Larry Chen: Australia’s Fascination With GT-Rs, RB Engines, JDM Culture, & More At GT-R Fest 2023 Video

Australia's Fascination With GT-Rs, RB Engines, JDM Culture, & More At GT-R Fest 2023

Posted: 2023-07-26 15:00:00
Author: Larry Chen
Massive thanks to @MotiveVideo for having me out!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Such a cool scene Oh almost eight whoa okay you wanna you wanna talk about air that’s on air for sure just got to Sydney Dragway did a quick stop at Marcus oh God it’s so good that’s what they call McDonald’s here and I got what if they called the Big

Mac or no the big the Mighty the mighty got the Mighty Mac this is different huh sausage tastes a bit different than U.S sausage yeah what is that called This is the double double sausage McMuffin with egg foreign festival is in full swing it’s still a

Little foggy but a lot of cars are here and a lot of people are rolling in but this one I know means a lot to you personally yeah by the time I work the Falcon Tire this had already been retired from racing but I do remember posters and collateral of this car being

Something I saw every day walking in and out of the office of Falcon in California a lot of history here car raced for years and is now privately owned by a gentleman named Greg Boyle it’s actually the only last Street registered the actual race car like he actually

Drives us on the road that is um so cool and I can’t say I haven’t had thoughts of actually wrapping my own personal gtar and this delivery just for all time’s sake and this is a true hero car for me um this and the R34 GTR that one

Nurburgring in Falcon colors as well if that were here it would be basically like my Holy Grail of GTR race cars this it says it all for me right here like the fact that it has a real 12 hours of bathroom yeah Easter of 1993. it’s insane seeing the oatsu stick around

Here is reminiscent because when I worked at Falcon it was owned by otsu tire and rubber out of Japan it is now owned by Sumitomo and has changed hands since then but it just the history of this car is just so undeniable and so cool and the fact that it still carries

The Falcon blue and teal Livery is just uh remarkable and I get to see it in person you know the cool thing for me is that this is such an iconic Livery that it was already like a ingrained in car culture way before drifting yeah in the

US was even a thing yeah so this is you know could be an 89. so this was racing in the late 80s early 90s with this Livery already it had not become infamous yet and so you know Nick fuseki is from Falcon Tire and all his wisdom

He really pushed hard when I was working with him at Falcon to get the blue and teal on the Falcon drift team cars and that I think is what ended up making it as iconic as it is today and the youth culture seeing these colors on drifting machines versus just circuit machines so

Smart on his part very good branding for the company and uh it’s now just look at the patina on the sticker yeah original Graphics from the 90s I mean every sticker on this car is is cracked and dirty and I I do have to say I absolutely love the valve cover I don’t

Know if this was done after the fact I’m assuming it probably was I’m pretty sure but the fade is cool though huh so so cool and this kind of basically this goes back to the fact that these cars as race cars in group a were so basic

Factory ABS system’s still in place most people take that and throw it in the bin look at the catch can there’s minor so basic like very basic kill switch like it didn’t take much to race these cars back in the 90s the roll cage inside is very minimal today that would never pass

A hammock or a spec for any race class but it was so cool like it’s just so basic and awesome and easy to do back then amazing All right good luck nice nice car so my entire life I’ve Just Seen burnout I’ve seen Australian style burnouts not in Australia so this is the first time that we’re actually able to shoot Australian style burnouts in Australia which is super cool this pit is actually really nice it’s

Actually right next to the drag strip and the reason why they’re doing burnouts right now is because there’s a huge cleanup some Evo left oil all along the track and so instead of everybody just sitting here waiting for them to clean it up they actually brought out a

Couple burnout cars just to make a bunch of Tire smoke foreign I I wasn’t expecting this at all yeah I just walked around the corner and I just saw a SR20 and obviously it’s mounted transverse Northwest yeah yeah so that means it’s rear wheel drive rear drive yeah so it’s basically uh S15

Underneath so shock Towers cradles brakes suspension uh engine mounts everything is Nissan S15 and we grafted it into an EG Civic body Diff everything bolts in so we could unbolt the rear end of this and get another S15 and bolt it in well yeah like just to be different yeah exactly exactly right to be different they’re actually the same track and this is an inch and a half longer than an S15 so we

We kind of had them together in the workshop and thought we’d have a crack at it yeah you’re a Madman sir this thing is so cool oh my God it’s actually a vvl head now as well so we put a front-wheel drive head on it uh and then we put a jackco

Auto behind it so it’s automatic uh sort of won about 600 horsepower something like that so a lot of fun what are you running today uh we don’t we can’t get it off the line so it’s doing like mid 12s but like 125 mile an hour

