Larry Chen: Bayside Blue GT-R Drives, New Nismo R35 at Tokyo Auto Salon, And More: Japan Supervlog 2023 Video

Posted: 2023-04-24 15:00:17
Author: Larry Chen
Thanks to @dino_dc and @nissanusa for the love and hospitality.

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Plus check it out six nine six nine six we missed 69 420 though unfortunately six nine six nine six we’re back in Japan where are we daikoku where else would we be of course but we’re at daikoko on the right night that’s the difference right last time we were here we were actually

Here in the daytime yeah and I was blown away because someone drove their 400r here how often do you see something like that on the street not very often maybe around events like you know Nismo festival and like ours meeting you’ll see people moving their

Cars but a 400 are I think you would move it that often crazy yeah well we’re here because this is kind of the kickoff to this whole trip of me coming early to Tokyo Auto Salon of course the big change for me is I actually have my own

Car here I got a Bayside blue R34 GTR my friends at Top Rank helped me out and the nice thing is I actually get to drive the car in Japan while we’re waiting for it to be federally legal to import to the US I actually experience R34 GTRs for the

First time riding with you and we actually came here I remember it like it was yesterday I’ll never forget it it was such a life-changing experience it was pretty mind-blowing but um enough about my car we’re actually going to just go for a cruise with a bunch of

Other Bayside blue r34s my friend Masa from Top Rank gathered up a bunch of his buddies and we’re gonna hit up a cool photo spots we actually love doing this in the US with a lot of different cars in a different cities we’ve done it in Chicago New Orleans we’ve done it in

Miami L.A Atlanta a bunch of different cities the point is I wanted to do like a modified version of that in Tokyo and why not have all matching color of the same car well if this choice is there you might as well take it right exactly this is

This is the land of the GTR right so where else could you do something like this why is it so busy tonight anyways I mean is it just like a crazy time well it’s the perfect time because tomorrow is actually a national holiday so usually Sunday nights are pretty quiet but being

A national holiday everybody comes out it’s good weather it’s not too cold it’s crazy the scene is insane there’s just so many different types of cars here every single time it blows me away I’ve been coming here I think since 2007 and every single time it’s a different

Scene and it’s a different vibe and it’s just such a mix of crazy cars here all right it’s all about the mix I mean you get everything here all right so we’re gonna get in the car we’re gonna get going and we’re gonna check out our first location are

Pulling out right now of daikoku I figured I would have Dino drive a little bit so I can get some shots and then we’ll switch off after this First location got a bunch of Bayside blue r34s GTRs it’s pretty cool pretty cool scene crossing the bridge was awesome going through the tunnel it’s just weird to see all the same cars a bunch of GDs according to dino how many how many kilowatts sir 420 kilowatts at least all

Five of them together there’s a lot of kilowatts oh but this has just been fun it’s just been awesome very cool Mode What do you think Cody it’s cool to be here you know it’s kind of sad to say this this might be the last year yeah you know I think the car looks great I like the minor changes they made to the front fascia and stuff it’s kind of crazy where we’re

Going with like all of these uh sound sound restrictions and stuff I’m sure they invested quite a bit to develop the new exhausts you know too coincide with those changes it looks it looks cool I really like it I can’t wait to see it up close yeah I

Want to hear it I want to hear what it sounds just start up right now bro just do it ask for forgiveness oh my God Fanboy Fanboy moment smoky I just love your work so much love your work I met it at uh D1 oh dude at Irwindale so long ago

Okay yeah yeah Irwindale yeah it’s been a while but it’s good to see you okay all right check my website out dude that guy drove really fast but freeway that one time yeah yeah dude so historic moment man oh look how pretty tell me I don’t what do I do

Those are the wrong things I don’t know um yeah but okay Jonathan yo this is such a surreal moment for me is it not like this is crazy I was here in 2007 I traveled to Japan just to check out the R35 release it was the first time the public had

