Larry Chen: Butt-Dyno’d 500hp Tesla-Swapped Porsche 930 Video

Posted: 2023-07-14 15:00:21
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

So then eventually do you think you’ll be able to program in like a launch control yes freeway speed okay 80 like that that was so quick Rob I feel like you’re staying true to the Porsche I guess the direction that they’re going now because they have a turbo electric vehicle right now they do right so this is Turbo meaning it’s fast not that it actually has a turbo correct even though I love all the turbo noises

And uh that was one of my favorite Parts about this and it’s uh I can’t say original form analog all right so we actually had a chance to feature one electric Porsche before uh uh our mutual friend bisimoto built a electric 935 and that blew me away like that

Seriously changed my perspective on electric performance vehicles oh my God are you serious because when I stepped on that thing it felt like the world was ending and yeah it broke traction right away and honestly it was a bit too much for being a street vehicle but what

You’ve done now is you’ve built an older looking Porsche so it’s 86 930 Turbo look Porsche that you’ve converted into full electric vehicle so this started as a 1986 SC 911 and then due to another turbo body having an accident this is converted full Steel conversion nothing fiberglass on it to the 930

Pretty much everything came over from it all the suspension the 88 turbo motor and was a daily driver a couple small race parts put on it some bigger brakes this thing had a wind-up right like you stomp on it it has the delay you hear the

Turbo starts to spool up and by the time it hit 4500 RPM you were finally going well this was the Widowmaker right oh he has the turbo because this had a turbo motor and you drove this as a internal combustion engine vehicle for a while yep before you converted it to EV

Correct all of the things of an older car that you end up falling in love with which any Porsche owner will tell you you end up falling in love with the little oil leaks and the case leaking and all the little things that habitually needs the DME relays going out and

It was it was a blast and it had so much character but you know it got tricky to start and it got to where it needed to rebuild and yeah this thing was great to drive but you had to love it the conversion to this originally was a

Tough one because do we like it is it one of those things that by the time we’re done with it there’s new technology out and we’re going to be behind the times maybe we could just build the motor and put some more spunk into it bigger turbo but then it’s not

Small compliant then we’re have to dirty smog it and so the decision was made by yourself as a car Enthusiast as a former Formula Drift driver as a Wheelman all of that you decided you being a true Gearhead making this really kind of says a statement it really is a statement in

Itself I originally was talked into it by Steve at Analog motor company and he wanted to build a fleet of these and sell classic cars that were converted and we kind of teamed up to use this as the Prototype it’s kind of hit every

Mark as is the r d of what we want to do moving forward I have more seat time in it than anybody but the real show and the real tell is anybody else that hops in the seat it doesn’t lose any of the feel it doesn’t lose in my opinion any

Of the Soul because everything you want the car to do is they’re immediately rather than waiting for the wind up and waiting for everything to be in that perfect small window of a situation it’s always the torque is Max always right so let’s that’s the driving portion let’s

Talk about the look right so if you were to park this where other Porsche enthusiasts could see it if you did a 360 walk around right now there’s no Telltale sign at all that it’s electric is there nope you can’t tell no not one the look is there yep

The only thing that you can see I mean I have a diffuser underneath that you can see that it’s ducting up to two small coolers but other than that you have to basically crawl underneath or pop the rear let me pop the rear for you

And you can see what you know what would be cool is if you put a uh like a fake exhaust a fake it’s always this that gets them this is so insane it’s always the the storage area in the back room up front okay so what am I looking at here so

Right now um you’re looking at the high voltage junction box you’re looking at the rear battery and you’re looking at coolant tanks uh one for the batteries one for the motor so two separate pumps two separate radiators underneath very small now this setup believe it or not is the same

Exact weight distribution and balance front and rear and it’s only a little over 300 pounds heavier than than stock so how much did you have to cut nothing at all this is a non-intrusive kit so this can come out and then four days later the ice motor can be bolted back

In with the fuel tank and the chassis harness for it’s an aim 32 PDM is designed to work with both the electric and the ice motor so that was the longest part of the design is being able to switch back and forth you change your mind in six seven years

It goes back and you’ll never know um so then where does it actually start in terms of like connecting to the stock vehicle like is it to the axles where it starts becoming a Porsche Foley or does that make sense like yeah so it’s a whole it’s a whole rear

Subframe cradle that’s holding the motor the battery you know everything else is bracketed off of there so if you want to go back to the ice motor the mounts are already staying with with the motor and Trans on bolt this one it stays together and bolt that one

