Larry Chen: Classic American trucks converted to RHD in Indonesia Video

Classic American trucks converted to RHD in Indonesia

Posted: 2023-05-17 15:00:29
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Thank you this is day two of the elite show here in Indonesia this convention center is outside of Jakarta and there’s a lot of cool cars here mostly JDM honestly but there’s quite a few European cars but there’s very little American cars and honestly these are some of the best ones

Here and we have the Builder here hi don’t be so nervous the only other Ford F1 yeah that I’ve shot is my buddy Scott Birdsall from Chuckles garage yeah that one has I don’t even know how much horsepower 2 000 horsepower whatever that’s a race

Car yeah we’ve met him at SEMA like I think it’s 2019. but honestly I think this is a lot prettier but of course that’s the function you know this is beautiful this is on air the thing that really stands out for me with this build is it’s right hand drive yes and it’s

Because it has to be right hand drive to be functional in Indonesia and the owner of this actually drives this on the street yes it’s a daily driven so like not just him but his wife also it’s like any other car so it’s it’s not hard it just you just

Started and then stop and get in go driving in the car okay there’s just a lot to unpack here how did you get the original chassis for this car how did you get the truck the truck is originally it’s from here but for this bill we have to customize from

The ground up so we built it from scratch it’s uh literally the chassis is customing all we made it from here and then this is on air suspension yes this is suspension yeah how long did it take for you to actually build this vehicle this it took us like almost

Three years to build uh from nothing to like you can drive it before we started rolling you were telling me a little bit about the wood that you use for the bed this is really special yes where did you get this wood from so this we get it

From here Indonesian is really rare we call it sonocaling we get it from a Papua it’s far east from Indonesia and it’s it’s bordering Papua New Guinea or yes yes got it right and then uh so did you have to buy the whole tree how

Did that work yes we buy it’s a one long big tree and then we have to cut it and then it’s it’s a long way it’s not like in the U.S you can just buy a piece of like this and here I have to buy it’s

Like one big log and then we have it we have to cut it by ourselves and then what is this wood usually used for for the piano for the most expensive houses here in Indonesia because this is this is rare and expensive hard to get and then how to maintain is almost impossible

There’s so many good details on this I love the color how did you guys come up with this color well it’s in the first time I wanted to be like a bronze a penny a U.S but we couldn’t get it here and then we come up with

Sort of kind of a little bit Brown and then bronze so it’s a custom color from spiceca and then this was built here painted here in Indonesia how did you even find parts for it because to my understanding it’s very hard to get parts for old cars

Here in Indonesia honestly we have to import it from the US so it’s take times because some of the parts we have to like a back order takes a lot of money to get it here because this custom is expensive yeah and then a lot of times it’s harder to get older

Parts yes it’s actually easier for you to get new parts uh yeah yeah yeah something like that yes so then how many of these vehicles are actually in Indonesia do you know uh not many but for this 48 Ford I think it’s for minority I

Think it’s only a couple of them yeah in the entire country yes so you personally did the interior uh yes you actually did all of the leather work everything you cut everything yourself yes amazing all right so tell me about this engine kind of like overheat it’s not suit for

This kind of weather so this is our bit me with my husband yeah because in Indonesia if you’re stuck in traffic yes and it’s really hot it’s getting very very easy to overheat but still with this kind of build and every one of your builds you have to

Have air conditioning yes because it’s almost impossible to drive in a car yeah especially in the summertime yeah right now it’s in the middle of winter and it’s already really hot and as soon as we jump in a car it’s like oh my God Crank That AC let’s take a look at the

Interior this is what did you have to do to change it to right hand drive this is the thing that’s really the most interesting to me so we have to change the the column the ceiling column is from left to right and then goes underneath the floorboard yeah the

Floorboard yes because this is the first ever right hand drive one that I’ve seen houses to even drive on the street it’s pretty good yes very good can we can we take a look at it raising and lowering yeah I wish you were entered into the car

