to to to make the rules LAX I mean I mean it just makes the cars individual it’s not a performance advantage in any way you

Know right so um let’s go ahead and take a look at the engine this thing sounds so insane it sounds different it’s the same engine as we used to use in FD it’s the same engine as what you had in the Saturn Sky correct yeah but it

Has a a 180° crossover manifold in it so it’s kind of like an 8 to1 or halfway to an 8 to one you know the 8 to1 rasp that you get from a V8 yeah so it makes it different than the two four to ones we

Have a couple of other things done fly wheel wise and allet that makes it rev faster and nicer we did a few tricks but it is exactly the same it is the spare motor from the sky actually wait a minute let me explain so you got you got

Two from this bank and two from this Bank go into one collector God and the remaining two remaining two go into the other collector so it’s a 180 crossover so it crosses the banks and it sounds kind of similar to something that would be a a to1 yeah

Exactly yeah yeah yeah it’s similar to that but then why did you do two individual ones um it was for the sound but at the one is it is horrible to package you know you end up with no this is not very nice to package either but I

Wanted something different and I didn’t want an exhaust running under the car because in these small blocks you you melt man uh you melt plug leads a lot and stuff so all that was like that just different as well you know just totally different I’ve never seen anything like

This yeah it’s different and on top of that what’s crazy about it is I guess you could kind of keep the sound in check yeah no we have two larger silencers as well and actually goes quite quiet it passes everywhere so we just kind of start with the shred pipes

Until they tell us to cam it down and then we have the small silencer and then a medium silencer it’s it’s sweet so and there’s so much room for it and it’s so crazy me that it’s all just in this it’s a little vulnerable when I go hitting

People the whole time like today every day every day every day you get behind the wheel it’s just so nice to have a fun you know I feel a little bit like you can go out here and just express yourself and it’s not about winning and

You just put on a show and you know it’s about the brand and having fun and meeting the fans and stuff there’s no pressure or nothing the weather puts you under pressure more than anything else you know so it’s nice to grow touch some doors knock off some bumpers that’s what

It’s all about you know it’s when you do so much drifting is I’ve done you know battles of battles and it gets the same but if you could hit people touch people leave tiax that’s cool you know that is cool what’s also interesting is the hood

Design that you guys did you guys do this because the the headlights that aren’t actually headlights um it it comes up uh from the bumper yeah it takes the fend as well takes the corner the fender with it in the sidelight again something different it gives you

Mega access to the car but it’s just a gimmick and something I’ve never seen done so we made it happen made it do it it looks really weird with just a bumper across here but the next evolution of this car will be more uh more conventional What mo blows me away is

That there’s not tubes coming out of here no it’s just floating it’s so neat looking in that this is uh the bumper is attached just to the chassis mounting point right here yeah yeah it’s just floating so we wanted to leave it totally open at the top all the core

Everything all that stuff was cut out yeah so yeah we took the whole out so again it’s just you know trying to make it different to what anyone’s done and then similar to what you had in the Audi yeah power steering this is a GM power power steering correct so originally it

Had a Toyota power steering pump mounted underneath in the tunnel and a reservoir up here but we’ve since switched to all these type of pumps which is slightly bulkier so we put it out here as a test and we just never moved it it’s actually in the perfect spot for weight

Distribution and stuff with it the exhaust makes the left front a little bit heavier you know yeah that’s really cool I’m surprised you don’t suck in that much water with a can and an air filter but it’s that’s what the sock is for you know it’s it’s kind of water

It’s flapping around that that must be distracting when you’re driving I just see it move so much you don’t get dist St you got a lot of things to do lasting on your mind so then did you have a chance to dino this yeah yeah yeah and

The dino we use it’s just under 700 any now the the the 180° headers are sapping some power they’re they’re better for mid-range we actually will be going 4 to one more conventional soon and we’ll be redesigning this more traditional and the exhaust will be coming out here so

That I don’t keep breaking the exhaust when I hit people the whole time but I’ll actually bring one out here one out here so that when I’m on people’s door I’m deafening them no matter which way I’m drifting whereas right now I only deafened them with one side so I just I

Wanted to burn the stickers off of people’s doors and stuff I thought it would’ be cool you know just to burn their their wrap off or something it just would be different it just sounds so different compared to anything I’ve ever heard the trottle bo respons it’s

So good yeah like so then what is this cooler for that’s the oil cooler okay that’s the thing that’s in the front yeah and then the bumper only takes air in for the oil cooler the rest of it totally closed off so this is it we do

