Larry Chen: Datsun 1200 Coupe, Powered By an SR20 and Drifted By a Teenager Video

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-27 15:00:34
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] all right Now [Applause] What’s going on right now he’s like Well uh we got Archie the crazy drift kid here this thing is so cool but I just kind of wanted to get into your background yeah yeah definitely you haven’t been drifting for that long huh not compared to some people I suppose because of my age I started just before

My 30th birthday and we kind of expressed myself from there moved on progressed and everything and it was just a mental kind of Journey but I’m glad we’re here obviously we got this thing that we’ve built recently and so you and your dad built this yeah me my

Dad and Jamie Stanton as well so they we spent three months sleepless nights in a workshop obviously I had other things to do I had to go and do some other stuff but we got out of Poland at all trades and it was just mental I couldn’t I

Couldn’t believe it the way it drove and everything so where are you from I’m from just north of London Hertfordshire so and then you have been behind the wheel for a while actually driving other things yeah so I was eight when I got into a go-kart and I went down onto my

Local track for a house just to do a little corporate session and then from learning my Motorsport my love for it just went through the roof and I was just like let’s do it man let’s go and do go-karting so I went into a high British level of competition and I was

Just like get in there get in there but I just didn’t have the money and we didn’t have the funding and stuff to be honest with you to keep me at that level so we took a big break out of motorsport for ages and I was just trying to find new sports

I loved and my dad always loved drifting and I’ll be honest I didn’t know what it was at first so he took me for a one-to-one and I got taught by uh JoJo big shout out to her because she taught me a lot of things I

Know now but yeah we was just going mental mental mental with it like just doing one-to-ones got my car first car it blew 2.8 I believe it was and we just went out done loads of seat time and just was having fun with it and then we

Was like I got quite good at it for the space of time I’ve done it so I was like you should enter into a little competition I’d done that I qualified eighth and then first competition first competition I qualified yeah let me get this straight 16 years old you don’t

Even have your driver’s license yeah no no I’ll get it in about a month maybe I can start to get my provisional and get on the road in about you don’t even have a provisional license no I don’t have a provisional yet either so then when you actually go for your test

Yeah like the person testing you they have no idea yeah they have already a professional driver yeah I mean they might have some kind of ideas just from the way it is but um yeah it was yeah I have no license and then that is crazy

That is so cool so what’s also crazy to me is this vehicle and drifting in general is a lot cheaper than go-karting huh do you know what I say some of the high running teams in go-kart and I won’t mention any names but it’s like

Five 400 to 500 Grand to get into a team that’s the airline running it for the season and stuff that’s what I mean any Motorsport is a former rich man sports are they cool like you’ve got to have some kind of backing behind you I’m of

Course you would know that like with me it was we we kind of came from nothing but just to keep me out on that track if you know what I mean it’s just I mean grinded so hard to get where we are now let’s talk about your car so you threw a

360 in front of me when I was chasing you it was epic but this thing is so cool yeah and it’s actually really special in that everybody thinks your boot is open yeah but it’s actually not we’re sure I’m saying really quick so we’ll go in here so we got two

Buttons down here you want to show them yeah and I guess you can already guess what they’re for but I’m just going to show you down button goes down And then wait so then why is it that you need it to open and close so it’s actually it’s actually a thing when it comes up to temperature and it needs more airflow this will come up by itself so it’ll be closed when it’s like just being started but then as the

Temperature will rise and it comes up to temperature and it’s getting a bit too hot this will open and it’ll leave more air through it’ll flow through the fans and push all the hot air out of the top of the rod okay so it’s doing this yeah pretty much

Just flowing out coming back in the rear end just to give it a bit of like cooler temperatures and stuff how is this to drive to dry so it doesn’t actually have power steering but Ricardo doesn’t have power steering I’ve driven a few cars and like almost you’d

Have to set them up this you can you can turn it’s like a little gold cart it’s so small and it’s so light it’s about 750 to 800 kg so it’s it’s a very light-end car that is a serious Sr setup yeah that’s it’s fully forged is it two

Liters still yeah two liter to be honest engines isn’t really my strong point I can say a little bit about the cars and just the common knowledge stuff but this is kind of my dad’s um what he does and it’s his kind of passion but he um built this all himself