Ever seen it and just to be here back in Japan and now this version of the R35 2024 minor revision major minor major minor I wouldn’t say it’s that much more improved but it’s updated you know for just just what’s a good way to put it well because I don’t know

Maybe you don’t know um I don’t know if this is the last version of this car um but I’m going to assume just from an Enthusiast and I think it’s really really cool to see that Nissan is still building cars like this for the enthusiast

But um yeah this is just insane you got smoking you gotta here you got tamarasan Mr T spec over here oh look he’s just checking it out right now he’s he’s planning out what he’s going to do to this to make it even more crazier

So Mr top secret himself this is so cool Kaiser what do you think yeah we actually had a t-spec earlier last year in May as our press vehicle here correct and I feel like it accelerates so fast like I get vertigo when I’m driving it right

It’s just too much and this one is even crazier and of course the Nismo just takes it to the next level so what are we looking at in terms of changes yeah so maybe mainly the changes are cosmetic for the most part of course on the

Exterior you saw the new front end it’s more honestly kind of like a throwback to the R34 front end absolutely so yeah the way the grill now uh has been designed it really kind of harks back to that R34 GTR but yeah the whole front fascia has gone through this change to

Really kind of not only create some differentiation from the previous models but then also provide some additional downforce so you’ll notice specifically on this and then more so on the GTR these additions and yeah so this is so crazy what an interesting design element well they tied directly into the grille

Inserts now so there’s a lot of consistency now I love the fact that in these new cars you’re bringing these colors back you know that were really historic in the R34 especially yeah internally I mean these are some of our favorite colors too so it it definitely made

Sense to have Millennium Jade midnight purple especially on GTR so yeah we’re excited to bring these back into market and then for changes the rear has also changed and so for the T spec and for the perform or the premium grade you’ll notice the rear diffuser is considerably

Different you know you’ve got the uh the light there of the fog lamp and so yeah you’ll see this the subtle differences but again it provides that differentiation but then also increases some of the aerodynamic performance of the car it’s so clean it really is I

Noticed the wing is wider it is wide here yep um but honestly the Nismo version has the craziest Wing absolutely it is so crazy it’s it’s legitimately like a gooseneck style from the factory that’s right it it almost looks like it’s backwards but it’s not that’s the crazy thing it’s

Just so cool obviously it’s more about function because the more surface area you have underneath here the more downforce you can actually make at speed right and the engineers are again extracting as much aerodynamic uh you know uh increases uh to really try to enhance the overall capability of the

Car you know because each iteration of the R35 has just been incremental changes small changes to the performance small changes to you know the suspension and now to come full circle these are focusing a lot on aerodynamic capabilities what’s interesting to me is if you take the first year model

Sit it next to this it’s not even the same car the shape is similar but especially the Nismo this is so wild this looks like a race car now no absolutely yeah the the changes between the two if again if you said put them side by side they they look so different

Just because of all not only the Cosmetic changes but just some of the minutia that goes into it I just love this so much that means this is all carbon fiber then huh this whole thing is carbon fiber but they they leave this unpainted or it is clear coated but the

Body color is not painted so it’s actually really cool to kind of see it’s very like Gundam looking well yeah you can see the same up here on the front vins too so they do the same treatment here as well so you can see how the

Treatment is done so the whole Fender is carbon but then you know they paint around the louvers here the same with the rear the same with the front bumper and the the front lip so this is showing off the raw carbon like otherwise you wouldn’t actually know that the front

Bumper is full carbon but it’s just so crazy to me that they have to do this paint line honestly between the two I like the front end of the Nismo more but I also like how subtle the like the teeth on the t-spec um but I love love love how angular this

Is and I know all of this stuff is functional it’s absolutely functional every aspect of this front fascia has been designed for function so yeah you see like the crease line here now has evolved which now pushes up to the corner light so that’s completely different than from before and I just

Cannot believe that the hood is left raw carbon like that is so cool in terms of like a tuner car it honestly when I look at it from the outside besides the wheels it honestly looks like a car that’s been modified heavily yeah heavily right because but you know that