So it will go mid 11’s you know when we get it dialed but today’s this first run really yo I’m so block away right now this is so cool Yeah we kept with some of the Honda theme though so it runs dc2r Wheels dc2 aren’t like Type R interior uh but then all the Mechanicals are all missing so cool thanks man that’s why you’re here that’s why we’re here that’s right yeah All right so my buddy Andrew is lined up he’s gonna go for a pass in his really cool 1100 horsepower R32 GTR Streetcar he says he’s actually going to take us out onto the street with this vehicle so this is going to be interesting Big Ken Block fan KB forever

Has a parachute of course as you do can’t wait to see it all right so I went to shoot some drag racing but now we’re back at the show uh this Datsun 510 wagon oh my goodness this is probably one of my favorite cars here Honda K swaps looks great

Look at this thing it’s not really slow anymore is it um it’s beautiful the paint is amazing the wheels the way it sits this is so cool I love this right hand drive Datsun wagon I love these like louvers such a cool car the interior is nice too something else amazing really really really good job you always want what you can’t have and man I love the gr so much it looks so good it’s so cool to see these when you’re outside of country

These are actually really really common in Japan and this is the first time I’ve seen one here in Australia but I would drive this every day this thing is so cool this is so awesome so so so cool another nice RV S14 I love the plate so many cool plates here

But look at that this has got to be a blast to drive one day I have to build something like this but I feel like I would probably use a S15 chassis this is just so cool I love it It’s sitting right too look at that it looks static yeah I don’t know this is just a normal parking lot this is the normal shell parking lot and it is just GTR after GTR after GTR as far as I can see I’m just gonna walk around and just

Point my camera at different GTRs all different colors a lot of 32s a lot of 32s they just love their 32s here all different colors like look at this interesting blue a lot of white ones surprisingly quite a few ah3s [Applause] Some really nice clean h3s it’s just so interesting also to see the difference in paint even if it’s the same paint code you look at it and it’s just so different versus how mine looks like hello I feel like I need to take a closer look at these two s15s here

So so cool every time I see S15 so good huh this might be the best S15 here look at the plate Sr power but uh look at that drag setup those meaty meaty tires it’s so cool I love it look at that plate though I wonder how much that Plate’s worth

It’s not just all GTRs here it’s so many evos a lot of these have been running on track and this one is it’s honestly perfect it’s so good looking kind of has like this GTR theme going with the midnight purple paint it looks so cool look at that

I haven’t seen this run down the track yet but I’m really looking forward to it it even has like R32 Wheels it looks like those are just painted black because they’re still 16 inch this is the crazy thing about gtfs like you’ll be looking at one

And then another one will just pass by equally incredible if not more there’s just so many awesome things like blue builds definitely gives me inspirational for mine and you can tell by the plights this is an r33 GTR N1 so it’s already a pretty rare limited edition car but then he’s

Gone through done the 400r treatment but it’s also got a lot more than that come on Andrew let’s let’s have a little chat about this thing let’s tell them what it is so what do you think pretty cool huh yeah I mean the hood alone is crazy yes

All right so I’m gonna do something that I love to do at everyone in these kind of shows there’s something that’s revving that’s crazy um but I’m actually gonna walk the parking lot or this is kind of like just the normal um show that people actually bring like

Just the fans they actually just park in this little area here but uh wow there’s so many awesome cars here like look at this S14 with a very clean RV swap love the paint so much so clean incredible build Love it so much it sits really nice too what a cool build um next to it is something I’ve never actually seen before Triple S Pulsar but it’s like a hatchback so I’ve seen a lot of pulsars but the fact that this is a hatchback and four-door

Definitely never seen this as a Sr super cool car I’ve never seen anything like this makes me wonder if this is Australian Market one so apparently these came without a turbo you left my comments oh this is yours yeah it’s mine oh cool did you do

The swap yeah I did the swap the matter swap I’ve never seen this so this is like a triple S Triple S Pulsar in America they call them uh centers version with the ve motor in it huh in New Zealand and stuff in America so in Australia they’re the triple s in 15.

I’ve never ever seen one before hatchback is pretty cool hatchback and I’ve done the turbo swap it’s got the century gearbox yeah so what you guys have in America it makes 241 kilowatt not bad what is that in uh horsepower three something 40 or 340 340 horsepower that’s cool front semi-sleaks at least

They box of course I’ve done everything that’s awesome I just noticed you looking at my car no I like it I like the quirky things you know yeah I like the things that um are locally built yeah yeah and I like the things that anybody can build yeah I’m almost everything myself

Besides the tuning of course super cool so the true Neil gave to someone else I just did everything myself and I used to work for Nissan so I know you work for Nissan yeah uh yeah I do some stuff with them yeah yeah I was at a dealership for

