Larry Chen: Chasing Race Cars Around In Florida At The Famous 12 Hours of Sebring: Through My Lens Video

Posted: 2023-04-26 15:00:26
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign We are here at the 12 hours of Sebring I think this is my fifth time shooting this race the last time I shot this was in 2019 before the shutdown but uh this time I’m here with Pennzoil I’m actually following the Rizzy team and they are running a Ferrari usually

When I come to Sebring I’m shooting a little bit of everything and there’s a couple teams that I’m following traditionally I like to come for the whole week and document it from the first practice all the way to Champaign spring but unfortunately I’m just really busy

Right now and I’m unable to do that so I just came for race day which is interesting because it’s such a rush to just get as many different types of photos as possible and I just don’t have the luxury of of numbers with that said that’s kind of

Why it’s been such a crazy Rush this morning to get as many shots as possible during warm-up and then uh also get shots of them during the race so it is a 12 hour race it sounds like a lot of time to shoot but it’s actually

Not because it takes a long time just to move around the horse car itself looks great definitely looking forward to it it’s going to be a good race overall for sure I’ll take you guys along with me it’s nice to shoot sports car racing again I’m sorry it’s a rush right now I just wanted to get on pit Lane to get some shots of the setup cars are being pulled out right now soon so I just wanted to make sure I get some shots of that no cars are on pit Lane yet but they will be soon

Hey careful yes almost died it’s all bad finally made it it’s been a while it next time visit me in Germany if you did come on hey guys we’ll be here in a while 2018. since you made that video yeah yeah cool 2019. welcome back yeah Foreign Assistant Foreign [Applause] Right now I’m doing the long walk to the first corner I’m going to shoot the start from so in years past I’ve also I’ve pretty much shot every Star from turn one I’m not gonna do that this time because I know it’s going to be super crowded

And plus I just wanted to do something different so I’m gonna go to turn three and I’ll shoot some video and I’ll shoot some Stills just to show what it’s like I think I found my start spot so the turn one star area was so crowded like crazy crowded

I don’t need to get that shot so I’m going to shoot the start of the race from here which is uh kind of turned to ish two and a half or so um yeah I think it’ll be good [Applause] Foreign Foreign ERS in but I can probably have to go a little faster if I want to make more ground foreign Foreign Foreign foreign Yeah so I shot one of their pit stops I shot some stuff for social posted some stuff in the media center now I’m gonna kind of get geared up or at least work my way towards my Sunset shot which is my favorite shot here I just don’t know

I don’t know if it’s going to be a nice Sunset because it looks like it might rain there’s like a 30 chance of it so we’ll see I will head there right now Foreign shots here it’s like a pan through the trees I don’t know if it’s still full enough [Applause] [Applause] I’m sorry I’m standing on a pile of wood that way it lets me see the track it’s not perfect but it’s still pretty good shot I just wish they wouldn’t cut this tree anymore Thank you foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] foreign Shooting location of the whole track and I’ve just kind of been picking away through the fence here the good thing is the 400 to 8 with the Canon R3 sees through this so easily shoot video I bills [Applause] super soft I’m Gonna Keep below those clouds but I’m here early

Because I know everybody comes around Sunset and then it’s basically impossible to find nobody so [Applause] You’re five minutes later people are starting to show up hopefully this thing pops up You want to show me yeah actually you did show me oh my god look how far I’ve gone Al is my first photo teacher legit Well They’re all trying to get the same shot pick up my boy Pete over here he’s getting a shot of me look how many people are here this is hilarious oh maybe this one’s Gonna Keep maybe the sun’s actually gonna peek out but uh look at everybody here because you got

You got us today I hate you oh it’s so good I’ll send you pictures yeah yeah please don’t send me a picture oh my God [Applause] oh my God so one added benefit to it being a little darker here is you get a pretty cool glowing brake shot so I’m gonna try to get that right now We’re spending the most amount Break shots I feel like I’ve been getting because I’m shooting so slow but I got a couple um like of those LED trees there as well as some LED string lights I’m going to try to get those in my background [Applause] [Applause] foreign brakes pretty happy with what I got

Despite me only shooting one day like I said in years past I shoot pretty much the whole week it just gives me so many more opportunities to get better shots but uh it was interesting just to fly in for the day and and shoot this race and

I had a lot of fun definitely stoked on being able to follow Rizzy and of course Penns oil making it all happen as always it’s such a pleasure to work with those guys they just support enthusiasts like myself so uh see you guys in the next one hey

Thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Please Foreign [Applause]