Larry Chen: Adam LZ’s Clutch-Kicking Sequential A90 Supra Drift Build Video

Adam LZ's Clutch-Kicking Sequential A90 Supra Drift Build

Posted: 2023-04-21 15:00:32
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Oh my God Okay it’s not perfect but it’s pretty dang good I’m so curious about this thing yeah it’s good the the biggest things for refinement right now is like I can make it work really good on the track but then it kind of loses some of its like Comfort if you’re driving

Around it like partial throttle got it but driving it Full Tilt it works really well that’s what I wanted that’s what I want to know so cool I’m curious what you think of it you ready yeah foreign [Applause] Wait so do you think this would be good for driving fast as well as drifting I mean I think nothing’s gonna be better than like the automatic transmission for like on the track right like I think the stock trans control is probably the best that you

Can get for that but for drifting I mean you could feel it I’m clutching in I’m floating and putting the card exactly where I need right but you’re not clutch kicking that’s the only thing so you probably could I just I don’t really see a reason to

Like the car makes so much torque so quick right that like I’m I’m still a little nervous into something new to me where if I can avoid putting abuse on things yes that’s cool I mean it’s kind of more your style anyways though right it’s cool it’s different

And you get thrown around pretty good I see that yeah I’m pretty Blown Away did you try did you try like what would be the main difference the main difference is not being able to disengage the transmission right and then also like it wouldn’t be as easy to like flow off throttle

Got it the the car wouldn’t want to float as much or I’m clutching in quite a bit to float just to flow without keeping without e-brake or anything correct very interesting that is so cool all right we go again So the level of difficulty is there though it’s a little more involved than having a normal drift car with a normal clutch then I wouldn’t say so really no I said it’s pretty easy the car makes such good power right that’s awesome yeah what an interesting thing and

And what the reason why you wanted to do this is because there’s so many of these chassis around there’s not a lot it’s just like I see a lot of people doing this with f80s and I think this is a cooler looking car than an f80 it’s

Lighter I like the b-58 engine so I was like well if they can make a c time b58 could we do it with a Supra so I tried to build this as like inexpensive as possible that’s why it’s just got like stock suspension tie rod adapters uh a

Trans controller and a suicide handbrake huh and then you’re what that’s like what 30 Grand in yeah so the car I paid like mid-20s for so like I’m about 30 grand I mean the seats are really expensive when I pull these out of my other car so right I mean you

Potentially could just run with stock seats yeah so wow that is that is something else I mean that’s honestly how much my 350Z pretty much cost to build to this point it sounds so expensive but what you think like what it would cost to like put a 500 horsepower or 2J in an

SJC and make it dial then have AC and all the Creature Comforts you’re like you’re in a 50 Grand territory real quick huh wow so then the traction control it’s always offered you have to turn it off every time no I just turn it off yeah that is incredible that’s pretty

Cool and I can shift with the paddles too I actually haven’t tried but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here we go [Applause] So then when you let the clutch in to float and then when you let the clutch into e-brake yeah when you get back out of it do you dump it are you pretty easy on it no I dump it but I just don’t give it a bunch of gas got it got it

Yeah because essentially every time you pull the e-brake you’re kind of doing a clutch kick in a way yep wow that is so neat I’m glad you like it I just don’t get why more people don’t do this I mean until now it wasn’t really an option right you’d have to

Manual swap the car and then make all the canvas stuff work and like you can’t find a crash manual Supra because they’re so new so um I thought it’d be cool the HCG guys we’ve been talking about doing a project for a while and I kind of give

Them the challenge of seeing if they could use their GCU to emulate all the stock stuff because the real challenge is not getting this stuff to work but keeping the car happy so that the engine can still say okay I see that a transition’s connected and it’s doing

What it needs to so they have to like decode all the can to tell the car all the things that it wants to know to be happy and the fact that I can have this this dashboards carplay Works AC works like everything just works like a normal car huh yeah that is just