Straight in and then you disconnect the axle too yeah that’s it yep Porsche so this is this is It’s a 930 conversion axle to this length you’d put uh stock OEM 930 axle back in and then so is this already pre-cut all of this stuff for it to fit perfectly in this

Space this I mean we made these in-house uh the battery box and design was from Electric GT so we did have to do a lot of custom things to get this to fit perfect yeah so we bought a kit that was semi-sorted as far as the main components the battery boxes being the

Main kind of element and then all the other bracketry of mounting this is so clean so then all of this stuff still Factory Porsche yeah it’s all of this this is an upgraded AC unit that is running off a 12 volt system they off also offer a 400 volt system uh the

Brake system even though we rebuilt it it runs a vacuum pump a super quiet Bosch vacuum pump uh so you have that factory feel because you’re not getting any vacuum from the motor where does the condenser live that for so it’s it’s actually underneath and in between the

Wheel that’s this this Inlet and it’s going to be a secondary Inlet here that used to be the oil cooler so the expansion of these now is going to be a twin condenser I see because normally they mount them on the deck lid of these cars so yeah there’s a lot of different

Kind of versions of this everyone usually when you upgrade goes to a big Inlet front bumper um the problem is always it doesn’t work at a standstill you have to be moving so let me show you here this is the biggest part when uh that’s so cool

So then this is this pretty Universal in terms of where you can charge this yes this is a a level two charger for this they we also have a CCS that we’re going to install for fast charging then you can get 80 of a charge within 30 minutes

This style of Kit will fit 67 to 89 and then we’re developing a kit for 964 a 91 back date we’re doing currently but yeah this one for the battery design and the motor design there’s a difference between a 911 and 912 as far as the mounting location but it’s easy

Kind of switch around for the battery design and this is important because you’re not destroying this car to build this your just using the existing space that where the motor and the gas tank normally will be and you that’s where the batteries are correct so optimizing kind of every

Square inch The Smuggler’s box has the AC compressor in there sound deadened you know battery underneath here uh vacuum pump their PDM underneath here so trying to optimize it and still have as much storage space as possible that’s kind of our Direction we’ve had so many times where we see certain

Kits like it’s the same thing with an LS swap somebody can get a LS swap so I’m gonna get a motor get tickets to 10 different shops there’s 10 different ways to put it together our kind of goal is to have usable usable space place to put the groceries a place to

Do anything you want you know because put your camera equipment in the back yeah this is uh uh basically well this is a theme and this is a kind of build that’s going to happen more and more as EV technology improves because pretty much this is pretty much the way to keep

These vehicles on the road beyond that there’s always going to be internal combustion engines at least In Our Lifetime correct right but um this is just a different way to build this vehicle and we’re going to see later you could still have fun with it it’s very very fast it handles amazing

Stops amazing uh one of the things that’s interesting to me is this doesn’t have power steering correct when we offer these to the public and we’re going to build it it’s going to be an option but I love the feel of the car to try to keep it that original feel there

Was no need to update everything on it I want to keep some things how they were since the weight balance we’re pretty much dialed on that it still has the same feel and the thing that’s different with putting Quality Parts on it you know we used a lot of renline will wood

You know KW okay so it does have KW suspension it does and with that now before when you were going 100 miles an hour at felt dangerous right you really had to bolt Hands on the Wheel you had to grip it you don’t know when that

Power the turbo is going to kick in and then now it’s smooth now I can drive 120 miles an hour and be on the phone with one hand it it’s a night and day difference on what these have become once all the parts dialed together plus you really maximize the just the wheel

Well in general 295 is in the rear this is our coming into a version four Once the brackets get moved for the electronic e-brakes we’re able to uh lower the rear a little bit more so it does have electronic e-brake so oh you have a separate uh e-brake correct the woolwood caliper

Just for the electronic e-brake correct it is uh you put it in park automatically engages put it in Drive reverse automatically disengages and then we have an emergency stop option as well and that’s like a pump or something or that’s like a something that’s attached to the front here or where is

It full electronic so we have a signal being sent with via can message to the PDM that triggers on and off with the time delay but where is it actually pushing it where where is it pushing the fluid is there like no food it’s electronic oh it’s electric yeah oh it’s an electronic

E-brake oh this is this yeah that’s unit yep oh that’s so cool so it’s actually wired right into it that’s awesome all right so then let’s talk about the motors um is it one motor or two Motors so this is uh this is a Tesla large unit they