That because it’s belt driven from the crank to the cam and got to Dy some pump and the belt we don’t want any stones in so we block the whole thing you know people dropping wheels and stuff like that so you can’t get any air in the

Front only to the cooler got it can we take a look at the back yeah it’s a lot of uh crazy business going on in the back jeez you guys really have your work cut out for you in terms of cleaning this yeah and uh we should the O and

Prepping this so depending on how much limiter I give it it likes to breed I meant to do a breeder system over here so it had to actually travel and stop doing this but uhuh I meant to do a lot of things but we just pop it up so is

This the actual radiator setup back here yeah two radiators so actually two Honda Civic Mishi Moto radiators and I mounted them in a V and then we put the fan on each side so it’s like a dual pass but it’s dual pass cuz it’s two radiators so

I always wanted to vmount them because it makes sense that the angle you’re at one will get the the direct shot of air and uh it made sense here cuz I used to run a really big dual pass rad and then when we put the their

Uh the nuke fuel tank in it I couldn’t run the red without it sticking out through the car and I didn’t like that you know it would have ruined my Shark P so I uh I came up with this and it’s coolish it is so different it it works

Better than the big radiator it like only brings on one fan now it doesn’t even use the second stage fan like so it worked perfectly it’s so crazy because you would think it’s not as efficient because they’re tiny but it’s two of them it’s more efficient so it passes

Out it passes through the top and over into the other one oh that’s where they’re connected yeah they’re connected here so it comes in on the bottom on this side and it has to go through up the top comes in the top and goes out

The bottom on this side and you have the electric water pump over here so we don’t want any belt driven water pump or anything all that V8 stuff is really crude to me and it’s like V belts and stuff not even rib belts you know so we

Just delete everything off the front of the engine keep it really simple you love your wings too look at this thing I do love my spoilers like but the Quattro did that to me I mean it’s so cool and then I always wanted to run two GT wings

And then this is the same shape as the Quattro on the side the end plate and then we did the uh I always wanted a shark fin as well cuz you know the way like FD and all that they have they have in plate dimensions and vertical yeah

Vertical Mount dimensions and all that which you know once you don’t have any of that I’m like oh sharkin and the the smoke will get caught here before it has to envelop over the top in a in a low pressure area here and you just fog the

Guy behind you really it just looks so cool that’s that’s the whole cut I know this side is in now but that’s the whole point of the cut with like I think portion it does look weird when you get fully sideways yeah you move the smoke

In a different way right it is so cool it’s so weird that it it affects that I mean part of it also is I’m assuming that it’s probably helping you a little bit when you get full angle to kind of straighten you back out if that makes

Sense yeah it’s difficult an air bre like a s it’s difficult to say we’ve never taken it off I’m not going to take it off I think it’s cool as and the group D logo kind of transfers up onto it and as the car passes you it all

Lines up and makes sense I like it but yeah it could be for and against it could be hindering you as well you know entering hard if it’s an air bre and stuff but it’s just got to look cool it’s got to be different you know yeah love the tinted windows yeah yellow

Tinted windows all business in here yeah all business I mean so this is like a firewall yeah that’s your fire for the back it’s getting pretty old now um getting pretty dark pretty old it’s been together a long time you fuel lines and we don’t have any rigs with running them

Inside the car so I mean does forign against that if it’s built properly I mean these are probably thousands and thousands of P there’s going to be nothing to to go wrong but but whatever it this is this coolant uh oil and coolant and then some dry Su lines and

Then you have the fuel going up to here htech ECU and electronics this is a electronic vacuum for the brakes oh yeah so I still run a vacuum reservoir on the brakes you know like power brakes yes cuz it the cars have GTR Brakes in them

And if you if you go with nonvacuum assisted you just have a rock hard P pedal and and really bad retardation you know so I don’t think you need mega brakes for drifting the runs are not very long so then we use the servvo and we use a vacuum P it sounds horrible

Listen so a little vacuum pump and it’s triggered by the TPS sensor trle position sensor that is so we can leave the car idle and it’s not running and then by the time I drive and I do the burnout box I’ve got fully charged vacuum brakes when I run so it comes on

With certain throttle percentage God and we do this actually the same with the qu draw because we take a vacuum from the inlet manifold but when the anti- leg is switched on it it loses its vacuum so when the anti is switched on the vacuum pump Clicks in and we have electronic

Vacuum in the in the uh in the Quattro with the anti that’s so smart it’s different and then this is actually a molded foam seat to your body this is my this is what my ants look like why do you do that uh I tried this seat because it was the