Crazy yeah that’s a really good point I mean it would obviously probably be a lot easier to take a manual Supra and turn it into a drift bar 100 yeah but this is there’s just so many of these around already yeah and there’s a lot of other cars that have

This transition too so it’s kind of just like exploring something new that we haven’t done a lot to kind of see how it works how long do you think this will be uh like the final revision or or like at least a public version of it so like I would feel comfortable

Right now if you said Adam I want the same thing that you have I would feel comfortable with you having the same version but like you know there’s a lot of male Karen’s out there and like I want to put this thing through his paces

And beat the crap out of it for a few months before I like sign it off and say yeah you can’t break this thing yeah you know because like someone might drive this completely different or like they might be in a weird scenario where we

Might be unhappy like so far I’ve put a quite a bit of abuse through it just here and that’s gonna go to its first event this weekend so I’m stoked to see how it does awesome well thanks for showing that to me yeah of course I’m

Stoked that you got a ride in it so cool one of the first awesome this is a 2020. yep so you can’t do this to a 91 or no you technically could so I got a 2020 thinking like oh I won’t have to send the ECU out to get unlocked and

All that but it turned out this one had gotten flashed by the dealer so I had to do it anyway oh got it so it wouldn’t have been really different since I cracked those used to use now 20 20. the biggest thing right now that I’m trying to figure out you might notice

When we go down the street there’s like a little like bog between second and third and I think that might have to do with some of the transmission ECU communication so I’m trying to get data logs to see if it’s the engine that’s causing a throttle closure if it’s a

Transmission so that’s what you’re holding right now okay [Applause] foreign If you’re gonna feel any difference when you’re tandeming or when you’re following somebody yeah I’m curious how change because you just have less tools yep I mean like we can probably close kick I haven’t really tried I mean I kind of do it a little bit but

I’m just very gentle with it right right right Yeah it’s actually pretty hard yeah yeah it kicks really hard you can adjust that and you can make it softer or harder but when you soften it too much then it becomes slower getting on and off the handbrake so there’s like a lot of these little regions where it’s

Like you got to pick and choose which you want if you want the smoothness or you want it to be fast so then and that petal where’s that pedal out of well that’s a 350Z gas pedal it has a a TPS on it so you’re able to um

That is use that so like it’s not just an on or off switch that is so cool so it’s variable so like I could technically I can’t do it now because like I said I have it so tight but like you could drive it like a manual to

Where like I’ll probably end up stalling it oh wow okay so that’s interesting because the fact that you’re spending your time doing real-time development for this product I mean like this is what interests you huh yeah just it got to the point right where we’ve done so

Many drift cars like we’ve done so many Jay-Z cars and RB cars and SRS with the same gearboxes that this is something that I know a lot of people are doing over in Europe and it seemed like a cool different thing to learn like I don’t

Know a lot about can and if it works well it creates a new market that we can hopefully uh help serve more customers with drift HQ with I mean like you showing me this makes me want to do this to my Supra because then I could drift it yeah also

I will say they do drift like pretty solid in stock form but I want this to be able to be like like tandem with your Bros and do exactly what you want with the car yeah I mean because it’s one thing to save up for a manual super I

Mean you’re gonna have to spend 65 70 000 on one versus the fact that you could get a crash one of these and I know there’s so many of these out there and you do this and it’s this good and you know you just made a uh just a point

Right now clutch kicking it and I actually felt it oh yeah this is just so cool that is amazing that’s good car it’s like an automatic manual pretty much huh huh all right let’s see so it’s not running a square setup 245s in the front 265s in the back

It’s so funny to me when you look at it with 18s it looks tiny it looks so small wild Colette has appeared can I say hello hello you’re so cute what’d you think uh school did you ride in this yet yeah I’m blown away the day

That I wrote in it that next day I got a whole GCT setup for a new building so this is really cool I’m very excited about this because as dumb as it sounds this is a budget build this is a budget drift build this is something that a lot of people