Make one package Above This which is the performance package which is 650 foot-pounds of torque this is 450 which in my opinion it’s quite enough if we wanted to do a full race car version 650 would be the solution but especially with you driving it it’s

I think it has enough spunk yeah 450 foot-pounds of torque from zero RPM how much horsepower does it make um we will put it on the dyno to get some real numbers but it’s hard to know with torque being a calculation for a horsepower being a calculation of torque and it being so

Low I think it’s 500 horsepower 450 torque is what I would guess with the uh the butt chrometer right and I mean you’ve driven so many you’ve owned how many cars have you owned oh wow uh hundreds hundreds so yeah so you you you have uh uh like if it’s 500 it’s

A real 500. yeah and what the hardest thing to really navigate is when we gauge 500 in let’s say a Supra or whatever it’s 500 at you know 5200 RPM in that Peak moment but this is 500 at idle you know it’s 500 at the get-go so it just feels

Linear like it’s hard to really scale it until you’re in it because it’s on and off yeah uh and then so it is dual motor or a single motor so this is a single motor okay single motor and then this is something that I’m always fascinated about

How does it work is there like a LSD or what yeah so this is a quave um and that’s built into the system yeah so we we added it on so you can you can choose a couple different options of what type you have but that is what we went went with for

The feel we wanted now all of these Electronics besides a firmware upgrade work with pretty much whatever motor you put in there like us to switch to the performance motor easy bolt in unbolt yeah let’s let’s talk about the interior there’s a couple things different obviously there’s not a clutch pedal

Correct it’s the same whole unit that’s in there we just deleted the clutch pedal rod out of it so when it goes back to ice it’s an easy install so you unbolt that whole box it goes back in pin goes in it no brainer there’s no chopping welding in that and

Then so how do you actually connect the throttle to the system so this is similar to a drive-by wire we have potentiometer that is bracketed onto the factory unboltable piece Factory pedal that just has the push rod attached to it another way of doing it is actually putting the

Potentiometer in the rear and have the factory cable run all the way and pull it but less moving Parts is always better in my opinion yeah yeah for sure 100 uh the interior is really nice very finished was it like this when you got this it

Was not so you did all of this stuff so this is something we we kind of chose the Finish we wanted for the dash the Alcantara you know the stitching it’s it’s so Sinister looking I mean that’s kind of the way to explain it black on black on black leather

Really really nice functional rear seats if you don’t have legs or if you’re a little kid full sound system AC heat I had a Bolton cage in this one when it was in this other form and we ended up unbolting it and putting it back to a

Can’t really call it a four-seater but I love this like GT3 style pole let’s let’s talk about all this stuff so let’s start it and let’s go through how this actually works okay let me you can turn it on okay so this normal key on the left side still works right yes

There’s no like ignition or anything you just turn it to on right okay so everything is powered up these are all speed Hut gauges that have both the EV option or you switch them back over to the speed Hut upgraded gauges for the ice motor so so then

The mile an hour is this a GPS based like this what they normally do yep full GPS based got it we have battery percentage oh this is the battery percentage correct so then at 62 miles range left when this is at 100 how many miles could

You get out of this so it’s it’s subjective on how you drive if you wanted to drive as a as a normal person 120 is probably a safe set would driving it like how we would drive how we would drive it 90 to 100 90 to 100 mile range got it and

I see okay over here can you actually tell you’ve driven it more than anybody else can you tell the degradation of power like can you tell that it’s a lot slower when it’s less I can um but that’s only if you’re driving it full till you know you can tell that it’s

In its fastest mode with the drive mode turned up all the way 0 to 60 is 2.9 and then you can tell once it’s down you know below 80 percent that it actually changed to help it’s really cool because when I look at this display you know the cockpit of uh

Classic Parsha is so iconic right uh you have normally just the RPMs oil temp all that stuff and then you have a clock here but this is actually where you select the drive modes correct so we deleted the clock and then this has if you put your foot

On the brake yep foot on the brake got it so it has a dial um and there’s reverse okay neutral you hear the e-brake disengage because we’re caught it at a park drive you can switch back and forth and go back to park we’ll have its time delay

E-brake goes back on now you can swipe up oh and these are all like the other settings yeah here’s the drive modes one two three four rain mode all of that you can either touch home AC control digital everything is just from this yeah and part of it is because

The packaging they like I’m assuming that you could put this in pretty much any old car correct and then it won’t really interrupt the the aura or the feel of the old car as long as it’s can or Lin bus compatible it’s a full programmable