Was done on purpose because if you notice from the front all the way to the back you know now with the carbon hood the carbon roof and then the carbon rear spoiler all of it is now visible from the top so now it all is a cohesive look

So yeah and it pays homage also to you know some of the the last models of our R34 GTR where we did some exposed carbon and then the I know the seats are super special in here and unfortunately we won’t be able to get these in the US due

To dot correct yeah but the exposed carbon backs so cool foreign 2024 brand new the seats are really nice these are really nice these all have to be so expensive I can only imagine seats are so cool but R35 it’s so cool this is like a true GT car but it has sports car performance you know the fact that you

Could still fit your small children or half a person back there um with that said you know we shot all of our May trip in that t-spec and then um Lewis or I where we were able to sit in the back while Dino was driving so

You know we can fit another person back there but it’s just one of those things where it’s so nice to have a GT car you’re having fun you have all the power but you can still uh carry all your camera equipment and actually all of our luggage too because

The trunk is a lot bigger than the R34 surprisingly um but yeah I just I love this car so much it’s so cool the steering wheel everything is so premium the materials are super premium so performance wise I think they did say that it has a front lsdino correct yeah so the performance

Update for the 24 uh is the front limited slip differential and it’s mechanical too that’s pretty cool so potentially it’s something that’ll just basically pull you out of Corners faster and also be more stable under braking exactly and yep that was the goal for that addition uh again progressing uh

The engineering of this car to its full potential and you know one of the things I also wanted to mention real quick is the fact that we’re in Japan and you work for Nissan USA I love the collaboration between the US side and the Japan side I’d I think it’s so cool

You know because part of it is this car is going to be available in the US that’s right so this is not just a japan-only car I think some people have been saying that totally not true if you want this version of R35 you can get it

In the US that’s right this t-spec premium 24 model year I also love all the colors I think I saw this will come in red yes this which will have a red option which looks so good it’s just like that red and the black yeah the carbon the contrast is

Incredible the R35 has always just been like the more modern and futuristic GTR I love all the versions of the GTRs but this is just like futuristic but also it’s of our time exactly yeah that’s a great way to put it I completely agree and if you wanted to

Make 2000 horsepower you can yeah exactly so Jonathan is actually pretty much the main reason why I’ve been able to do any work with Nissan in the past couple of years we’ve done so much together we’ve launched the new Z globally you know we launched the Z GT4 race car

I’ve done a bunch of other things including shoot uh stuff with Versa and then we have you know the man the myth the legend Mr GTR here to Marathon I oh I noticed something you’re matching this car yeah you’re matching the Nismo and then Tamira is is matching uh the t-spec

Look look you you basically blend in right away like you it’s the same color but um also another thing is the reason why I’m able to work with Jonathan so well is because he’s a true car Enthusiast uh part of it is that you know he drives a

Hakaska back home in the U.S in Tennessee he had a 240Z unfortunately he had an incident with that and also your his wife has a rb25dt power 240Z which is just so crazy you know so it’s so cool um if you want to see another video that

We actually did together uh we did a Heritage Tour um in Tennessee so we actually had a chance to check out the Zama Heritage Center here in Japan but if you want to see the US version which is more focused on the US cars then check that video out

But thank you so much for having me in Japan we’re actually gonna go check out the fair lady Z because uh it’s just something that we haven’t had a chance to see yet you know and I’ve been lucky to be able to shoot pretty much every

Version of the Z up until now I see that I’m like I have to see that thing I think it’s so cool somehow I ended up in this group photo with a bunch of C nerds over here no no no no no no no no no no no no

No no no no no no what the heck is going on no no all right so we’re looking at the fair lady Z customized Edition this thing is so cool a lot of people say that this looks better than the production version but uh I don’t know I think it’s pretty interesting

Okay so we’re at the Z portion of the Nissan TS 2023 booth and we have two really awesome Z’s we actually have a real 432z which honestly the look of mizey is kind of based off of yeah you know but that is the one that’s the one that’s so beautiful and I just