Want to do including myself even just watching him it just looks like a video day when I drive one for the first time that’s set up similarly just DCT version um but I’m excited it’s next level stuff but it’s gonna be really cool the more and more people start doing this it’s

Gonna be hard for me if I get jump in it to to realize that I’m driving uh automatic to like start and stop but then I can still clutch kick and e-brake and all that stuff that’s the weird thing it’s crazy it’s just so weird future the future the future of drifting

Is here uh Colette saying the future of drifting is here oh she’s sold she wants to do a DCT in her next report yeah this thing is so cool stay When YouTubers Collide yeah I think it’s it happens very often here at um the LG compound I would say I think so I didn’t even know you were here I didn’t know you’re okay I saw you I saw the hair and I knew is that Larry’s hair what what

Are you doing here are you doing them in the clean culture show tomorrow oh nice we’re making like a documentary as well so we’ve been making one for like 10 years we’ve been filming interviews and stuff like that so we’re wrapping it up at this show plus filming the show

That’s awesome yes good to see you what are you doing here uh I just showed up I don’t know you just showed up just showed up that’s kind of how it works here huh you shut up there’ll be a course to drive yeah and then at some

Point Adam will show up there you go yeah cool so a couple of other things I know you touched on some of this stuff in your video um what about the hydro e-brake what about so like you’re doing inline setup no so actually we didn’t even have

The fittings to do that so the easiest thing was just to do suicide breaks so right now the car basically has front brakes for the foot pedal and rear brakes on the hydro I wouldn’t advise it but for now it works and then we actually just had uh dual caliper

Brackets made so we’ll be able to have a second caliper oh my God really yeah it’s good you didn’t know no I didn’t know you’re insane yeah a lot of people do that oh my God so then but ideally you would want to do a dual caliper setup

It’s personal preference and people like in lines but yeah I’m gonna do a dual caliper just because I think like that’s another like product that’s an easy sell for the market yeah because then it doesn’t mess with the ABS stuff it doesn’t like make this upset probably but surprisingly suicide doesn’t mess

With abs stuff it doesn’t care that is so weird I know okay so then with your dual caliper setup is it going to be another stock super caliper uh it’ll probably be a Wilwood so I believe SLG is the one like making the kit I think

We have it here and it’s made around kind of just like a Wilwood two piston caliper and then also the angle kit I know that’s this is something that you’re developing yes yes uh why is God makes a fantastic angle kit for this car it’s what I have

On the floor rotor but with yfab as you know it pokes your front wheel out like here so yeah I wanted to see if I could come up with something that would suit like a stock body and this is very similar to what a lot of people do on

Other BMW chassis it’s basically a tie rod adapter kind of like do you have you ever seen those on Z’s people do them on Z’s and move the tie rod closer to the that’s what I have on my cards yeah yeah this is very very similar principle on this

Um it’s just a little bit harder to package because of like limitations and there’s a little bit more for the wheel to hit when it turns but I have it set up right now to where you can get the maximum angle without hitting in the front or the rear right because you felt

It like it’s enough to have fun it’s great and so really the main reason why you’re coming to Market with this stuff first is because you want to be at the Forefront of this chassis becoming more obtainable for everybody I say that’s like icing in the cake I

Really just wanted to do this to do it because like it’s the dream to have like a cool nice car with AC and back in the day that’s what I did on my Z and that’s what everyone else has done and the z’s are popped through because of that you

Can drive through the track and do that but to have a 500 horsepower version of that in a modern car with a reliability of this platform and also looking cool that’s just something to keep me excited about doing bull fun drift Vents and yeah no it’s great and then plus you

Obviously you’re supporting drift HQ side um but this isn’t making 500 horsepower uh well like 450. so this is just all bolt-on yeah this is a bolt-on car so it’s bolt on with the RK tune I forget the super world but I feel like what is