That is so cool it’s kind of like Nest like like a or like a home yeah whatever set your security system turn on your lights you know that is so cool okay and then what is this this is just actual power yeah that’s your kilowatt output

And regen so anything below zero now we can scale in different Drive modes how regen is and one of the things that we have found with messing with the tuning with these because they’re super tunable like we would think having a dino in-house and dealing with all these

You know turbo na Motors that this wouldn’t need much but this is in fact more tuning than a lot of other cars that we have in and we found that it’s actually more of a vintage feel by having a lot of Regen put back into the car and what that means by Regen

Is off throttle it’ll actually slow you down to help charge the batteries your foot barely on the throttle and feeling in coasting mode will have zero regen then on well that’s very similar to you being in third or fourth gear and like Max RPM and then you let it off

All of a sudden and it’s just like well even in Breaking yeah even cruising you’re cruising at 3000 RPM in fourth and you let off it’s gonna it’s gonna slow you down a little bit you can have that same pedal feel and you can adjust that to the driver’s specifications and

Then over here you have motor Temp and Battery temp is this actually something that you have to monitor or is this just there so it’s just like a coolant gauge where the battery actually has the best output and charging uh between 65 and 95. so it struggles on cold days that’s why it

Has a battery heater to bring them up to temperature so you can drive it without it going into a protection mode is there anything that doesn’t work in this car yes so because you’ve moved it over work so there’s some some things we’re still working on on this car uh number one

We’re switching all the cable Drive AC unit to a digital that’s going to still have the same feel you can see that this is a Porsche head unit that a Porsche head unit that is an upgrade from original but then has car play navigation has everything that you would want

But yes this is the next we have the full upgraded AC unit but the controls need to be upgraded to like a digital be 100 controlled with this and don’t and can delete that so that is something that we’re still in the works of uh this is so cool though that this

Talks to this because it’s actually showing that it’s in park correct here yeah that is super neat huh then next also uh you can hear everything in these cars and all these cars had squeaks groans rattles and after we got most of those deleted now we’re

Full carbon under tray to add even more felt wheel liners foam in the tires you know trying to go the extra step and that’s the difference of getting in a lower end car and you can tell road noise White Noise a lot of stuff to

Hop in and you actually feel like it’s a Well sorted dialed chassis it’s interesting because this is going to be a problem like traditionally these old cars especially the 930 Turbo if it was completely stock it’s still a really loud car you can’t talk on the phone in

Here it is so loud like but with that said it being that loud is hiding a lot of the creeks and a lot of the suspension you know all the things that are actually moving the Rocks hitting the wheel liner you know there’s just so many things as hidden

But with that said with it being electric it’s so quiet you can actually hear all those little imperfections it makes me wonder in the future with these kits if there’s some kind of mechanical noise that would be pleasant to have I know in the uh taikan

Um there’s some kind of noise that plays right when you’re driving it and then that that kind of adds to the Driving Experience I don’t know maybe this is something that just has to be developed over time our process was always get rid of all the noise before we start

Adding any and there’s a lot of different solutions for that that are elegant one of them is you can put it through the speaker systems and actually have noise canceling noise canceling uh harmonics that cancel them out so then right now it’s on yeah and there’s a fan going correct

And that’s like going to a heat exchanger to cool both the the batteries and the motor correct a separate system for each okay so because the batteries also have a heater put in on it so when you go to charge it and it runs it wants to make sure it’s at the proper

Temperature and then for that is this functional like it’s actually fun so that they’re there or nope it’s uh it’s all on the under diffuser now um we actually deleted those that we could use for brake ducts but it isn’t really needed okay so well I think it’s

Time for us to go for a drive I would love that yeah there’s there’s just so much to talk about with this kind of stuff and you know we’re going to be featuring more of these builds as they become more and more popular and um it’s not the right way it’s not the

Wrong way it’s just a way to build a car and there’s going to be just so many different ways that people are building cars heck people are probably going to be building a lot more fuel cell cars too I I thought that we would put this together

And we’re like well it was worth knowing right but then the more sorted it gets like it is quite enjoyable it’s quite enjoyable to know that it’s always consistent like the consistency level of not having a weekend project to do on this I find that I’m very happy that we went through

This process to find these Solutions and I’m happy to share it to people that are on the fence because I’m not saying that this is the best way but the juice was worth the squeeze 100 all right cool you’re driving we got we’re gonna go for a little Drive oh man

All right so I’m getting in the driver’s seat um I actually did get to drive this uh just a couple days ago we’re at Willow Springs when I actually saw this for the first time and it blew me away but that was just straight line speed you