Takes so much inspiration from that car you know absolutely but um this is kind of like a modern interpretation of that um tell me the story about this yeah so this was launched last year here at TS for 2022. um and this was a concept to Showcase

What uh you know from a design point of view uh could occur so like some of these pieces you may see uh you know in some sort of fashion be able to be available through our accessories channels but really this was just kind of a design test to see you know how uh

These these pieces fit and also kind of gauge where the interest was was for uh the market so essentially you’ll see a revised front bumper here um so it actually incorporates that split in between uh the grill opening so that’s obviously different than the normal Fair Lady the design elements of

This was really kind of just a you know with some of the feedback that we got showcased the fact that you know it is something that’s doable and is something that could potentially come into the marketplace well one of my favorite things is actually these wheels I love

Also the fact that you guys are just letting random people sit in this thing of course I feel like it’s like concept car level and then people are just like yeah let me just get in and play with a shifter why not but let’s let’s talk about the wheels yeah so honestly this

Is my favorite so again the modern interpretation of a Watanabe so with a beautiful eight spoke it’s just a really nice throwback touch and like you mentioned like with the paint job and everything that went into this it’s obviously paying homage to the 432. so it you know obviously it’s not the

Magnesium Wheels but you know of course this is a great interpretation of what a lot of Z owners put on their car so I just find it to be beautiful every single part of it there’s some sort of throwback including the little ducktail yeah the the rear spoiler that extends

Further out so just like on the 240Z and then you’ll notice the the updated Z badge here so this is completely different than the Z badge that’s on the normal two or you know oh yeah yeah yeah this is the one that usually comes on the 240Z the early versions that doesn’t

Have like the dip so it’s like this exactly right so you know the Z emblem actually on the 240s in the U.S actually came uh a little later in the the series two so series one actually had the 240Z emblem but uh again because this is kind

Of as modern interpretation as you get so they wanted to modernize the badge so you’ll notice even some of the the same uh cutouts around the outside of the circular emblem has made its way into this one as well you know this makes a lot more sense now because these are

Parked next to each other and another thing I wanted to mention is that not seeing this in person really kind of was a disadvantage I feel like just because the lines don’t really show up on camera unless you’re actually seeing it in 3D right in front of you another thing is

The katana is gone right so it’s all black I love that it kind of matches the look of the original 240Z exactly so it’s these subtle details that only when you really you know get into the car that you notice and again it really kind of you know

Pays tribute to the 432. and on top of that one big design element is uh the hood instead of having a full on just black or carbon fiber hood it’s just just the bump is painted it’s painted black yeah exactly so yeah the power bulge uh is is Painted Black to tie in

The contrast though of the rest of the car so of course with the black wheels and the black a-pillars and roof it really ties it all into a nice cohesive package but yeah I’m really digging this front bumper I love the way that it it essentially reenacts the the fact that

You know although it doesn’t have a metal chrome bumper just like the 432 does um it’s kind of a modern take on it and I think it fits pretty well it’s interesting because the way the front end is on the production one that you can actually buy right now it kind of

Reminds me of what a 240Z would look like if you remove the front bumper if you delete the front bumper then it would look like that absolutely this kind of looks more like if you had a painted from front bumper on the 240Z no and and that’s exactly what it’s doing

So uh to your point like if you had a fiberglass front bumper that’s painted to match on your 240 or 280Z you know this is exactly what that would be but on the new Fair Lady or the newsy so cool well this is I think like the final

Edition of of something that I haven’t had a chance to shoot yet that’s true hopefully one day I’ll be able to get this outside somewhere and actually get some nice shots of it uh one other thing that I I didn’t really get to mention yet is the fact that it’s orange and the

Car currently is not available in Orange right so hopefully this is kind of a preview to what’s to come this is a little bit of a different shade than what we have on the 432 but um I feel like it’s a little more modern and updated I think