It like 500 foot pounds of torque and like 450 horsepower or something around that with all of this stuff it’s just so easy to make Power with this platform and they’re just they’re very very torquey engines like they make so much power down low like if they roll over a

Little bit up top for drifting torque is key it doesn’t look like a lot and then so what do you think about the gearing the way it’s set up now because it’s eight speed and the third gear in this is like more like a traditional second

Gear than a lot of cars so driving around here compared to other cars it feels like I’m kind of I don’t say stuck but like bounce between second and third but with the auto it doesn’t really matter much because you can just shift and there’s no bog between it right so

Like as you saw we were going in the third where I needed a little more wheel speed and I’ll just Bop It Down a second on The Hairpin stuff but I don’t even use First right yeah yeah well because with your Z it’s like a

Second gear hero here you just put in a second and you can go anywhere with it um whereas this you still have to think about shifting potentially yeah you run out of wheel speed kind of quick now I do have right now the wrong size tires

In the rear this is just uh I couldn’t get 19-inch tires quick enough so these are 5×114 wheels that just put a little bolt-on adapter and so ideally right now you’re running a 245 in front and 265 in the rear ideally what would you run

Um so this the setup that I have on the car I know is based on the stock wheels so in an ideal world you could run your stock wheels put a spacer on them powder coat them so they look cooler and you can run 19s on this all day 18s tires

Are a little bit cheaper they’re a little bit easier to find um I would love to run this car in 19’s down the road uh but right now I’m just kind of doing this because it’s what I had but uh my ideal tire size for this power like it depends on what compound

You’re using I like the g2s from Nitto and I would think around like a 265 to 80 285 in the G2 with this car being a little bit heavier a little bit more power would probably be pretty solid and then in the front like 235 or 245 and t05

Last question what are you doing about the diff right now I watched your video where I guess there was some kind of quick fix that they could do to it basically the diff on these are electronically locking and we were able to send power to the diff and get it to

Lock somewhat but not enough power to get it locked to the degree that we want so Jordan RK Tunes makes a little mod where it’s basically turns it into a well to diff where it locks the diff permanently but you lose the ability of having the diff open up in rain or wet

Conditions so the ideal fix httg is going to develop a diff controller for this so we’ll have a module that can actually Supply the right amount of powers at the right time and you can control it on the Fly this is cheating yeah this is crazy imagine driving a 240

And being able to back all right welded open like I mean that’s like what off-road people do you know like lock and unlock their diff from inside the car this really is the future of drifting yeah it’s unbelievable I mean this is already crazy for for us shitty

Drift kids you know that what we grew up with and what we um I guess uh learned from could you imagine what it would be even more like how crazy it will be with electric cars like the tune ability and I don’t know just the other things that

You can change I mean I I don’t know it’s not there yet obviously it’s going to be a while before we have to even think about that but this is like a good step towards being able to use a modern sports car for what we love to do yeah and like this Theory

Could be applied to many other cars with 8 HP gearbox so there’s tons of BMWs I even think some of the Fords some of the Dodges use the similar transmission So in theory it’s possible to do in all those cars so just you have to take the time to do the r d

To get all the other chassis stuff to be happy the transmission control is the easy part but keeping everything happy is a hard part it’s kind of funny this platform was like such a bastard child car to begin with and then the drag racing crowd like adopted it pretty quick once

They realized that it was good fast and easy to make power and then now time attack road racing and then now potentially drifting but like you have probably one of the craziest ones ever right sitting right there which you have a lot of time to uh that you have to

Develop on it still right to get it to I’m sure where you want it to be but um it’s also cool that you’re kind of going backwards in a way to develop the stock vehicle yeah and it’s something that like stock with any drift car whether

It’s a 350Z or a new car the more close to stock you can keep a car more fun you can have because in theory it should be more reliable yeah awesome well thanks for showing us this of course I I’m blown away I I’m excited

At this thing and I’m I think this is something that I want to build for myself it’s cool let me know I’ll help you hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Each time [Applause]