Larry Chen: Atlanta Showing Up: Lowriders, Dyno Pulls, Under Glow and More at My Z1 Motorsports Car Meet Video

Atlanta Showing Up: Lowriders, Dyno Pulls, Under Glow and More at My Z1 Motorsports Car Meet

Posted: 2023-06-02 15:00:04
Author: Larry Chen
Many thanks to my friends at @TypeSAuto for making this meet happen!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

This is so cool oh my god dude thanks for coming this thing’s so sick I love it hey guys Larry Chen here we are at Z1 Motorsports I have no idea why I have my sunglasses on we’re here for the type S Night Lights Formula Drift pre-meet it’s outside of Atlanta

This is kind of the time when I kind of get a little nervous because the meat is about to start and I just don’t know if a lot of people are gonna show up it does look like a bunch of people are starting to show up now it is six

O’clock the meat goes from six to ten and uh I just kind of wanted to show you guys some of the cars that show up to this meet definitely big thanks to Z1 Motorsports and of course Type S for helping me Host this this is kind of my small way to

Give back to the community to just kind of throw fun events it’s free you know we’re gonna pick a bunch of cars to dyno it should be a good time we got food trucks we got a lot of awesome cars the Z1 guys really push super hard

To get a lot of their cars their employee cars and their project cars to put pretty much Type S lights on on all of them and they look absolutely incredible so definitely big thanks to them this is the shop area and I wanted to show you guys the showroom the showroom is looking

Absolutely incredible right now we have the three red Z’s sitting here I literally just shredded the tires on this one just I don’t know maybe an hour ago this one also made 522 horsepower to The Wheels on the dyno and we pulled it off the dyno and they let me do a bunch

Of donuts and launches and that was a lot of fun but we got the row of the Newsies here that is a z Proto and that is their giveaway car they also let me drive their 600 horsepower new Z which they call it the 600R but I’m gonna walk outside I’m gonna

Check out some of the cars that showed up it looks like there’s already some nice cars that have showed up and they’re starting to park them right now foreign From Z1 Motorsports yeah um are you excited I am absolutely excited thank you so much for having me thank you for thinking of us like this is very cool honestly I thought of you right away when I came here for the first time I was blown away at the facility and I’m

Like we need to use this for something I mean this is an all makes and all models kind of car meet and uh people that aren’t in the Z Community can learn what we’re all about and we can you know have a lot of other cars to come like there’s

A super on the dyno that’s right yeah I’m going there next I’m so excited this is what I love about Z1 they love all makes on models I think that is the coolest thing all right here we go why is it upset that you can’t it won’t let me

What do you mean like it won’t go into Dino mode oh I could call my buddy let me call him yeah Hey Nick really random um I’m at Z1 Motorsports and we’re trying to dyno this Supra um they’re wondering how you put it in Dyno mode okay you have to go to YouTube I think the only reasons it might not go into Dino mode is if there’s like an error

Code stored in the ECU oh do you have like a scan tool you can just clear the codes with yeah we’re about to grab one unfortunately that white Supra didn’t work because it um basically was upset that it was trying to get dino’d because it wasn’t put into Dino mode before they actually

Strapped it up but luckily there’s another Supra that’s here that we can get on to the dyno but right now they’re gonna put on a Mustang that is supercharged so we’ll see how much this makes we have a leaderboard going which I’m really excited about seeing um what

Kind of numbers uh some of these cars will make wow it’ll take a minute ordano is slow on the first run okay okay yeah what’s your guess I have no idea like no idea do you think so 600 that’s what it sounds like 35 4.95 yeah he says 600. says 600. 6 34.