Know we we got it up to Triple digit speeds but now that we’re on the roads that I drive around all the time I think we’ll take it to like a little twisty spot and um see how it does this is uh gonna be cool and we don’t

Actually have to yell at each other because it’s not going to be that loud that’s the difference between shooting ice cars and uh EV cars let’s go through the sequence here so the brake pressure switch has to be engaged for you to be able to turn it so fill in a braid card

Put on the brake and then turn it to drive yep okay put it off the brake make sure it’s in drive yet so it’s interesting so this is creep mode so yeah it’s interesting that this has that this is just so you can mimic more of an automatic transmission so I don’t like

Creep mode but this is something for traffic you don’t have to switch over to the gas you just let off the brake goes forward but that really kills us when we go drag racing because you cannot give it gas with the brake on and has to be fully disengaged before

You can go to that so our reaction times are like point three point four point five just because the timing we can’t cross cross the line once we let off the break you know what I mean So then why is it that or so you have it on Just for ease of use right now yeah but you can change it correct right away if you need to correct so all of our Drive modes currently have it but we can make a custom drive mode and cater it to whoever

The car is going to so then is your plan to build a lot of these vehicles or whatever vehicle anybody brings you to make it Evie it’s easier for me to build a line of cars and have options rather than custom one-off every time so that way the quality of work goes

Into the chassis straight we take it all the way down build it up all the little Stitch welding or anything that we need to strengthen the chassis is all implemented at that time so you know working with analog they have 40 cars that they want to

Build to start which is all in line with solutions that we have in place that goes across to a board of quality control so we can sell a car and stand behind it rather than one off one off one off one off being able to replicate it makes the process so much easier

It’s just so interesting to me that I’m sure it’s such a novelty still for these Eevee swaps when you pull up to the light I’m sure people are like why is it so quiet yeah um you know a lot of people when you’re driving try to film and they’re kind of confused

On like oh man that’s exactly what oh wait wait a minute where’s the exhaust yeah why can’t I hear it or you drive by somebody and they’re not expecting it yeah yeah which which brings up the point you said a minute ago is we do need to put some

Sort of noise in it you know or have an option of noise and can’t be through the horn it has to be through a separate speaker I feel like I want to feel it shift yeah it’s not and it’s just continuously going um I do have a question about it being a

Swap in California so do you have to do you still get letters in the mail telling you to smog this thing or how does that work um no the biggest thing is is for safety right so for the smog stuff once it becomes EV it’s exempt you just tell

Them that yeah so how do you do it you just is there like a farm like hey I swapped a EV motor into this thing yeah so there are there is a process that you go through uh with the California Board that a simple letter is all all we

Needed to do and then once it’s done it goes in and gets a VIN verification a light a light check they see it yeah oh and they make sure it has seat belts it has all the safety stuff of the era right and then you get

There’s no smog anymore like so for you to be able to put a thousand horsepower swap in legally like it’s a cheat code right it’s eco-friendly God it is a status car 100 yeah this is a luxury I love this so much because the manual steering really is nice it feels

Like an old car and also the brakes too so are the brakes assisted at all or is it fully manual nope it is a that vacuum pump so it has the vacuum assist and which is actually more consistent than pulling vacuum off the motor because it’s different at high RPM

Compared to idle and you’ll have a difference of pedal feedback this we set up the vacuum pump to maintain so it’s a very constant consistent pressure you’ll hear the stop light if you pump the brakes you’ll hear them oh God a little cycle of it

Huh but like 4 8 being a lot is it a lot heavier in the front than the rear nope it’s exactly the same weight distribution as the factory and with the things that we have upgraded of bushings and brakes and everything else it’s less of a Widowmaker

Got it so this has traction control now that is GPS throttle position torque based so it’s a calculation of speed no matter if you floor it it’ll only give a certain percentage of power at this speed with the traction level we set up so there’s no wheel speed sensors it’s

All torque based right it’s pretty much dummy proof at this point so the thing where it’s not yet is if you go through a puddle right now and you were on it will wheel slip until it catches itself Until it sees a discrepancy it just feels so tight so I’m gonna go down this little Canyon Road that I usually go down and then uh we’ll see how it runs It’s just so it’s it’s different in the passenger seat because I’m not expecting when you’re gonna do it so I’m like all right so we’re kind of on this little this is interesting because this is something that I think we’ll all have to learn as we’re driving more EV