Show because your builds would win the best air suspension also best usdm and also maybe two other categories well because it’s really hard to build something like this I never think that this would be qualified for that canvas just stop it stop it right really just stop why you should have just entered

Why didn’t you enter um you know it’s you’re so humble I love it I mean really all right okay so and then these lights are from my buddy Ben and yeah I think yeah I have the same lights on my 240Z all right so let’s talk about this truck this is 60

Uh 67 67 76 Chevy C10 yes this is another one first one I’ve ever seen right hand drive did they ever come in right hand drive anywhere it’s from Australia oh but this one left you had to convert it yes oh okay can we take a look at the engine bay yeah sure

So again this one ground up build yes this one you did you take it down to Bare Metal yes sir I have to sand bless it first and then uh ready to prep and then we have to go through the all the fitting and everything it’s take like almost two and a half

Years to build this is this a pretty popular truck here in Indonesia and expensive there’s a lot of c10s yes so then what are we looking at for it’s a big block 502. oh this has a lot of power then yes this is perfect for doing burnouts yes uh

We’re doing that of course you are you can see the tire is not yeah yeah there’s no more Tire left yeah so next time when we come to Indonesia we have to check out your shop because I would love love to see some of the other

Boards I would love to see it and then I would also love to see you doing a burnout in one of these guys oh God that’s crazy I don’t like the attention you know like well let’s take a look at this so this is another thing where you actually had

To convert it to right hand drive all of this stuff was on this side right and then what did you have to do did you fill this did you weld the hole Yeah you have to close it and then change it over there and then move it to this side you

Can see the we use the rack and pinion the the steering it has it’s different we have to order it especially just for this truck so like where did you get that did somebody make something like that or is that no from us we have to order it it’s

Custom order just for us because it originally came with a steering box yes right so then and it probably wouldn’t work with this yeah and then we I don’t personally I don’t like it when you get so many you know I don’t know how if it’s too

Much play yes exactly if it’s not precise enough yes this is a lot safer especially driving in Indonesia you know because I’m a woman I like to drive it just like other car outside there it’s just the look is classic but all inside is different

I wanted to keep it simple just simple I love it it is so cool big Wilwood brakes we love running Wilwood brakes on our cars and then um both of these are running Curry rear ends Curry yes yeah what about the wood here it is called jatty a lot

Cheaper than the Sono calling but still expensive this is usually for expensive houses okay so then in terms of prices are you allowed to say about how much these in US dollar is kind of almost like 200 000. but it’s depending what you put in it it’s like for that it’s

275 this one costs like 170. it’s depending how you build the car and part of it is because cars in general are just so expensive here in Indonesia everything is imported and everything there’s so much uh import tax to it yes even something like a86 something like

This would be very very very expensive yes yeah because not many has the ability to build the car like this in this level you have to put your love in it when you work something like this if you don’t love it it’s just ruin everything well

You have a couple other cars here let’s go check those out I just wanted to kind of see some of the cars that you have here at the Shell and it’s exciting for me to see something different uh part of it is because there’s here in Indonesia yeah it’s in here in

Indonesia and it’s really interesting to me to see the cars that different yeah that you build so this one is really interesting what a beautiful build this is a 57 Chevy uh the engine is 350. the interior on this one is my favorite the paint is beautiful inside and out yeah

It’s this is a charcoal gray custom charcoal gray 350 engine in it so you paint this in-house yes you have a paint booth uh yes it’s just very humble pen house it is paint boot it’s not like expensive we try to to build what we have we don’t have an expensive

Tool something like no so then how long have you been building hot rods like this is just I have to learn from many other builders in the US I came to us a lot to learn I asked so many questions I came to their workshop yeah yeah so you go to

The SEMA show also uh yeah almost every year yes and then the interior this one again you had to convert to right hand drive yes but the interior is just so nice you know it’s really hard for this because uh for example the leather I have to wait