Everything was done by us apart from Pain and like the body a few bits of Bodywork and the wrap it’s so clean it’s yeah what we was going for is a show car and a drift car what year is this 1971 I believe so it’s probably the

Oldest car on this grid if I had to say Yeah by a lot yeah because the Corollas would be about 1980s and then some of them have been 1990s like the S bodies but this is like yeah it’s a it’s very old and it’s it’s

A bit of a like kind of it’s almost like a tin can to be honest with you do you like that I mean you are so young you were 16 years old yeah what do you think about old cars do you like them I love oak I’ve always loved old cars and E36

BMWs I’ve never had anything this old to drive but my personal car is an E36 and I love E36 it’s just the car that I started in I tried an s body and I tried driving a few but E36 just really suited me so jumping into this is definitely

Different because it’s a bit of a Frankenstein underneath I think it’s got s15s Parts S15 shocks car and it’s just is this a UK delivery car it’s I think James went over I waited I think he might have gone over to South Africa or something to go and

Collect this and then it was sitting in the garage it got went to a few people and they couldn’t do it just for what he wanted to do so he was like he was like let’s make it into a drift car let’s make something absolutely crazy before I

Knew it this was in the garage and my dad and me and Jamie Stanton and all the people that helped us out on it was doing sleepless nights on it trying to get it to Poland so yeah so what is it actually called Datsun this is a dozen 1200 Coupe yeah GX obviously

For the car it is it shouldn’t do that it’s a 1970s car so for the way it drives you cannot complain about it at all I think the next step is obviously power steering because I think we’ll put yeah that’s probably going to help you a

Lot how much power does it make makes 500 Sr so it’s uh a lot for an Sr if you think about it but I think we need to just change a few things and James is already talking about going stupid power with it so I bet you that’s five or six

Times the power this car originally had oh this this is probably at 80 horsepower like they’re from 1970s and so I’d say like 97 eurospad maybe 100 if like you can map it or anyone’s decided to map it but so thank you oh my God this is so cool

Incredible bread seats love the Kevlar yeah it’s so clean in here yeah that’s you know what a lot of drift cars sometimes you’d see the Interiors are kind of they’re not bad but they’re just like they’ve got a little bit of work they’re doing we went with this we want

It to look like a show car we just wanted everything to look you could look it and go like wow that’s so clean I love the cage work yeah obviously I can’t take too much credit for the build it’s definitely my dad and Jamie standing like they’ve done an amazing

Job and it’s like all the fitment and like the auto finesse lanyard to the door handles this is so cool just everything’s got a little touch to it if you know what I mean oh I love the door poles too vanilla carbon carbon door cards carbon Dash yeah

Oh cool yeah that’s just the average tablet and then you’ve got a tilt and pedal box IRP shifter handbrake I love the IRP shifter so much this is what I run yeah they are nice I’ll have to say uh PDM fire extinguisher and then it’s just

Yeah but we tried to get as much of the wiring out the way it is so it’s just kind of all clean on the inside you can see them yeah you can see all the whites I’ve been dirty at a moment it never used to be this dirty if it was just sitting

About but we’re actually going to try and compete in it today for the first time so oh we gotta get the fingers crossed yeah good luck because you are actually Keen here and you didn’t realize we plan to just do a few demos like in

Between the boys but then um there was a car that dropped down they said yesterday there’s a car that drops out like we really like this car like would you would you be willing to drive in competition and we was like asked James and he was like yeah obvious Dave came

Up to uh Marcia’s Dan he was like if there’s a space do you want it he’s like we love this car and we was like we thought about it and we was like you know what it’s it’s good for the car it’s good for auto finance it’s good for

Everyone it’ll be a good fun for me it’ll be good fun for everyone to watch is this your only second second competition that you’re competing in there oh no no no I’ve um I’ve done my first competition when I was 13. no no I mean in terms of drifting Championships now but um yeah this is the datsun’s first competition and this is my second LC Fest I wasn’t in the main show I was in the uh final one before that so I can’t believe I’m here today like we’ve added all these like mental drivers now you

Get to drive against James there hahaha Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Me Foreign [Applause]