Vehicles it’s not really gear based cornering right because a lot of times I’ll know okay I’m going into a third gear corner or a second gear yeah um this is more just like speed and feel based yeah and this is where the regen like a high load region would be very

Beneficial because then you don’t have to apply brake you just let off yeah you can just let off and choose by your throttle position what you really want to do do you think you would uh eventually build an all-wheel drive version of something like yes already in the works got it

Yeah because right now it’s minimal regen because as soon as I let go it’s like it’s coasting in neutral correct so that’s a setting that we put in there and uh I don’t have it pre-programmed it’s as easy as plugging in the laptop though but yeah everything else works the turn

Signal Works headlights all of it that’s a full LED conversion on it which is amazing at night because this is easy to out drive the lights it’s just don’t give me mid-centers man sorry for me so it’s just such a difference feeling I just don’t expect it from this

Really does it feel stable yeah it feels really stable um I I do have to say what what surprises me the most is how even though I’m already moving when I punch it it’s like I was just still and I just punched it yeah it’s just so much acceleration

Um and of course as it’s starting to go up in speed it starts to taper off but geez just pulling out of the corners so if we put it into a heavier performance mode it won’t Plateau it would keep climbing and not have because

Then we could take it all the way up to 500 foot-pounds output instead of 450. wow this is crazy this is awesome I mean I’m not pushing it but I’m driving you know well if you had the noise of the motor it would feel like you were pushing it yeah so if you

You know if you dubbed over it’d be like oh man we were really killing it but here it’s just it’s so quiet so so imagine this like you’re coming home at 2 A.M this same neighborhood you drive however you want because nobody’s calling the cops yeah a

Couple of my cars if I drive on this road it’s they don’t get the neighbors are not happy because they’re very loud this is this is a full-on you just didn’t think sports car you just didn’t think you were doing 85 right there you know how good this is brakes are good thank

Goodness because yeah he did so then eventually do you think you’ll be able to program in like a launch control yes that was so quick and we can have something so nice like it I could tell that it’s making sure I have enough traction yeah at first especially when you’re stopping it from

Zero and then once it feels like it has enough traction it’s not slipping or anything it’s just adding more power and more power to the point where it’s full 100 power up and we can dial that in for we can put a grippier set of tires on

And turn it up and it could be faster but in this situation we have kind of over simplified it to where you put 10 more PSI in the tires it isn’t going to peel out you know it isn’t at the Ragged Edge this is in protection you can’t even tell like

Right now wind you know blowing in my face just on the freeway just chilling out I can’t really tell that I’m driving a EV car I just feel like I’m driving an old Porsche yeah and I love this we didn’t even talk about the fact that there’s no shifter here anymore

Traditionally this is the transmission tunnel and shifter so did you flatten this area out at all nope all we did was take the shifter out and the e-break out and covered it so we did delete panels for the holes we didn’t have to weld them in they just pop in and

The center tunnel is is covered in a separate piece than the floorboards so you go back to an ice system again and you can bolt those right in and put the other tonneau cover in we’ll close out the video here that was cool um it was very nerdy

Sorry for that I hope you guys are still with us you had a lot of great questions yeah well there’s just a lot I want to know because um I want to always do my best to cover all aspects of car culture you know this is the newest latest and greatest thing and

If this means that we get to keep these chassis on the road I’m okay with it um but with that said this is just a tiny tiny tiny tiny little percentage of the 930s and the older air cooled Porsches on the road I mean we went to

Love call you guys probably saw the loafer cult video Air Cold washes internal combustion Porsches are bigger than ever and they’re not going anywhere they’re not going away anytime soon in fact I mean you look at all the newest cars I I mean I had a chance to drive the 992

GT3 and that was the best car I’ve ever driven period you know um so yeah they’re not going to be gone anytime soon but this is just a different way to tune these and just so people know like I have the other Porsches right I have

964 I have you know even the two seven a lot of different variations of 911s and 912s and I appreciate all of them in what they can provide and this is just a different aspect of what this provides in this chassis and it’s the ultimate performance because I can’t

Compare it to any of the other Turbo cars that we have and it doesn’t feel to me and hopefully to you as well that it’s missing really anything but sound you know my business is based on turning money into noise and now I’m turning money into no noise yeah

Definitely in terms of Smiles for Miles this thing is awesome a lot of fun every time I get on it it’s just the acceleration is crazy it’s so good people are probably wondering from the outside like why it’s so quiet all I have to do some comparison of how fast it actually is

Compared to another car but maybe that’ll be next time cool all right thank you guys hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Me [Applause]