For three months did I come from the Italy so almost 80 percent of this uh this bill or any other bills I have to wait and three to four months to start building it so next times and then price range wise is this pretty similar to

What you have over there but this one is a lot cheaper than that because the suspension most of uh money I goes to every bill is the money goes to suspension first and the engine and the rest of it we have to like uh put it on the interior

Gauges and something like that Amazing it’s very interesting to me because the traffic here looks very so different right well it’s crowded it’s a lot of motorcycles and mopeds and then there’s a couple cars here and there but seeing something like this drive down or something like that yeah it really is so

Badass and this is your personal vehicle yes this is my personal vehicle so this is what started it all yes it’s um actually it started from when I saw this car in Australia it was at uh I think it’s at a power cruise at Sydney

I was looking at the SIM card and I want that kind of so I started looking at in Indonesia and I found it in the bar so I bought it the owner won’t sell it but I’m begging because probably he sell it because I’m a woman so I said I wanted that camp

You’re going to build it yes who’s going to help you to build my husband and I was crazy enough to to put 502 Big Block in it and I drive it to the mall and I drafted whatever I want it’s not going to be overheated because my help

My husband helped it with the engine so it’s easy it’s just like I can drive it with any Japanese car it’s it’s simple or I can drive it just like Mustang in the US it’s the same it’s just the different only left and right and then

You convert it to right hand drive wait so this is a is this an Australian Market yes this is awesome and then so this already came right hand drive uh yes okay yes this one also has a curry yes for us here Curry is our favorite the other thing we

Use monster also but Curry is I want it to last long how many hot rods have you built since you opened uh that would be almost like 10 12 from 12 bars yeah the last 10 years something else yeah that is a lot of hard work yes and we’re

Talking about full cars all the way down to Bare Metal bear chassis yes or bare frame yes and then putting everything together can we take a look at the engine bay on this I can’t believe you drive this to the mall yeah yeah and also honestly yes the Indonesian police don’t care that

There’s a huge they love it stack on it really yeah they love this car yes wow so pretty but still you know we don’t have that much money to build a beautiful car like in the U.S like I have to like accept what I can build but

For me now in Indonesia for this this is a lot yeah well I’ll tell you what one of the things and I’ve been saying this pretty much in every one of the videos that we’re shooting here in Indonesia it’s so much about the Ingenuity and the hard work yes and just

Kind of dealing with what you have and there’s a lot of um interesting special ways to get a lot of these parts into the country that uh you have to take advantage of otherwise there’s no way you can build a complete vehicle yeah there’s just no way I

Always you know my my my wishing is to have more tools you know every time I go to us like I’m drooling with tools like can I have more tool and my husband come on it’s it’s a lot of money so instead of buying bags expensive bags and buying

Tools and my my husband prefer you better buy bags because a lot cheaper than buying tools and there’s more tools yeah there’s I love that it’s really nice to see your builds I can’t wait to go check out your shop it’s just really interesting to me these car culture stories thank you so

Much maybe next time I come we can take a bunch of the hot rods out yeah yeah will be lovely but you know what I I credit for myself me my husband and my crew they’re they’re all half a part of this so without them this wouldn’t be possible so how many

People actually work for you for total including me yeah eight eight yes it’s a Tight Crew I I want it to be uh the one who worked with me have passion on it not just the money I don’t like people work on it just because the money is not

Going to work they they have to love the vehicles yes they have to be enthusiasts we need we need the money but not like that you have to you put you have to put your heart in it without passion this build would be possible I’ve seen candy I’ve seen I’ve seen cheat force

And many other Bill builder in the U.S they put love in it that would be the first thing that make it the harder it is possible without passion is nothing I think uh I think that’s a good one to end on I hope you guys liked our Indonesian coverage

It’s been an amazing trip see you guys in the next video hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall foreign Foreign [Applause]