Right weight that I wanted for the balance of the car you know so we needed to drop some some weight and it’s it’s just a shell with some pads it’s actually too big for me so when we we just tried this out it’s a single seat

Or phone kit it was our first time doing it it looks horrendous but it fits me like a glove you know yeah you put it in a bag you sit in it and you pour two in and they react with each other and they yeah it’s just fo like expending foam

Kind of thing but uh yeah we meant to do it again and you’re supposed to like cover it in felt or material and glue it but it’s just whatever you’re too busy with other stuff H this is interesting cuz um I had to put this on why because

I I seem to have an awful habit of slamming my my clutch foot against the tunnel of a right hand drive and I kept going over past the pedal so this is my right hand drive tunnel in my left and drive that when I come off the left foot

Breake I I could just slam over and press it you know I kept missing the the clutch in the left hand drive so why is this left hand drive this was the car we used rent so like forb drove it Peter viens drove it d drove it Sultan drove

It ah loads of people drove it I mean how how hard would it be for you to convert it to right hand drive uh it’ll be easy but we have we’ve a lot of modifications done you know I don’t mind left and drive no difference like it was

A bit of a if I can C today like I was swapping cars and same in qualifying I I did one run of this and one run the cler and then I went from leftand drive four-speed manual V8 with loads of talk download to uh right hand drive

Sequential with loads of lag and having to pump the clutch and have no talk down low it was like okay I’m actually pretty happy with myself that I pulled off two good runs totally opposites but I don’t miss anything and I don’t miss the handbrake I don’t miss the gear lever

You know I seem to be able to switch between the two no problem and all the clipping points are on the other side you know what I mean like when you come to clip three here in the left hand drive you can just look down and it’s

Right there and your your wheel just passes by it and then when you’re on the rting drive you’re on the outside clip four and you can watch how you are on clip four but it’s just it’s strange how uh you just adapt to it and and make it

Work when was the last time you actually competed in at an event well I did drift Masters here oh okay yeah so I qualified ninth in that which I was really happy with cuz that’s you know this is good fun and and but that’s serious business

So um I knew we couldn’t touch the top five there on their game the likes said James and the shanahans they’re absolutely outstanding you know so qualify nth we were totally on the pace and everything but I crashed this then in the uh against Dwayne mver Dwayne is

Unbelievable Dwayne’s Pace was crazy and uh I could stay with him but when I DED inside him on turn one and and I adjusted for you know my line not being on the perfect qualifying line when you’re kind of inside someone I just pushed the front and went off into the

Into the barrier you know so I made a mistake but I didn’t feel I didn’t feel out of place or anything you it was no problem but this doesn’t have the power for the current tires and drift Masters or for my I need more power for my

Ability you know it’s too tight and you’re just full chle yeah well it’s really good to see you yeah it’s been too long I know and we miss you in the US you know last time I saw you you were driving grid life but I feel like there

Was just a certain period when a bunch of Irish drivers came over from Ireland to compete in the US now it’s kind of like a Resurgence right little bit again James came and then left and then came back he’s back back so it’s it’s pretty

Cool to see how much of an impact you guys have on drifting and I’ll never forget when I came over last time I I asked you why is it that there’s so many Irish people that are into drifting and part of it is that you just grow up that

Way you know as soon as you get in a car you just whether it be racing on dirt or on tarmac you’re just sideways ring we have the the back roads The Bu roads we do have a great rear wheeel drive culture you know with the mark 2s cot

Ring and all that that’s where it kind of came along and once we got into the Japanese Imports then being right and drive country it really took off you know and the cars like this that’s what really inspired it huh yeah yeah I bought a corer when I was 16 red over

Black it was the one I brought to yes it was one of the first pictures that I got of you in your SR20 power Cora which which was super cool that was my first road G yeah and we were drifting with it well no we’ve done we’ve done so much

Larry haven’t we it’s been such a long time but we’ve been on some adventures and everything great times well good to see you hopefully I’ll see you again soon all right buddy see you later boom don’t go anywhere I’m not don’t go anywhere I thought I was done you told

Me there’s something cool this is cool you did the Corolla yeah I talked to saltan about the Corolla a little bit we didn’t really get to go too deep into it because he actually had to go line up for top 16 this is famous Mike fits here but

Hey the we should get a picture of all of us in put down while they’re led up oh we’re doing that yeah oh yeah yeah we were trying to get some height or something like I’m BL that way anyway what’s wrong with you well this this is