At 568. that’s a lot that’s pretty good so what’s up we’re dinoing your Supra yes we are this is awesome this is what I love about this because they’ll die know anything it doesn’t matter what is it gonna make I’m hoping for low fives High fours okay

It’s on an E30 blend right now with the jb4 this is what I wanted to see famous racing driver not so famous this is super cool dang it missed it but uh the Toyota made pretty good power 448. next not bad super not bad this made 180 horsepower and 250 on

Torque not bad not bad you know what’s next what’s next oh we’re about to do it 86 Camaro 96 What’s it gonna make I almost say 280. 280 okay Hey that’s not bad 143 . but look at the what is that what is it what do you think I got 345 345 I like that that’s that American goodness right there that’s good Kevin all right what is this 370Z 370Z knows tomorrow 2016 six-speed Tech

I’ve owned it for May 20 seconds only five years so this is my first car actually this is nice man I like it super clean I love it so cool love the type S thank you so much for coming of course [Applause] love the wheels I like it man it’s just

Clean it’s simple it’s like OEM plus plus plus right it looks good nice one very cool can I just get you on camera real quick yeah too bad I already started rolling second year here in Atlanta area um for type fast Night Lights pretty good turnout dude honestly I gotta say

Atlanta really kills it I think the Vibes are the last one were like really good because like there was Type S lights everywhere the music was pumping but this area here at uh Z1 so many people yeah a lot of cool cars and it’s really cool that Z1 made a big effort to

Show off a lot of what they’re about and showing off their cars and their builds and letting everybody take a look at what goes into you know a normal day at Z1 so I think it’s sick I just can’t wait to keep doing these every single

Year we got it we got it man so yeah for those of you guys who actually came out thank you so much for those of you guys who missed it definitely come next time it’s worth it it’s worth it you’re missing out baby are you sure you

Don’t want to download your car dude dude I really want to but I for some reason I feel like it will break on the dyno like the car is in good shape they could do it but like just I feel like some stupid happened do like a little baby

It’ll just spin on the Dino and do a burnout that’s why it’s fun yeah I know people will love it thank you pretty good dang the Mustang’s still in the lead 6-34. all right all right how much money oh my God taxi garage oh my God This even the crazy cars have Thai best lights oh my God nice this is awesome see this is a Trackside fix Uh legally this is one of my favorite cars that showed up because you know car culture is about how just different things and and just it’s not just about going fast it’s about Slow and Low and other ways to join cars and that’s what I love about

These lowriders I think it’s so cool every way oh geez that’s so sick It’s so rowdy dude drove three hours to come here dude thank you so much for coming man it was nice three hours I can’t believe you drove three hours in traffic to come here oh yeah anything this I wanted to go to the one last last year my friends

Went and uh I couldn’t make it because I was still I was working on this one I just barely finished this but dude I’m glad I came out it was really nice I absolutely love it it is such a beautiful ride honestly one of my favorite cars here I appreciate it

Without a doubt oh hi Larry hi so we keep saying every time we see each other I already know where this is going to work together I know it’s so funny because like I always when I was younger I looked up to you in so many ways with

Photography and then it inspired me to film cars I’m like wait a minute how come this hasn’t happened yet if we had to make it happen man we gotta make it happen but I appreciate it oh absolutely we’ll do something really cool it’s always good to see you though it’s

Always good to see Larry Chen the living legend he wears a mask at FD what’s going on what are we talking about what to do I don’t know what do I got I don’t know I just I just want to close on my video all right guys well

That is a wrap here at Z1 Motorsports with Larry chin of course always bringing it through wow did you like that wow that was good good job I like that I don’t even have to do anything now hey thanks for watching if you so what did you think about this meat

Compared to last year’s this was insane last year was at Corey Works which the facility was a little bit smaller you know what it mean Z1 has got a vast amount of room here great great people at cover works but y’all y’all showed out here at Z1 Motorsports from the cars

The builds the dinos and of course Larry just doing his thing as well so you need to actually you’re building some stuff with Z1 yeah right I am so and everybody can watch that yes I’m doing a full uh 350Z build series um collaboration with Z1 Motorsport so we

We do a lot of In-House I do a bunch of stuff in my own garage and stuff too but just showing the diversity of their product from having you know a stock Z all the way up to an aggressive track car and that’s what we’re really trying

To show on the 350Z build so and you’re doing pretty much all the stuff all of it that is so cool everything’s in-house like you do the I have the name show the end Salon can show you guys how to do the installs in that realm but it’s just

Really showing the aspects of getting a total Z and turning it into an actual track car now that’s cool well hopefully we see that here next year yeah 100 so I’ll bring bunny out awesome cool hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign

Every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall foreign [Applause]