It looks great yeah I’m in love with this orange especially on this car orange really suits it so you know stay tuned it could be a possibility so Foreign What’s up hey so the last time I saw you we were basically at the YouTuber Olympics that’s right yeah yeah in Florida small land yeah so um now we’re at uh your home yeah Tokyo Auto Salon I haven’t been here since the shutdown and do you think it’s bigger now than before

Or is it pretty much the same I’d say it’s still like a little like kind of docile like compared to what used to be before but it’s hard to get a grasp of it until once the public doors open at two o’clock because it’s media right now

All the music’s off all the sounds and all the like the girls on out bringing the crowds so it’s hard to know but just by looking at the booths there’s like two types of companies companies that were like yo we’re back let’s do bigger and better than ever and then there’s yo

We don’t really know what the current stage of the market is because three years has kind of been a while and let’s just play it safe but I’d say it’s kind of in the middle there’s a big difference between this and SEMA and that this is open to the public yeah you

Know they’re selling stuff here they’re Wheeling dealing yeah and it really is kind of a cool way for the consumer to just be able to talk direct to people like HKS or all of these Legacy Japanese companies you know so whereas SEMA it’s like a bit far still yeah and you have

To be industry to actually get in and even then so it’s like you know you’re making connections or whatever but yeah you can’t just buy something on the showroom yeah like I went to Seymour and didn’t even know that I was there and I’m like oh this is like kind of like

It’s big but I was like expecting way more people and then they’re like oh it’s not open to the public and I was like what and I didn’t realize that at first so that was mind-blowing to me so yeah no it’s definitely a different atmosphere and I like it because anyone

Who’s just like some kid or like even like some older guy is dreaming of building like a sick gdr can go talk to HKS grade A Grady like talk about the engine packages work out what’s best and that’s cool you know yeah no I think that’s super cool yeah um we have to

Definitely check out your shop one of these days to shoot some of the stuff you’re building yeah man it’s just kind of cool everybody’s you know having their own take on it you’re a drift guy yeah but you I’m sure you like everything oh I love her Japanese car

Culture I mean we all have the same problem we want one of every car maybe multiples of every car right please yes the Gran Turismo garage but in real life so Kaiser you’ve been here for a couple days now and this is your first time stepping foot onto the Tas showroom

Floor yeah now what I love it because everything’s JDM um old and new it’s insane like you see what’s kind of most current and future Tech I love the blend and the mix that make you what these companies are doing like honestly I’m again like yesterday at Asama again speechless just walking

Around and being a complete kid because I’m kind of the point though you know I really want people to come and check it out for themselves you know because yeah there’s a language barrier and yeah maybe it’s a little outside of your comfort zone yeah but that’s the point

That’s what it is so welcoming like you can get around easily everywhere like a way around but since we got here I haven’t left this Hall he’s gone dude sorry I’m not letting you are no no no any time but it’s like seeing top secret and bulletproof automotive and Vortex everything like

All these companies that I admire so much and they’re all here with their latest products it’s I’m king of coming to Tokyo wall salon because it’s it’s an incredible experience the people are amazing everyone’s friendly and the cars are exceptional so go do it do it we’re gonna keep walking the show Number one fan yeah yeah make her cry ing around she’s legit every fourth doesn’t matter what I mean yeah yeah yeah yeah I haven’t seen this yet that’s pretty cool no no this is the screws for like because if I just if I lose some parts yeah yeah yeah yeah you could just I can literally yeah yeah Larry get that on the Block okay all right oh wait what is

That I don’t know everyone go film his life dude you’re right yeah hustle for 20 bucks for a Kodak yeah yeah yeah yeah so I just kind of wanted to get a quick Life update from you because last time we saw you was at Pikes Peak right and

Uh we definitely appreciate you being a part of that video and just kind of you know being a character um unfortunately you didn’t have a chance to drive but you will be driving soon yeah it was like unfortunately but fortunately like for us we went up there

Um and I even if it was just in the rental I got to actually drive the road you know other than the amount of hours I’ve tested on the simulator nothing’s like actually driving that person but witnessing and actually feeling like the oxygen like how low it actually is breathing all that