Eight years yeah awesome cool so that’s where I got the Mildred Nissan so I was there for eight years of senior Tech and this is my daily and that’s not a daily anymore yeah it gathers dirt and dust yeah that’s cool 241 yeah so it made the difference just putting

The pond cams in it awesome I’ve never seen anything like this makes me wonder if this is Australian Market one um a lot of nice uh autech stages around here look at this really really really really good good quality cars here incredible so cool another weird one I’ve never seen this

Before Nissan 300C v30e SGL this is so confusing like how are you gonna tell somebody that you drive a Nissan 300C v-30e SGL that is just so crazy oh it’s a Cedric interesting it’s like a time capsule this honestly looks more like an American car than anything else it’s in pretty good condition

Minus the seat covers it just looks like a box what an interesting car I really like this you know in a sea of GTR something like this definitely stands out to me don’t really see many of these yellow skylines R34 gtt these are also going up in price a lot

These honestly would be fun as a daily driver and then there’s not so much risk driving it around I mean because if you have a R34 GTR I mean these things are just so expensive now so cool I love the S15 so much I’m assuming that this is Australian Market one

Because it has 200SX badging it’s not called a Sylvia here it’s called the 200SX I think that’s super cool it’s very very very clean I love it so much nice choice of wheels too honestly it’s a great build that is some plate if that’s the real plate SR20 looks like a drag car

That is so cool and they have some the play game here is very strong they take their plates very seriously you got a nice little 240Z here pretty strong play too oh a240z she’s definitely a runner something that gets driven so cool okay so back at the drag strip

Did a couple signings did a couple of appearances the staging Lane is absolutely electric it just is so cool to see all the different kinds of drag GTRs that are here among other things there’s some rotary powered cars It’s just so cool it’s just different it’s unlike anything I’ve seen so far look at this a bunch of lc200s for tow vehicles support vehicles so absolutely cool I shoot drag racing at LS Fest I’ve shot drag racing at Ford Fest What a staging line huh look at this oh my God this Evo five or six it says tme 10 seconds so I’m assuming this is a six Tommy mackinin Edition look at this thing I am in love with this this is so cool wow look at the way it looks right now

So pretty foreign this place is so cool Sydney Dragway apparently is owned by the government and it’s funded by the government so this used to be um like a landfill so they couldn’t build houses here anyways or they couldn’t build anything else so what they did was they built this and then

Also the road race course right next to it all on this area which used to be a landfill so we’re actually standing on garbage right now but what a great use of the land it’s so cool because it fills this gap for a car enthusiasts you know they can

Come here they can do roll racing they can do drag racing they can do um whatever they could do you know Road road racing track racing and of course World Time attack is held across the street here so it’s such a cool facility and such a cool area and we’re just so

Close to the city our Airbnb is only 10 minutes away I just did a fun little uh outro with Mickey from throttle for his video and to pretty much sum it up GTR Fest to me is exactly what we would have in the U.S when it comes to domestic cars with drag

Racing you know because a lot of the times when I go to these drag races in the US I see the crazy stacker trailers I see the amazing builds you know the Corvettes the Chevelles the Mustangs the Camaros you name it you know everything is built so nice there’s so much money

Poured into these beautiful cars with the paint jobs Chrome engine bay all of that and plus on top of that they’re so fast wheelies on top of wheelies on top of fast passes it’s unbelievable what drag racing is in the US and I’ve been so lucky to be able to

To follow it for so many years this is exactly how it is in the US but instead of all of those domestic cars that we have it’s GTRs it’s evos it’s what they love here it’s the proximity to Japan it’s right hand drive cars it’s something that they grew up with

They didn’t have um access to a lot of the muscle cars that we had access to so they weren’t able to to build them and race them to the same level just like we weren’t able to build GTRs to the same level because they didn’t become legal until pretty

Recently in fact the R34 the majority of the 99 of them still are not legal in the U.S until 2024 for example mine doesn’t become legal July of next year apparently so once that time comes I can actually import my car and drive it on the street but

That’s why also the GTR community and RVs in general are so far behind in terms of build quality in terms of Technology development in the us because we just don’t even have them they never came as a vehicle available in the U.S so and there was just not an

Abundance of them I was talking to one of the guys here and they were saying on their R32 they were going through like seven or ten rear ends every single race every single day which is one per pass which blows me away I couldn’t even

Imagine that if I had a rear end for my R32 I would treasure it you know even if I would break it I would have to get it rebuilt because you can’t find another one it’s insane but with that said I definitely appreciate Andrew and the rest of their

Crew for inviting us out here this has just been such a crazy event and just so eye-opening and so so much fun such an honor and I just can’t wait to come again apparently this has been the most popular one I think they’ve had over 7 000 Spectators so it’s just been so

Crazy to be a part of this see you guys in the next video I hope you guys enjoyed our coverage from GTR Festival 2023. hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

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