Ian’s car Ian’s part of the team hi would you pull out the camera he goes shy I would you turn off the camera he’s a bit of a got blank that out he’s bit of a what the heck is going on here professional hairdresser for yeah okay right right

Right he needs to have a little Miata in him so he used have he used have an MX5 like a really nice MX5 uhhuh and then you got to take the piss out of him right cuz it’s it’s a Miata right so then we did the we did a bash and and we

Were here at the bash and he was driving I was driving I was like come on I’ll take you for a passenger ride in 240 and passenger he’s like oh for God’s sake so then we were like okay we got to get old MX5 cuz yeah he’s a man man up now man

Up this was an old customer’s e turkey and then we put his running gear into it from the MX5 so engine and gearbox and it has a Sylvia subframe in the back of it of course it does because all of the cars you have have Sylvia sub well

Including that I mean that’s well we do a we do a kit that we ship load to the USA actually we do a kit for the crawler with all the mounts and you weld it in and the subframe goes in cuz it’s it’s difficult to get a a straight axle to

Take power and stuff you know so we sell a lot of them so yes it’s another silia subframe but it’s good you know we we use what we make that is so cool but the front is interesting cuz the suspension is mounted off the cage pretty much and

These are like we cut the the shock Towers off and we made our on which we can do now with the rules cuz I Chang changed them not for this car not for this car but we changed them because like it’s got a Silvia uh shock absorber and a Silvia

Trail knuckle and then a BMW lower control arm so like it’s no advantage to mic in doing this it’s still silia pickup points and stuff like that you know right so yeah we just made it so that you could run some silia stuff and modify the body it just makes the old

School cars they they’re gone really scarce and it’s difficult to have them competitive as Sylvia wins all the time but if we can like replicate the Sylvia in such a way it’s not expensive because all the PS are cheap wait this is an actual Competition Car yeah this comp

Car yeah this is IDC cars oh that is so cool so then in this configuration what is this a 1.8 L 1.8 yeah 444 horsepower that’s a lot it’s a lot it made a lot more than we thought it would yeah really surprised yeah yeah

Yeah it’s on a Garett like 2860 and it made 444 which is more than I thought that it would make be out of juice it should be out of puff but it’s still gone huh so it seems to be very efficient for some reason what a cool

Car and then so it it does have a rear radiator setup too then yeah typical Group D it’s the rear dual pass red electric water pump or that’s our aluminium cell so that’s like our non FIA cell but we don’t need FIA for for the Irish Championship so that’s our

Our cell that we do little tank it’s got the the new cab it’s really nice and then the cage comes out and the shock towers are modified to or bolt to the cage all modified and the sub frame is in there it’s pretty cool the interior S5 interior interior is quite nice

S15 there’s an S15 dashboard in it yeah htech ECU htech ic7 Dash Group D handbreak oh the braks are inside in the car why why I go over the other side wait what so like the theor the right or left hand drive has the brakes

On the left hand side in the engine bay and then in the right hand drive they just put a lever on the across the back of the bulkhead and they push the Pricks it’s horrible like that it’s terrible but with our engine being so far back we

Moved it really far back and then the manifold was out of the MX5 pre fabricated turbo everything was done we’re like let’s just flip the brakes and run them inside the car and then we flipped the pivot for the bar and instead it goes backwards instead of

Forwards and the brakes mount to the roll cage though so it comes out and up it’s really cool it works perfectly so did you guys have to do this yeah so it’s really low now for there a 3in exhaust and it so it’s really low so we

Put an exhaust tunnel in it and a it’s just tidy like it’s just nice and what a cool car yeah it’s got the dash it’s really cool yeah so the dash had to be shortened I did it himself it had to be shortened it was too wide but just an

S15 one I I like this a lot this is cool I think it’s super cool it’s just yeah it’s like one of those things when you take it up it’s like this ped you were like oh I don’t know and I was like yeah we got to do this yeah with the pedal

Work how is it that the S15 dash is this oh you cut it yeah we cut it there oh you you you cut it okay got it loed it in just hides got it yeah ah it’s pretty cool is yeah what a what a nice build I can’t believe this is a

Comp car yeah it’s car yeah yeah it’s all fiberglass panels and doors and everything so it’s M3 and with have the M3 C pillar so it has the right pillar in the back of it a it’s got the extra white MP body kit or M3 body kit and the

Boot door and everything but I thought you’d like that one it’s super cool all right awesome I think that’s the real end of the video I love you Larry love you too hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to Larry Chen I print and sign every

Single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your Wall [Applause] Joh