Um just getting amongst it you know I was uh you know for a Ken Block to come up and just say hang out man and just literally be his position hang out and absorb as much as I can was incredible so yeah so for me to now I’ll be able to

Go back this year we’ve been able to finish the car felt like we were racing to build the car the only time we want to be racing is up the hill not getting there you know so um yeah TCB Magic Waters built an amazing freaking car and

This is like I mean we never stopped challenging people that follow me know that we always want to be pioneers of what we do Pioneers whether it’s in the drifting realm or whether it’s a car build um and for us it’s about doing just never stop challenging as the phone is

The reward of like already we just finished the car so we’re testing it this week um so for that it’s already a win you know so it’s there’s the event the activation the demonstration the championship the record whatever it is but before that is always the reveal of

The car is like a big win yeah I definitely can’t wait to see that car in person um I can’t wait to shoot it but what people may not know is that I’ve been shooting you since 2007. 2007 with such style and it’s just been such a pleasure to see you company

EFT then FD Japan it just D1 actually I think was the first time I saw you right yeah yeah D1 World All Stars it was like USA versus Japan and the smad kiwi with a RX-7 na3 rotor no suspension wound out to the floor and and also at the Red Bull World

Drift yeah 2008. also at Long Beach but um yeah it’s just been such a pleasure and I want to see you continue to grow as well as your son is really incredible I’m going fast because I have to because he’s rapidly freaking chomping at my

Heels man he’s yeah he’s there he bit me at summer bash man his first ever Pro drift event out qualified me up against you know over 60 of New Zealand’s best Drifters um and yeah qualifiers top 10. it’s an unfair Advantage for him because he has

You as uh as your dad if if you had a dad that was like I know but like for people that have kids and you can be you can have all the credentials in the world and Like like obviously absorbs and absorbing it where Ken Block would come down and give him you know we were we had this thing about what direction are you gonna go like are you going to go off-road racing or drifting and Ken’s like you know what you don’t even need a direction you

Stuff he’s like arguably look at what I’ve created from film shoots he’ll listen to someone else over me but he’ll absorb what I’m saying I get I don’t yeah he’s definitely absorbing a lot of your style I saw James Dean actually commented on one of the first clips of

Link on the racetrack and he and James is coming I know because link showed me he’s like whoa look James is coming it’s like um oh he’s already got Dad’s clutch kicking freaking rotor and stuff just out of the way he drives here pretty much the right foot mode as well just be

A switch on and off and then just clutch and just adjust the like I’ll like modulate the wheel speed with clutch and gearbox yeah so I break a lot of parts but Thank you Found your next drift car dude when I drifted the F40 at gut ball you’re right yes and it had no angle at all right dude I’m like because the guy’s like oh you want to drive there’s a Ferrari oh [ __ ] I was like cruising in it yeah and then

Like literally two laps and he’s back And then he said never meet your Heroes yeah wait oh but this was fun to drip right yeah yeah very challenging okay gearbox is all I was like left hand drive and the handbrakes I pulled the handbrake to because it took so much momentum to try to get it yeah yeah full

Of handbrake are like legit just about went through the roof I love it yeah I know this is all your this is your style dude I mean yeah I’ll take that 40 but this is the second if the RX7 car on the planet I love it carto’s throwing his oh Here all week so uh Tuesday I love this so much [Laughter] yeah yeah I won’t start it because last last Saturday all right they’re gonna let me sit in there I’ve already I’ve I’ve only ridden passenger in one I’ve never actually sat in the driver’s seat this is not this is nice View okay okay we got a carbon shift knob yeah which one I love that the keys are here they just left the keys geez look this is how JDM this is they still have the JDM road flare that they left in here easy thing about that 40 it’s so simple

Love the steering wheel I’m just gonna go ahead and close the door how awesome is this this is just too cool what a great car Amazing so we’re actually going to shoot this on Sunday rain or shine I hope it doesn’t rain but it looks like it’s going to rain but and uh we’ll see how it goes [Applause] Hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need Foreign